Brisbane mansion

2 4BC Breakfast: A massive Rochedale mansion is on the market, after falling into the hands of receivers. It’s more than an acre – and that’s just the building! Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to selling agent Mikki Finlay.

Big apple, faces pie

pie 4BC Breakfast: Americans are getting a taste for Aussie pies, with popular chain Pie Face opening up in New York. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to founder Wayne Homschek.

Bring back Black Caviar

Dawn Fraser 4BC Breakfast: There’s a campaign to get undefeated Australian Thoroughbred racehorse, Black Caviar to Queensland, and sports stars have been recruited to help with the cause. One of them is Dawn Fraser, and she joined 4BC Breakfast.

Sweet appeal

choc 4BC Breakfast: Are you a chocolate lover? What makes this sweet treat so appealing? QUT researcher, Stephanie Fay, tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast, that she is looking for volunteers to take part in a sweet new study.

Flare disruption

Solar flare 4BC Breakfast: A solar flare which is heading towards Earth today, could threaten to disrupt power supplies and GPS systems. Dave Reneke from Australasian Science Magazine told Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast a bit more about what might happen.

Mall is 30 years old

Queens Street Mall 4BC Breakfast: The Queen Street Mall is a well established part of the Brisbane landscape, but at the time it was a controversial decision to close off the street. Former Lord Mayor Sallyanne Atkinson told Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about the process.

Lockyer immortalised

lockyer 4BC Breakfast: Queenslander Locky now has his pride of place alongside Wally, outside Suncorp Stadium. The statue of Darren Lockyer was unveiled this morning, and Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked with sculptor Phillip Piperides.

A man’s home is his castle

castle 4BC Breakfast: A man’s home is his castle – and in Mt Crosby, it’s not just a saying. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Ben Crossman, who’s built a home to look like a castle.

Kids play in new ways

gameboy 4BC Breakfast: New research reveals almost half of our kids aren’t playing outdoors every day. As well, parents are struggling to find time to play with them. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg.

Tatiana Grigorieva

22 4BC Breakfast: Olympian Tatiana Grigorieva is now running a gelato business in Brisbane – and winning awards for her cool creations. Grigorieva talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Australia collecting hoarders

hoard 4BC Breakfast: It’s estimated that a million Australians are hoarders, with some collecting more than others. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to psychologist Jo Lamble about why people behave this way.

Queensland Surf Lifesaving

sls 4BC Breakfast: This weekend’s Queensland Surf Lifesaving Championships will be a battle of the generations, with young and old participating. SLSQ chief John Brennan had a preview for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Skypoint climb

Skypoint 4BC Breakfast: Mary from 4BC Breakfast is adamant that she will be taking on the Gold Coast’s newest attraction, SkyPoint Climb...............soon! Spokesman Andrew Sharry described what to expect, when you step out into the open air from this Gold Coast icon.

Jupiter's Theatre

Jupiter's 4BC Breakfast: The Gold Coast icon has had a makeover, and is welcoming some very special guests soon, including Tony Bennett, who will perform live there on April 16th. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Jupiters Acting Managing Director Craig Peachey.

Scams, worse than ever

Afternoons debit card scam 4BC Breakfast: Authorities say scams are worse than ever, despite years of publicity about them. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to Det Supt Brian Hay of Queensland Police about Fraud Week.

The Damp Trail

Bligh 4BC Breakfast: Channel 10 political reporter Cathy Border found herself stranded in Townsville overnight, after wild weather meant the media plane couldn‘t join the Premier and Campbell Newman further north. She had the latest for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Newman proud of party

newman 4BC Breakfast: Leader of the LNP Campbell Newman has told Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast that he is proud of the way his party has conducted itsel in its campaigning as polls suggests Labors campaign has turned voters away. Listen now and have your say.

Tricky shark attack

shark 4BC Breakfast: 20-year-old student Billy O’Leary is recovering after “falling” onto a shark while attempting a trick in the water at Miami yesterday afternoon. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to his surfing mate, Tyson Kolkka, who was at the scene.

State's best bacon

bacon 4BC Breakfast: The state’s best bacon has been revealed, with Manly Village Meats butcher David Riha winning the low-fat bacon award. Riha gave 4BC Breakfast a sample of his product – and talked to Peter and Mary about the win.

Most wanted man, captured

caught 4BC Breakfast: Australia’s most wanted man Malcolm Naden has been captured overnight, in the New South Wales Hunter region. 2UE reporter Keegan Buzza had details for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Ride 2 School

r2s 4BC Breakfast: It’s Ride 2 School Day, when kids are encouraged to go to school on two wheels instead of four. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast asked Kelly Pearson from Ride 2 School why kids riding to school are definitely in the minority these days.

