What is the word?

NewsTalk 4BC Mornings: Irritating English 4BC Breakfast: The annual search for the word of the year is being decided - at the moment, "fracking" is a frontrunner. The search is fronted by Sue Butler at the Macquarie Dictionary, and she joined Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast to look at the shortlist.

Ruth Frith

Ruth Frith 4BC Breakfast: 102-year-old Brisbane athlete Ruth Frith is an inspiration, especially when she’s preparing for the Oceania Masters Athletics Championships. Ruth talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about what this might involve.

Future tech

alarm 4BC Breakfast: Your alarm clock or watch could be going the way of the dinosaur. Some familiar technology will soon disappear, as the world changes. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast looked at the issue with Gadget Guy Peter Blasina.

Against alternative therapy

kinesiology 4BC Breakfast: A large group of doctors have formed a lobby group, to stop universities offering courses in alternative therapy. Co-founder of “Friends of Science in Medicine”, Professor John Dwyer, joined Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast to explain why.

Burpengary threatened

Burpengary Creek 4BC Breakfast: It’s been a long night for some residents north of Brisbane, with heavy rain threatening homes at Burpengary. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Moreton Bay Council Mayor Allan Sutherland, and Brisbane Mayor Graham Quirk.

London 2012 on track

london 4BC Breakfast: It’s six months until the London Games, so how is our Olympic team preparing? Deputy Chef de Mission Chris Fydler talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

The bodyguard

gillard 4BC Breakfast: What was the real story, behind those extraordinary protest scenes in Canberra yesterday? Was it as dangerous as it seemed? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Channel 9 reporter Lane Calcutt.

Father Bob delivers final mass

father 4BC Breakfast: Much-loved priest Fr Bob Maguire has held his last Sunday mass, at his South Melbourne parish. So what’s next for him? Fr Bob joined Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

City chooks invade

ch 4BC Breakfast: Backyard chooks now make up nearly 12% of the nation’s egg production. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast caught up on the trend, with Ingrid Dimock from citychicks.com.au

Plastic beer on way

beer 4BC Breakfast:Some brewers are starting to sell beer in plastic bottles, to stop glassing attacks. But will Aussies embrace the move? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to Beer Writer Matt Kirkegaard.

Woolworths dumps Dick Smith

dick 4BC Breakfast: Businessman Dick Smith is concerned the electronics stores bearing his name could end up in foreign ownership. Long-time owner Woolworths is looking for a buyer for the chain. Dick Smith talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Time to retire?

feetup 4BC Breakfast: Are you looking forward to retirement? Experts now say you shouldn’t stop working, if you want to keep your brain young. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Prof Ian Hickey of the Brain and Mind Institute about the benefits of not retiring.

Women better at parking

drive 4BC Breakfast: Whether it’s reverse, parallel or angle.. new research says women are better at parking. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to UK driving instructor Neil Beeson, who helped conduct the study.

Bananas bend return

ban 4BC Breakfast: Bananas are back in our fruit bowls after the Cyclone Yasi disruption, and growers are thanking us for our patience. Doug Phillips from the Banana Growers’ Council talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Flood class action?

Flood class action? 4BC Breakfast: Could the extended flood inquiry prompt a class action from affected residents? Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully says things might be heading that way. Tully talks to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

John Williamson

4BC Breakfast Video: John Williamson recently released a new album ‘The Big Red’, with a nod to Queensland. Williamson performed the lead single from it ‘Hang My Hat In Queensland’ for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

St George, bracing for worst

dam 4BC Breakfast: It’s an anxious wait in the Queensland town of St George, with the flood level hitting a record high. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Senator Barnaby Joyce, who lives in the area.

Diamond Jubilee

diamond jubilee 4BC Breakfast: Britain is shivering, as the Queen prepares to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast caught up with our UK correspondent Enda Brady, on both issues.

2012 Super Bowl 46

brady 4BC Breakfast: With America entranced by the Superbowl, 4BC Breakfast thought it was time to catch up with our friend in the US, Jeff Norris. Norris speaks to Peter and Mary about the game, and his family’s sporting connection.

