Watson case update

Gabe Watson 4BC Mornings: Senior reporter with the Courier Mail, Tuck Thompson, is in Birmingham, Alabama. Thompson joins Greg Cary on 4BC Mornings to discuss the latest developments on the Gabe Watson murder trial.

Economy report

Money 4BC Mornings: With our Building and Retail industries feeling a bit flat, Chris Adams wants to know what is going to happen with interest rates. 4BC Mornings talks to Sinclair Davidson, Professor of Institutional Economics at RMIT to find out where we are heading.

"Customer of size" policy

obese passenger 4BC Mornings: Geoff Thomas, Aviation Editor, talks to 4BC Mornings about a "customer of size" policy that some airlines are adopting in order to ensure comfort for all their passengers. Should we pay for the kilos on our waist as well as the ones in our bags?

Michael Crutcher with 4BC

michael 4BC Mornings: Editor of the Courier Mail Michael Crutcher speaks with Mornings host Greg Cary, about the current state of Queensland Politics and its influence on media, Crutcher also explains the media’s role as guardian of the public interest.

Campbell Newman in studio

Campbell Newman 4BC Mornings: Following Premier Anna Bligh's announcement of this year's election, 4BC Mornings welcomed LNP Leader, Campbell Newman to the studio. Taking calls from listeners, Campbell tells some of his history and outlines the way forward.

Hormone Replacement Treatment

Good Health 4BC Mornings: There has been a sharp decrease in the treatments available to woman who are requiring hormone replacement treatment. Dr Carole Hungerford discusses the subject with Greg Cary on 4BC Mornings.

Gabe Watson

Gabe Watson 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary looks at the major developments in the Gabe Watson Trial. Senior Reporter for Courier Mail, Tuck Thompson, tells 4BC Mornings about the testimonies from Queensland witnesses, and what Tina’s friend revealed.

Brian Kilcommons

Brian Kilcommons 4BC Mornings: Is your dog training you instead of the other way round? Then perhaps training should be considered, so joining Greg Cary in the 4BC Mornings studio is dog trainer to the stars, Brian Kilcommons, who gives some insight into the lives of dogs.

Public transport, nightmare

On a Bus 4BC Mornings: Why is our transport system so bad? Brisbane Transport chaos again, Shadow Minister for Transport Scott Emerson speaks with Greg Cary about the many ongoing problems with our transport system after this mornings delays.

Flood inquiry invalid?

bligh 4BC Mornings: Visiting Fellow at Queensland University Technology, Alistair MacAdam speaks to Greg Cary about how Judges should not head commissions of inquiry due to possible perceptions of Bias.

Life on other planets

2 4BC Mornings: Senior Astronomer at the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) Dr Seth Shostak, speaks with Greg Cary about possibility of life on other planets. Listen now.

Health Insurance Rebate

appple 4BC Mornings: Health Care Analyst, UBS Investment Bank , speaks with Greg Cary about some of the implications if the Government removes the Health Insurance Rebate.

Aidan McLindon

aiden 4BC Mornings: Member for Beaudesert, Aidan McLindon from Katter's Australian Party speaks with Greg Cary about the sell off of Queensland assets and fair political media coverage.

Bizarre comments made

Gabe Watson 4BC Mornings: Senior Reporter with the Courier Mail Tuck Thompson speaks with 4BC Mornings announcer Greg Cary about fireworks in the courtroom in the Gabe Watson case today. Listen now and have your say.

Bruce Hawker interview

rudd 4BC Mornings: Kevin Rudd supporter and Labor Campaign Advisor Bruce Hawker speaks with Greg Cary about working with Kevin Rudd. Greg Cary asks Hawker if Rudd will elect.

Enough to retire?

Everald Compton 4BC Mornings: Everald Compton, Chairman of the Australian Transport and Energy Corridor Ltd and the Advisory Panel on the Economic Potential of Senior Australians joins Greg Cary in the Studio to discuss necessary changes to the pension.

Language manglers

words 4BC Mornings: Management speak is one category of words that people are not agreeing with. Chris Adams talks to Dr Pauline Bryant, Visiting Fellow from Australian National University, about words that rub people up the wrong way.

