Offshore processing

scott-thumb 4BC Mornings: Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Scott Morrison, talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about the Government’s proposed bill on immigration and offshore processing. Listen and comment now

Politicians expenses

swan-thumb 4BC Mornings: Political Commentator Grahame Morris talks with Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings, about the finer mechanics of financial perks politicians receive in office, and why the general public have a right to ask questions. Do you agree?

Energy increases

energy-thumb 4BC Mornings: Queensland Minister for Energy and Water Mark McArdle talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about the price increase of power when the Carbon Tax commences. Have you experienced an increase? Listen and have your say.

GPS trackers

hetty 4BC Mornings: Bravehearts Founder Hetty Johnston talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about the sex offender who told his social worker he would take off his GPS tracker before he assaulted an off duty police officer. Listen and comment now

Political act of rebellion

riot-thumb 4BC Mornings: A Russian all-girl band has been locked up for participating in a protest of anti-Vladimir Putin. Music historian Glenn A Baker talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about how music has always been a political act of rebellion. Listen now and comment.

Feral cats

feral-thumb 4BC Mornings: Manager of Invasive Plants and Animals at Biosecurity Queensland, Dr Frank Keenan joins Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings, talking about recent sightings of feral cat gangs up to 30 large, weighing in at 15 kilograms, in the Brisbane city.

Sporting economy

leigh-thumb 4BC Breakfast: Three time premiership player and AFL hall of famer Leigh Matthews joins Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings to talk sporting economy. Listen and comment now.

Teachers protest

teacher-thumb 4BC Mornings: President of the Queensland Teacher’s union Kevin Bates, talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about the recent protests by Queensland teachers. Listen now and comment.

The Forgotten War

korean-thumb 4BC Mornings: Korean Veteran Private Thomas Gillholme talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about the anniversary of the Korean War, otherwise known as the Forgotten War. Listen now and comment.

Ride to Conquer Cancer

Rioride Thumb 4BC Mornings: The largest skin cancer research study ever undertaken in Australia is underway now and Greg Cary 4BC Mornings talks to Professor Whiteman from QIMR about his work and the Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer which is fundraising for this study.

Economic Forum

gillard-thumb 4BC Mornings: Seniors Champion, Everald Compton, provided Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings with an insider’s point of view from the Prime Minister’s Economic Forum that concluded in Brisbane yesterday.

The world today

world-thumb 4BC Mornings: Is the world a better place today? Greg Cary 4BC Mornings debated the topic with “Decadence: Decline of the Western World” film director, Pria Viswalingam and Garth Luke from World Vision Australia.

Back on track

rail-thumb1 4BC Mornings: Passenger advocacy group Rail Back on Track, spokesman Robert Dow talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about the State Government’s Cross River Rail project. Listen now and comment.

NBN concerns

NBN-thumb 4BC Mornings: Nation Broadband Network’s Head of Product Development and Industry Relations, Jim Hassell talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about some of the concern surrounding the NBN. Listen now and comment.

Great Barrier Reef

reef-thumb 4BC Mornings: Director of the Australian Marine Conservation Society, Darren Kindleysides talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings, filling in for Greg Cary, about the impact of mining on the Great Barrier Reef. Listen now and comment.

Impact on fishing

fishing-thumb 4BC Mornings: Chief Executive of the Australian Marine Alliance Dean Logan, talks with Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about the impact of the Federal Government’s Maritime Policy on the fishing industry. Listen now and have your say.

The Surgeon of Crowthorne

surgeon-thumb 4BC Mornings: Author Simon Winchester, talks with Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about his book The Surgeon of Crowthorne, A tale of murder, madness and the writing of the Oxford English Dictionary. Listen now and comment.

Celebration for a Toad

toads-thumb 4BC Mornings: Celebrating Cane Toads introduction ‘anniversary’ into Australia in 1935, Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings talks to Professor Rick Shine about their spread throughout the country. Listen now and comment.

Changing media landscape

hywood-thumb 4BC Mornings: Fairfax Media embarks on the most radical restructure in its 170-year history. CEO of Fairfax Media, Greg Hywood talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about the changing face of Australian Media. Listen now and comment.