Pizza flavoured beer, yup

pizbeer 4BC Breakfast: Which beer goes best with pizza? Pizza beer of course! We aren't joking either, it’s the brainchild of US businessman Tom Seefurth, and he joined Peter and Mary on 4BC Breakfast.

Sniffing for canine talent

Stage dog 4BC Breakfast: Producers of “Annie” the stage musical are sniffing around for a talented dog. There’s a casting call this coming Sunday, and Fritha Truscott from the production company had the details for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Going digital

projectionist 4BC Breakfast: There’s a big change underway at the Regal Cinema in Graceville. It’s moving from film projectors, to digital movie screening. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to cinema manager Paul Roobottom about the change.

CMC inspect land deal

tennyson 4BC Breakfast: A Brisbane City Council land deal at Tennyson has been referred to the CMC. That’s after a Channel 7 news report on whether a land valuation was done for the deal. Reporter Michael Coombes joins 4BC Breakfast.

Scoreboard hunt

scoreboard 4BC Breakfast: The hunt is still on for the old Gabba non-electronic scoreboard. 4BC Breakfast talked to Rupert McCall yesterday, and now they have managed to get in touch with Clive Sellwood, the man who used to operate the scoreboard to find out more.

Opposition stopping cuts

Tony Abbott 4BC Breakfast: The federal opposition is vowing to try to stop cuts to the private health insurance rebate for high income earners, but why is it happening – and will the government have the numbers? Michael Pachi from our Canberra Bureau talked to Peter and Mary.

Big Issue auction

Haesley Cush 4BC Breakfast: People in the property game are helping a good cause in Brisbane today. Ray White auctioneers are selling copies of The Big Issue. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to auctioneer Haesley Cush.

Bob Katter's new song

katter 4BC Breakfast: Bob Katter’s election campaign will soon feature a music video. It was filmed over the weekend, and Bob told Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about what to expect.

Recovery for Greece?

2 4BC Breakfast: Greece could be on the road to recovery, with a package of austerity measures approved by politicians. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Channel Nine’s finance expert Ross Greenwood.

Woolworth's smart app

Woolies 4BC Breakfast: Woolworths has become the first supermarket to offer grocery buying - on your smartphone. Has Fakira from Woolworths told to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about the new phone “app”, which can order online.

Highway baby delivered

highwaybaby 4BC Breakfast: Giving birth is dramatic enough, but what about bringing a baby into the world at 130km/h on the highway? That’s what happened to Mel Sharpe, and she told Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast all about it.

Kangaroo Point CityCat

2 4BC Breakfast: Does Kangaroo Point need its own CityCat terminal. Residents are petitioning council to provide one, saying there are few stops on their side of the River. 4BC Breakfast talked to local Peter Snowdon.

Gypsy tradies tour Ipswich

trailer 4BC Breakfast: There’s a warning about conmen operating in Ipswich. They’re offering cheap asphalt driveways, but they don’t do a good job. Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully had the details for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Nation's blood pressure

blood pressure 4BC Breakfast: The results of a nationwide check on blood pressure are out, and are a warning to anyone with hypertension. Professor Simon Stewart from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute had the details for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast .

Great Australian Pubs

beer 4BC Breakfast: The Great Australian Pubs book has been released – so how do Queensland’s watering holes measure up? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast got the recommendations from the author, Lee Mylne. Name your favorite pub in the comments.

Endless battle

sex battle 4BC Breakfast: Does it ever stop? It’s the ongoing battle of the sexes - the things that annoy men and women, about the opposite sex. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast brushed up on the latest developments with relationships expert, Allan Pease.

World-class ballet

Claudia Dean 4BC Breakfast: A former Brisbane teenager is lucky enough to be making a career as a world-class ballet dancer. Claudia Dean is now with London’s Royal Ballet School, and she talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about this dream.

