Family on the run

bikies-thumb 4BC Drive: Director of Vincents Accountants Peter Dinoris, talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about a Chermside family on the run from a bikie gang after liquidation of their family business leaves customers up to $2million out of pocket.

Income management

aus-money-thumb 4BC Drive: Child Safety Minister Tracey Davis talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about a controversial plan to introduce income management in Logan south of Brisbane. Listen now and comment.

Future of health funding

springborg-thumb 4BC Drive: Queensland State Health Minister Lawrence Springbord, talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about the future funding for health groups. Listen now and comment.

Absorbing the Carbon Tax

hunt-thumb 4BC Drive: Shadow Minister for Climate Action Greg Hunt talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about Manufacturers passing on the carbon tax. CEO of Australian Industry group Innes Willox joins the conversation. Listen now and comment.

Alcohol advertising

beer-thumb 4BC Drive: Griffith University Lecturer in Politics Dr Paul Williams talks to Gary Hardgrave about advertising alcohol during major sporting events. Director of Corporate relations with Carlton & United Brewery Jeremy Griffith talks about targeting audience.

Mark 'Chopper' Read

chopper-thumb 4BC Drive: Mark ‘Chopper’ Read joins Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive live in studio to talk about his new art exhibition. Listen now and comment.

Petrol drive aways

petrol 4BC Breakfast: Dozens of Logan motorists are driving off from service stations without paying for petrol, every month. It’s a crime we all pay for, as Paul Turner from the RACQ told Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast

The end of Qantas

qantas-thumb 4BC Drive: Author of the Crikey Blog of Plain Talking Ben Sandilands, talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about then possible end to Qantas Airlines. Listen now and comment.

Father sues god

Inside-thumb 4BC Drive: CEO of Scripture Union Peter James talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about a Toowoomba father winning a High Court case to withdraw government funding for chaplains in schools. Listen now and comment.

50 Shades of Gray

4BC Drive: 50 Shades of Gray 4BC Drive: Random House Australia, Brett Osmond talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about the world wide success of ’50 Shades of Gray’ the taboo book labelled ‘Mummy Porn’. Listen now and comment.

Diggers turn to smoking

cigarette-thumb 4BC Drive: Cancer Council Queensland’s Rachel Hull, Talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about diggers turning to smoking to fight off boredom and stress. Listen now and comment.

Teens attack bus

bus-thumb 4BC Drive: A group of 25 to 30 teens have attacked a Gold Coast bus with metal bars. General Manager Surfside Buslines, Les Manson talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about the incident. Listen now and comment.

Detained by Libyan authorities

Lawyer-thumb 4BC Drive: Janelle Taylor, mother of Melinda Taylor, the Brisbane lawyer currently detained by Libyan authorities talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive with the latest on Melinda’s delicate situation. Listen now and comment.

Housing crisis

flat-thumb 4BC Drive: State Housing Minister Bruce Flegg, talks to Gary Hardgrave about the possibility of state housing tenants sharing their place of residence with other families, in order to make use of underutilized rooms.

Pedophiles suspected

4BC Breakfast : The ADF has recieved a pay cut 4BC Drive: National President of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia Ron Coxon joins 4BC Drive to discuss recent reports that a culture of sexual abuse has existed in the Australian defence force, dating back as far as the 1950s

Disappointing young doctors

docs-thumb 4BC Drive: Dr Nick Buckmaster from the Australian Salaries Medical Officers Federation Qld talks to Mark Braybrook about the new system that asks senior doctors to work night shifts.

Salvation Army's Christian views

darren-thumb 4BC Drive: Former Savage Garden lead singer Darren Hayes has urged his twitter followers to think twice before donating to the Salvation Army because of their stance on gay marriage. Major Bruce Harmer from the Salvation Army joins Drive to discuss the views.

Bogan is official

oxford-thumb 4BC Drive: Since the word 'bogan' has now been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, Mark Braybrook from 4BC Drive asks Linguistics expert Dr Pauline Bryant what other slang words have been legitimized. Listen now and comment.

Olympic qualifying period

lacaze-thumb 4BC Drive: Genevieve LaCaze has has run the race of her life and has qualified for the Olympics, the problem is, she missed the cut off date by two days. Mark Braybrook 'filling in for Gary Hardgrave' talks to Fiona De Jong Director of Sport at the Australian Olympic Committee.

One Big Switch

OBS 4BC Drive: Christopher Zinn from One Big Switch talks to Mark Braybrook 'filling in for Gary Hardgrave' about the campaign 'The Big Electricity Switch' to cut cost of electricity prices. Listen now and comment.

