Joe Hockey with 4BC Mornings

Joe Hockey 4BC Mornings: Care penalty rates, carbon tax, budgets, health care and David Murray's comments - these are some of the subjects discussed after Joe Hockey, Shadow Treasurer and Member for North Sydney, joined Greg Cary in the studio.

Newman with 4BC Mornings

newman 4BC Mornings: Campbell Newman admits that Labor’s negative election campaign was “biting” at one point. ALP strategist Bruce Hawker, has admitted it was a political mistake for Anna Bligh to be involved in personal attacks on Mr Newman’s family.

Economic lowdown

Shane Oliver 4BC Mornings: The economy - how is it fairing? This question can't be too far from most people's lips and Greg Cary is wondering too. To find out some information, 4BC Mornings talked to Chief Economist Shane Oliver about job numbers, housing and Greece.

A blatant rip off?

electricity 4BC Mornings: Electricity rates are high in Australia, but 4BC Mornings looks at the question - "Are we being ripped off?". With more price hikes to come, Energy Users Association Australia Executive Director Roman Domanski talks with Greg Cary about why electricity prices are cheaper overseas.

Premier calls in

Premier Bligh 4BC Mornings: The State election campaign is reaching the pointy end, so QLD Premier, Anna Bligh also calls into 4BC Mornings. Greg Cary asks how her campaign has been progressing, and if the attacks against Campbell Newman are personal.

Ongoing obesity

4BC Health and Wellbeing: Obesity and appetite 4BC Mornings: Still an ongoing problem in Australia, Greg Cary looks at the issue of obesity. 4BC Mornings are joined by Associate Professor Wendy Brown who is an expert in obesity research. After attending an obesity conference, Brown shares some facts with listeners.

Storm chaser: Jeff Higgins

4BC Mornings: Jeff Higgins from Higgins Storm Chasing speaks to Greg Cary about the low heading over Sunshine Coast and Gympie, and swift water rescues happening at the moment.

Dams, negligently managed?

Brisbane flood 4BC Mornings: Secretary Flood Affected Business and Households Association David Stark speaks with Greg Cary about how Governments should give a commitment to investigate whether dams are negligently managed. Do you agree? listen now.

Higgins Stormchasing

stormchasing 4BC Mornings: If you're desperate to know what's happening with the weather. Higgins Storm Chasing, Jeff Higgins, talks to Chris Adams about the trends in the weather, and looks at what might be to come.

Till lawsuit do us part

love 4BC Mornings: Solicitor with Hall Payne Lawyers Annette Lakey speaks with Greg Cary about a recent trend away from pre-nups because Courts are not upholding them.

Aspirin may prevent cancer

aspirin 4BC Mornings: Does an Aspirin reduce the risk of cancer? CEO of the Australian Cancer Council Ian Olver speaks with Greg Cary about effects of Aspirin on treating cancer, and some of the side effects

Newman with Greg Cary

Campbell Newman 4BC Mornings: Guess who stopped by to say hello? Leader of the Liberal National Party was driving by, and stopped by the 4BC studio’s to speak with Greg Cary on the day before the election.

Tech helps blind surf web

4BC Afternoons: Facebook Privacy

4BC Mornings: Blind software developers are developing a speech to text program that will assist the blind use the internet.  Blind Software developer with NVDA project Michael Curren speaks with Greg Cary.

Macular degeneration

02 4BC Mornings: What is the main cause of Macular degeneration? Macular degeneration is main cause of blindness in Australia. Author David Gillespie speaks with Greg Cary about how vegetable oils are the main cause.

Air Australia staff billed

aa 4BC Mornings: Former Captain Tom Marsden of the now bankrupt Air Australia joins 4BC Mornings with Greg Cary talking about unpaid airline Hotel bills that have been charged to personal credit cards over the Easter weekend in the wake of the companies collapse. Do you have a story? Comment now.

Heart so strong

heart 4BC Mornings: 25 years after receiving a heart transplant, by Dr Victor Chang, George Constantine is celebrating 25 years of good health and speaks with Greg Cary about organ donation. Listen now and have your say.

10 years of Kochy

David Koch 4BC Mornings: Can you believe that Kochy has been on the box for 10 years? David Koch speaks with Greg Cary about 10 years on Sunrise, about tourism, budget surplus and some of the big stories from the past 10 years.

Attack on Aussie Diggers graves

army 4BC Mornings: Foreign Affairs expert Dr Keith Suter speaks with Greg Cary about the attacks on a graveyard where Australian Soldiers are buried in Libya, and how Bob Carr will do as our new Foreign Affairs Minister.