Stranded travellers

stranded 4BC Breakfast: The collapse of Air Australia should prompt a re-think of how we look after stranded travellers. That’s according to consumer group Choice, and spokesman Christopher Zinn, talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about the options.

Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys 4BC Breakfast: HIghly popular around the world, the successful musical, Jersey Boys, is coming to Brisbane in July! Producer Rodney Rigby told Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about what to expect in the show.

"You're a pot-plant"

Campbell_Newman 4BC Breakfast: With a quiet week so far on the campaign trail, Channel 7's Political reporter, Patrick Condren, tells 4BC Breakfast of a lighter moment, with a debate over whether Campbell Newman called someone a "pothead".

Cooroy tornado

Cooroy 4BC Breakfast: The Sunshine Coast town of Cooroy is cleaning up after yesterday’s storm, which some have been describing as a “mini tornado”. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to local Councillor Lew Brennan about the damage sustained.


BBQnique 4BC Breakfast: Are you fed up with the one person always taking over the BBQ? Now the experience can be turned into a group affair using Steve Zagar's new invention. The “BBQnique” is set into a table, and Zagar discussed it with Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Religion for Atheists

deb 4BC Breakfast: Renowned thinker Alain de Botton is touring Australia, and no doubt gathering material for his next book.His current read is “Religion for Atheists”. De Botton joined Peter and Mary on 4BC Breakfast.

Level space, please

space 4BC Breakfast: Rockets into space are so 20th century.. There are now plans for an elevator to the stars. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to Dave Reneke from Australasian Science Magazine.

John Rowles

John Rowles 4BC Breakfast: Legendary performer John Rowles is about to begin his final tour of Australia, starting in Queensland. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Rowles about his retirement plans.

Organ Donation Week

Organ Donation 4BC Breakfast: It’s Organ Donation Week, and one extraordinary young man who’s patiently waiting for a lung transplant is Coen Ashton. Against all odds, he conquered the Murray on a jetski last year, and told Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about it.

Kennedy brings addiction fight

2 4BC Breakfast: Christopher Kennedy Lawford battled substance recovery and alcoholism recovery for much of his early life. In recovery for more than 24 years, Kennedy shares his experience and treatment with Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Ray Hadley

hadley 4BC Breakfast: Ray Hadley from the Continuous Call Team is celebrating 30 years in radio. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast rang Ray to congratulate him. The Continuous Call Team also returns to the airwaves this weekend from midday.

Outrageous ads

cola 4BC Breakfast: Ads from the past certainly make interesting reading – one urges husbands to buy their wives a Hoover vacuum cleaner for Christmas! Gruen advertising guru Jane Caro talked outrageous ads, with Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Marina's cooking show

Marina 4BC Breakfast: A Brisbane Grandmother, Marina, phoned in to 4BC Breakfast to tell listeners of the youtube cooking channel she has created. What started out as a method of teaching her grandchildren to cook is now spreading throughout the virtual world.

Magic Millions

horses 4BC Breakfast: It’s Magic Millions time yet again! David Chester drops by 4BC Breakfast to tell us what’s in store for this year’s carnival, who will be taking part and how the economic climate is promising this year’s sale to be a ‘buyer’s market’.

Shakin’ All Over?

rowe 4BC Breakfast: Singer Normie Rowe features in a new Coles ad, doing a takeoff of his hit “Shakin’ All Over”.. However it’s not popular with everyone, so Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast asked Normie why he did it.

Work diet

2 4BC Breakfast: Your daily diet should depend on the job you do, according to the experts. Office worker will eat differently to outdoor labourers. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to nutritionist Zoe Wilson from the Australia Healthy Food Guide.

What shoes are best?

shoes 4BC Breakfast: If you’re looking to buy some running shoes, it’s possible to spend up to $1000 for a pair! While those Chanel shoes might not be for everyone, are higher-priced shoes any better for you? 4BC Breakfast with Rachel Bradhurst.

Junk mail king

junk 4BC Breakfast: Have you ever wondered how much junk mail you receive each year? 4BC Breakfast listener Leonard Clampett collected his brochures, and sent all 30+ kilos into us. Clampett joins Peter and Mary.

