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  • John on Calls for Island bridge I'm with you Rita, Two words for me , Bribie Island still pristine where locals enjoy living and touries can't get enough ... more
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Posted by: Pak Yiu | Pak Yiu 15 October, 2014 - 10:16 AM

4BC’s Breakfast show hosts Ian Skippen and Loretta Ryan spoke with Mark Holden on their show this morning about his bizarre behaviour on Dancing With The Stars last night.

Social media has gone crazy since the show aired last night with Mark’s clown act and Ian feels Mark is a clown, whilst Loretta thinks he may be sorry for his actions but still brought the show down last night.

The breakfast duo also spoke with judge Todd McKenney who wasn’t kind about the incident and the phones lit up throughout the morning.

Have a listen for yourself.

For more details call

Donna Lynch

Public Relations Director

0417 722 457 or 3908 8200




LISTEN: Mark Holden apologises for his behaviour on Dancing With The Stars.

On a mobile? Download here.

LISTEN: Dancing With The Stars judge Todd McKenney responds to Holden's challenge.

On a mobile? Download here.

Security guard speaks out

Posted by: Pak Yiu | Pak Yiu 14 October, 2014 - 3:52 PM

4BC Online:  The security guard who was racially abused on a Brisbane train has finally spoken out.

The security guard, named Joe, spoke to reporters on Tuesday saying he just wanted to get back to his job.

“If [the two men involved in the racial attack] are willing to say sorry, they can direct their words of sorrow to the QR because all what happened, it happened within QR”

When asked whether the perpetrator of racial abuse should be locked up, Joe said this was an incident too small for a reaction like that.

“[Racial abuse] happens in every society, it happens every house, every nationalities, every country, [and] this is too minor as far as I’m concerned.”   

The social media video went viral after it was uploaded on the weekend. 

The Brisbane African community has come out and condemned the abuse and said it was the last straw.

LISTEN: Joe the security guard speaking on Tuesday.

On a mobile? Download here.

Having a good train trip!

Posted by: Gordon Campbell | Gordon Campbell 13 October, 2014 - 3:36 PM
Train party

4BC Online: There have been a number of recent reports regarding violence or racial abuse on Australian public transport, but there is another side to the coin.

Perth artist, Peter Sharp, took an opportunity to treat travellers on a local train line with his own brand of 'humour'.

Dressed in tuxedo and equipped with a stereo, Sharp invited fellow travellers to his "Perth Train Party" asking them to join in if they felt like it.

In Sharp's words, "We are all amazing individuals and we all have a story to tell, we all have something to share, so as a way of breaking that ice, I'm going to start a small dance party!"

Dancing up and down the carriage to the positive sounds of James Brown's 'Feelin' Good", Sharp eventually finds himself surrounded by happy, dancing travellers.

Things heat up further when the train stops and more eager revellers enter the dancing carriage.

It just goes to show that there is still goodness present in the community and we should see more of this light hearted fun in amidst all the chaos in the world at the moment.

Ebola tests return negative

Posted by: Staff Writers | Staff Writers 9 October, 2014 - 3:21 PM
Dr Jeannette Young

4BC Online: Initial tests for a suspected Ebola case in Cairns have come back negative. 

The woman, a registered nurse, recently returned from Sierra Leone as a Red Cross volunteer and self-admitted herself into hospital on Thursday.

57-year-old Sue-Ellen Kovack will still be under quarantine for at least another 24 hours said Queensland Health.

Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young released a statement on Friday morning no virus was detectable in Ms Kovack's blood stream but will be kept under observation.

"This is a necessary precaution given the patient has been to West Africa and has had a fever within the incubation period of 21 days," she said.

"For the sake of her health and to follow due diligence, we want to be sure she is clear of Ebola virus disease as well as any other disease."

LISTEN: Dr Jeannette Young tells Channel Seven the negative test results are a huge relief.

On a mobile? Download here.

Dr Young said the broader community in Cairns are not at risk of contracting the disease.

Speaking with 4BC Mornings, Dr Young said Ms Kovack will remain under a very close eye during for another 11 days.

LISTEN: Dr Jeannette Young speaking with 4BC Mornings.

On a mobile? Download here.