Ready to get buffed?

shoe-shine 4BC Breakfast: An initiative introduced by the BOQ has the bank's headquarters equipped with a shoe-shine man! Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to the man in question, Grant Richards, who’s bought the shoeshine franchise.

Domestic lessons

bed making 4BC Breakfast: Teenage boys are learning how to iron and make the bed, as part of an innovative school program. It’s happening at St Augustine’s College in Sydney. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast asked Middle School Dean, Peter Nolan, all about it.

Sunshine Coast mopping up

road closed 4BC Breakfast: The Sunshine Coast is mopping up.. after heavy rain on Thursday afternoon caught out motorists, homeowners and businesses. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Peter Twomey from Emergency Management Queensland, and resident Simon Pickering.

Beattie to enter politics

heather 4BC Breakfast: Peter Beattie’s wife Heather says the time is right for her to go into politics. Heather will be standing for the Brisbane City Council’s Central ward. Dr Beattie talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Milton tennis courts

tennis 4BC Breakfast: The old Milton tennis site will be reimagined as a public park, with six playing tennis courts – and Stefan’s giant racquet towering over it.. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and the man himself, Stefan.

Coconut push

Coconut water 4BC Breakfast: Coconut water - a new sports drink and cholestrol fighter, or just another fad? Nutritionist, Cyndi O'Meara joined Peter and Mary on 4BC Breakfast to explain why this drink is so good for you.

Don't de-caf our cafe

cafe 4BC Breakfast: Aspley locals are campaigning to keep a 30-year-old café in the Hypermarket shopping centre. It’s set to be lost, when the building is renovated. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to café regular Bet Holland.

How To Train Your Dragon

train 4BC Breakfast: The How To Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular opens in Brisbane today. It’s from the Aussie team behind the successful Walking With Dinosaurs. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Producer Carmen Pavlovic.

Mature change

mature student 4BC Breakfast: A new study says 90% of Aussies aged over 50 want to take a course, to change their life or job. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Psychologist Jo Lamble about why people are hungry to learn.

Supashop of Horror

LIfeline 4BC Breakfast: Charity group Lifeline is in need of some charity itself, after its Woolloongabba store was destroyed by fire this week. Lifeline spokeswoman Anna Masci told Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast of the current situation.

Cage eggs ban

eggs 4BC Breakfast: There’s a push to ban eggs from caged hens, but egg producers claim this will push up the cost of each carton. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talks to Mark Townend from RSPCA Queensland.

How to get your mojo back

women 4BC Breakfast: A new book promises to help women get their “mojo” back, when they live life a little too hard. It’s from GP Dr Ginni Mansberg, and she talks to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Tourists flee Fiji

2 4BC Breakfast: Aussies are stranded in Fiji, after floods hit the holiday paradise. Trisha Parnell is among them, and she talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast. Listen here and comment now.

Rochedale mansion, $3M

2 4BC Breakfast: A Rochedale mansion, up for auction by a bank, has sold for over $3million. Agent Mikki Finlay had the sale details for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Reading too much into it?

books 4BC Breakfast: Premier Campbell Newman’s decision to cut the Premier’s Literary Award to save money, has outraged parts of the Arts community. Kate Eltham from the Brisbane Writers Centre joined Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Gym junkie granny


4BC Breakfast: A Melbourne great grandmother is a gym junkie, making time for aerobics or dancing nearly every day of the week.

Edna Sheppard talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast. Listen now.

Chocolate vs candy

Chocolate eggs 4BC Breakfast: It seems chocolate is the choice for Easter egg buyers, despite a resurgence by candy eggs. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast looked at the market with Tom Jeanes from Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse at Nundah.

Rehouse a Collie

border_collie 4BC Breakfast: A stolen Border Collie is looking for a new home after being returned to a Capalaba pet store. Sharon Clarkson from Pet Superstore had the details for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Mother of year sets to inspire


4BC Breakfast: Queensland’s Mother of the Year Ros Dodson wants to use her award to inspire other Mums. Dodson talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast. Listen now and have your say.

Get real NRL

lui 4BC Breakfast: A Brisbane Dad is behind a petition, calling on the NRL to take a tougher stand on player violence against women. Tony Simpson talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Five Billion Sold

books 4BC Breakfast: Many famous authors.. nearly didn’t become writers! Their stories are in a new book called “Five Billion Sold”. Author David Glynn joined Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast. Listen and comment now.