Classic ads

OTC 4BC Breakfast: The Barbara Streisand song, 'The Way We Were' reminded the 4BC Breakfast team of the classic OTC ad from the late 1970s, about “going home on the telephone”. Peter and Mary talked to ad guru Jane Caro about those classic ads of the past.

Best boss?

Ken Grenda 4BC Breakfast: Is Ken Grenda Australia’s most generous boss? His 1800 employees are sharing in a $15M bonus, after Grenda sold off his bus transport company. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to his son Geoff about the unprecedented act of generosity.

Bryce Courtenay

love 4BC Breakfast: Author Bryce Courtenay is wondering what his friends have said about him, in a new ABC TV series “Family Confidential”. Courtenay featured next week, and he joined Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

iPad for cats

cat ipad 4BC Breakfast: You might not get you tablet back, as your cat will want to share your iPad. A free app from the RSPCA has mice running riot across the screen, giving your pet plenty to deal with. Spokesman Michael Beattie had the details for Peter and Mary.

Guinea Pig battle

guinea pig 4BC Breakfast: A Victorian 10-year-old has taken on her local council, over her right to keep her three pet guinea pigs at home. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talks to this young Georgia McAleer, about how she won the battle for her pets.

Brisbane's price hike

cost of living 4BC Breakfast: Brisbane is climbing the ranks, but not the one we want. New research claims the cost of living is now much higher than in New York or London. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Richard Denniss from The Australia Institute.

Night cricket

night cricket 4BC Breakfast: There’s a push for kids’ cricket matches to be played at night during the week, to free up weekends for parents. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Courier-Mail reporter Robert “Crash” Craddock about 'time-poor' parents.

Portaloo boom

portaloos 4BC Breakfast: Portaloos have come a long way – some are even 6-star conveniences now! They’re in high demand for mines, and mining magnates, with a luxury one costing an arm and a leg. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talked to Jim Noort of Viking Rentals.

Pampered pets

AWL 4BC Breakfast: The Animal Welfare League on the Gold Coast have been rehoming animals for over 50 years. Brooke Whitney told Kim and Dean that the AWL have paired up with Bella's Pampered Paws in order to give some of the scruffier animals a makeover.

Go on, get a Go Card

go 4BC Breakfast: It seems putting up public transport costs on a public holiday might be strange, but Kim and Dean find out the logic behind the madness. Back on Track's Robert Dow, tells listeners our public transport fares are among the highest in the world.

Healthy choices

Jamie Oliver 4BC Breakfast: Jamie Oliver has been an advocate of good healthy cooking but has recently come under attack. Clinical Issues Director of the National Heart foundation, Dr Robert Grenfell, discussed with Kim and Dean the importance of healthy meal choices.

Superheroes Anonymous

Superheroes 4BC Breakfast: Chaim Lazaros is a real life superhero. Co-founder of Superheroes Anonymous he and his team wonder the streets of New York City helping the needy. Lazaros told Kim and Dean this morning about his crusades with the homeless.

Cheap surf

surfboards 4BC Breakfast: A wave of cheap imports is threatening to wipe out the Australian surfboard industry. Mermaid Beach manufacturer and retailer, Stuart Smith, joined Kim and Dean to explain the situation and what should be done.

Botox for men

botox 4BC Breakfast: More and more Brisbane tradies are lining up for botox injections in order to look younger and more refreshed after a hectic work day. Cosmetic surgeon Ingrid Tall told Kim and Dean why more men should give it a go. Would you?

Mobile Danger

drive 4BC Breakfast: Mobile phone usage while driving is becoming an increasingly dangerous habit among Australian drivers, with tens of thousands of distracted drivers crashing each year. Multi-media personality, Tracey Spicer, joined 4BC Breakfast to discuss the dangers of this growing epidemic.

