Paul Lucas with 4BC Drive

drift 4BC Drive: Live in studio, Paul Lucas responds to the LNP’s calls to revisit the child abuse inquiry, as well as their announcement of a ‘two strike’ policy for child offenders. Shadow Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie follows.

Fraser v Nicholls, 4BC Drive

fraser 4BC Drive: Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser and Deputy Leader of the Opposition, LNP Tim Nicholls joins 4BC Drive with Gary Hardgrave talking about the current state election and fields calls from listeners. Listen now and have your say.

The battle of Ashgrove

newman 4BC Drive: Would-be Queensland premier Campbell Newman is confident Ashgrove residents will push him across the line despite a new poll showing a surge of support for Labor MP Kate Jones. Newman joins the Gary Hardgrave 4BC Drive show.

Crime debate

Helicopter 4BC Drive: In the lead up to the state election, Police Minister Neil Roberts and Shadow Minister John Paul Langbroek join 4BC Drive in studio for a live debate on local issues, including the Gold Coast crime spike and the need for a helicopter in Queensland.

MS reversal

MS 4BC Drive: The author of a significant study on Multiple Sclerosis explains how lifestyle changes can be highly effective in minimising, halting and even reversing the effects of the disease. 4BC Drive talks with Professor George Jelinek from the Gawler Foundation in Melbourne.

Need to vent?

angry 4BC Drive: Have you ever had poor customer service?? Ever wanted to vent about it? Hear more about the website that allows customers to name and shame the businesses that let them down. Anthony Mittelmark, Founder of uVent.com.au, talks to 4BC Drive.

Hutton vs Palmer

hutton 4BC Drive: Queensland Greens Founder Drew Hutton is planning to sue millionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer for defamation after Palmer named him as part of a conspiracy to undermine Australian mining interests. 4BC Drive talks to Drew Hutton about it.

Bugs are yum

bugs 4BC Drive: Entomologist Skye Blackburn explains why eating bugs is becoming increasingly popular. Not only are they a good source of nutrition, many find the taste quite appealing, and can now be eaten in lollipops, cakes and biscuits. 4BC Drive explores the world of creepy crawly candies.

Junior brawl

junior rugby league 4BC Drive: Investigations continue into yet another on-field brawl at an under 15 rugby league match. Greater Brisbane Junior Rugby League’s Shane McNally explains to 4BC Drive, why these incidents are only harming the game, and aren’t beneficial to the children involved.

Laurence Springborg

Laurence Springborg 4BC Drive: The newly appointed Health Minister, Laurence Springborg checks in to 4BC Drive to talk to Gary Hardgrave. The big question at the moment revolves around dental care, and how it should be handled by the health care scheme.

Fiona Simpson, Speaker

Fiona Simpson 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave is pleased to welcome to the 4BC Drive studio Fiona Simpson, who has been appointed Queensland Parliament’s first female Speaker. Together, they look at the role of the Speaker, and what might be different this time around.

The Battle for Brisbane

The Mayoral Debate 4BC Drive: Battle Brisbane, with just days out from the Brisbane council election, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and Labor candidate Ray Smith join the Gary Hardgrave Drive Show in-studio debating who can create a better Brisbane. Listen now.

Cheaper to fly

plane 4BC Drive: The rising cost of petrol means it may be cheaper to fly this Easter than drive. With increasing petrol costs Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive talks with Paul Turner, from RACQ about the most effective way to manage purchasing fuel over this Easter break and asks the question is it cheaper to fly?

The Sting

sting 4BC Drive: Walkley award-winning investigative journalist Nick McKenzie joined Gary in the studio to discuss the recent report on war of drugs and his latest book "The Sting". Listen and comment now.

Starvation crisis

famine 4BC Drive: West Africa is in crisis with many millions of children at risk of starvation. Ian Wishart, CEO from Plan International Australia, joined Gary Hardgrave to explain the worsening situation.

Named and shamed

family flood 4BC Drive: New recommendations at the flood inquiry are urging for insurance companies to be named and shamed, after failing to deliver during Brisbane’s 2011 floods. Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann and Ipswich City Council Mayor, Paul Pisasale joined 4BC Drive.

Queensland decides

premier_battle 4BC Drive: With only hours left until Queensland decides who will be the new Premier, Gary Hardgrave is reporting live from Ashgrove, the hotseat of Queensland in this year's State election campaign. 4BC Drive is joined by Channel Nine's political editor, Spencer Jolly, to look at the final round-up.

Protecting Queensland

David Gibson 4BC Drive: David Gibson, Minister for Police and Community Safety, joined Gary Hardgrave on 4BC Drive, on the police pursuit that had Brisbane at a standstill for almost two hours. Mr Gibson spoke about his plans to get the Queensland community back to a safe environment with more resources including police helicopters.