Hide your keys

Car keys 4BC Breakfast: In light of the recent dangerous joy riding, police are urging homeowners to hide their car keys, to stop stolen car pursuits. But how well do you hide them? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to Deputy Police Commissioner Ian Stewart.

Jellyfish alert

Box jellyfish 4BC Breakfast: If you decide to go swimming in Moreton Bay, there is a chance you may get a nasty sting. A relative of the box jellyfish has been found by a paddler off Clontarf. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to stinger expert Dr Lisa Gershwin.

BPA fightback

Plastic bottles 4BC Breakfast: There are moves overseas to ban the chemical BPA from soft plastic items, as there are reports it could be linked to obesity and even cancer. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Nutritionist Susie Burrell about the risks.

IV hangover recovery

IV drip 4BC Breakfast: If you are facing a big night in Vegas, Hangover Heaven offers clients a relief from their self inflicted pain. Dr Jason Burke tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about the service which plugs partygoers into an IV drip to recover from a hangover.

Back in the saddle

Lacey Morrison 4BC Breakfast: Jockey Lacey Morrison is back in the saddle, after a horror fall four years ago. Lacey tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast how she had to learn to walk and talk again.

Man v Coca Cola

Coca Cola 4BC Breakfast: A local businessman is preparing to take on Coca Cola for control of a beverage company at Cooroy, just north of Brisbane. Peter Lavin is hoping to negotiate a deal to take on Cooroy Mountain Spring Water.

Police Minister Gibson resigns

police 4BC Breakfast: Queensland will have a new police minister, after David Gibson resigned because his driving licence was cancelled. But was it a fair cop? Channel 7 political reporter Patrick Condren spoke to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Black market guns

guns 4BC Breakfast: The recent gun violence in and around Brisbane could be blamed on illegal guns. But why is there a rise in the black market for weapons? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talk to Robert Nioa.

Career in Lego

lego 4BC Breakfast: Is this your dream? Playing with Lego for a living? It’s the reality for Ryan McNaught, who’s Australia’s own certified Lego professional. McNaught joins to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Queensland Rail short on shorts

rail 4BC Breakfast: Shorts will be short-lived at Queensland Rail. Their new uniform is likely to ban shorts for staff. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to QR spokesman, Tim Young. Do you agree with this decision?

360 new buses

bus 4BC Breakfast: Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is promising a free ferry service, and improvements to city buses too. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk talks to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about the proposal.

Surfboard engine

surf 4BC Breakfast: A US surfboard with an onboard engine could help you hang 20 – and it’ll soon be on sale in Australia. It makes it easier to paddle out, and catch a wave. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talk to Kelly Virgulto from WaveJet.

Best Brit in the World

Ben Southall 4BC Breakfast: The bloke who won the "Best Job in the World" is still working for Queensland. Ben Southall is now a roving Ambassador, with a Brisbane bane. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast caught up with him.

Monkees' Davy Jones dead

monk 4BC Breakfast: Davy Jones, the mop-topped leader of 1960s pop band The Monkees, died Wednesday of a massive heart attack. Jones was 66. 4BC Breakfast talks with Glenn A Baker about Jones' Career.

QLD Health pays out

pokie 4BC Breakfast: A former Queensland Health worker has been given thousands of dollars by mistake – and has been trying unsuccessfully to give it back! Judy Wilcox told Peter and Mary she was shocked to find $30,000.

The battle of Ashgrove

Battle of Ashgrove 4BC Breakfast: Ashgrove MP Kate Jones claims being still the election underdog, despite promising poll results in her fight against Campbell Newman. Jones talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about whether she’d seek a ministry, if Labor retains government and Jones retains Ashgrove.

Hang on tight!

tilt train 4BC Breakfast: There may have been a bungle as Queensland Rail have ordered a new tilt train, but it's standing room only! It’s been revealed the $189 million train doesn’t come with seats. Courier-Mail reporter Steven Wardill talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Bligh, Gillard warn Qld

Bligh, Gillard warn Qld 4BC Breakfast: Anna Bligh has warned Queenslanders the state would slide backwards to a time of corruption and environmental exploitation under Campbell Newman. The Labor launch showed a confident Premier, but will it change voters opinion.

Beer, not just for drinking

beer 4BC Breakfast: Beer is not just for drinking – it can even help with doing the housework! A report in Good Health magazine shows there are some unusual uses for your favourite ale. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to reporter Karen Fittall.

Fantasy beer island

beer 4BC Breakfast: How’s this for a blokey destination? A fantasy island in north Queensland for you and your mates, set up by XXXX. It’s being announced today, so Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast had to find out more from XXXX spokesman Bill Webb.