Queensland safest place

newman 4BC Mornings: Managing Director of Bravehearts Hetty Johnston speaks to Greg Cary about the LNP’s reopening of the 13-year-old inquiry into child safety. Campbell Newman calls in from the Bus on his way to Toowoomba to weigh in. Listen now.

Prescription power

chemist 4BC Mornings: With the recent powers given to pharmacists being able to issue prescription medicine, Greg Cary asks the question "Who should prescribe medication?". This subject and others are explored with AMA president, Dr Steve Hambleton.

Diet clinic advice

Diet 4BC Mornings: Eager to diet, but unsure of which clinic to attend? It looks like you're not alone, as Ingrid Just from Choice magazine talks with Greg Cary about their latest research into what are your best options when it comes to joining diet clinics.

Silent Woman Killer

Good Health 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary is joined by his regular health expert, Dr Carole Hungerford. This week's discussion revolves around painless heart attacks which affect women. Dementia, Type 2 Diabetes and strokes are also discussed.

Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga 4BC Mornings: New South Wales finds itself inundated with flood water, with one of the worst off areas being the town of Wagga . Federal Minister for Riverina Michael McCormack talks with Greg Cary from the banks of the Wagga Wagga River.

Climate change expertees

Climate change 4BC Mornings: Everyone's a climate expert, so Associate Professor at School of Environmental Engineering Newcastle University, Stewart Franks speaks with Greg Cary about who really knows about climate change, and who doesn’t.

Dangerous sugar and oil

David Gillespie 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary welcomes David Gillespie, author of 'Big Fat Lies' to the 4BC Morning's studio to look at some of the subjects discussed in his latest book. Fats, oils, sugar, and their connection to cancer and heart disease are forefront to the talk.

Flood flaws

QLD flood victim 4BC Mornings: The Queensland flood inquiry is still uncovering issues, and Secretary of the Flood Affected Businesses and Homes Association David Stark joins Greg Cary to talk of the latest revelations about certain flaws in the Inquiry.

Fuel discount dockets

petrol 4BC Mornings: Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, fuel prices are set to hit record highs by mid-year. Policy Director Motor Trades Association Greg Milne speaks with Greg Cary about the ACCC investigation into fuel discount dockets.

Campbell Newman, what if?

camp 4BC Mornings: Columnist with The Australian and Australian Catholic University Associate Professor Gary Johns speaks with Greg Cary about who would be the Premier if Campbell Newman does not win Ashgrove.

Campbell Newman with Cary

cary 4BC Mornings: Leader, Campbell Newman speaks with Cary and hits back at the dirty allegations made by Anna Bligh's Labor Party and describes how he will put the QLD budget back in the back and tells listeners just how important Ashgrove is.

Sunday trade

trade 4BC Mornings: How long will retailers be able to afford to trade on Sunday? Executive Director Australian Retailers Association Russell Zimmerman speaks with Greg Cary about why retailers can't afford to pay Sunday penalty rates

Newman will win Ashgrove: Howard

howard 4BC Mornings: Campbell Newman has brought out a liberal star power in front of the party faithful in Ashgrove. Former long serving Liberal PM John Howard joins Newman on the campaign trial, claiming Newman will win Ashgrove and be next Premier.

Violence in schools

School violence 4BC Mornings: Alledgedly, the violence in schools is becoming so bad, that even the police are afraid to get involved without being hurt. Queensland Police Union President Ian Leavers talks with Chris Adams who says pack violence is the biggest concern.

Medicine shortage

pharmacy 4BC Mornings: Make sure that you've stocked up on your medications, as you pharmacy may have run out of stock! Australian Medical Association Vice President, Geoff Dobb, tells Chris Adams changes to the PBS could see shortages of some medications.

Paddle the Bass Straight

22 4BC Mornings: Would you paddle in a canoe across Bass Straight? Ian Johnston is paddling across Bass Straight to Tasmania to raise money for Bravehearts and speaks with Greg Cary as he battles big swells.

Townsville suffers

4BC Mornings Townsville 4BC Mornings: Townsville Bulletin Chief of Staff. Lendl Ryan, talks with Greg Cary about what’s happening in the electoral seats in the region, and the havoc that's beed created with the latest storms.

The Great Debate

bligh vs newman 4BC Mornings: How were the people running the Worm chosen? CEO of Chitchat Research, Amanda Wallace, tells Greg Cary about the process that determines how the audience for The Great Debate with Anna Bligh and Campbell Newman were selected.