Premier Newman with Adams

premier 4BC Mornings: Queensland State Premier Campbell Newman talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about approaching his 100th day in office, state politics and taking listeners questions. Listen now and comment.

Ban police from social media

facebook-thumb 4BC Mornings: Queensland Police Union CEO Ian Levers, talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about the push to ban police staff from using social media to boast about their crime fighting skills. Listen now and comment.

Seniors and the carbon tax

carbon-tax-thumb 4BC Mornings: Chairman of National Seniors Australia Michael O’Neil, talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about how the Carbon Tax will affect Australian seniors. Listen and Comment.

Solar rebate slashed

solar-thumb 4BC Mornings: Plans are underway to slash the current solar scheme rebate from 44c to 8c. President of the Australian Renewable Energy Consumer Alliance Ged McCarthy talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about the scheme. Listen now and comment.

Vitamin D deficiencies

4BC Mornings: Vitamin D deficiencies 4BC Mornings: Dr Carole Hungerford joined Greg Cary to discuss the growing incidence of Vitamin D deficiencies as a result of decades of slip, slop, slapping.

Process of cheating

Drug-thumb 4BC Mornings: Three time Olympian Rick Mitchell talks with Greg Cary about the Lance Armstrong drug use accusations, the process of cheating and getting away with it.

Impact of mining

mine-thumb 4BC Mornings: Mining is worth estimated 250 billion dollars to Queensland. Western Downs Mayor, Councillor Ray Brown, talks to Chris Adams about the impact of mining on smaller communities.

Mother of the year

dodson 4BC Mornings: Ros Dodson has a remarkable story, rising above a childhood of abuse to help others, she speaks with Greg Cary about being awarded Bernardo's Mother of the Year.

Defending Jacob

Defending-Jacob-thumb 4BC Mornings: What happens to a respectable family when their son is charged with the murder of a fellow student? Greg Cary talks with award-winning author, William Landay, about his book of an embattled family in crisis, "Defending Jacob".

Elder abuse day

elder-thumb 4BC Mornings: To mark Elder Abuse Day, Greg Cary talks with Michael O'Neill, CEO of National Seniors, to remind older people that they have the right to live without fear and abuse.

Water bill

water-thumb 4BC Mornings: Treasury officials are warning the $80 promised cut to household water bills is close to evaporating. Chris Adams talks to Water Minister, Mark McArdle, who believes the cut can still be realised.

Australia, The republic

Queen Elizabeth II 4BC Mornings: With the conclusion of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Dr Paul Williams, Senior lecturer, at Griffith University School of Humanities, talked with Greg Cary about his views on the inevitability of Australia becoming a republic.

Sweet Poison

Sugar 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talked with David Gillespie, author of “Sweet Poison: why sugar makes us fat”, about the ‘Sixty Minutes’ story with a woman who thought she had removed sugar from her diet.

Obsession with weather

weather-thumb 4BC Mornings: Why is the weather a topic we can’t leave alone? Clinical Psychologist Dr. Janet Hall talks to Chris Adams from 4BC Mornings about why we’re all obsessed with the weather. Do you agree? Are we blessed with perfect weather? Listen now and comment.

Treasurer Wayne Swan

Wayne Swan 4BC Mornings: Treasurer Wayne Swan joins Greg Cary in the studio to answer your questions about "the Battlers Budget" and what it means for you.

Study of retirement

retirement-thumb 4BC Mornings: Baby Boomers are staying at work and Gen X are thinking they may never retire. Chris Adams discussed this with Dr Michael Rafferty who is embarking on a four-year study of retirement after winning an Australian Research Council fellowship.

Teenage care

Teenage care 4BC Mornings: A growing number of teenagers are being left to care for sick family members. Greg Cary talked with Tim Moore, President of Carers Australia, about this growing social problem.

Natural bubbling?

water 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talks with Neil Stewart in Chinchilla about whether bubbling in the Condamine River near Chinchilla was naturally occurring coal seam methane or linked to coal seam gas mining.

Are Australians grumpy

house-thumb 4BC Mornings: Are Australians grumpy? Chris Adams talks with Demographer, Bernard Salt, on the Reserve Bank Governor's comment that Australians were 'grumpy' because of the dramatic change in the economy since the glory days of the housing boom.

