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Gary Hardgrave

Gary Hardgrave

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December 21, 2010

Radio has always been at the heart of my professional life and radio has taught me a lot.

I am a proud Queenslander. While born in Sydney, my family roots in Queensland go back to the 1840s and since 1970 Queensland is where I grew up.

In 1974 at, MacGregor State High a few of us formed our own school based station playing music during lunchtime to students.

In those days I would visit 4BC’s studios in Wharf Street and met so many of the kings of radio past like Vince Curry, Haydn Sargent, Blanche Lather and Graham Smith.

After leaving school in 1977 and until 1981, I worked for popular top 4o Music station 4IP with some brief stints at  2CA Canberra, 4KQ Brisbane before hosting mornings on 4BK.

During the same time I appeared as a reporter for the Award winning Children’s TV Programme Wombat (1979-82) before moving to a fulltime reporter role with Channel 7 Current Affairs shows between 1982 and 1988 with a 10 month sojourn during 1987 on ABC-TV 7.30 Report.

In 1989 I worked back in Radio as News Director helping to build and launch the FM Station SEA-FM.

Radio is about talking with people on a very personal basis.  Talkback radio offers direct feedback and interaction with real people on real issues.

Through radio I learned how a dollar is earned and spent.

Radio taught me a lot about people and their real concerns. 

My interest in and interaction with everyday people meant I found everyone is allowed a view and their opinions are worth listening to and worth standing up for. 

Respect of these diverse views gave me an advantage when I worked in and around the Federal Parliament between 1990 and 2007, including almost 11 years as a Federal MP and over 5 years as a Minister.

Over the years I have met the rich, the famous, the movie and music stars and the world leaders like HM The Queen, the Dalai Lama, 2 US Presidents (Clinton and Bush2) British PM’s Chinese Presidents and more importantly tens of thousands of everyday Queenslanders.

4BC’s listeners teach me something new every day.

Working at 4BC energises me to work even harder for the community my family has called home for 40 years.

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