Rabies threat

rabies 4BC Mornings: There is concern that a rabies epidemic that has broken out in Bali, will manage to make it's way to Australia. Looking to eradicate this disease, Former Chief Vet Officer of NSW, Dr Helen Scott Orr, tells Chris Adams what steps they are taking.

Homeless housing issue

homeless 4BC Mornings: With nearly 70,000 homeless in Queensland waiting for public housing, and reports that indicate hundreds of houses are sitting empty, Chris Adams asks Mission Australia Director, Penny Gillespie, what is going wrong with the system.

Keep Australia Beautiful

litter research 4BC Mornings: Recent reports indicate that there are 90 wheelie bins worth of rubbish picked up from the M1 every day. Chris Adams is mortified to hear this and talks to Queensland Keep Australia Beautiful CEO, Rick Burnett to provide some enlightenment.

Deadly mushrooms

Deathcap 4BC Mornings: Two recent deaths in Sydney at the weekend from mistakenly ingesting Deathcap mushrooms. Mycologist and Director of Science at Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, Brett Summerel, advises Chris Adams about which ones to avoid.

Multiple voting fraud

voting booth 4BC Mornings: As Australia waits for the next visit to the polls this year, Political analyst Paul WIlliams talks with Chris Adams about multiple voting. With 30,000 alleged fraudulent votes, what exactly can we expect in the next vote count?

Love thy neighbour?

Neighbours 4BC Mornings: How do we treat our neighbours these days? The Queensland floods earlier this year brought whole suburbs together, but has it changed. Chris Adams talks to Associate Professor of Sociology, UQ, Lynda Cheshire, about neighbourly attitudes.

Teenage cars

old banger 4BC Mornings: Most teenagers find their first car is an old banger, the best of which they can afford. It has recently been suggested that first time drivers should use safer vehicles. Dr Stuart Newstead, Monash University Accident Research Centre, talks to Chris Adams.

ANZAC day commercialised?

Anzac day 4BC Mornings: Why has a logo for the 100th Anniversary of ANZAC been designed? President of the NSW RSL, Don Rowe, has seen some of the design under development. Chris Adams talks to Rowe about his thoughts on the commercialisation of ANZAC.

Drugged up Australia

Marijuana plant 4BC Mornings: Recent reports are indicating that Australia and New Zealand have the highest usage of illicit drugs in the Western world. This seems concerning, therefore Chris Adams talks to Centre for Alcohol Policy and Research, Robin Room for more answers.

A "watershed election"

Prof Scott Prasser 4BC Mornings: The state election that is due this year will have national implications, and Chris Adams looks at the possible outcomes with Scott Prasser, Professor of Public Policy, Australian Catholic University. Campbell or Bligh - who do you go for?

Taking it easy

Air-conditioning 4BC Mornings: We all have different ways of coping with the heat, but we can all say that air conditioners can be a viable solution. With 74% of Queenslanders owning air-con, Mike Swanston from Energex tells Chris Adams that the network peak is increasing.

Natural Disaster Insurance Review

4BC Mornings Insurance 4BC Mornings: The recommendations of the Natural Disaster Insurance Review has been scrapped - but why? A complicated subject, so Chris Adams talks to the Former Chairman of the Review Board, John Trowbridge, to try and find out.

Rubbish roads?

qld_roads 4BC Mornings: Professor Kim Hassall from the National Truck Accident Review, joins Chris Adams to look at the latest report on the state of Queensland's roads. Unfortunately, the news is good and bad, so Hassall enlightens listeners.

Gypsy Jokers expand

Gypsy Jokers 4BC Mornings: Notorious biker gang, the Gypsy Jokers, are reportedly expanding their presence into Queensland, and some people do not seem impressed. To find out more, Chris Adams talks to Russel Wattie, spokesperson United Motorcycle Council.

Moving bats

Mayor Rob Chandler 4BC Mornings: Residents of Jericho, Barcaldine, have finally been granted the ability to move flying foxes away from the community. Rob Chandler, Barcaldine Mayor, talks to Chris Adams to reveal how they've managed to do this.