Digital concerns

Newspaper-thumb 4BC Drive: Owner of Algester News, Richard Banks talks to Mark Braybrook 'filling in for Gary Hardgrave' about newspapers moving into the digital format, how will it effect newsagents. Listen now and comment.

Australian media changes

media-thumb 4BC Drive: The Daily Telegraph’s Piers Ackerman talks to Gary Hardgrave about the changing face of Australian media, including the Green’s suggestion to regulate editorial independence through a charter. Listen now and comment.

Census failing

population-thumb 4BC Drive: Australia has lost 300 000 people on the way to last year’s census indicating that perhaps Australia’s population growth is less than we have previously estimated. Demographer Bernard Salt joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss whether this is the case

Labor still hitting hard

costello-thumb 4BC Drive: Queensland debt is expected to hit 100 Billion dollars in six years. Treasurer Tim Nicholls talks to Mark Braybrook 'filling in for Gary Hardgrave' about the findings of Peter Costello's audit of the state's finances. Listen now and comment.

Eliminating speeding

camera-thumb 4BC Drive: A recent study found that speeding was virtually eliminated among a group of drivers who were offered $25 a week not to exceed the speed limit. Editor of drive.com.au Toby Hagan joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss how successful it could be. Listen now and comment.

War on Carbon Tax

gold-coast-thumb 4BC Drive: Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has declared a war on the Federal Government’s carbon tax, promising that he will not pass the tax on to Gold Coast residents. Tate talks to Gary Hardgrave about the Carbon Tax.

Gillard celebrates 2 years

gillard-thumb 4BC Drive: Celebrating two years since Julia Gillard took the Prime Ministership from Kevin Rudd. Director of Communications for the Institute of Public Affairs James Paterson, talks to Gary Hardgrave about the take over. Listen now and comment.

Seat belts on school buses

Queensland Bus 4BC Drive: After years of debate, there is a new push for seat belts on school buses following a number of incidents with school children injured while being unrestrained. Dr Mark King from the Centre for Research and Road Safety Queensland joins Gary Hardgrave.

Marriage Equality

marriage-thumbnail 4BC Drive: Rodney Croome of Marriage Equality Australia joins Gary Hardgrave to comment on the Premiers decision to change civil union laws, removing the mimicry of marriage.

More toll roads

traffic-thumb 4BC Drive: State Minister for Transport Scott Emmerson joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss a recent report that has encouraged the Federal Government to ‘embrace user charges’ in a push for more toll roads. Michael Roth from the RACQ also contributed to the conversation.

Preventing driveway accidents

4BC Drive: Preventing driveway accidents 4BC Drive: Justin Broad from SVG Reverse Alert talks to Mark Braybrook about a new reversing system that shuts down cars automatically when coming close to hitting someone.

Hendra Virus

4BC Drive: Hendra Virus 4BC Drive: A recent University of Queensland study has found that poor quality soil contributes to the risk of Hendra Virus infections. Professor Wayne Bryden joins Mark Braybrook 'filling in for Gary Hardgrave' to discuss the findings.

Responsible social networking

4BC Drive: Responsible social networking 4BC Drive: How careful should we be when discussing sensitive matters that are still before the courts.Are members of the public just as liable as journalists to be accurate. Lawyer Guy Gibbons explains all to Mark Braybrook from 4BC Drive.

Cane Toads

toadthumb 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave speaks to Biologist Rick Shine whose recent studies achieved complete eradication of cane toad tadpoles in toad-infested ponds. The study exploited the cane toad’s own toxins and cannibalistic behaviour and uses it against it.

Downhill skateboarding

skateboarding 4BC Drive: Brisbane Police are concerned that a growing number of longboard riders are dicing with death, racing down Mt Gravatt Mountain at high speeds, risking their own lives. Gary Hardgrave speaks with Australian Skateboard Racing, Haggy Strom.

Tony Abbott on Drive

tony abbott 4BC Drive: Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss last week’s budget and the Liberal Party’s reply. He also shares his thoughts on the Craig Thomson/Health Services Union investigation.

Drive's campaign to bring Origin back

State of Origin 4bc Drive: As 4BC Drive’s campaign to take State of Origin out of Melbourne continues, Gary Hardgrave catches up with former NRL referee and now NSW Minister for Sport and Recreation Graham Annesley to see how they feel about it in NSW.

Household highs

high 2 4BC Drive: Underground games that are prevalent on youtube, encouraging young people to get high on household items such as cinnamon and whipped cream. Gary Hardgrave speaks to Dr Jason Ackworth, from the Royal Children’s Hospital on the risks.

