Jayant Patel

Patel being released from jail 4BC Mornings: Former Bundaberg Doctor Jayant Patel has been released from jail after his sentence was quashed. Criminal Lawyer Bill Potts speaks with Greg Cary about how this happened and what the likely hood of a successful re-trial would be.

Compulsory voting?

Derryn Hinch outside the Magistrates' Court 4BC Mornings: 3AW Drive Presenter Derryn Hinch speaks with Greg Cary on why compulsory voting is undemocratic. Arguing in a Melbourne Magistrates’ Court last Friday to appeal a conviction and fine over his failure to vote.

Global warming

Professor Bjorn Lomborg 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary speaks with Professor Bjorn Lomborg, a respected voice in the global warming debate. Professor Lomborg believes global warming is real but it is not the end of the world, do you agree?

Katrina Day Update

Katrina Day Family Appeal 4BC Mornings: Greg talks with Geoff Orman the creator of The Katrina Day Family Appeal. Help support Katrina by donating and also going to The Katrina Day Family Appeal Facebook page.

Positive Ageing

Everald Compton, the Chairman of the Federal Governments Advisory Panel 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talks with Everald Compton, the Chairman of the Federal Governments Advisory Panel, on Positive Aging. Compton speaks about a variety of positive aging issues. Listen now and have your say.

TJ O'Hara

tjohara-thumb 4BC Mornings: Independent candidate for US President, TJ O'Hara joins Greg Cary talking about his long-shot presidential campaign , highlighting alarming gaping problems with the current political US landscape. Listen now and have your say.

Mining boom over?

Olympic Dam shelved 4BC Mornings: With BHP shelving it's Olympic Dam mine expansion, does this mean the mining boom in Australia is over? Greg Cary talks to Senior Investment Advisor, Luke Mc Elwaine to find out if the boom is now a downward slide.

Leigh Matthews with Cary

leigh-thumb 4BC Mornings: AFL great and 4BC Mornings regular Leigh Matthews joins Greg Cary in-studio with an interesting point of view on the recent Kerry Packer TV series, Howzat! Have you seen it? Listen now and have your say.

Population: how to grow

crowd 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary moderates the debate between Mark O’Connor author of several books on population and co-author of ‘Why versus Why - Dr Oliver Hartwich,’. They have conflicting views. Listen and decide who you agree with?

Decision to be made

Four Sunshine Coast sisters are caught up in an international custody battle between their Australian mother and Italian father 4BC Mornings: The High Court will be asked today to make a critical ruling in the international custody battle over four young girls, whose father wants them to return to Italy. Family Law specialist Katrina Oner speaks with Greg Cary on what could be a landmark case.

PM allegations published

gillard 4BC Mornings: Government MPs have dismissed as opposition muckraking reports about Prime Minister Julia Gillard's departure from a law firm 17 years ago. News Limited has reported that Ms Gillard quit Slater Gordon as a direct result of a secret investigation.

Should learner drivers wait

learner-thumb 4BC Mornings: If learner drivers fail their drivers test, should they be made to wait a certain time before they can re-apply? A recent of the Q–SAFE Practical Driver test believes they should.

Runway ruckus

qantas-thumb 4BC Mornings: Qantas has stood down two pilots who had a heated argument in the cockpit of a Boeing 747 jumbo on the tarmac at Dallas's international airport. Listen and have your say.

Adrian d'Hage

z 4BC Mornings: Best selling author Adrian d'Hage talks with Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings about his latest book and career. Listen and comment now.

Mutation prevents dementia

dementia 4BC Mornings: Researchers have discovered a rare gene of mutation that prevents Alzheimer’s. Director of the Mount Sinai Centre for Cognitive Health Dr Samuel Ghandi, talks to Greg Cary about detecting Alzheimer’s 25 years before the symptoms appear.