Time for a shark story

shark 4BC Breakfast: Are you lucky enough to win the lotto twice in one year? Well, these are also the odds of getting bitten by a shark this year. Allegedly, this is still a higher chance than 2011, so Kim and Dean talk to Michael Brown from Surf Watch Australia to find out.

Pet leniency

unit dog 4BC Breakfast: Vets are asking landlords to be lenient when it comes to allowing tenants’ pets. Vet, Dr Peter Higgins, tells Peter and Mary that the RSPCA says some pets are surrendered because owners aren’t allowed to keep them in new accommodation.

RSL Art Union prize

pool 4BC Breakfast: The RSL Art Union is making history, with Australia’s most expensive single prize home now open, with the total prize value sitting at $3.4 million! Peter and Mary talked to RSL Chief Executive Chris McHugh about the monumental prize.

The Regatta Hotel saga

Regatta Hotel 4BC Breakfast: The flood last year has taken it's toll on Brisbane's Regatta Hotel, and it's taking it's time to get back on it's feet. To explain why, Peter and Mary speak to the General Manager, Zoran Stojcevski, about fund raising efforts for the SES.

Bikies charged

Gypsy Jokers 4BC Breakfast: Already, the arrival of the Gypsy Jokers in Queensland have resulted in a couple of 'drug driving' arrests. Ian Leavers of the Police Union told Peter and Mary that the police are preparing to shadow the gang as they ride around Brisbane.

Pet kangaroo

Christie Carr 4BC Breakfast: Have you ever thought of a kangaroo as a pet? In the US they’re a popular choice, but an Oklahoma woman is fighting the local council over her pet kangaroo. Christie Carr tells Peter and Mary about 'Irwin', her special pet.

Work in Antarctica

anrt 4BC Breakfast is giving away a trip to Antarctica this week. To get an idea of what it’s like down there, Peter and Mary spoke to Sunshine Coast chippie Paul Farrow, who’s just returned from 7 months’ work at Davis Station.


Alopecia 4BC Breakfast: Amy Jarvis, a Gold Coast model, is making a big sacrifice for kids in need. Amy tells Peter and Mary she is having her long, lustrous hair shaved off, so it can be turned into wigs for young sufferers of alopecia, who have no hair.

Not in my town!

Graham Turner 4BC Breakfast: The planned reopening of the Ebenezer Coal Mine in Ipswich has been met with anger from the community. One resident happens to be Graham Turner, CEO of Flight Centre, and he tells Kim and Dean why he is opposed to such a plan.

"Captain Coward"

Costa Concordia 4BC Breakfast: Listen to some extraordinary audio concerning the Captain of the ill fated Italian cruise chip, Costa Concordia. Peter Stefanovic, Channel 9 reporter, tells Peter and Mary that the captain of the ship has been labelled as "Captain Coward".

Sun safety damage

sun 4BC Breakfast: A Gold Coast plastic surgeon wants everyone to take more notice of the sun safety message. Dr Ian McDougall says he’s removing hundreds of skin cancers each week, and he wants some changes in what we wear.

Gwen Gillam gown

gown 4BC Breakfast: Do you have a Gwen Gillam gown in your cupboard? If so, the Queensland Museum wants to hear from you, as it prepares an exhibition on the legendary local designer. Curator Dr Michael Marendy joins the show

Young Talent Time

mills 4BC Breakfast: Peter and Mary chat with Rob ‘Millsy’ Mills, the new host of re-invigorated Young Talent Time, finding out if its the same show that launched many careers and held the hearts of many loyal viewers? Listen now.

Geoffrey Rush

Geoffrey Rush 4BC Breakfast: At last, you can find out whether Geoffrey Rush, Australian of the Year, is claimed by either Queensland or Victoria. Rush joins Peter and Mary to reminisce about 4BC and reveal whether or not the Queen has seen "The King's Speech"

Working Dog

santo 4BC Breakfast: The team from Working Dog productions is keeping busy – with a movie and new Channel 7 show in the works. Santo Cilauro, well known from 'The Panel', talked to Peter and MAry about his new show, 'Sports Fever".

