Medical records: not yours

Medical records 4BC Summer Mornings: Resident ombudsman and red tape buster, Shane Bowering, joins Ian Maurice on Summer Mornings on why you don't own your medical records. Listen now and join the conversation.

Smart salts: true?

Salt 4BC Summer Mornings: To salt or not to salt? Salt makes you smarter says an academic but is this true? Accredited practising dietician and former primary school teacher Lisa Simpson tells Ian she doesn't think this is true.

School debate: private vs public

School 4BC Summer Mornings: Ian Maurice opens the bag of worms that is private schools, their fees and their results versus public schools with Dr Kevin Donnelly, Director of Education Standards Institute, on Summer Mornings.

"Public less safe under cuts"

police 4BC Summer Mornings: The Q.P.C.O.U.E. is cautious of the Police Service cuts announced Monday and the Police Union is cautiously supportive. Former Officer, Bluey O’Gorman joins Ian Maurice on what the restructure will mean for communities.

Men: good looks go further

Runner 4BC Summer Mornings: Federal Labor MP and former academic at Australian National University Andrew Leigh joins Ian Maurice on why the pretty people get more money and opportunities. Listen now and join the conversation.

Dunalley devastated

Dunalley 4BC Summer Mornings: Bill Kidd, licensee of the Dunalley Hotel joins Ian Maurice following the worst bushfires Dunalley has ever seen on Friday. Kidd reports live from the devastated township of 300. Listen now and join the conversation.

Switzer: 2013 in business

Peter Switzer 4BC Summer Mornings: Peter Switzer from Sky News joins Summer Mornings with John Scott to talk about what 2013 holds for business in Australia and what the big stories will be coming out of the Stock Market as the year rolls on.

Patient advocacy

Hospital bed 4BC Summer Mornings: Private patient advocates are charging hundreds of dollars to sit in on medical appointments. John Scott talks to Dr Steve Hambleton and Claire Crocker for both sides of the story. Listen now and join the conversation.

Gateway, bus and train increases

Gateway motorway 4BC Summer Mornings: The Queensland Government is considering an extra toll on the Gateway Motorway and prices set to rise on public transport, life in the Southeast is about to get more expensive in 2013.

Politicians, why Woodford?

Woodford 4BC Summer Mornings: Dr Paul Williams, political scientist from Griffith University, joins John Scott on the recent appearances by Malcolm Turnbull, Bob Hawke and Julia Gillard at the Woodford Folk Festival and the strategy behind them.

Criminal charges for farmers

farmer 4BC Summer Mornings: John Scott is joined by Charles Burke, CEO of AgForce, talking about a suggestion by animal rights groups that farmers should face criminal charges if they lose stock to floods, bushfires and drought.

Operation Crossroads

VIP Police 4BC Summer Mornings: Nick Smith from driversafety.com.au, talks to John Scott with a wrap of the Christmas Road Safety campaign and whether he believes it was successful in deterring road fatalities and vehicle related offenses.

Qld govt: open data

Open Data 4BC Summer Mornings: Neil Makepeace, senior consultant from Glentworth, joins John Scott to talk about the Newman Government's newly launched 'open data' website, whether it has been successful in making the government more transparent.

Yet another new political party

Alex Douglas 4BC Summer Mornings: Maverick Gold Coast MP Alex Douglas is setting up a new political party and wants to poach dissatisfied members of the LNP and Labor. Alex Douglas talks to John Scott about his decision to form a new party.

Tobacco laws deterring?

LIVE: Big tobacco loses over packaging (Thumbnail) 4BC Summer Mornings: The Gillard Government came out today saying that Tobacco companies that try to circumvent the Government’s cigarette plain packaging laws with branded tins and stickers will be prosecuted.

NDIS: Young Australians

ndis 4BC Summer Mornings: Ian Maurice speaks to Anna Cox from YoungCare about the NDIS and the difficulties which thousands of disabled young Australians, and their families, face everyday. Listen now and join the conversation.

Catholic Church: sorry

Cardinal Pell 4BC Summer Mornings: Hetty Johnston, Founder of Bravehearts joins Ian Maurice about Catholic Cardinal George Pell's Christmas apology to those who have been sexually abused by Christians. Listen now and join the conversation.

Jack Vidgen in studio

Jack Vidgen 4BC Summer Mornings: 15 year old Australia’s Got Talent winner, Jack Vidgen, joins Ian Maurice live in the studio to talk about his rise to fame and his dreams ahead of his carols performance on the Gold Coast this Sunday.