CityCycle take Mt Coot-tha

Brisbane City Cycle 4BC Breakfast: Brisbane’s much-maligned CityCycles will be out in force this weekend, as part of a race up Mt Coot-tha. It’ll be a hard slog for them uphill – but it’s for a good cause. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to rider Cory Morris.

Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries 4BC Breakfast: Aussie showbiz legend Barry Humphries is preparing to embark on his farewell tour “Eat Pray Laugh”. He’ll be performing at Jupiters from Saturday 25th August. Barry told Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast all about it.

Cow makeover

cow 4BC Breakfast: There are some very contented cows at West Moreton Anglican College – they’re getting blow-dried and styled by students! It’s part of the school’s farming program, and Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast asked farm manager Jason Beattie all about it.

Life for sale

w 4BC Breakfast: A British man is selling his life – both home and work. Ice cream seller Steve Graham wants a change, so his Sundae Sundae business is up for grabs – along with his home and fishing shack.

Plastic soup

plastic 4BC Breakfast: A part of the Pacific Ocean will change the way you think about plastic It’s where an enormous amount of plastic rubbish accumulates, thanks to ocean currents. An Australian environmentalist has been to see this “plastic soup”.

Gabe Watson a free man

gabe 4BC Breakfast: The so-called incorrectly accused “Honeymoon Killer” Gabe Watson is a free man and guilty of not showing enough emotion, claims 60 Minutes reporter Liz Hayes, who has interviewed Watson and his new wife. Hayes joined Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Saxon Rice

saxon 4BC Breakfast: A host of new LNP recruits will soon be getting their bearings, in the halls of Parliament House. Among them will be Saxon Rice, who beat Labor MP Andrew Fraser in the seat of Mt Coot-tha. Rice talked to Peter and Mary .

Body corporate fees outrage

mortgage stress 4BC Breakfast: Some unit owners are facing massive hikes in body corporate fees. One owner’s bill has reportedly jumped to more than $30,000 a year! Peter and Mary talked to Erroll Anderson from the Queensland Body Corporate.

Excuse me

butler 4BC Breakfast: A senior government bureaucrat has reportedly asked for his staff not to call him by his first name. But when is it OK to do that – and when should we use “Mr” or “Mrs”? Listen now.

New house for the Taufa family


4BC Breakfast: A brand new house has been handed over to the Taufa family of Slacks Creek, after they were hit by a fire tragedy last year. It’s been built in record time, and David Hanna from the BLF talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Puppy love

pup2 4BC Breakfast: Your pet could help you find love, on the Gold Coast. “First Match” is holding an event, where singles bring along their dog – and use their pet’s name as an ice-breaker. Organiser Lyn Paul spoke to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Dramatic car chase

car 4BC Breakfast: Seven people have now been charged over yesterday’s dramatic police chase through Brisbane. Two allegedly stolen BMWs were used in the pursuit, and their owner Tony Calabro spoke to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Produce fights back

tomato 4BC Breakfast: A community near Toowoomba is fighting plans to put a coal mine in their backyard, by showcasing the food they grow. The Felton Food Fest is on this Sunday, and Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to organiser Sally McCreath

Pear Restaurant of the Year

pear 4BC Breakfast: A Mitchelton restaurant has beaten dozens of other venues around Australia, to win 2012 Pear Restaurant of the Year. Taverner Lounge and Dining came up with a pear salad dish, which wowed the judges.

Sugar cane water

water 4BC Breakfast: Queensland has come up with what could be the next big thing in health drinks. A joint consortium has developed sugar cane water, which it seems is actually good for us. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talk to Mike Lehman from Nutraceutical and Natural Products.

Tiger cub encounters

tiger 4BC Breakfast: If you love the look of Dreamworld’s tiger cubs, you can now get up close and personal with them. From today, the park is offering tiger cub encounters. Al Mucci from Dreamworld had the details for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Over 60? Too old to manage

mia 4BC Breakfast: Noise maker Mia Freedman from Mamamia sparked a row on Twitter.. by suggesting people over 60 couldn’t be leaders, as they might not have the energy. Columnist Anne Summers was among those to fire back at the comment.

Bonus for older workers

old 4BC Breakfast: Companies could get $1000 bonuses to employ older workers, under a new government plan. But is there still employer discrimination against over-50s? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to Alan Sparks.

What exactly is free-range?

eggs 4BC Breakfast: “Free range” eggs for brekky might not be all they’re cracked up to be. Egg producers are packing a lot more chooks into “free range” sheds. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to organic food retailer Deborah Wray about how to choose the best eggs.

