Angel Flight in profile

Angel Flight 4BC Nights: Bill Bristow Founder, Chairman and volunteer pilot with Angel Flight – a charity that co-ordinates free non-emergency flights for financially and medically needy people - joins Walter Williams on Nights.

Seth Casteel in profile

Dog photographer 4BC Nights: Walter Williams is joined by award winning pet photographer Seth Casteel. Well known for his underwater dog photographs, animal lover Seth has released his first book Underwater Dogs – an amazing compilation of photos.

Director, Christopher McQuarrie

Christopher McQuarrie 4BC Nights: Writer and director Christopher McQuarrie, known for writing the screenplays for Valkyrie and The Tourist, is making a name for himself as a director with Jack Reacher - based on the Lee Childs book 'One Shot.'

Deep Woods wine

Deep Woods Estate Winery 4BC Nights: Julian Langworthy is the Chief Winemaker at Deep Woods Estate Winery, a boutique winery located in the northern region of Margaret River in Western Australia. Langworthy joins Walter Williams and Jim McIwain in a win roadtest.

Gabriel Gate on Nights

Gabriel Gate 4BC Nights: French born Australian chef Gabriel Gate who has appeared on a number of TV shows over the years including The Good Food Show joins Walter and Jamie to discuss his new book 100 Best Cakes and Deserts. Listen and comment now.

Helping, with hands

Helping Hands 4BC Nights: Walter speaks to Matt Henricks from Helping Hands. They are arranging community events where people can help make prosthetic hands for victims of land mines. Listen now and join the conversation.

Andrew Fraser, defence lawyer

542582-andrew-fraser 4BC Nights: Andrew Fraser was a notorious criminal defence lawyer in Melbourne in the 1980s, whose clients included international businessman Alan Bond. Walter Williams speaks to him about his amazing life which has inspired a new TV series.

John Jarratt

jarret 4BC Nights: Walter spoke to John Jarratt. You may remember him as the bad guy from Wolf Creek but this week he is here to save lives by raising awareness about asbestos and the dangers of renovating. Listen now.

New game: Pocket Cricket

pocket-cricket 4BC Nights: Walter Williams is joined by Hamish Sterling, the creator of Pocket Cricket, a dice game now to be sold by Cricket Australia. The original prototype games may become a collectible because of the limited run.

Jim Haynes, author, in profile

The Best Australian Sea Stories 4BC Nights: Jim Haynes, author, poet and musician joins Walter Williams in profile about "The Best Australian Sea Stories," his latest book. Listen now and join the conversation.

Lucy: Drink, Smoke, Pass Out

Judith Lucy 4BC Nights: Judith Lucy shows Walter her serious side revealing details about her adoption and her spiritual journey through life, which became the basis for her new book Drink, Smoke, Pass Out – out now.

Paul Kelly in profile

Paul Kelly 4BC Nights: Paul Kelly joins Walter Williams in profile to reveal his new album "Spring and Fall" and performs an acoustic performance of one of the tracks. Listen now and join the conversation.

Kamahl's new album

Kamahl 4BC Nights: Australian singer and recording artist Kamahl joined Walter Williams to chat about his new album ‘Heart & Soul – For Lovers Of Life.’ Listen now and join the conversation with 4BC Nights.

Don Burke in profile

Don Burke 4BC Nights: Don Burke, Australian television personality, gardening guru and author, best known as the host of Burke's Backyard. Burke sat down with Walter Williams in the Chat Room to talk about his enduring career.

Community Response

Walter 4BC Nights: Jesse Kelly and Jamie Fordham are helping to feed the homeless in the Moreton Bay area. They had their first community dinner and chat to Walter Williams about their organisation.

Angel in an apron

Sharon Douglas, the Brisbane mother of two who found her calling volunteering in a hospital 4BC Nights: Sharon Douglas, the Brisbane mother of two who found her calling volunteering in a hospital. She recently started her own business, Angels in Aprons, where she assists patients and their families when they are off their feet.

Richard Gill in Walt's World

Richard Gill joins Walt's World 4BC Nights: Richard Gill is one of Australia’s best-known – and best-loved – musical figures. Give Me Excess of It is Richard’s memoir, tracing his life from school days to the heights of conducting and directing an opera company.