Clive and the Titanic

clive 4BC Drive: Twin announcements by mining billionaire Clive Palmer beg the question: will his maiden political voyage hit an iceberg. As heard on 4BC Drive listen to this beautiful parody of Clive the Titanic.

What exactly happened?

Bp 4BC Drive: The two men involved in an alleged road rage incident shooting remain at large, Police have revealed after arresting another man in confusing circumstances. Crime reporter Amelia Birnie joins 4BC Drive host Gary Hardgrave. Listen now.

Much needed money

baby 4BC Drive: Shadow Parliamentary Secretary International Development Assistance & Federal Member for Brisbane Teresa Gambaro is calling for an investigation into the alleged scandal involving AusAID and World Vision. Drive explores where your money is actually going, following reports in The Australian that these organisations are funding an illegal Gaza terrorist group.

Same-sex marriage support

obama 4BC Drive: Drive speaks to Marriage Equality Spokesman Rodney Croome who pleads his case on legalising gay marriage. Coome believes it legitimizes the relationship, allowing it to be acknowledged as equal to heterosexual relationships.

Truckies pressured to speed

r 4BC Drive: A recent survey reveals that over half of Coles truck drivers feel pressure to drive too fast, with 82% considering leaving the company as a result. Peter Biagini from the Transport Workers Union joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss the pressures.

Underwear bomber

bomb 4BC Drive: Australia’s leading terrorism expert talks to Gary Hardgrave after it was revealed overnight that an underwear bomber intending to attack an American Airliner on the anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death was foiled by CIA in Yemen.

Tracking party goers

party 4BC Drive: CEO of Gold Coast Alliance, Mike Winlaw explains their new plan to track mobile phones in troublesome party precincts in a new measure to reduce crime on the Coast. The initiative will track personal mobile phone signals to track visitors to the nightclub district.

Destroying the World to Save It

Destroying the World to Save It 4BC Drive: James Delingpole, Author of Destroying the World to Save It thinks environmentalists are ruining the planet, undermining your job and stealing your kids’ future. Delingpole warns that environmental regulations pushed by extremists are over the top and fears that they will be impossible to remove in the future.

Craig Thomson saga

Craig Thomson 4BC Drive: Deputy Leader of the Opposition & Member for Queensland George Brandis calls for former labor MP Craig Thomson to stand down and cause a bi-election, following the release of a damning report from Fair Work Australia into the alleged misuse of union funds.

Another Brisbane casino

casino 4BC Drive: A new casino backed by James Packer could be part of a rejuvenation project in Brisbane's CBD. Premier Campbell Newman says he is not opposed to another casino. Drive Host Gary Hardgrave talks with former Member for Beudesert Aidan McLindon.

People smugglers

boat 4BC Drive: Founder of the Refugee Action Coalition Ian Rintoul joins Gary Hardgrave for a heated debate on his comparison between the work of Oskar Schindler and people smugglers because they’re helping desperate people who have no other way of getting into Australia.

Health blunder to cost a billion

springborg 4BC Drive: An audit on the failed Queensland Health payroll system has found it will cost the state $1.253 billion. Health Minister Lawrence Springborg revealed the outcome of the KPMG audit in State Parliament. Gary Hardgrave talks with Springborg about the damage. Listen now.

"We never cry poor"

Julia Gillard 4BC Drive: The nation's mining industry lobby has come out in support of the Prime Minister's blunt declaration that resources belong to the Australian people - saying: "We never cry poor". Gary Hardgrave talks with John Shipp.

Expo 88 celebrates

bills 4BC Drive: Where were you during Expo 88? Executive Director of Foundation Expo 88, John McGregor, speaks to Gary about the historic event and the preparations for the 25th Anniversary next year.

Police go back to school for recruits

Queensland police 4bc Drive: Queensland Police have announced that they will once again turn to schools when recruiting new talent. Qld Police Union President Ian Leavers supports the initiative and argues that it is a great career path for the state’s youngest and brightest.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge

Archbishop Mark Coleridge 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave talks with Brisbane’s newly appointed archbishop Mark Coleridge, after six years in the nation's capital as the Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn. Archbishop Coleridge meets in-studio talking about the new role, Brisbane’s huge potential and talks about being a Catholic.

The choking game

choke 4BC Drive: After it was reported that a number of Caloundra State High School students have been suspended for playing the ‘choking’ game last week, Gary Hardgrave spoke to psychiatrist Dr Tanveer Ahmed to explain. Listen now.

MP set to change party

Craig Thomson 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave talks with political correspondent Michael Paaci about a hot news leak regarding a Labor MP set to make a move towards and change parties with Queensland’s leading political party the LNP after a disastrous string of scandals for federal Labor. Listen now to find out who?