ADHD misdiagnosis

ADHD 4BC Mornings: Are we mistakenly diagnosing ADHD? This is an issue MP Martin Whitely feels very strongly about and he talks with Greg Cary about research revealing high diagnosis of ADHD in children born in December.

Lay of the land

Boxing Bligh 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary looks at the latest state of political affairs in Queensland. Editor of Mt Isa North West Star John Schalch talks about the Mt Isa candidates and issues, while Gold Coast Bulletin Editor Peter Gleeson shares his report.

Depression and suicide

Depression 4BC Mornings: New figures are suggesting that 1 in 4 young people die from suicide and Greg Cary asks Dr Carole Hungerford about the effects of not reporting suicides in the media. Dr Hungerford also looks at resons for an increase in strokes in younger females.

Are Tasers lethal?

taser 4BC Mornings: The taser death at the weekend has sparked another safety debate. Greg Cary brings two sides of the equation together and talks to Deputy Commissioner Queensland Police Ross Barnett and Vice President NSW Counsel for Civil Liberties, David Bernie.

North Queensland votes

h2 4BC Mornings: Senior Reporter at the Western Star Derrick Barry speaks with Greg Cary about what’s happening in the Warrego electorate. Up north, 4KZ’s Paul James speaks to Greg Cary about the electorates of Hinchinbrook and Mulgrave.

The real numbers

4BC: Good Relations: What different number combinations mean for your relationship 4BC Mornings: What are the real numbers for this election? Numerologist Henry Conlan crunches the numbers and speaks with Greg Cary about how the numbers will fall this week end. Listen now and have your say.

Surf King Jack McCoy

jm 4BC Mornings: Surfing filmmaker Jack McCoy has created his definitive work. The Stephen Spielberg of Surf Movies Film Maker and Director Jack McCoy speaks with Greg Cary about his latest movie Deeper Shade of Blue

Where to now for Labor?

Where to now for Labor? 4BC Mornings: Former Labor Minister Con Sciacca speaks with Greg Cary about who is the blame for the devastating Labor loss. Attacking the family was a big mistake. Listen now and have your say.

TV tarnishes ET image

r2 4BC Mornings: Ettingshausen had a 12-month affair with the wife of a teammate, Paul Mellor. Communications Professor Stephen Stockwell speaks with Greg Cary about ACA coming close to the line in breaching Broadcasting codes of practice.

Stopping the costs

cost of living 4BC Mornings: The cost of living in Queensland, has always been a hot topic, but the questions remains - when will the energy price increases stop? Greg Cary discusses this and more with the Director of Climate Change Policy, Tim Wilson.

Meet the new treasurer

Tim Nicholls 4BC Mornings: New State Treasurer, Tim Nicholls takes an opportunity to stop by the 4BC Morning's studio. Nicholls joins Greg Cary to look at what changes he is looking to implement, and also answers listener's questions.

A wealth of experience

c 4BC Mornings: A wealth of experience, former Queensland Treasurer and Former CEO of Macarthur Coal Keith De Lacy in the studio to speak with Greg Cary about his life and Carbon tax. Listen now and have your say.

Generic brand drugs

pills 4BC Mornings: Are generic brand drugs a good option or are they hurting patients. National President of the Pharmacy Guild Australia Kos Sclavos speaks with Greg Cary about the changes to drug pricing and impact of generic drugs.

Autism Awareness Day

awareness 4BC Mornings: International Autism Awareness Day, senator Nick Xenophon is a big supporter of AEIOU program and speaks with Greg Cary about Autism costing $10 billion dollars per year. Xenophon will be calling for a Senate Inquiry into Autism Awareness

Dr Hungerford

carole 4BC Mornings: Good Health in the 21st Century, Dr Carole Hungerford joins the Greg Cary Morning show for her weekly segment, Dr Hungerford addresses Arthritis, Autism and takes calls from listeners. Listen now and have your say.

Would you Lock the Gate?

Clive Palmer, National Treasure

4BC Mornings: Would you Lock the Gate? Drew Hutton is in the studio and speaks with Greg Cary about Clive Palmers remarks, the CSG issue and some of the other social justice issues he has been involved in.

Fuel high

petrol 4BC Mornings: With fuel prices currently at their peak, mototrist are struggling to cover the cost. Geoff Trotter from Fuel Track talked with Chris Adams and told listeners where to get the best fuel prices if you need to fill up over the Easter Break

Product recall

4BC Mornings Nut Allergies 4BC Mornings: A health debacle has occurred with some chocolates being incorrectly labelled, that may contain nuts. Coles and Woollies have recalled the brands and Dr Carol Hungerford talks with Chris Adams about the dangers.