Budget: Abbott responds

Tony Abbott 4BC Summer Mornings: Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott speaks with Ian Maurice on his response to Wayne Swan's budget announcement and why, if elected, the budget will be back in surplus under a coalition government.

Road rage explained

Road Rage 4BC Mornings: There has been a spate of road rage attacks in Queensland over the past few days, with one man smashing through the front window of a moving car. Clinical psychologist Grant Brecht joins Summer Morning's Ian Maurice.

50 shades of grey matter

Dr Karl 4BC Mornings: Everyone's favourite scientist Dr Karl joins Greg Cary live in studio talking on his new book '50 shades of grey matter' and taking listener calls.

Premier Newman with Cary

newman 4BC Mornings: Premier Newman joins Greg Cary in-studio talking about the effect of public service job cuts, the year that has just passed and the year ahead. The Premier also takes questions from listeners.

Stafford retrial ruled out

Stafford 4BC Mornings: A retrial call for Graham Stafford has been ruled out. Former investigator Graham Crowley who was highly involved in the case tells Ian Maurice, Graham Stafford wants a retrial and why the people of Queensland deserve to know the truth.

Customs drug scandal

Customs 4BC Mornings: A network of custom officers at Sydney Airport has allegedly been working with organised crime figures to import drugs, according to investigative reporter with The Age, Nick McKenzie. McKenzie joins Ian Maurice.

Fiscal year ahead

reserve bank 4BC Mornings: Senior Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon has broken ranks to call on the Government to "give up" on its promise to deliver a budget surplus next year. Chief Economist of AMP Shane Oliver tells Greg Cary the real state of our economy, and the year ahead.

Aussie schools, poor results

school 4BC Mornings: Australian school children are well behind a host of other countries when it comes to reading, mathematics and science, according to a new report. Director of Education Standards Institute Kevin Donnelly tells Greg Cary.

Fluoride: the facts

Dental 4BC Mornings: Dr Paul Connett, Co Author of "The Case against Fluoride" tells Greg Cary why fluoride isn't safe to use in water anywhere in the world and why it shouldn't be in our water. Do you agree?

Hot 30 Prank call backlash

Mel and MC 4BC Mornings: Sydney radio station 2Day FM tried to contact London's King Edward VII Hospital several times to discuss its pre-recorded prank call.

Sunshine Coast PGA in doubt

Clive Palmer PGA 4BC Mornings: More drama surrounds the PGA tour with Clive Palmer's resort and PGA in dispute over on-course advertising of Titanic II venture. So will the future hold for the Sunshine Coast holding PGA tours?

Daniel Morcombe

Daniel Morcombe 4BC Mornings: Today marks the last day of the committal hearing into Daniel Morcombe's case, Amelia Birnie tells Greg Cary what she heard from more witnesses today. Tomorrow is Daniel's funeral, we urge all our listeners to wear red in his memory.

Kevin Rudd with Greg Cary

rudd 4BC Mornings: Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has told 4BC Mornings announcer Greg Cary that he believes global factors, were behind the RBA's decision. Rudd also takes questions from Cary's listeners in-studio.

Pay for carry on?

gh 4BC Mornings: Would you pay for carry on baggage? Secretary of Flight Attendants Association of Australia Jo-Ann Davidson tells Ian Maurice customers should, as flight attendants are regularly being injured and running out of space in the aircraft.

Daniel's funeral this friday

Daniel Morcombe 4BC Mornings: Day seven of the committal hearing into Daniel Morcombe's murder has begun. 4BC Court Reporter Amelia Birnie speaks with Greg Cary on what the court has heard today and on Daniel's funeral this Friday.

Gold Coast growing

gold-coast-thumb 4BC Breakfast: After years in the Doldrums, the Gold Coast is growing again, according to new research. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast hear from social researcher David Chalke. Listen now and have your say.

Croc awareness

croc 4BC Mornings: Are crocodiles a real issue for Queenslanders? Some people believe we should eliminate all crocodiles, while others believe Queensland is their natural habitat and we should protect them. What do you believe? Andrew Powell, talks with Greg Cary.

Fiji: Schoolies death

death 4BC Mornings: A school leaver who drowned in a resort pool in Fiji was the vice captain of a private Catholic college in Brisbane. Harrison Kadell, 17, is being mourned by students at St Thomas More College at Sunnybank.

Rosella in the red

Rosella 4BC Mornings: The Australian food manufacturer which owns the Rosella brand has gone into receivership.