Workplace bullying

bully 4BC Mornings: The Senate Inquiry into workplace bullying is currently being held. General Manager of Chandler MacLeod Shawn Ket talks to Greg Cary on the perils of workplace bullying and what organisations do, to stamp it out. listen now.

Too young to drive?

road 4BC Mornings: Director of the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety (CARRS), Dr Barry Watson, talks to Greg this morning about P-plater restrictions. Cary asks Dr Watson whether or not it is safe for Queensland P-platers to be behind the wheel before the age of 18.

Aspirin a day

aspirin 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary speaks with Dr Carole Hungerford, author of ‘Good Health in the 21st Century’, every Wednesday. This week they investigate whether an aspirin a day can fight depression in the elderly and Dr Carole also suggests strategies for preventative health.

Hindmarsh: Pokie addiction

hindmarsh 4BC Mornings: Nathan Hindmarsh has revealed how he lost more than $200,000 on poker machines during a six-year battle with gambling in his tell all book ‘Old School’. Behavioural Therapist Rod Bamberry talks with Greg Cary.

Political correctness gone mad

horse 4BC Mornings: A horse named 'Blackman' has been deemed racist by racing authorities; CEO of Racing Information Services Myles Foreman speaks to Greg Cary as Cary questions if political correctness has gone mad.

Extreme Obesity in children

obesity-thumb 4BC Mornings: Victorian welfare authorities have begun using extreme obesity as a reason to support children being separated from their parents. Author of Sweet Poison, David Gillespie talks to Greg Cary about the responsibility parents have.

Fat people

4BC Nights: Tackling The Obesity Epidemic 4BC Mornings: Fat people are not the only ones responsible for being overweight, who is really to blame? Dr Samantha Thomas tells Greg Cary on why the war on obesity is failing. Have your say now.

Professor Paul Davies with Cary

space 4BC Mornings: Professor Paul Davies, physicist, cosmologist and astrobiologist from Arizona State University, Phoenix joined Greg Cary in the studio on life as we don’t know it. Listen and comment now.

Refugee program outdated

ref 4BC Mornings: Federal MP for Cook and Shadow Minister for Productivity, Population, Immigration and Citizenship Scott Morrison speaks to Greg Cary on how our refugee program no longer reflects the practical reality of refugee movements across the world.

National Disability Insurance

wheel 4BC Mornings: National Disability Insurance Scheme, Queensland wants it however Canberra needs to pay. State Coordinator from Every Australian Counts Fiona Anderson tells Greg Cary why the scheme is so important and who should pay for it.

Educating your Child

children 4BC Mornings: Are you a good parent and what is the best way to raise your child? Founder and director of Education Standards Institute Kevin Donnelly tells Greg Cary as he releases his new book Educating your Child.

Teachers want more

school 4BC Mornings: Queensland Teachers Union President Kevin Bates speaks with Greg Cary as he prepares to lead a 1000 strong teacher rally in front of Parliament house tonight, campaigning for better conditions. Listen now.

Dr Carole Hungerford

health 4BC Mornings: Resident doctor Dr Carole Hungerford talks all things health with Morning’s Greg Cary including research into an alternative to antibiotics and how tree nuts are increasingly regarded as wonder foods.

American stories

american-thumb 4BC Mornings: Washington foreign correspondent Michael Brissenden speaks to Greg Cary on his latest book, American Stories: tales of hope and anger, an engrossing account of America on the brink of a presidential election. Listen and comment now.

Brisbane's best booked solid

More than 5700 geo-scientists from 112 countries will converge on Brisbane for the 34th International Geological Congress 4BC Mornings: 34th International Geological Congress is on this week with almost all of Brisbane city’s hotels booked out. Secretary General of the Congress Dr Ian Lambert tells Greg Cary what the congress is all about.

Dust of Uruzgan

music-thumb 4BC Mornings: Fred Smith was the first Australian diplomat to be posted to Uruzgan and tells of his experience through his songs. Smith joins Greg Cary in studio and sings a song from his acclaimed album ‘Dust of Uruzgan’. Have your say.