National Bandana Day

Jess is our local hero for Bandana Day 4BC Nights: Canteen member Jess, lost her Dad this time last year to bowl cancer. She is volunteering on National Bandana Day this Friday to raise awareness for youths dealing with cancer, and joins us in the studio to share her story.

Gregg Arthur, unforgettable

Gregg Arthur 4BC Nights: The unforgettable Gregg Arthur, interprets the classic songs from legend Nat King Cole. Gregg Arthur lives and breathes the music of the greatest era of American cool, when men always wore suits and had the impeccable manners.

Broadcaster, John Kerr

John Kerr 4BC Nights: Legendary, veteran, broadcaster John Kerr joins Walter for a tell all interview in the Chat Room. In November this year he reaches a milestone achieved by very few - 55 years in radio. Join the conversation now.

Wine Time

Wine Time 4BC Nights: CEO of Taylors Wines, Mitchell Taylor, joins Walter Williams and James McIlwain to road test some affordable wines and enjoy the tastes of summer.

Lord Wedgwood on antiques

Antique clock 4BC Nights: Lord Wedgwood ambassador for Wedgwood and Bentley joins Walter Williams and Rick Milne on Antiques and Collectables to talk about the finer things in life.

Rock and roll journalism

Lola Bensky 4BC Nights: In profile with Walter Williams is Lilly Brett, author of Lola Bensky – the story of a rock and roll journalist. Listen now and join the conversation.

Tori Amos: Gold Dust

Tori Amos 4BC Nights: Singer/songwriter Tori Amos who has sold over 12 million albums in her 20 year career joined us in the Chat Room. Amos joined about new album “Gold Dust” and her long and successful stint in the music industry.

Louise in "The Cube"

Louise Bellchambers 4BC Nights: Louise Bellchambers has been camping out in ‘The Cube’ in the Queen Street Mall for three days to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day. Bellchambers came straight from the cube to the 4BC studios to tell us how it went.

Jon Stevens in the chatroom

Jon Stevens 4BC Drive: Jon Stevens, lead singer of Noiseworks and now featuring in the 10th Anniversary Tour Long Way To The Top, joins Walter on the couch for a more personal chat. Listen now and have your say.

Winemaker, Brian Croser

Brian Coser, legendary winemaker, joins Walter Williams 4BC Nights: Brian Croser, legendary winemaker who now produces Tapanappa Wines joins us for Wine Time to discuss his extraordinary portfolio and road-test some of his premium wines.

Testosterone timebomb

Nothing Men 4BC Nights: Producer and actor in the new film ‘The Nothing Men’, Andrew Windsor joins Walter Williams in profile. The film has been described as “a ticking timebomb of testosterone…”

Cooking with Jamie Mac

Dom Rizzo 4BC Nights: Dominique Rizzo, Chef, Author and presenter joined Walter Williams and Jamie Mac to talk about the many uses for Bertolli olive oil and about her philosophy about cooking with fresh, seasonal and local produce.

Local hero: Jenny Fox

Gawler 4BC Nights: Jenny Fox's husband was diagnosed with melanoma in 2004 leading the couple to attend the Gawler Foundations ‘life and living’ cancer healing retreat. Jenny also sought help from the retreat after being diagnosed with MS.

Daddo in Walt's World

Cameron Daddo 4BC Nights: Cameron Daddo, proud Aussie, actor, musician, presenter and now Ambassador for Blue September joins Walter in the Chat Room to discuss his career and upcoming roles.

Noah Stewart

Noah Stewart 4BC Nights: In Profile is Noah Stewart, Harlem Tenor, here to promote his new album Noah, which includes hits such as Hallelujah and Ave Maria.

Local wildlife heroes

Koala 4BC Nights: Lisa Bailey, Redland City Council Officer and Redlands Wildlife Rescue volunteers; Kevin Burge and Peter Tunstall join Walter to deal with the tragic issue of our declining population of Koalas and other wildlife.

The Voice Of Ireland

ireland-thumb 4BC Nights: Tommy Fleming, ‘The Voice Of Ireland’ is returning to Australia in November to celebrate 20 years in the music industry and the release of his Platinum Collection.