Speeches, that shaped history

hawke 4BC Mornings: Editor of ‘For The True Believers Great Labor Speeches that Shaped History,’ Troy Bramston, speaks with Greg Cary about the great speeches, that can inspire armies, change opinions, and move a person to tears.

DrinkWise with Susie O'Neill

Drink spiking 4BC Mornings: Former Olympian Susie O'Neill speaks to Greg Cary, on behalf of DrinkWise, about the importance of educating the next generation of Australian drinkers on how to drink safely and responsibly and the role of adults. Listen now.

Super coach Leigh Matthews

Leigh Matthews 4BC Mornings: Super coach Leigh Matthews speaks with Greg Cary for his weekly sports wrap; talking about the Australian Cricket Team, the role of a coach and the tension between star athletes and their teammates in sports.

Dr Carole Hungerford

internet-lead 4BC Mornings: Dr Carole Hungerford, author of Good health in the 21st century, joins Greg Cary for her weekly chat about all things health related. This week's topics include: internet addiction in our kids, the importance of proper breathing techniques, and takes calls.

How To: Make News

tv 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary speaks to the new Director of News and Public Affairs at Channel 7, Rob Raschke, on what makes a good news service and the challenges facing the news media in the 21st Century. Listen in to hear where we are heading as a community.

"The Lost Diggers"

4BC Drive: Manly War Memorial 4BC Mornings: Ross Caulthart, investigative journalist from channel 7s Sunday Night, speaks with Greg Cary about his new book. "The Lost Diggers" is a riveting detective story of the hunt across Northern France for a rumoured treasure trove of antique glass photographic plates.

PM Gillard fights on

gillard 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary speaks to chief political reporter for the Fairfax Network, Michael Pachi, on the last day of Federal Parliament for the year about the latest on the AWU scandal in what will be a fiery finish to the year for the Prime Minister.

MP Carl Judge talks loyalty

judge 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary speaks with Carl Judge, Member for Yeerongpilly, as he weighs up the decision to break away from the LNP, reasoning not being heard in parliament and the tension between party loyalty and his loyalty to the people of his electorate.

The Italian Sisters

gillard 4BC Mornings: The saga of the Italian Sisters custody battle has entered a new phase following Sunday night's episode of 60 Minutes. Greg Cary speaks to family law specialist Katrina Oner about the interview. Listen now.

Put up or shut up, acts PM

gillard 4BC Mornings: Prime Minister Julia Gillard has batted opposition questions on the AWU matter in parliament, by referring to answers she gave at a 50-minute media conference before question time. Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop opened question time on Monday by asking Ms Gillard why she provided legal advice to AWU officials Ralph Blewitt and Bruce Wilson.

Pressure builds on PM Gillard

gillard 4BC Mornings: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has called for Prime Minister Julia Gillard to provide a "complete, open and transparent" account of her role in establishing a union slush fund 17 years ago.

Dr Carole Hungerford

health 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary is joined by regular guest Dr Carole Hungerford, author of Good Health in the 21st Century, to talk about a range of health topics including; Post Natal Depression, the risks of antibiotics during pregnancy and the delicate issue of voluntary euthanasia.

Premier Newman with Cary

newman 4BC Mornings: Premier Campbell Newman joins Greg Cary, claiming lobbyist are great at knowing government and business mechanics, and are skilled at getting results, claiming normal Queenslanders have the same level of access.

Lee Kernaghan

Lee Kernaghan with Greg Cary 4BC Mornings: Country music legend and 2008 Australian of the Year, Lee Kernaghan, speaks to Greg Cary about his journey to the top of Australian Country Music and his experiences in rural Australia on the release of his new album, Beautiful Noise.

330 child drownings

Drowning 4BC Mornings: Shocking figures show over 330 Australian children under 5 have drowned in the past 10 years. Greg Cary talks to former Olympian and swimming teacher Samantha Riley from Royal Life Saving about the figures.

Is the BoM doing enough?

Weather Radar Icon 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary asks Anthony Cornelius, the Qld Manager of Weather Watch, whether or not the BoM did enough over the weekend to warn Qld residents?

Bionic eye under threat

bionic 4BC Mornings: It was revealed three months ago that Australian scientists have won the race to produce the first implanted bionic eye. Unfortunately, on the cusp of making medical history, the entire Bionic Eye project is under threat.

Smiling to reduce dental costs

dentist 4BC Mornings: A survey of 60,000 people conducted by Australia's dental plan organisation smile.com.au revealed Queensland residents were likely to avoid a trip to the dentist due to cost.