Prostitute wins right to work from motel

Sex and the city 4BC Mornings: A fly-in fly-out prostitute has won the right to work from a central Queensland motel, even though the owners want her kicked out, Retired Solicitor and research officer for the Australian family association Tempe Harvey tells Greg Cary this is not on.

Geoff Gallop: politics, society and self

Politics, Society, Self, focuses on matters of the self in society: of contemporary politics, pragmatics, fundamentalism, fairness, and the meaning and importance of well-being for public policy and the person 4BC Mornings: Former Western Australian Premier, now Australian Politics Academic at Sydney University Geoff Gallop joins Greg Cary on his latest book, ‘politics, society and self’.

Is the exclusive 'white picnic' fair?

Diner en Blanc brings together almost 8,000 people all dressed in white for a 4BC Mornings: The Queensland government has given $5000 to an exclusive ‘white picnic’ event while they continue to cull funding for programs and cut jobs, Greg Cary weighs in on this and asks is this fair?

Fair Go for our veterans

Our veterans deserve the highest priority 4BC Mornings: Former Air Vice Marshal Peter Criss, AM, AFC speaks with Greg Cary as the ADSO Fair Go Campaign launches Operation AWARE today focusing not only on the military superannuation injustice but also on the shortfall in promised disability pension payments for those affected veterans.

Dingo management strategy

Dingo 4BC Mornings: Ecologist Hugh Possingham who has recently been appointed by Environment Minister Andrew Powell to oversee a review of the Fraser Island Dingo management strategy speaks with Greg Cary. Listen and comment now.

Stigma shakes soldiers

digger 4BC Mornings: Military Lawyer Brian Briggs, talks to Greg Cary about young soldiers returning with Post traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD). Soldiers are left with PTSD long after service, leaving them financially unstable due to treatment.

Airlines gone P.C. mad?

4BC Mornings: Have airlines gone politically correct mad? 4BC Mornings: Founder of Bravehearts Hetty Johnston speaks to Greg Cary about the pros and cons of QANTAS and Virgin policy where male passengers being moved away from unaccompanied minors.

Kangaroo meat export

roo 4BC Mornings: Farmers have called to increase kangaroo meat export to cull near-record numbers. Chief Executive Officer of the Kangaroo Industry Association Australian John Kelly tells Cary why eating more kangaroo will help our land and farmers.

Should older drivers sit another test?

Should older drivers be encouraged to self-regulate their own driving? 4BC Mornings: New research has found more deaths could be avoided if roads were made safer for older drivers. Dr Mark King, from the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety-Queensland speaks with Greg Cary.

Where has the money gone?

HSU 4BC Mornings: As the Health Services Union East branch president asks hospital workers to have faith in the HSU. Greg Cary asks how this is possible with the final report out today of union boss Michael Williamson, his family and friends reaped millions.

Premier Newman with Cary

newman 4BC Mornings: Premier Campbell Newman joins Greg Cary live in studio speaking on a range of issues including the “slash and burn” claims made after 5000 more government jobs were lost today, why the Queensland government cannot fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme, repealed civil unions being an Australian compromise, the Flood Inquiry and the Heiner affair.

David De Vito

dv2 4BC Mornings: Australia’s Got Talent runner-up David De Vito, who captured the nation with his incredible voice is about to commence his “Brings Back The Big Voice Tour”. De Vito is also the ambassador for Alzheimer’s Australia (QLD), he opens up to Greg Cary on his life.

Mal Brough with Cary

brough 4BC Mornings: Former Howard government minister Mal Brough speaks with Greg Cary on being pre-selected for the seat of Fisher on the Sunshine Coast over the weekend. Brough tells Cary he is ready to represent. Listen now. Have your say.