Dementia care

dimentia 4BC Breakfast: The federal government is set to announce aged care reforms, to ease the burden on dementia patients and the country. There’ll be means-testing and changes in how fees are levied.

Jailed over nude Facebook photos

face 4BC Breakfast: A man’s been jailed for taking revenge on an ex-lover, by posting nude photos using Facebook. It’s the first case of its type in Australia – but experts say there are other examples. Listen and comment now.

Health bungle

Springborg 4BC Breakfast: State Health Minister Lawrence Springborg is pushing for a change of culture in the trouble-plagued Queensland Health. That’s after new revelations about alleged impropriety, with almost 300 cases now under investigation.

Mt Gravatt glows

glowing mushrooms 4BC Breakfast: Mt Gravatt has taken on a slight bluey-green hue at night after the discovery of glow-in-the-dark mushrooms at the lookout point. Mushroom expert, Patrick Leonard, joined Peter and Mary to look at how these extraordinary fungi got there.

Samios Food soon to move

Samios Foods in Wooloongabba 4BC Breakfast: The famous Samios Foods store in Woolloongabba has been part of the Brisbane landscape since 1934. Retail Manager, Theo Zantiotis, tells Peter and Mary that the famous local store will soon be moving to a new location in Coorparoo.

Courier Mail refurb

Courier Mail 4BC Breakfast: Courier-Mail staff are enjoying a much better working environment, after renovations to their offices at Bowen Hills. Barry Dick, Courier Mail writer, has worked there for 40 years, and he tells Peter and Mary what has changed over the years.

Surf dogs!

Surf dog 4BC Breakfast: Dogs and humans come together on surfboards this weekend in Noosa. Chris De Aboitiz is a dog trainer and he tells Peter and Mary that Dog surfing is making its debut, after getting quite a following in the US.

RC Police helicopters

hgeli 4BC Breakfast: Queensland Police are looking at using flying “drones” to detect crims and chase suspects. The unmanned aerial vehicles are cheaper than helicopters – but how do they work? Peter and Mary talked to Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

Check out Google

google 4BC Breakfast: Have you ever Googled your own name? Social Media psychologist, Tracy Whitelaw, tells Peter and Mary that it is ego or just curiousity, but people should be responsible for their personal information on the internet.


Cairns 4BC Breakfast: Far North Queensland has been lashed by heavy rain and high winds, damaging homes and cutting roads.Nearly a dozen people had to be rescued after cars were caught in floodwaters. Peter and Mary talked to Channel 7 reporter Trent Evans.

Waltzing Matilda

Waltzing Matilda 4BC Breakfast: Waltzing Matilda is inherently the Aussie song, and the Mayor of Winton would like to see a day especially reserved for it. Ed Warren explains to Peter and Mary why the legendary tune needs it's own special celebration.

Drag obliterates fence

Hoon 4BC Breakfast: A Marsden homeowner is counting the cost, after hoons crashed through his fence.. doing $15,000 damage. Daryl Bouchard recounts to Peter and Mary, the hoons that were drag racing along his street causing trouble.

Bendy bus crash

Bendy bus 4BC Breakfast: Six people have been injured after a “bendy” bus crashed into a guardrail on the Pacific Motorway at Loganholme, during the Friday morning commute. One of those involved was passenger Sheldon Grey, who told Peter and Mary all about it.

Should a killer write a Memoir?

s 4BC Breakfast: Serial killer Paul Steven Haigh has written a memoir from behind bars. Mark Edminson is a former Officer in Charge of Maximum Security in Pentridge Prison and he recalls his chilling encounters with the man.

Fatal shooting

police_tape 4BC Breakfast: Police are hunting a gunman, responsible for a fatal drive-by shooting at Eight Mile Plains overnight. A man was shot in the head at a shopping centre, and died this morning in hospital. Peter and Mary found out more from Police Union President Ian Leavers.

Valley relief needed

Public toilet 4BC Breakfast: There’s a call for some relief in the Valley, with pressure to provide more public toilets! Starting as a pledge from Greens candidate in the council elections, Rachel Jacobs, she told Peter and Mary what is required.

Serial thug Matt Newton arrested

newton 4BC Breakfast: Serial thug and former actor Matt Newton has been arrested and charged with the battery of a Miami hotel employee and resisting arrest. US correspondent Richard Arnold told Peter and Mary, Newton’s accused of an assault in a hotel.

The king of the sandwich

sandwich 4BC Breakfast: What makes the perfect sandwich? Brisbane has just hosted the heats of the Australasian Sandwich Association’s “sandwichship”, where the best sangers were on show. 4BC Breakfast talks with the sandwich king.