22yo challenges Heart Tick


4BC Mornings: 22 year old Jessie Reimers has created a petition to change the way the Heart Foundation Tick is used to label foods in Australia so that it no longer may appear on highly processed and unhealthy foods like margarine.

Jessie fell dangerously ill a few years ago as a result of a poor diet and was prescribed anti-depressants after suffering severe anxiety attacks and what she believes was agoraphobia.

After researching what was making her sick, Jessie changed her lifestyle and tells Greg Cary she is now back to a healthy weight and no longer needs to be medicated.

In fact, she’s become so involved in her research, she has deferred her law degree and is now training in dietetics and nutrition.  

Listen in to Jessie’s chat with Greg Cary, where she talks about the petition (which has had 8600 signatures since beginning in March) and the experience that led her to single-handedly launching this campaign.

If you're interested in Jessie's blog & petition, you can find it here: thehealthyjessie.wordpress.com 

Or you can visit the petition page: http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/heart-foundation-stop-giving-advice-and-promoting-food-that-causes-heart-disease

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