Carbon tax price hike

Electricity bills are real shockers 4BC Mornings: Carbon tax price hike jolts Anglican Church Grammar School electricity bills – but what about us? Peter Phillips, Electricity broker and Owner of Mantel Solutions speaks with Chris Adams (filling in for Greg Cary) on what we can do to dodge large bills.

The Heiner Affair

Heiner Affair aka shreddergate still in the news after 18 years 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talks on the potential block buster that may reopen the alleged cover up of the dark past in Queensland history. Those interested in obtaining a copy of the document Attachment Two Exhibit Five, an audit of the Heiner Affair written by the QC Rofe, can do by clicking here.

Oddest Olympic events ever!

Son Yeon-Jae of South Korea performs her rhythmic gymnastics routine 4BC Mornings: Ribbon dancing, synchronised diving, curling? These Olympic events push the definition of “sport” nearly to its breaking point but aren’t even close to the oddest in the Games’ 116-year history. Editor of Gizmodo Australia Luke Hopewell speaks with Chris Adams.

Bankrupt Nick D'Arcy now on Euro holiday?

Nick D'Arcy was given dispensation to compete at the Olympics 4BC Mornings: There have been reports of Bad Boy Nick D’Arcy holidaying in Europe after he competed at the Olympics despite declaring himself bankrupt. Simon Cowley’s lawyer Sam Macedone speaks with Greg Cary about how this can happen.

Newman calls out PM Gillard

gillard 4BC Mornings: Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says the states were prepared to support a new levy to help pay for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The proposal was made to Prime Minister Julia Gillard before Wednesday's COAG meeting, but its claimed the PM was worried it could expose her to fresh political attacks. Premier Newman has told Greg Cary, there was bipartisan agreement, and Ms Gillard should reconsider.

Premier explains sale of parks

Premier Cambell Newman spoke about the sale of Cannon Hill caravan park On 4BC Mornings: Premier Campbell Newman joined Greg Cary to explain the sale of three government-owned commercial caravan parks as part of the government's widespread slashes.

Motel prostitute case paves way for sex workers

This case has since made international headlines and paves the way for other sex workers 4BC Mornings: This case has since made international headlines and paves the way for other sex workers and brings into question the rights a business owner has while highlighting contradictions found in the current state laws.

Eyesight for driving

sight-thumb 4BC Mornings: One third of Australian motorists are overdue for an eye test. Optometrist Peter Larsen talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings about why it’s important to take an eye test before getting behind the wheel. Listen and comment now.

Religious class act

EDUCATION-thumb 4BC Mornings: Concerned Brisbane mother of three, Tricia Moore has accused the state’s education department of discrimination. Moore talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings claiming children who opt out of religious instruction classes are left disadvantaged.

Dairy stirs LNP

cows 4BC Mornings: Dairy has caused a stir at the LNP conference last week, with Kenilworth dairy farmer Matthew Trace claims farmers are in crisis and need help fast, Trace speaks with 4BC Mornings with Greg Cary. Listen now.

Norma Crocker-Fleming

crocker-thumb 4BC Mornings: 1956 Olympic gold medalist Norma Crocker-Fleming talks to Greg Cart from 4BC Mornings as she reflects upon her time in the 4 x 100 metres relay, together with Shirley Strickland, Fleur Mellor and Betty Cuthbert. Listen and comment now.

Houston report released

boat 4BC Mornings: Canberra Fairfax Reporter Francis Keany explains the significance of the Houston Report to Greg Cary on Mornings. Will this Report and its findings be the "circuit breaker" on the Assylum seeker issues that plague our National Parliament

Carol's home-grown cold cure

Nothing to sneeze at - try Dr Carol's home-grown cold cure 4BC Mornings: 4BC Morning resident doctor Dr Carol Hungerford gives her famous flu tip out again.

Priests, to divulge confessions?

father 4BC Mornings: Catholic priests may be ordered to report crimes revealed to them in private confessions, Father Bob Maguire speaks with Greg Cary on this holy issue. Listen and comment now.

