Cilento teething problems

Gordon Campbell   The new Lady Cilento Children's Hospital has come under fire from media on the 11th day of it's operation.

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Are you living in a former meth lab?

Nick King   4BC Summer Mornings: How would you feel knowing the home you’re raising your children in was once used to produce methamphetamine?

The psychology of terror

Steve Ellen, Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Nick King   4BC Summer Mornings: How do we as individuals respond emotionally and psychologically to the threat of terror?

Cyclone Tracy 40 years on

Cyclone Tracy, December 1974. Aerial shot of the devastation.

Nick King   4BC Summer Breakfast: Jo Hansen tells her story of survival and rebuilding after the devastation of Cyclone Tracy

Mr Christmas celebrates EVERY day of the year

Mr Christmas celebrates every day of the year

Nick King   4BC Summer Breakfast: Mr Christmas celebrates every day of the year, but what do the neighbors think?

"Terrorist chatter" What does it really mean?

There has been an increased level of "terrorist chatter" 
Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Nick King   4BC Summer Breakfast: Professor Greg Barton explains the term "terrorist chatter" as used by Prime Minister Tony Abbott in his most recent press conference.

New Immigration Minister Peter Dutton MP

Incoming Immigration Minister Peter Dutton

Nick King   4BC Summer Mornings: Peter Dutton vows to stop criminals entering Australia

Vale Joe Cocker 20/5/44 - 21/12/14

Joe Cocker has died at the age of 70.

Nick King   4BC Summer Breakfast: Singer-songwriter Joe Cocker has passed away over night aged 70

Flowers removed from Martin Place

Volunteers remove floral tributes from Martin Place

Nick King   4BC Summer Breakfast: Floral tributes left in memory at Martin Place in the wake of the Sydney Siege will be removed today by a team of volunteers.

Abbott Government Cabinet Reshuffle

Dr Mary Crawford - Political Analyst QUT

Nick King   4BC Summer Mornings: Speculation of a cabinet reshuffle by the Prime Minister was put to rest yesterday when Tony Abbott officially announced movements within his cabinet.

Henry Keogh released after 20 years behind bars

Henry Keogh -  free after 20 years

Nick King   4BC Summer Mornings: Imagine spending nearly half of your life in prison for a crime you didn't commit?

Medicinal cannabis trials to begin in NSW

Dr David Caldicott

Nick King   4BC Summer Breakfast: After plenty of debate trials of the controversial drug are set to begin in Australia

Stranded in the outback, would you know how to survive?

Rich Hungerford- Senior survival and bushcraft instructor and the Director of Bush Lore Australia

Nick King   4BC Summer Breakfast: Would you know how to survive, stranded in the outback?

8 Children killed in Cairns

Murray Street in Manoora

Gordon Campbell   Eight children have been found dead in a home in the Manoora suburb of Cairns. We will keep you updated with details.

Presenters return in 2015

4BC Announcers

Gordon Campbell   It's the festive season and many of us are on a well earned holiday, including a few of our regular announcers. They will be back in 2015

Festive Greetings

4BC Festive Greetings

4BC Staff   4BC Staff would like to wish all of their listeners best wishes for the forthcoming festive season.

Taliban school attack

Pakistani soldiers transport rescued school children from the site of an attack by Taliban

Lauren Gillin   The horrific attack on a school in Pershaw, Pakistan by the Pakistani Taliban has shaken the expat community in Australia.

Pakistan's Terror

A Pakistani camera man shoots video in front of a bullet-riddled wall at the arm- run school a day after an attack by Taliban militants in Peshawar.

Gordon Campbell   While Australia recovers from the horrific hostage taking in Sydney recently, Pakistan find themelves mourning the loss of 141 people killed at a school after a Taliban attack.

Secret weapon...Mateship!

Jason Maggs

Gordon Campbell   Australia may have had to face a harrowing situation with the Martin Place hostage debacle, but one man's voice has highlighted the resilience of the Australian people.

Courtney Thorpe

Courtney Thorpe

Gordon Campbell   Mark Braybrook is lucky enough to know Courtney Thorpe, an Aussie girl who holds the title Miss World Australia and finshed in the top five of the Miss World event last Sunday.

Terrorist act or an act of terror?

Shannon Sedgwick Senior Risk Consultant

Nick King   4BC Breakfast: Was the Martin Place siege a terrorist act or an act of terror?

Carol Lloyd

Kim Mothershaw with Carol Lloyd

Gordon Campbell   Kim Mothershaw sounds really excited, and so he should be as Carol Lloyd from Railroad Gin joins him in the studio for a good old chat!