“It’s important that we keep a very close eye on her because she could still unfortunately develop an Ebola infection,” she said.

The incubation period is 21 days and until that period is over Ms Kovack is not officially Ebola-free.

The Chief Health Officer disputed Katter’s comments about Ms Kovack putting the nation at risk.

“There’s absolutely no risk from someone like her, she knows all there is to know about Ebola virus, she’s been out there in West Africa for a month treating people,” she said sounding outraged.

“She knows more than most people would know, so she knows what to look out for.

“She has kept [Queensland Health] thoroughly informed, so I have no concerns about people like her coming back to Australia.

Dr Young confirmed the other woman from South Brisbane is officially Ebola-free after completing her 21 days of quarantine.

Queensland Health will be working closely with Brisbane Airport in terms of border security.

Federal Minister for Health Peter Dutton said at a press conference plans to combat Ebola have been put in place around the major hospitals.

LISTEN: Federal Minister for Health, Peter Dutton speaks at a press conference on Friday morning.

On a mobile? Download here.

"We have put in plans in major tertiary hospitals around the country that if we do have a positive case, we will be able to deal with that case," he said.

"Already we’ve had 11 cases that have presented across the country that have all been negative.

"I think it says to people that we are able to deal with these matters effectively."

Adam Kamradt-Scott who previously worked on the Government’s pandemic plan believed the steps taken by the Government in response to the suspected Ebola case have been adequate

LISTEN: Senior Lecturer at Sydney University Adam Kamradt-Scott said Australia has the resources to quarantine and treat Ebola should we see cases here.

On a mobile? Download here.

"Home quarantine is really one of the best situations for this type of thing, because it reduce the risks of exposure to other people," Mr Scott explained.

“If you put them into clinics and hospitals, you’re actually increasing the exposure risk to health professionals.

“We’ve got very good surveillance in place, if we start to see cases here in Australia, we can contain it quite well and obviously treat people in some of the top hospitals in the world."

Bob Katter, Federal Member for Kennedy said the suspected case of Ebola has put the nation at risk.

Although he praised aid-workers going over to West Africa to help as 'humanitarian heroes" he was also angry that aid-workers returning were putting Australia at risk of the disease.

"If you want to go over there, you must understand you're putting our nation in the gravest of danger," he said.

LISTEN:Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter , shares his personal opinion on the Ebola matter.

On a mobile? Download here.

Dr Jenny Stedmon is a Brisbane doctor who recently returned from aid-working overseas, she highlighted the thought processes behind aid workers in such dangerous places.

"When you're over there it's to help sick people, and we follow the rules, getting sick doesn't play on our minds," said Stedmon.

"This is exactly the time where we need people to go over and run these facilities to prevent further spread of Ebola."

LISTEN: Brisbane Dr Jenny Stedmon returned from Sierra Leone recently.

On a mobile? Download here.

Anyone who can do basic nursing and general doctoring is needed over in West Africa right now to help stop the spread of the disease.

LISTEN: Dr. Jeannette Young, Queensland Chief Health Officer delivered a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

On a mobile? Download here.


LISTEN: Virologist Assoc Pr Ian Mackay Virologist Assoc Pr Ian Mackay is from the University of Queensland.

On a mobile? Download here.


More as it comes

Counter-terrorism raids in Melbourne

Posted by: Lauren Gillin | Lauren Gillin 30 September, 2014 - 9:14 AM
4BC Online Melbourne counter terrorism raids

4BC Online: Victorian and Federal police have raided 5 suburbs in Melbourne this morning, Seabrook , Meadow Heights,Flemington, Kealba and Broadmeadows.

Police say the raids are not a response to a threat to public safety or the fatal shooting by police in Endeavour Hills last year.  

Australia Federal Police took one man into custody from a house in the busy Point Cook Road. 

Victorian Premier Denis Napthine has confirmed the raids are counter terrorism related.

LISTEN 8.45: The Victorian Premier Denis Napthine talks to 3AW's about the counter-terrorism raids this morning.

On a mobile? Download here.


LISTEN 8.27AM: 3AW reporter Yvette Gray talks to 4BC Breakfast about the counter terrorism raids

On a mobile? Download here.