Qld Health: ban sugar drinks

Softdrinks 4BC Mornings: This week Qld Health called for a ban on sugar drinks for young people. Geoff Parker, CEO of Fruit Australia called for rational debate. Greg Cary moderated the debate between Parker and David Gillespie. Listen now and comment.

Police taunted: no pursuits

Police chase 4BC Mornings: Ian Stewart, the QLD Police Commissioner, and Bluey O’Gorman, a former police officer, talk to Greg Cary about how criminals are taunting police over the controversial “no pursuits” policy.

Uncommon Soldier

Chris-Masters 4BC Mornings: Multi-Walkley Award winning and Logie Award winning Australian journalist and author, Chris Masters, chats with Greg Cary about his new book, “Uncommon Soldier”, which challenges many stereotypes about soldiers.

World's largest sea park

Osprey Reef (inside the new Coral Sea marine reserve). This is the first of its kind and is the product of 36,000 images taken over the past few months as part of the Catlin Surey: supplied images of for bridie smith story 15 november 2012. 4BC Mornings: The Honourable David Crisafulli, the Minister for Local Government, talks with Greg Cary after 40 new marine parks were declared in Australia today. Listen now and join the conversation.

PM accusations continue

Prime Minister Julia Gillard 4BC Mornings: As Julia Gillard continues to be dogged by accusations and investigations over her time with Slater & Gordon, the Prime Minister has lashed out at The Australian. Greg Cary is joined by Francis Keany in Canberra.

Editorial: Flegg resignation

Flegg email 4BC Mornings: The resignation of Bruce Flegg as Minister for Housing has raised serious questions about the State Government’s ties to lobbyists.

Dr Carole Hungerford

Coconut 4BC Mornings: Doctor Carole Hungerford, author of Good Health in the 21st Century," speaks to Greg Cary about the benefits of vegetarian diets and looks at the humble coconut as a super food. Listen now and join the conversation.

Changing the brain

4BC Mornings: Greg Cary speaks to Author Barbara Arrowsmith–Young. 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary speaks to Author Barbara Arrowsmith–Young. As a youth she struggled with learning disabilities but in her book ‘The woman who changed her brain’ she describes how she and others can harness ‘neuroplasticity’.

Tony Abbott's character

abbott 4BC Mornings: Labor's focus on Tony Abbott's character is paying dividends, but is the dislike for Tony Abbott real? Greg Cary speaks to The Australian’s Political Editor, Dennis Shanahan, about the mounting pressure on Abbott.

Digger can't find work

army 4BC Mornings: We all acknowledge the sacrifices and bravery of our troops serving overseas but what happens when our veterans leave the armed services and try to re-enter society. Greg speaks to Shaun Gerritsen, soldier injured while serving in Afghanistan.

Royal Commission called for

Church Cross 4BC Mornings: Independent Senator of South Australia, Nick Xenophon, has joined a growing number of public figures in calling for a Royal Commission into child abuse and cover ups within the clergy of the Catholic Church.

True cost of shoplifting

Shoplifting 4BC Weekend Mornings: Dr. Gary Mortimer from the QUT Business School joins Ian Maurice on the true cost shoplifting. What does it really cost Australian retailers and who is doing it? Listen now and join the conversation.

Good and bad debt

money 4BC Mornings: Australians are increasingly concerned about their personal debt situation, Greg Cary speaks to Financial Expert Noel Whittaker and 4BC Real Estate’s Kevin Turner about good and bad debt and the risks and benefits of investing early.

Kepler Wessels with Cary

keplar 4BC Mornings: With the first test match of the season starting today at the Gabba, Greg Cary is joined by former South African Captain and cricketing legend Kepler Wessels for a quick chat about the match and his life in South Africa

Hungerford with Greg Cary

drugs 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talks to Doctor Carole Hungerford, author of Good Health in the 21st Century, about new potential cures for dementia and the possible role of multivitamins in lowering the risk of Cancer in healthy older men.

Ian Thorpe: This Is Me

Ian Thorpe with Chris Adams 4BC Mornings: Chris Adams talks to one of the greatest Australian athletes of all time, Ian Thorpe, about his new autobiography This Is Me and the challenges and struggles he’s faced throughout his amazing career.

More Queensland power pain

Electricity 4BC Mornings: Pensioners and other small households will be hit with a hefty rise in electricity fees under Queensland government reforms. The LNP went to the election promising cost of living relief.

The Heiner affair

Heiner Affair aka shreddergate still in the news after 18 years 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary speaks on the importance of the current Child Protection Inquiry’s focus on a re-examination of The Heiner Affair. It will be brought in Federal parliament today.