Goldman in profile

Big Brother 4BC Nights: Mike Goldman, TV and Radio host and voiceover gives us all the gossip on Big Brother and his latest films.

Cleaning up NT

Clean Up Australia 4BC Nights: Terrie-Ann Johnson, Chief Executive of Clean Up Australia joins us to talk about the recent clean-up effort in Northern Queensland and the need for a container deposit scheme.

Archie Roach

ArchieRoach 4BC Nights: Archie Roach, one of the nation’s most powerful indigenous voices, joins Murray Shoring In Profile. Archie will be performing in the upcoming Brisbane Festival.

Michael Clarke Duncan, dead

green mile 4BC News: Michael Clarke Duncan, the hulking, prolific character actor whose dozens of films included an Oscar-nominated performance as a death row inmate in The Green Mile and otherhits as Armageddon, Planet of the Apes and Kung Fu Panda, is dead at age 54.

Art For Spine

Art For Spine 4BC Nights: Jocelyn Bartlem, personally affected by a spinal injury, co-created Art For Spine, an art exhibition and auction to raise money for Spinal Injury units across Australia.

Meat packing author

Greg Manson, Ex- meatpacker, actor, bouncer, set-builder, and now author 4BC Nights: Greg Manson, Ex- meatpacker, actor, bouncer, set-builder, rock journalist, demolition man, passport officer, cattle farmer, roller disco mechanic, debt collector and now author of Coorparoo Blues and the Irish Fandango.

Million dollar road trip

Vanessa Wyder, a 27 year-old cancer survivor is on a year-long road trip around Australia 4BC Nights: Vanessa Wyder, a 27 year-old cancer survivor is on a year-long road trip around Australia to raise a million dollars for the Cancer Council.

A nurses story

Get Well Soon! My (un)Brilliant Career As A Nurse 4BC Nights: Joining Walter Williams in profile is Kristy Chambers, author of the outrageous new book, Get Well Soon! My (un)Brilliant Career As A Nurse. The book details the best (and the worst) of nursing with a sense of humour.

John Wood in the chat room

jwood-thumb 4BC Nights: Describing himself as old, tired and tubby, John Wood gets comfy with Walter in the Chat Room. He is best known for his role as Tom Croydon on Blue Heelers.

Wine time from Margaret River

wine-thumb 4BC Nights: Severine Logan, Chief Winemaker at Watershed Wines joins Walter Williams and Jim McIlwaine for Wine Time. We hear how she came to be involved with the winery and do a taste test of a selection of her fine wines.

Cuddle mum

Vandra Neylen is a volunteer cuddle mum 4BC Nights: Vandra Neylen is a volunteer cuddle mum at the Mater Hospital. She offers support to babies in intensive care as well as their families.

A master chef in Walt's World

gary-thumb 4BC Nights: Gary Mehigan, judge and co-host of Masterchef, author and owner of Fenix restaurant in Melbourne gets comfy with Walter Williams for a chat about food, love and life.

Money Talks

Money Talks with Justine Davies 4BC Nights: A quarter of men aged 25-29 living with their parents. Is it too expensive to move out of home?

Local hero rides to conquer cancer

robnixon-thumb 4BC Nights: Robert Dixon is a cancer survivor who is doing the Ride To Conquer Cancer. He’ll be clocking up 10,000km on his bike that he calls ‘The Lymphominator’.

Ned Kelly's Last Stand

Glenrowan 4BC Nights: Paul Terry, author of Ned Kelly’s Last Stand, a book that draws on information uncovered at the first ever archaeological dig at the infamous Glenrowan Inn.

Ice house

icehouse 4BC Nights: Walter interviews Iva Davies, front man of iconic Australian band, Icehouse on the re-release of best-selling albums Man of Colours and Primitive Man. Listen and comment now.

Mt Kilimanjaro climb for cancer

mt-thumb 4BC Nights: Urologist at the mater Hospital, Stuart Philip comes face to face with prostate cancer sufferers on a daily basis. He is taking on the highest free-standing mountain in the world Mt Kilimanjaro, all to raise funds for prostate cancer research. Philip joins Walter Williams as our Local Hero.

