Essential oils in the garden

Herb Garden 4BC Talking Gardening: Clair Levander talks to Susan Kirk about the many benefits of essential oils. The volatile aromatic oils are great protectors of plants and work as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Kirk suggests a variety of oils for a variety of purposes.

Turf in a Brisbane summer

Turf 4BC Talking Gardening: It's hard to keep your lawn looking green and healthy throughout Brisbane's harsh summer. David Horton from Horton's Turf, joins Clair Levander with more tips on selecting turf species and dealing with pest problems.

Junior Landcare winner

12-16_the_essence_of_life 4BC Talking Gardening: Clair Levander is joined by Judy Horton from Yates on their Junior Landcare competition and winner, and Amy Knie, who’s entry was called The Essence of Life, looking at the gardening in dry times at Toowoomba.

A true gardening legend

col campbell 4BC News: Brisbane Radio Icon and 4BC statesmen, Col Campbell has sadly passed away from cancer this morning. The 79-year-old passed away on the Sunshine Coast. Post your messages and memories.

Vegetable gardens in summer

Vegetables 4BC Talking Gardening: Clair Levander joins Leonie Shanahan from Edible School Gardens on the challenges faced in the veggie patch over this summer season plus some great tips to help gardeners keep producing veggies through summer.

Garden of the year

Garden of the year 4BC Talking Gardening: Clair Levander joins Stephen Wells, 2012 Gardener of the Year. Wells tells his story of combining his two main passions in life, gardening and nursing, at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital in Melbourne.

Asylum seekers growing veggies

Vegetables 4BC Talking Gardening: Clair Levander talks with Kim Hutchinson from Red Cross on their latest project to teach asylum seekers how to grow vegetables. This is a pilot project that has started in Melbourne to help asylum seekers/

Gardening ethics: seed stealing

Seeds 4BC Talking Gardening: Catherine Steward and Jennifer Stackhouse from the GardenDrum join Clair Levander to discuss, is it stealing taking seeds that fall off a plant in a garden you are visiting?

Citrus in Brisbane's summer

Citrus 4BC Talking Gardening: It's hard to keep your citrus looking health and producing fruit through Brisbane's harsh summer.Fruit tree expert, Peter Young from Birdwood Nursery, speaks to Clair Levander and provide some helpful tips.

Life after Dec 25: Christmas trees

694737537 4BC Talking Gardening: Traditional cut Christmas trees are becoming more popular but what do you do with them after Christmas? Alison Wright from the Alma Park Zoo has a solution!

Looking after your grass

lawn 4BC Talking Gardening: It's hard to keep your lawn looking green and healthy throughout Brisbane's harsh summer. The turf expert, David Horton from Horton's Turf, speaks to Clair Levander and suggests how to best look after your turf this summer.

Weeds you can eat

weedsbook 4BC Talking Gardening: Clair Levander talks to weed forager, Adam Grubb, about weeds that you can eat. Grubb's new book, Weed Foragers Handbook - a guide to edible and medicinal weeds in Queensland, covers what to look out for.

Col Campbell Place

Col Campbell Place 4BC Talking Gardening: The Roma Street Parkland's Spectacle Garden has been renamed Colin Campbell Place in the late gardening icon's honour. Amelia Birnie reports from the tribute. Listen now and join the conversation

Country gardens, hospitality

CountryGardens 4BC Talking Gardening: Clair Levander talks to Holly Kerr Forsyth about her latest book "Country Gardens, Country Hospitality", discussing the diverse growing environments gardeners in Australia have to deal with.

Col Campbell Tribute

Col Campbell will be given a special tribute. 4BC Talking Gardening: Late 4BC gardening guru Col Campbell will be honoured with a section of Brisbane's Roma Street Parklands to be named after him, Col Campbell Place. The garden will officially be opened on Saturday November 3 at 10:30am.

Planting Australian natives

Australian natives 4BC Talking Gardening: Native plant expert and Gardening Australia presenter, Angus Stewart, has released a great book called "500 Plants: great Australian favourites for your garden" on the importance of planting native plants.

NZ Potato invasion

Potato 4BC Talking Gardening: The boy from the bush, Neil Stuart, talks to Clair Levander about New Zealand Potatoes invading Australia, why we should eat more beef, direct from Bollan – the natural habitat of the Koala.

Boy from the bush reports

Donkey 4BC Talking Gardening: Neale Stewart, the boy from the bush, calling in from Charleville, talks to Clair Levander talks about bee-keeping, hog hoppers, livestock safety and how feral donkeys are being used to get rid of wild dogs in the bush.

Dr Cam Day

Dr Cam Day 4BC Gardening: Clair Levander talks to Dr Cam Day our resident vet here at 4BC about pets in the garden. The topic of conversation revolved around ensuring your pet and your garden live harmoniously together.

Edible School Garden

edible-thumb 4BC Gardening: Author and presenter from Edible School Gardens Leonie Shanahan, talks to Clair Lavander from 4BC Gardening about gardening in schools and their new dvd release ‘Edible School Garden DVD’ Listen now and comment.

Growing mushrooms

mushroom-thumb 4BC Gardening: Chris Winn from Herb Awareness Week talks to Clair Levander from 4BC Gardening about growing mushrooms and some of the common mistakes involved. Listen now and comment.

Jackie French

Jackie French 4BC Gardening: Jackie French, author and presenter, is a well established gardener, and Clair Levander of 4BC Gardening joins her for a conversation on 'companion planting'.

Costa Georgidias

Costa Georgidias 4BC Gardening: Clair Levander talks to the up and coming new presenter of Gardening Australia. The topic of conversation revoves around the Coal Seam Gas subject, and the reduction in the quality of the land used for food production.

Indira Naidoo

Indira Naidoo 4BC Gardening: Clair Levander talks to the author of ‘Edible Balcony’, Indira Naidoo. What an inspirational person Indira is, creating a productive garden 13 storeys high. Clair talks to her about the gardening journey that leads to the book.

Col Campbell Gardening Book

garden Col Campbell Gardening Book

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