Bligh government plans

Anna Bligh 4BC Mornings: The question's being asked - is an election looming on the horizon? Political Commentator, Paul Williams talks to Chris Adams about the possibility, and what the Bligh goverment plans to do with empty seats, job numbers and pollies super.

Folate bonus

Spinach 4BC Mornings: Australian researchers have accidentally discovered that taking folic acid and vitamin B12 supplements can prevent memory loss in people over 60. Chris Adams talks to Helen Christiensen, Professor Mental Health, about the study.

The reason still unclear

t 4BC Mornings: The owner of the luxury liner that ran aground, claiming more than 5 lives has said that the captain had made ''errors of judgment''. Travel Expert Sandra Skelton talks to Greg Cary about safety aboard Cruise ships on the program this morning.

Your right to tweet

teach 4BC Mornings: Students from primary and secondary schools are now being encouraged to tweet the teacher to ask questions during class, enabling shy students a more accessible way of participating in the class. Do you agree? Senior Lecturer Jeremy Novak Southern Cross University speaks to Greg Cary.

Wivenhoe Dam

Wivenhoe Dam 4BC Mornings: Max Winders is a veteran engineer who warned of problems in the old Wivenhoe Dam manual, and now proclaims that the 'new' manual is no better than the old one. Chris Adams talks to Winders to find out what the new manual is missing.

Australia slow to catch up

Hi-speed train 4BC Mornings: Australia is falling further behind other countries in the world, with it being the only continent besides Antartica that doesn't have a high-speed train system. Greg Cary talks to Brian Nye, CEO Australian Railway Association, to ask why.

Australian Car Industry

Russell White 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talks with Russell White, from Driver Safety .com, on the challenges currently facing the Australian Car Industry. The big debate is asking whether or not to cut subsidies that aid the industry, with the question being, "Is it worth it?"

Matthew Hayden

Matthew Hayden 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary asks Australian cricketing legend, Matthew Hayden, "Does Test Cricket have a future?" Hayden also talks about his Tiwi College Project – The Hayden way improving the general well being of disadvantaged youth.

The real job

newman 4BC Mornings: After bagging Premier Bligh mercilessly over her pledge of 100 000 jobs. Newman makes the same pledge. What was he thinking? Greg Cary speaks with Dr Gary Johns about what the real job of good government is.

Vote One, Hetty Johnston

Vote One, Hetty Johnston 4BC Mornings: Hetty Johnston, Founder and Executive Director of Bravehearts Inc, Australia’s leading child protection advocate, joins the program fielding feedback as she decides to run as an independent in the upcoming state election. Would you vote?

Shipping steel

steel 4BC Mornings: Local companies are losing business because It’s cheaper to buy steel and ship it from China rather than buy local. National Manager of Industry Development at the Australian Steel Institute speaks with Greg Cary about why.

Farmland threatened

land 4BC Mornings: US owned Company Simplot, owner of Birds Eye, Edgil, John West and Lego has called to save our farmland. Simplot MD Terry O'Brien speaks to Greg Cary about what's happening to our food bowl.

Surf school rips

surf 4BC Mornings: In light of the recent drowning over the past few days, Senior Lecturer in Surf Science at the University of New South Wales Dr Rob Brander believes children should be taught how to read the surf in schools.

Was Wivenhoe mismanaged?

w 4BC Mornings: Secretary of the Flood Affected Business’s and Household Association David Stark speaks with Greg Cary about the revelations the Wivenhoe dam release in last years floods may have been mismanaged.

Racism very much alive

4BC Mornings: Racism very much alive 4BC Mornings: Leading Australian respected neurosurgeon, Dr Charles Teo, claims Racism still plagues Australia and migrants are being victimised. Do you Agree? Dr Teo joins the Greg Cary Morning show.

The death of handwriting

Handwiriting 4BC Mornings: Technology might be helpful in a number of situations, but it seems that it is also leading to a dramatic decrease of handwriting in schools. Greg Cary talks with Chris Bantick a Senior Literature teacher at Trinity Grammar School about this issue.

