Carbon Tax


4BC Breakfast: Ingrid Just, spokesperson for CHOICE says a well-designed carbon price is the most efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions and limit the cost to consumers of taking credible action on climate change. Ingrid joined Peter and Mary for a discussion.

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  • Prime minister, can you please explain to myself / My children / Australia, how Democracy Works?

    If your begining statement on your Web page reads "Prime Minister Gillard leads an accountable and open Government" then I as a tax payer, hard working Australian / Family man, deserves the right for you to explain yourself.

    Lets be very clear! I deserve the right as an Australian to have a vote on any policy you see fit to implement that can either have an adverse / Negative impact on mine / my childrens way of life and inturn anything that may impact no matter how big or small on my family's way of living.

    I clearly see no democracy in what you have done, as simply put "I did not even get a say / Vote with respect to your carbon tax policy".

    Can you explain to me how CO2 effects the worlds climate? (YOU CAN'T) as it is the pollutants not CO2.

    You have spoken out of turn / miss lead myself and my children and the Australian Public. You up hold the balance of dictatorship instead of Democracy.

    Priminister, your decision to implement a Carbon Tax deserves the right to be voted on by the Australian people, the same people that voted for you, however these people voted for you after you Cleary stated "THEIR WILL BE NO CARBON TAX UNDER MY LEADERSHIP".

    I am utterly discusted in you, as a supposed head of this great country, you have clearly shown little to no respect for all Australians as the decision for this Tax is soly based on the Commercial / Economoical impact to your government and its budget.

    I am at a loss for words that you have the gall to implement a policy that effects all in sundry.

    Date and time
    July 11, 2011, 11:14AM
    • How sad that this lying despot will go down in history as Australia's first female prime minister, and most hated. At least she never held office by a majority vote but needed lies and bribes to get there. She has destroyed the ALP for decades to come.

      Date and time
      July 11, 2011, 12:48PM
      • Jason, nice questions. You do have a right to vote for your representative in the house of representatives and the senate. You did this, I assume, at the last election, as did every other citizen.
        You do not have a right to vote on every piece of legislation that this duly elected parliament deliberates upon.
        That would be unworkable, and would defeat the purpose of an election in the first place.
        Seemingly you only want elected Governments to enact populist policy. That is the road to destruction my friend. Sometimes Governments must enact unpopular policy (See: GST) for the greater good.
        You will have your say once again at the next election. There will be one, I guarantee it.
        Again, I repeat; IF you are one of those that voted for an elected Labor representative THEN you can say "I was lied to". On the other hand, if you voted against Labor, then really it is a very moot point.
        The rest of your post is gobbledegook but I love the fact that you think that no elected government should "implement a policy that [affects] all [and] sundry". Thats a hoot!

        John of Caloundra
        Date and time
        July 11, 2011, 1:22PM
        • With all due respect the woman is an Idiot!

          Peter B
          Date and time
          July 11, 2011, 3:12PM
          • Jason if you are right I then need an explanation from John Howard why he never mention the selling the last bit Telstra during the 2004 election. Another explanation about the so call Children Overboard Jason if John Howard can't offer an explanation I'm sure you can.

            John Howard was involved with me being made unemployed and his policy keep me unemployed for nearly five years thanks God for the labor Party I'm working now That right Jason just look after you and your family but don't destroy mine in the process If I survived the John Howard Horror years you can survive this

            Date and time
            July 11, 2011, 6:23PM
            • WHEN are the stupid numbheads that fall for all this b***s**t going to wake up were being scammed ,First it was global warming but they changed the catch cry to CLIMATE CHANGE, broad description,embraces a lot of things.
              Do I believe in climate change?, course only a fool wouldnt,climates been changing for a billion years,just read history books to realise that.
              What I dont believe is the fantasy reasons they give for it,if they were fair dingcum the first step they should take is ban and get rid of the the greatest polluter of all, MOTOR CARS.
              With the proliferation over the last few years of earthquakes,tsaunamies,volcanoes and new terminal viruses and diseases, to say nothing of the wars in the middle east I think the populace, particularly politicions should have a good read of the new testament book of Revelations'
              they might find something even more frightening to scare the voters with.
              As for the CARBON TAX, to me a tax is but a tax and if anyone is silly enough to believe you can stop climate change with money and fall for this rort they desrve to fleeced,remember the millenium bug,that was a good one.
              To big business or any business ,a cost is a cost and will be passed on to the consumer; so to suggest you will be reimbursed is a fantasy,the simple rule of bookkeeping is every debit has an equally corresponding credit,think about it.
              GST,the demon everyone has forgotten about,hasnt it dawned that as prices rise as a result of the carbon tax so will the amount of money reaped in by the government in gst.
              Well I say its a scam but by gee its a big one

              Norm East
              Date and time
              July 12, 2011, 4:24PM
              • The Idiots are the voters who voted this nerd into office, and those who did not vote that allowed her into office.

                This will cost the Australian people for years to come.

                Morris Goodchild
                Date and time
                July 12, 2011, 7:49PM

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