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'There's no excuse for what I did with the helicopter' - Bishop

Nick King 8:10 AM   Bronwyn Bishop discusses her recent spending scandal and her position as speaker of the house with Alan Jones.

Ray Hadley BREAKING NEWS – Earthquake in Queensland

The quake struck off the coast of Hervey Bay.

Nick King 11:53 AM   Listeners tell Ray there has been an earthquake in Queensland – north of Brisbane.

Ray Hadley: Yvette D’Ath stands condemned


Nick King 2:39 PM   Ray slams Yvette D’Ath after revealing her office is denying the details of the sexual abuse of 9yo girl

Ray Hadley: No more Adam Goodes!


Nick King 2:35 PM   Ray says he is sick of the Adam Goodes saga and wants the booing to stop so we can move on

Former Premier says QLD almost destroyed by space junk

An artist impression of the Mars 96 probe, which alarmed authorities in Brisbane in 1996.

Nick King 11:10 AM   19 years ago were were on a collision course with a Russian satellite, until today you never knew a thing.

Daylight savings: The cost of doing business

If South Australia make the move and we don't, QLD businesses will be left behind

Nick King 10:40 AM   Queensland's reluctance to adopt daylight savings is costing billions of dollars to businesses annually

Understanding trademark law

Trademarks are important to protect your intellectual property.

Nick King 11:37 AM   If you’ve created a business it’s vital to understand the value of a trademark to protect your new venture.

More kids getting hand,foot and mouth disease

Symptoms include small blisters on the hands, feet and inside the mouth.

Nick King   Incidents of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease are on the rise in Australia particularly in young children and toddlers.


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