Word from the Tent Embassy

PM chaos 4BC Mornings: How did you feel watching the chaotic scenes from Canberra? Academic, Writer, Aboriginal Activist and Community Worker, Sam Watson, is in the Tent Embassy and talks to Greg Cary about what happened to the Prime Minister.

Dog talk

dog thoughts 4BC Mornings: Do you desire to know more of what your dog is thinking? Psychologist, Alexandra Horowitz, has written a book titled 'Inside of a Dog", and she gives Greg Cary some examples of what your dog is thinking, or smelling, as the case may be.

Fishermen prepare battle

t2 4BC Mornings: Fishermen in Gladstone are preparing a massive legal battle … they want $20 million in damages from the State Government and the Gladstone Ports Corporation. Greg Cary speaks with their lawyer Rebecca Jancauskas from Shine Lawyers about the case.

Better price for fruit and veg

fruit and veg 4BC Mornings: The price war on fruit and Veg is still boiling away, so it's best to avoid it - but how? Aussie Farmers Direct CEO, Braeden Lord, talked with Greg Cary about how you can get Australian grown produced delivered to your door for a better price.

Outback flood

4BC Mornings: 4BC Country reporter, Neal Stewart, is currently in Mitchell in the west of Queensland and tells Greg Cary about how people are being devestated by the flood waters, with forecasts of more to come. With the biggest flood in history, over half the town has been evacuated.

Damned dam inquiry

Wivenhoe Dam 4BC Mornings: Secretary for the Flood Affected Businesses and Households Association, David Stark, has been involved with the Flood Commission Wivenhoe Dam Inquiry and brings Greg Cary and listeners up to date on the latest developments from the talks.

Price wars illegal?

season 4BC Mornings: ACCC is talking to Greg about the mis use of market power , specifically in relation to farmers and grocery suppliers. This follows on from our story last Tuesday regarding Coles and Woollies price war on vegetables.

Lack of memory

David Stark 4BC Mornings: Secretary of Flood Affected Business and Homes Association David Stark has been following the Flood Inquiry, and he tells Greg Cary that a lot of witnesses are having a loss of memory when it comes to remembering details.

Hinging on Europe

Peter Switzer 4BC Mornings: The Reserve Bank's decision to hold rate levels was a bit of a surprise for most. Greg Cary investigates the chance of us having another Global Financial Crisis while talking to Economic Commentator, Peter Switzer. The advice given is to keep all eyes on Europe.

Dr Carol Hungerford

hungerford 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary is joined by 4BC Morning's regular, Dr Carol Hungerford, to look at the latest developments in the world of health, and also to answer listener's questions. Topics this week include, the trends of cardiac arrest, the fructose argument, and diets for high cholestrol.

Stark's inquiry update

Out of Office 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary has been keeping in touch with David Stark, in relation to the latest development in Queensland Floods Inquiry. Today, we find out that they are looking for an key operator that is still on long-service leave.

Budget strain

Out of pocket 4BC Mornings: The public are suffering strain on their budgets, with many just keeping themselves afloat. Senior Reporter with Quest Newspapers, Taryn Davis, talks with Greg Cary about how families are struggling to make the money last, and what they are doing about it.

Rebate cuts on health

Peter Dutton 4BC Mornings: The Government's latest decision to cut health care rebates for high income learners has garnered a lot of negative feedback. Greg Cary is concerned and talks to Peter Dutton, Shadow Minister for Health and Aging, to find out what the opposition thinks.

Queensland Flood Inquiry

floods 4BC Mornings: Secretary of Flood Affected Business and Homes Association, David Stark speaks with Greg Cary about the recently wound up Queensland Flood Inquiry about how and when the truth will come out.

Gillard sidesteps questions

gillard 4BC Mornings: Senior staff in Prime Minister Julia Gillard's office were writing her leadership speech at least a fortnight before her coup against Kevin Rudd, it has been claimed on ABC's Four Corners. Listen now.

No dental on scheme?

dental health 4BC Mornings: President of the Australian Dental Association, Dr Shane Fryer, talks to Greg Cary about the long term affects of poor dental care, both physically and financially, and also looks at why dental isn’t part of our health scheme.