Speed leeway to drop

Keys in car 4BC Breakfast: There’s a call for police to cut the leeway they give us with speed detection. Tolerance could be dropped to as little as 2 or 3 kilometres over the limit. Paul Turner of the RACQ joins the show.

The Bark Side

barking dogs 4BC Breakfast: The Superbowl is as famous for it's advertisements as it is for the sport. US Correspondent, Richard Arnold, shares the news from America with Peter and Mary, including a video which depicts dogs 'barking' through a rather familiar tune.

Police pay disrupted

police 4BC Breakfast: It didn't take long for another pay drama to take place in the government, and this time it's the turn of the police to suffer. Police Union Secretary, Mick Barnes, tells Peter and Mary that a Commonwealth Bank processing glitch has caused this new upset.

More theatres

Ian Maurice 4BC Breakfast: Bigger and bigger shows want to make their way to Brisbane, therefore there have been suggestions that another theatre should be built. Peter and Mary talked to 4BC's Ian Maurice who has long been of the opinion that our city needs more facilities.

Logan's big change

Pam Parker 4BC Breakfast: There’s a proposal to change the name of Logan, to get away from the “bogan” image. But what do the locals think? Mayor of Logan, Pam Parker, discusses this idea with Peter and Mary, who look for another name which might lift the area's reputation.

Mission Positive

Mission Positive 4BC Breakfast: A Sunnybank teenager is making a world of a difference! Claire Allsop is looking for people to express what's good in life through her 'Mission Positive'. Taking the globe by storm, Allsop tells Peter and Mary all about it.

Princess Watts

Naomi Watts 4BC Breakfast: It has been touted that Naomi Watts will play Diana Princess of Wales in a new biopic looking at her life in the time before she died. Peter Ford, Entertainment reporter, talks to Peter and Mary about this decision, and also looks at Molly Meldrum's current state.

Recycled tank

Stuart Murdoch 4BC Breakfast: Having a good recycling ethic is one thing, but have you ever tried to turn your old egg cartons into a tank? Well, this is exactly what UK artist, Stuart Murdoch has decided to do, and he tells Peter and Mary of his 'egg-citing' adventure.

Air Australia goes under

2 4BC news: Hundreds of Australian travellers are stranded overseas after troubled budget airline Air Australia dived into administration today. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to aviation analyst Neil Hansford from Strategic Airline Solutions.

Queensland's election

blkigh 4BC Breakfast: The starting gun has sounded in Queensland's election campaign, with both the ALP and LNP leaders vigorously hitting the regional campaign trail today. 4BC State political reporter Natalie Bochenski is in Rockhampton. Take our exclusive 4BC.com.au readership poll.

Rat bite fever

pet rat 4BC Breakfast: A rat owner in Adelaide was recently admitted to hospital with 'rat-bite fever' - which animals should we be aware of that could pass us unwanted germs? Dr Peter Higgins joins Peter and Mary to warn about the disease risks involved with pets.

Photographer Tony Mott

tonymott 4BC Breakfast: Photographer Tony Mott has been capturing rock stars like the Rolling Stones on film for decades. Now you can see his work, in an exhibition at the Caboolture Regional Art Gallery from this Saturday.

Kevin Rudd returns

Brad Newman 4BC Breakfast: A media throng surrounded Kevin Rudd at Brisbane Airport as he returned from his trip overseas. One supporter, who was wearing a 'Kevin 07' t-shirt, is Brad Newman, and he talked to Peter and Mary about his support for Kevin Rudd.

Technical oasis

phones 4BC Breakfast: Digital cameras and smart phones allow consumers to collect high volumes of photos and data- but what are we going to do with it all? Gadget guy Peter Blasina joins Kim and Dean to tell us what the future holds for our digital keepsakes.

Mullet chopper

Dave Hopkin 4BC Breakfast:: Dave Hopkin is a brave man - he's losing something very dear to him. The Ipswich man talked to Peter and Mary about the decision to cut off his mullet hairdo after 26 years, for the “Shave For a Cure” fundraiser.