Tim Costello on Nights

Tim Costello 4BC Nights:: World Vision CEO Reverend Tim Costello joined Walter Williams for a contemplative chat about his formative years, brother Peter (our ex- Treasurer) and new CD Hope.

John Waters on Nights

John Waters 4bc Nights: Actor, musician and Asher Keddie’s TV dad – joins Walter Williams in the chat room. John reveals his favourite playschool co-host, the best and worst things about aging and why he’s always cast as the “crazy bad guy”.

Desert war

war 4BC Nights: Why are desert war campaigns so tough? Former Press Gallery journalist Peter Rees trawled through thousands of personal papers of Australian soldiers who fought in WWI and WWII to find out. He talks to Walter Williams about his book Desert Boys.

Local Hero

rally-thumb 4BC Nights: Navigator for car 17 Ian Doyle, talks to Walter Williams about the Super Endeavour Rally, travelling from Charleville to Yeppoon via East Arnhem Land, raising money for the Endeavour Foundation. Listen and comment now.

Jack Conrad

conrad-thumb 4BC Nights: Award-winning Composer and performer Jack Conrad talks to Walter Williams about Conrad’s career writing songs such as ‘Heart’, ‘Steppenwolf’ and selling over 20 million records internationally. Listen and comment now.

Local Hero

saliva-thumb 4BC Nights: Dr Chamindie Punyadeera talks to Walter Williams from 4BC Nights about her research on a saliva test for early detection of head and neck cancers. Listen now and comment.

Local hero

r 4BC Nights: Imagine not being able to read this text. Our local hero this week is vision impaired inspiration Maureen Davenport who runs two low vision support groups in Brisbane. She tells Walter Williams about the everyday struggles people go through when they lose their sight.

Moreton heritage

Island-thumb 4BC Nights: Russell Island Real Estate Agent, Edward A’Bear, talks to Murray Shoring from 4BC Nights, filling in for Walter Williams, about the heritage of Moreton Bay islands. Listen now and comment.

Antique posters

posters-thumb 4BC Nights: Antiques and collectables Rick Milne talks to Murray Shoring from 4BC Nights, filling in for Walter Williams, about antique posters, with guest collector Josef Lebovic. Listen now and comment.

Tania Kernaghan

tanya-thumb 4BC Nights: Australian Country singer songwriter Tania Kernaghan talks to Walter Williams from 4BC Nights about her new release “Greatest Hits”. Listen now and comment.

Break the silence

Hetty Johnson 4BC Nights: Murray Shoring talks to Hetty Johnston on Bravehearts an organisation aiming to ‘Break the Silence’ on child sexual abuse and their up and coming event White Balloon Day.

Tony Cavanaugh

tony-thumb 4BC Nights: Tony Cavanaugh, Australian film and television producer talks to Murray Shoring about his fascinating history on shows such as Medivac, The Day of The Rose and TV movie Through My Eyes.

Operation space

space 4BC Nights: Everyone dreams of growing up and becoming a world famous astronaut. Let Walt take you to the moon when he interviews the first orthopaedic surgeon to go into outer space, Dr Robert Satcher.

Helping Haiti

Haiti 4bc Nights: Barry McDonald describes himself as “just an average Brissie guy”. But after overcoming personal tragedy and deciding to run across Haiti, we beg to differ. Listen to his inspiring chat with Walter now.

Office Talk

Gideon 4BC Nights:: Politics, romance, photocopying – what takes place in your office? Author Gideon Haigh has taken a fascination in what’s shaped our modern workplaces and tells Walter Williams about his latest book – The Office: A Hardworking History.

30 pubs in 30 days

blues-thumb 4BC Nights: Brendan Edgerton talks to Walter Williams about his tour of 30 pubs in 30 days in a classic Aussie car to raise money for the Children’s First Foundation. Listen now and comment.

New Age Nannas

Doreen Rosenthal 4BC Nights: Do you think the role of ‘grandma’ has changed over time? Walter Williams is joined by Doreen Rosenthal, author of New Age Nannas, to talk about grand-parenting in 2012.