Saving the Great Barrier Reef

palmer-thumb 4BC Mornings: Is Clive Palmer’s mining operations threatening the Great Barrier Reef? Federal Minister for Environment Tony Burke, talks to Chris Adams about how serious this is and what should be done? Listen now and comment.

Macular degeneration

Eye-thumb 4BC Mornings: Age related Wet Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in Australia affecting 1 in 7 Australians over 50. CEO of the Macular Degeneration Foundation Julie Heraghty talks to Chris Adams about the disease. Listen now and comment.

Lindy Chamberlain with Cary

chamberlain 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talked with Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton one day after the coroner ruled that a dingo was responsible for the death of her daughter, Azaria, in 1980, the evidence was "adequate, clear, cogent and exact and excluded all other reasons possible".

Groundbreaking treatment

spine 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talks with Dr Bryce Vissel about the future implications of the groundbreaking treatment tested on rats that awakens the spine. Listen now.

Seeking fairness

army 4BC Mornings: Retired Air Vice Marshall, Peter Criss, is seeking fairness on superannuation entitlements for retired defence force personnel and recognition of their pension indexation plight.

Bionic Eye

bionic 4BC Mornings: Bionic Eye not far in the future? University of New South Wales Professor and Team Leader of Wide View at Bionic Vision Australia Greg Suaning speaks with Greg Cary about a bionic eye they have developed being available in a few months.

Toy melody

toy 4BC Mornings: Eric Griswald from Clocked Out on his Toy piano and Krista Powel from Topology with her violin performed together for Greg Cary in the studio ahead of their collaborative performance at Powerhouse on Saturday 6 May.

Class room ban?

School reunion 4BC Mornings: Should children be banned from the Class Room? 4BC Education Expert Sherrin Gugenberger from Fruition Tuition speaks with Greg Cary about Teachers banning children from the class room.

Growing a limb

2 4BC Mornings: Royal Australasian Collage of Physicians Professor John Rasko is in town to talk about the future directions of health and speaks with Greg Cary about possibility of growing new limbs and some tips on how to prevent a fall.

Forensic tests

crime 4BC Mornings: Why are the results taking so long to come back? Courier Mail Police and Courts Editor Alison Sandy speaks with Chris Adams about why forensic results delayed in Alison Baden-Clay case.

Joe McNally

jm 4BC Mornings: Take a look through the Lens! Internationally acclaimed photographer Joe McNally who has photographed for National Geographic, Time, Sports Illustrated, and New York Times speaks to Chris Adams.

Hockey smacks budget

hockey 4BC Mornings: Opposition Treasurer Joe Hockey speaks with Chris Adams about there being a lot of promises being made, but a lot are also being broken, and why he questions the Government increasing the debt limit without explaining why.

One year on

leeding 4BC Mornings: Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson talked with Greg Cary about the anniversary of Damien Leeding’s death; the fate of students at University undertaking justice studies if recruitment returns to high school and the ‘no student is left behind’ bus policy.

Enterprise migration agreement

Mining workers accommodation compared to Nazi Germany concentration camps 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary caught up with Andrew Probyn, Federal Political Editor, the West Australian newspaper, to discuss the first Enterprise migration agreement which could see the potential hiring of up to 1715 foreign workers at Roy Hill mine.

Provocative sex billboards

sex 4BC Mornings: A billboard spruiking a sex product for men is under fire, and Greg Cary talks with Wendy Francis, State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, about her call to introduce a classification system for outdoor advertising.

Bet on anything

Gambling 4BC Mornings: Australians could get access to a wider choice of online sports betting options under proposals to liberalise the internet gambling sector. Greg Cary talked with Nick Xenophon, Independent Senator, about the potential impact of any plans to expand online betting.

Workers to the west

mining 4BC Mornings: It was reported this week that the Nullarbor Plain is proving almost as effective a barrier as the Berlin Wall in keeping east from west. Greg Cary talked with Demographer, Bernard Salt, about the challenges of recruiting to the West.

Run Like Crazy

run 4BC Mornings: Tristan Miller lost his job as a result of the global economic crisis, so he decided to run a marathon a week for 52 weeks! Greg Cary caught up with Tristan to talk about his new book “Run Like Crazy”.