Full moon

Full moon 4BC Mornings: Does the Full Moon send us a little crazy? Astro Guru, Dave Reneke, has done some investigation and tells Chris Adams he believes it’s because more people are out and about enjoying the bright moonlit night.

Learn with Dr Rip

Dr Rip 4BC Mornings: Are you going to the beach this Easter Week end? If so, watch out for the swells! Senior Lecturer at School Environmental Science at University of NSW, Dr Rob Brander talks with Chris Adams about the dangers inexperienced swimmers face.

Grace Knight

grace 4BC Mornings: Jazz singer Grace Knight joined Moyd and Loretta ahead of her performance at the Caxton Street Festival. Grace started her singing career in 1976 performing in folk clubs in the UK.

Crime on the way down?

car 4BC Mornings: Is Queensland facing a rise in crime sprees? Dr Wayne Petherick is the Consultant and Criminologist at Bond University, and speaks with Greg Cary about a perception that crime is increasing when figures show its going down. Do you agree?

Jarrod Bleijie

Jarrod Bleijie 4BC Mornings: The new Attorney General, Jarrod Bleijie, was in the studio with Greg Cary this morning talking about current affairs affecting Queenslanders including the carbon tax, defending the judiciary, nighclub lockout times, the rationalization of sentencing for sex offenders amongst others.

Hungerford health

acupuncture 4BC Mornings: Dr Carole Hungerford joins Greg Cary and listeners to tackle a range of topics including World Parkinsons Day today and coconut oil being good for your brain making it useful for treatments of dementia, alzheimers and kids with autism.

Alcoholics Anonymous

4BC Mornings MP Skolls Beer 4BC Mornings: Anyone who has battled with the bottle knows how hard the journey can be. Two Brisbane men Chris and George have turned their lives around with the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Program. Both gents talks with Greg Cary about their progress and the AA program.

Healthy Aging

aging 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talks to UK bestselling author Patrick Holford about his new book The 10 secrets of Healthy aging. By eating the right kind of carbs and less of them, Holford advises that you can maintain a much better biological age.

COAG meeting

COAG 4BC Mornings: Michael Pachi, Fairfax Canberra Bureau chief talks to Greg Cary about the COAG meeting in Canberra today and Tony Abbott’s comments regarding the National disability Insurance scheme.

Are miracles real?

heal 4BC Mornings: Was it a miracle? Sunday Mail Journalist Anthony Gough was a self proclaimed sceptic, now he’s not so sure. Anthony Speaks with Greg Cary after visiting a local church about whether miracles do happen.

Where to now?

taliban 4BC Mornings: Can Afghanistan go into the future without the Taliban? Major General Retired Jim Molan AO DSC speaks with Greg Cary about the start of Spring fighting by the Taliban and what it means for our troups.

Stephanie Alexander

se 4BC Mornings: Stephanie Alexander is a cook, restaurateur and food writer. Stephanie's Restaurant closed in 1997 after operating for 21 years. Alexander is in the studio with Greg Cary today speaking about her life and biography – “A cooks Life”. Listen and comment now.

Tony Abbott with Greg Cary

abbott 4BC Mornings: Tony Abbott Leader of the Opposition joins Greg Cary today to discuss the political issues of the moment– The Carbon Tax, The future of the Australian Greens party under Christine Milne, The withdrawal of Australian Troops from Afghanistan and veterans defence pensions.

Peter Criss

Peter Criss 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary has highlighted the issue of veteran pensions before, and believes it is a valued topic. To revisit the subject, Greg talks with Retired RAAF Air Force Marshal Peter Criss to see if there is any movement from the Government.

Veteran pensions

pensions 4BC Mornings: Are Veterans being jilted with their pension allowances? Many veterans think so. Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs Senator Michael Ronaldson adds to Tony Abbotts comments this morning on veterans pensions issues with Greg Cary.

Peter Slipper

Peter Slipper 4BC Mornings: Should Slipper still get his perks? Canberra News Limited Editor Steve Lewis speaks with Greg Cary about the latest developments and how Federal Police should be pursuing investigations into Peter Slipper.

Aging population

hands 4BC Mornings: What are the options for our Aging population? Principal of Aged Care Guru’s and Co Author of Aged Care Who Cares Rachel Lane speaks with Greg Cary about the key issues coming out of the Government Package for Aged Care last week.