Heiner Affair

Scales of justice 4BC Mornings: Heiner Affair is still a growing concern for Queensland after all these years. Greg Cary explains the importance of the Heiner Affair being investigated. Listen and comment now.

Afghan woman shot dead

shot Warning: Footage of a young Afghan woman accused of adultery being shot at close range in front of a crowd of around 150 cheering men. This video shows the full execution of an Afghan woman by Taliban savages. Warning.

Driving in school curriculum

driving-thumb 4BC Mornings: Should kids learn how to drive as a part of their school curriculum? Motoring expert Russell White talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings to discuss the importance of introducing driving learning to help save young lives. Have your say.

Olympians addicted to Stilnox

stilnox-thumb 4BC Mornings: Prominent Australian Sports Physician Dr Brian Sando O.A.M, talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings about the highly addictive prescription drug Stilnox. Listen now and comment.

Climate change

wesley-thumb 4BC Mornings: Executive Director of International Policy at the Lowy Institute, Dr Michael Wesley talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings about the majority of Australians changing their opinion on climate change. Listen now and comment.

On the payroll

doctor-thumb 4BC Mornings: CEO of the Consumers Health Forum Carol Bennett, talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings about the decision to declare the amount drug companies pay to doctors to attend seminars or serve on advisory boards. Listen now and comment.

Military pensioners struggle

army 4BC Mornings: Former Royal Australian Air Force Officer Peter Criss, talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings in response to Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan and the politicians pay increase as military pensioners struggle. Listen now and comment.

Politicians pay increase

nick-thumb 4BC Mornings: Independent Senator Nick Xenophon talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings about Federal politicians receiving a 3 per-cent pay increase and the Senators belief that fellow colleagues are earning far too much. Listen now and comment.

Heart of Stone

stone-thumb 4BC Mornings: Northern Territory Coroner Elizabeth Morris ruled that Azaria Chamberlain was taken by a dingo. Father of Azaria, Michael Chamberlain talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings about the case and his book ‘Heart of Stone'.

Australian history

kelly skull 4BC Mornings: Melbourne writer and senior literature teacher Christopher Bantick talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings about teaching Australian History in schools. Are we doing enough, should Australian History be in the curriculum more?

The life of Bert Hinkler

bert-thumb 4BC Mornings: Award-winning writer for News, Grantlee Kieza talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings about his new book ‘The life of Bert Hinkler, The most daring man in the world’. Listen and comment now.

Defence compensation

defence-thumb1 4BC Mornings: Military Lawyer Brian Briggs has pushed the federal government to compensate defence victims rather than a Royal Commission. Briggs talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings after an independent report into military sexual abuse allegations has been released.

Treasurer Wayne Swan

swan-thumb 4BC Mornings: Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has announced he will run for the seat of Lilley at the next election, also Treasurer Swan talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings about Federal politicians receiving a 3% pay increase as military pensioners struggle. The treasurer also takes calls from listeners. Listen and comment now.

Terrorism, drugs and people smuggling

darwin-thumb 4BC Mornings: Fairfax Chief Political Reporter Michael Pachi speaks to Greg Cary on the further talks happening in Darwin today with Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono including topics such as terrorism, drugs and people smuggling. Listen now and comment.

Independence Day

niels-thumb 4BC Mornings: The Official U.S. Fourth of July festivities are taking place in Brisbane this year, U.S. Consul General Niels Marquardt talks to Greg Cary about Queensland’s strong ties with the U.S. and what the day means. Listen now and comment.

Gillard on G20 summit

gillard-thumb 4BC Mornings: Prime Minister Julia Gillard joins the Greg Cary Morning show to discuss the recent announcement of the G20 Business summit, officially being announced for Brisbane, the PM also discusses Tony Abbott’s policy relevancy and how to stop the boats.