State Election: Campbelll Newman, sworn in

State Election: Campbelll Newman, sworn in

Campbell Newman sworn in

State Election: As the Labor Party rebuilds, with Anna Blighs resignation from politics, Incoming Premier Campbell Newman is already putting the wheels of his new Government in motion. More from our State Political reporter, Natalie Bochenski.

Labor smashed in state election

Anna Bligh State Election: Labor will struggle form an effective opposition after the Liberal National Party sent it to the slaughter after almost 20 years of rule in Queensland. Campbell Newman will be the next premier, with the LNP expected to have a staggering 74 seats in the 89-seat parliament.

LNP dismantles Labor in election

LNP dismantles Labor in election Election: The Liberal National Party is on track for a landslide win in Queensland, with Labor to be left with 10 or fewer seats, two separate exit polls show. The poll, for the Nine Network, gives the LNP 63 per cent of the two-party preferred vote.

Newman with Greg Cary

Campbell Newman 4BC Mornings: Guess who stopped by to say hello? Leader of the Liberal National Party was driving by, and stopped by the 4BC studio’s to speak with Greg Cary on the day before the election.

Premier calls in

Premier Bligh 4BC Mornings: The State election campaign is reaching the pointy end, so QLD Premier, Anna Bligh also calls into 4BC Mornings. Greg Cary asks how her campaign has been progressing, and if the attacks against Campbell Newman are personal.

Newman tipped for election

bligh 4BC News: Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott expects Campbell Newman will be Queensland premier after Saturday's state election. That means the Liberal National Party leader will lead the opposition to victory and win for himself the Labor seat of Ashgrove.

The Premier's campaign

Bligh 4BC Drive: Premier Anna Bligh's election campaign carries on across Queensland, and Gary Hardgrave joins her to find out what the Premier has done for International Woman's Day. Hardgrave asks Premier Anna Bligh why Labor has started this campaign from behind.

Campbell Newman with Cary

cary 4BC Mornings: Leader, Campbell Newman speaks with Cary and hits back at the dirty allegations made by Anna Bligh's Labor Party and describes how he will put the QLD budget back in the back and tells listeners just how important Ashgrove is.

Newman proud of party

newman 4BC Breakfast: Leader of the LNP Campbell Newman has told Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast that he is proud of the way his party has conducted itsel in its campaigning as polls suggests Labors campaign has turned voters away. Listen now and have your say.

Fraser v Nicholls, 4BC Drive

fraser 4BC Drive: Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser and Deputy Leader of the Opposition, LNP Tim Nicholls joins 4BC Drive with Gary Hardgrave talking about the current state election and fields calls from listeners. Listen now and have your say.

Carl Katter with Hardgrave

Carl Katter with Hardgrave 4BC Drive: Bob Katter’s half-brother, Carl Katter today released a campaign in response to the Australian Party’s anti-gay ad earlier in the week. Carl argues that our leaders should embrace diversity and support equality.

Newman will win Ashgrove: Howard

howard 4BC Mornings: Campbell Newman has brought out a liberal star power in front of the party faithful in Ashgrove. Former long serving Liberal PM John Howard joins Newman on the campaign trial, claiming Newman will win Ashgrove and be next Premier.

The battle of Ashgrove

Battle of Ashgrove 4BC Breakfast: Ashgrove MP Kate Jones claims being still the election underdog, despite promising poll results in her fight against Campbell Newman. Jones talked to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about whether she’d seek a ministry, if Labor retains government and Jones retains Ashgrove.

Paul Lucas with 4BC Drive

drift 4BC Drive: Live in studio, Paul Lucas responds to the LNP’s calls to revisit the child abuse inquiry, as well as their announcement of a ‘two strike’ policy for child offenders. Shadow Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie follows.

Queensland safest place

newman 4BC Mornings: Managing Director of Bravehearts Hetty Johnston speaks to Greg Cary about the LNP’s reopening of the 13-year-old inquiry into child safety. Campbell Newman calls in from the Bus on his way to Toowoomba to weigh in. Listen now.

Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser

drive 4BC Drive: Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser joins Gary to respond to Queensland Liberal National Party president Bruce McIver’s comments on a possible ‘Plan C’, if Campbell Newman does not win the Ashgrove seat. Listen now and have your say.

LNP promise helicopters

lnp 4BC Mornings: Will helicopters help police presence? LNP leader Campbell Newman believes so, and speaks with Greg Cary before his announcement of 2 new helicopters and increased police numbers for South East Queensland.

Rudd, Gillard, Showdown

rudd 4BC Breaking News: Former PM Kevin Rudd has lost the leadership ballot with PM Julia Gillard, Julia Gillard has been emphatically returned as Labor Leader and PM 71 votes to 31 over Kevin Rudd. Click heading for more.

Tony Abbott with 4BC Drive

Gary and Tony 4BC Drive: Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, steps into the 4BC Drive studio to respond to the Prime Minister's announcement of a ballot call in the coming week. Listeners are also offered the opportunity to call in and pose their questions.

Leadership troubles

Con Sciacca 4BC Mornings: The general unrest within the Labor Government will cause harm to Queensland, according to former Labor minister, and long-time Labor MP, Con Sciacca. Greg Cary talks about the current leadership troubles with Sciacca and what he thinks should be done .

Bruce Hawker interview

rudd 4BC Mornings: Kevin Rudd supporter and Labor Campaign Advisor Bruce Hawker speaks with Greg Cary about working with Kevin Rudd. Greg Cary asks Hawker if Rudd will elect.

"You're a pot-plant"

Campbell_Newman 4BC Breakfast: With a quiet week so far on the campaign trail, Channel 7's Political reporter, Patrick Condren, tells 4BC Breakfast of a lighter moment, with a debate over whether Campbell Newman called someone a "pothead".

The lay of the land

layof 4BC Mornings: Campaign Advisor to the Labor Party and Managing Director of Campaigns and Communications Bruce Hawker speaks to Greg Cary about Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, and how Anna Bligh and Campbell Newman start their campaigns.

Bob Katter's new song

katter 4BC Breakfast: Bob Katter’s election campaign will soon feature a music video. It was filmed over the weekend, and Bob told Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about what to expect.

Electorate generations

state election 4BC Afternoons: What is important to Gen Y, Gen X and the Baby Boomers at the next election? Moyd and Loretta invited Nicole, a Gen Y from Auchenflower, John, a Gen X from Taringa and Ruth, a Baby Boomer from Clayfield, into studio to debate.

Campbell Newman in studio

Campbell Newman 4BC Mornings: Following Premier Anna Bligh's announcement of this year's election, 4BC Mornings welcomed LNP Leader, Campbell Newman to the studio. Taking calls from listeners, Campbell tells some of his history and outlines the way forward.

Ashgrove hots up

Ian Nelson 4BC Newsroom: One Nation has announced that they will field a candidate for the Brisbane Seat of Ashgrove at the next State Election. The party’s state director Ian Nelson will shake up the Ashgrove seats in a fiery contest. 4BC's Caroline Morano reports.

Bligh government plans

Anna Bligh 4BC Mornings: The question's being asked - is an election looming on the horizon? Political Commentator, Paul Williams talks to Chris Adams about the possibility, and what the Bligh goverment plans to do with empty seats, job numbers and pollies super.

A "watershed election"

Prof Scott Prasser 4BC Mornings: The state election that is due this year will have national implications, and Chris Adams looks at the possible outcomes with Scott Prasser, Professor of Public Policy, Australian Catholic University. Campbell or Bligh - who do you go for?

Re-election rap

Steve Kilburn 4BC Breakfast: In an effort to boost public support, a Brisbane-based Labor MP has released a re-election rap, ahead of the state election. Steve Kilburn explained the idea behind the you tube clip to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Premier Bligh calls election

Bligh 4BC News: Premier Bligh has addressed the state this morning, claiming the flood reports require an extension and has caused implications to the Queensland election dates. The Premier has called the Queensland election for 24th March with local elections likely to be in April.

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