Local Heroes - QLD Maritime Museun

Diamantina 4BC Nights: Run almost entirely by volunteers, the QLD Maritime Museum seeks to preserve and display our fascinating maritime history. CEO Ian Jempson and volunteer Chris Williams join Walter to talk about their new exhibit, which features items from the Titanic!

Eli Young Band

Eli Young 4BC Nights: Four boys from Texas, the Eli Young Band, join Walter Williams after their set with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. The talk to Walt about crazy girls, checked shirts and their new vision for country music.


Tripod 4BC Nights: For the past 15 years self-professed geeks and musical geniuses Tripod have been imparting their unique brand of humour on the world. Scod, Yon and Gatesy join Walter Williams for a hilarious feature interview – listen now!

Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart 4BC Nights: English musician, producer and one half of the hit pop-rock duo Eurythmics, Dave Stewart, joins Walter Wiliams in the Chat Room. They talk about Dave’s musical collaborations, new album and bizarre tales from life on the road.

Connected Inc

Connected Inc 4BC Nights: In the aftermath of the January 2011 floods, a group of just eight Brisbane residents came together to form 'Connected Inc' - a grassroots disaster response unit that has helped over 10,000 people to date. Walter Williams is joined in the studio by inspirational founder Craig Michaels.

Ronnie "The Whistler" Ronalde

Ronnie Ronalde 4BC Nights: Walter Williams caught up with "the happy whistler", Ronnie Ronalde, one of the great performers in show business who deserves the title -' Legend'. The octogenarian told Walter his whistling has only improved with age.

Chris Botti

Chris Botti 4BC Nights: Walter Williams caught up with fellow Silver fox Chris Botti ahead of his performance in Brisbane. The largest selling American jazz instrumentalist spoke about his multiple Grammy awards and ability to successfully cross over to pop.

"Partners and Crime"

Rochelle Jackson 4BC Nights: Walter Williams caught up with Rochelle Jackson, author of ‘Partners and Crime’ to find out what attracts women to dangerous men, bad boys of crime including Mrs Chopper Reid and Bob Trimbole’s partner. Rochelle also told Walter what life is like living on the wrong side of the law.

Snowtown House

Snowtown house 4BC Nights: The Paranormal panel joined Walter Williams as he spoke to the real estate agent selling the infamous Snowtown house and bank. South Australian real estate agent Nigel Christie told Walter and the boys about the property where eight bodies were found in barrels and how much he expected the home to sell for.

Lost in Bill Mumy

Bill Mumy 4BC Nights: Bill Mumy, American actor, musician, voice-over artist and a figure in the science-fiction community. Best known for his work on Lost In Space and Babylon 5, Bill chats to Walter Williams about his fascinating life, childhood and career.

Walter William's Xmas Party 2011

Walter Williams 4BC Night: Took a look through some memories of Walter Williams CRAZY Christmas Party from 2011 - YOU might have even been there.


nomophobia 4BC Nights: Do you suffer from nomophobia? It’s the fear of being without your mobile phone and according to a recent study, this condition is on the rise. Walter Williams spoke to psychiatrist and journalist, Dr Tanveer Ahmed about this condition and how modern technology rules our lives.

Jamie Durie

durie 4BC Nights: Gardening guru Jamie Durie joins Walter Williams to chat about his journey from ManPower performer to TV star, entrepreneur and environmental campaigner. His fame went global after landing a role on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Listen now!

David Williamson

David Williamson 4BC Nights: Renowned Queensland playwright David Williamson has dedicated his career to bringing us uniquely Australian stories. He joins Walter Williams in the Chat Room to talk candidly about his life, perspectives on Australian culture and favourite footy team.

Rhonda Burchmore

Rhonda Burchmore 4BC Nights: Aussie showgirl Rhonda Burchmore joins 4BC Nights, telling Walter Williams about her love of the stage, her dream super power and what it’s like to have “legs that go all the way to heaven”.

Troy Cassar-Daley

Troy Cassar-Daley 4BC Nights: Despite winning a swag of awards, country music star Troy Cassar-Daley remains one of Australia’s most down-to-earth musicians. He tells Walter Williams about the past year – from his farm flooding to heading to Nashville.