The come back kid

rudd 4BC Mornings: Four Corners reporter Andrew Fowler speaks with Greg Cary about what factions in the ALP are saying behind closed doors, and trying to interview Kevin Rudd for his report airing tonight “The Come back Kid”?

Health or economy?

Ron Wilson 4BC Mornings: Executive Director of HIRMAA representing not for profit community health funds, Ron Wilson, talks to Greg Cary about impacts of health insurance means testing, especially for those who have insurance but are low earners.

To punch someone in the head

Bob Atkins 4BC Mornings: The disturbing footage of the police officer assaulting the man in the back of the van has led to Commissioner Bob Atkins saying a punch in the head is sometimes justified. Greg Cary talks to BIll Potts from Bill Potts from Potts Lawyers.

Citizen's Right of Reply

John Mickel 4BC Mornings: After Premier Anna Bligh's comments against Campbell Newman in parliament yesterday, Greg Cary took some time to talk to Queensland Speaker, John Mickel, about the circumstances, prior to the last Question Time before he retires.

The lay of the land

layof 4BC Mornings: Campaign Advisor to the Labor Party and Managing Director of Campaigns and Communications Bruce Hawker speaks to Greg Cary about Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, and how Anna Bligh and Campbell Newman start their campaigns.

Common sense craziness

Alison Gopnik 4BC Mornings: Have you known a level-headed young person to do something stupid? Professor of Psychology at the University of California in Berkley Alison Gopnik talked with Greg Cary about what makes young minds think it’s ok to do the crazy things they do.

Leadership troubles

Con Sciacca 4BC Mornings: The general unrest within the Labor Government will cause harm to Queensland, according to former Labor minister, and long-time Labor MP, Con Sciacca. Greg Cary talks about the current leadership troubles with Sciacca and what he thinks should be done .

Big Fat Lies

Big Fat Lies 4BC Mornings: 4BC regular contributor and author of 'Sweet Poison', David Gillespie joins Greg Cary to talk about his new book - 'Big Fat Lies'. Gillespie's latest research into sugar looks at some of the other facets of food production that could be a problem.

Should step parents smack stepchildren?

smack 4BC Mornings: Deputy Director Stepfamilies Australia Network Paula Westhead speaks with Greg Cary following the recent court decision by Judge Paul Conlon saying it was ok for a stepfather to smack his stepchild.

LNP promise helicopters

lnp 4BC Mornings: Will helicopters help police presence? LNP leader Campbell Newman believes so, and speaks with Greg Cary before his announcement of 2 new helicopters and increased police numbers for South East Queensland.

GPS Sex offenders

brace 4BC Mornings: Sex offenders have been fitted with GPS trackers for nearly a month now. Greg Cary speaks to Police and Courts Reporter Alison Sandy about the lies their wearers tell

Ruin and back again

storm 4BC Mornings: Financial ruin and back again is a theme in Jodie Nolan’s life after she invested in Storm, Nolan was waiting for her first baby before losing all her money. With time and a good level head Nolan recovered and has written a book about it.

Why did it take so long?

take 4BC Mornings: Why did it take so long for the public to be informed about the escaped sex offender? Deputy Commissioner Ian Stewart speaks to Greg Cary about why the public were informed so late and how effective GPS trackers really are. Alison Sandy and Hetty Johnston also join the show.

Too much stranger danger

stranger danger 4BC Mornings: A survey indicates that 'only 40% of city parents think is is safe for Primary School children to go to school on their own'. Greg Cary speaks to Hetty Johnson from Bravehearts, who thinks that we are putting too much fear into our children and alienating them from those who could help.

Bligh predicts jail for Newman

bligh 4BC Mornings: Anna Bligh has likened rival Campbell Newman to corrupt former Labor minister Gordon Nuttall, predicting the ascendant Liberal National Party leader will "end up" in jail. 4BC Political Reporter Natalie Bochenski speaks with @4BCGregCary about what went on in Parliament today.

Serious inconsistencies

gx 4BC Mornings: The Opposition claims serious inconsistencies have emerged with Julia Gillard's version of events surrounding last Thursday's ugly demonstration. Greg Cary speaks with Fairfax Canberra Reporter Michael Pachi.