Longer trading hours

2 4BC Mornings: Anne Nalder Managing Director of the Small Business Association of Australia outines to Greg Cary the impacts and reasons for the proposed changes to retail shopping. Nalder says small business is the engine of our economy.

The RICO Act

mafia 4BC Mornings: U.S legislation that will outlaw the criminal association of bikie gangs in Queensland is the RICO Act. Greg Cary talks to Professor G Robert Blakey from Notre Dame Law School in the US who drafted this legislation. Listen and comment now.

Dr Carole Hungerford

aspirin 4BC Mornings: Dr Carole Hungerford joins Greg Cary for her regular weekly segment. This week Dr Hungerford speaks about aspirin and its implications of strokes and heart conditions, and the therapeutic benefits of cooked tomatoes.

The Finks

finks 4BC Mornings: Chris Adams speaks to brisbanetimes.com.au journalist Marissa Calligeros about the inner workings of The Finks, a club for motorcycle enthusiasts and a company with shareholders. Listen now.

"I wish my dad would die"

dad 4BC Mornings: Chris Adams talks to US based author and broadcaster Sandra Tsing Loh who had the courage to admit that she wished her 91-year-old father would die. Listen and comment now.

Boom bucks trend

Mining 4BC Mornings: National figures show that Australia’s economy is bucking international trends. Chris Adams asks Luke McElwaine from RBS Morgans when and how the profits from the mining boom will filter down. Listen and comment now.

The untrue story of a survivor

tania 4BC Mornings: Tania Head had one of the most tragic and inspiring stories to come out of the Sept. 11 attacks. Author Robyn Fischer speaks to Greg Cary about Tania Head, the untrue story of a survivor. Listen now.

Too many mayors

e 4BC Mornings: The new Minister for Local Government and Member for Mundingburra David Crisafulli speaks with Greg Cary about the problems faced by local councils in dealing with State Government and his plans to reduce red tape locally.

Dr Carole Hungerford

tea 4BC Mornings: Dr Carole Hungerford, Author of Good Health in the 21st Century, joined Greg Cary to discuss the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, root canal therapy and menopause natural hormone therapy.

Furious guards strike back

jail 4BC Mornings: A state-wide review of Corrective Services has been launched after shocking video of a prison officer bashing an inmate. Greg Cary talks with former Pentridge Prison Head of Corrective Services about life on the inside for the prisoner and the guard.

Charities - are they as good as they seem?

Charity donation bin 4bc Mornings: This week Mornings has had numerous callers on the dubious practices of various charities including sending copious begging letters and packages to people in an unsolicited way, selling lists to other charities.

Senator Robert Kennedy

r 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary speaks with Associate Professor Joseph A Palermo on the anniversary of the death of Senator Robert Kennedy 44 years ago. Prof Palermo is the author of “ In his own Right: The Political Odyssey of Senator Robert F Kennedy”.

Over 45 and getting younger

gym 4BC Mornings: Garry Douglas is 70 years of age and is running a seminar called “over 45 and getting younger”. Douglas tells Greg Cary you have to live your life as if you might not be here tomorrow. Life is a celebration and we should all choose what will expand rather than contract our lives.

Captain Emad

emad 4BC Mornings: Scott Morrison the Shadow Minister for Immigration speaks to Greg Cary. Greg asks are we holding to a double standard for allowing people smugglers like Captain Emad to escape from our country. Listen now.

Greg Rudd with Cary

4BC Mornings: Greg Rudd with Cary 4BC Mornings: Gregg Rudd is the Chairman of GPR Australia and Beijing. As we become increasingly disillusioned with politics and the way democracy works in Australia, Greg looks at the reasons. Listen now and have your say.

People smuggler, Captain Emad

lea 4BC Mornings: Last night Sarah Ferguson exposed on Four Corners the story of Captain Emad a people smuggler. Captain Emad has surprised the authorities by hiding out undercover with refugee status and working his smuggling ring, meticulous in his targeting of Australia as a place to operate.

Tent Embassy Moves!

Tent Embassy 4bc Mornings: Activist and Academic Sam Watson speaks with Greg Cary from Musgrave Park Cultural Centre, 200 people have marched from the Tent Embassy in the park taking the sacred embers with them.