Graham Stafford

stafford 4BC Mornings: Commercial Agent, Graham Crowley was the man whose investigations lead to Graham Stafford being released after being imprisoned for the Leanne Holland Murder, and he speaks with Greg Cary about latest developments.

Close calls

Queensland Rail train 4BC Mornings: Why are so many people playing Russian roulette with our trains? Minister for Transport and Main Roads Scott Emerson is horrified at how many close calls between trains and pedestrians. Emerson talks with Greg Cary to highlight the dangers.

The Heiner Affair

Scales of justice 4BC Mornings: Heiner Affair aka shreddergate still in the news after 18 years. Bruce Grundy Former Editor of the Weekend Independent talked to Greg Cary about the scandal that still continues today after many years. Listen and comment now.

Veteran pensions

pensions 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary has highlighted the issue of veteran pensions, and believes something must be done. Cary rejoins with Retired RAAF Air Force Marshal Peter Criss to see if there is any movement from the Government. Listen and comment now.

Violinist Sally Law

cary 4BC Mornings: The QLD Symphony Orchestra showcase concert will feature Violinist Sally Law, winner of their Young Instrumentalist competition on 7 March. Sally comes in to play an 1830’s violin for Greg Cary and our listeners.

Weather watching

BOM 4BC Mornings: Are you a weather watcher? Do you follow the BOM radar? If so, then you might be interested in Jeff Higgins from Higgins Storm Chasing talking with Greg Cary about some instable weather hanging around, dam releases, and what we can can expect this week end.

Busting red tape

red_tape 4BC Mornings: Do you have a hard time dealing with body corporates? A lot of people do, so Greg Cary talks with our very own Ombudsman Shane Bowering from Red Tape Busters about taking on the body corporate, beating a parking ticket and other tricky subjects.

Ballot branding

Bob Katter 4BC Mornings: Is the Ballot Branding case constitutional? The Court of Appeal has rejected a bid by Katter's Australian Party to have millions of ballot papers destroyed. State Leader of Katter’s Australian Party, or The Australian Party, Aidon McLindon calls in and speaks with Greg Cary immediately after the decision is handed down.

Cut sugar out

wine 4BC Mornings: What would happen if you cut sugar out of your diet? Author and commentator, Peter Fitzsimons speaks with Greg Cary about how he has cut sugar from his diet after reading Sweet Poison, and how he has lost 20 kgs.

Was there a cover up?

box 4BC Mornings: Why the blow out? Shadow Minister for Commonwealth Games, John-Paul Langbroek speaks with Greg Cary about how can we trust in the Government. Last time they didn’t reveal the debt and put up petrol prices to get the money back.

The war on drugs

drug 4BC Mornings: The foreign Affairs Minister, Bob Carr, is among a group of prominent Australians who have declared the ''war on drugs'' a failure. Author of the Report detailing how we lost the war on drugs Prof Bob Douglas speaks with Greg Cary about the need to legalise drugs here in Australia.

White-pride rocks on

neo 4BC Mornings: A neo nazi festival organised by the Brisbane White Pride group is still going ahead despite opposition. Queensland Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie has maintained his predecessors stance.

Dr Carole Hungerford

hungerford 4BC Mornings: Good Health in the 21st Century: Dr Carole Hungerford joins the Greg Cary Morning show for her weekly segment, Dr Hungerford talks about remarkable recoveries, turmeric and the well known phrase, no pain no gain. Also attend the Doctors latest conference. Click heading for more.

'Reverse Robin Hood tax'

forrest 4BC Mornings: Mining magnate Andrew Forrest of Fortescue Metals group has stepped up his attack on the Gillard Government by launching a challenge in the High Court . Forrest joins Greg Cary to outline what he calls the reverse Robin Hood tax that takes from the poor and gives to the rich.

Sane or insane?

a 4BC Mornings: Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik was sane when he killed 77 people last summer. Greg Cary asks Paul Wilson Emeritus Professor of Criminology at Bond University how we decide whether a criminal is sane or insane.

Fight for them

4BC Drive: Manly War Memorial 4BC Mornings: Why are veterans being duped on pensions? Retired Air Vice Marshal Peter Criss speaks with Greg Cary about Operation Aware to help veterans get fair pay. You can watch the video at www.standto.org.

Let the children play?

no tennis 4BC Mornings: Are we too scared to let our kids play at school? In light of a girl suing about being hit by a tennis ball at school, Jonathan C Whiting from Whitely and Associates speaks with Greg Cary  about how we cant possibly take the risk out of life.