Peter FitzSimons: Eureka

Peter FitzSimons 4BC Mornings: Former Wallaby, and SMH journalist, Peter FitzSimons joins Greg Cary in the studio promoting his new book "Eureka Stockade - The Unfinished Revolution" and takes listener calls.

Qld Health: Royal Commission

Springborg 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary asks Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg why aren’t we having a Royal Commission into the payroll debacle of Qld Health? Do you think we need one? Listen now and join the conversation.

‘Gouging’ Queenslanders

Flood class action? 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary speaks to Federal MP, George Christensen, on insurance companies ‘gouging’ Queenslanders with high premiums, using them as ‘Free ATMs’ for profit. Listen now and share your experience here.

Robinson River Community

rob 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talks to Bill South, CEO of the Robinson River Community in the Northern Territory about the challenges of managing a shire the size of Victoria with a population of 6,000-7,000 people.

Chinese Middle-Class

chinese 4BC Mornings: With the rise of the Chinese Middle-Class, Australia is ideally situated to reap the benefits of the Chinese tourism dollar. Politicians on all sides have weighed into the debate and 4BC’s Greg Cary talks to Frank Gyzemyter.

Dr Hungerford on fluoride

Fluoride 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary and Dr Carole Hungerford talk about the implications of fluoride in our water system. Do you think we need fluoride in our water? Listen now and join the conversation.

Cyber bullies punished

Cyber Bully 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talks to the Principal of Southport High School, Steve McLuckie, after he suspended students for posting abusive messages on a school Facebook page. Do you think he is leading the way for punishing cyber bullies?

Insurance: Price over policies

4BC Afternoons: Rising home insurance premiums 4BC Mornings: Insurance premiums are set to increase in Brisbane. Greg Cary speaks with a local insurance broker, Keith Nowlan, about the price hikes expected. Listen now and join the conversation.

Speed camera locations

Speed Camera 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary discusses the locations of speed camera’s with Paul Turner from the RACQ. Cary asks if it is it fair to reveal the locations and are some of them in unfair places? Listen now and join the conversation.

Insurance premiums increasing

David Stark 4BC Mornings: After the disasters of last summer in Queensland, Brisbane insurance premiums have risen dramatically. David Stark from The Flooded Business and Homes Association joins Greg Cary.

RSPCA offers $5000 reward

Alpaca 4BC Mornings: For the first time ever the RSCPA has offered a reward for information that would lead to the capture of abusers of animals. Greg Cary talks with Michael Beattie from the RSPCA.

Premier undersells potential

Campbell Newman 4BC Mornings: Premier Campbell Newman has defended his Government's decision to allow uranium mining, and says it will not lead to a nuclear power industry. The LNP announced earlier this week, that the decades old ban on uranium mining will be lifted.

Police commissioner bows out

Bob Atkinson 4BC Mornings: As former Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson retires after 44-years in the force, having led 12 of those years, through a challenging time of rapid growth for the state, under a troubled state government as top cop.

Aged care closures misinterpreted

aged 4BC Mornings: Aged care closure notices has caused chaos, Greg Cary speaks with Chief Executive from Metro North Health Prof McNeil who says there's been a misinterpretation and apart from Brighton Health Campus, no other homes are closing.

Thomson: cancel baby bonus

Baby 4BC Mornings: The $5000 baby bonus will be slashed to $3000 for second and subsequent children, hitting 87,000 families a year, as the Government tries to deliver a Budget surplus next year.

Can your kids swim?

swim 4BC Mornings: A staggering 600,000 young adults aged 15 to 24 are now at extreme risk of drowning. CEO of Royal Life Saving Society Australia, Rob Bradley tells Greg Cary Australia is clearly creating an entire generation of children who just do not know how to swim.

Modern families: Granny nannies

grandma 4BC Mornings: According to a report released today by the Council on the Ageing, informal childcare by grandparents is saving parents almost $90 million a year (New South Wales, not including Australia as a whole figures).

Rags to riches story

BRW Young Rich List 4BC Mornings: Zac Swindells the Managaing Director and owner of ONEseniors (who is listed in BRW's young rich list) who is committed to making sure that everyone, regardless of age or income has access to technology.

Big, juicy, expensive win

United Nations 4BC Mornings: The Australian government this morning triumphed in its bid for a seat on the UN Security Council. Doctor Keith Suter joins Chris Adams, filling in for Greg Cary, to discuss the "big, juicy" and expensive win.