Queenslanders in the dark

Depression 4BC Drive: 58% of Queenslanders wrongly believed antidepressant medication is addictive, while 30% believe it would be helpful to tell a depressed person to put on a brave face. Former Victorian Premier and Chairman of Beyond Blue, Jeff Kennett, joins Drive to explain why Queenslanders are still in the dark over depression.

Madeleine McCann

2 4BC Drive: Mssing British child Madeleine McCann, police have released a picture of what they believe she would look like now, as a 9-year-old. Senior Sergeant Kevin Darch speaks to 4BC Drive.

Digging for dirt

Campbell Newman 4BC Drive: Anna Bligh renews attacks on Newman’s ‘murky’ financial dealings, putting pressure back on the LNP, as the state election continue. Journalist for The Australian, Michael McKenna, talks to Gary Hardgrave about a piece that he has written delving into Newman's history.

Laurie Lawrence

Laurie Lawrence 4BC Drive: Olympic swimming coach Laurie Lawrence tells Gary Hardgrave, he will be joining Parkinson experts in calling for an establishment of a national network of community based nursed to improve the quality of life of Parkinson patients.

Spiders high and dry

Spiders 4BC Drive: The floods have now receded in the Wagga Wagga region, but spare a thought for the spiders that have also had to ‘evacuate’ their homes. Thousands of spiders webs make an extraordinary sight for locals. Dr Owen Seeman of the Queensland Museum joins Gary Hardgrave to explain.

The Premier's campaign

Bligh 4BC Drive: Premier Anna Bligh's election campaign carries on across Queensland, and Gary Hardgrave joins her to find out what the Premier has done for International Woman's Day. Hardgrave asks Premier Anna Bligh why Labor has started this campaign from behind.

Carl Katter with Hardgrave

Carl Katter with Hardgrave 4BC Drive: Bob Katter’s half-brother, Carl Katter today released a campaign in response to the Australian Party’s anti-gay ad earlier in the week. Carl argues that our leaders should embrace diversity and support equality.

Major Class Action

dam engineer 4BC Drive: Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully says the Floods Commission Report has opened the door for a major class action against the Queensland Government. Councillor Tully, who lost his own home in last year’s flood, talked with Gary Hardgrave.

Beware of the E-billing scam

Online Fraud 4BC Drive: Recent reports are warning of an internet scam, fooling Telstra customers into providing their confidential information. Gary Hardgrave talks to Brian Hay of the Fraud and Corporate Crime Group to discuss what to look out for.

Deputy Premier - Jeff Seeney

Seeney 4BC Drive: Newly announced Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss his plans for the state, as well as his intentions as Minister for Infrastructure, including improving the notorious Bruce Highway.

Tips for online success

online business 4BC Drive: As more and more businesses move online, it’s getting increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. International Business Strategist, Kerwin Rae joins Gary Hardgrave with tips for success in online business.

Flood hero

horse in water 4BC Drive: Louise Cosgrove is a Brisbane vet who has just been recognised by the Australian Vet Association as a flood hero, after she showed incredible courage while saving horses caught in flash flooding. Louise shares her memories with Gary Hardgrave.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge

f2 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave was joined by newly appointed Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge. Mark spoke about his passion for Brisbane, the church and serving the community in his new role. Listen now.

Breakthrough research


4BC Drive: World first discovery sheds new light on congenital birth defects. Gary Hardgrave spoke to Professor Sally Dunwoodie, head of Embryology at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute about this breakthrough research. Listen here now.

Further protection needed

Coral Sea 4BC Drive: Prominent Queenslanders are urging that the Coral Sea is suffering and is under need of greater ptoection. Dean Logan, CEO of the Australian Marine Alliance disagrees with this petition and he joins Gary Hardgrave to explain why.

Power bills set to rise

power 4BC Drive: An independent report has found power bills are set to rise next financial year under old Queensland government regulations. Alan Jones, CEO of Power Choice talked to Gary Hardgrave more on this report today.

One Hysteria

Teenagers 4BC Drive: Why is there so much hysteria associated with boy-band One Direction from teenage girls? Amanda Gordon, clinical psychologist, Associate professor at University of Canberra tells Gary Hardgrave.

State Treasurer Tim Nicholls

Tim Nicholls 4BC Drive: Premier Campbell Newman has announced that the State Budget will be delayed by 3 months, as they continue to restructure departments. State Treasurer Tim Nicholls, joins Gary to explain why the new government needs more time to consider spending

John Paul-Langbroek

John-Paul Langbroek 4BC Drive: Newly elected State Minister for Education, John Paul Langbroek dropped into the studio to discuss his plans to reduce the unemployment rate, starting in the classroom. He also answered listener calls on tertiary education, apprenticeships and further funding for state schools.

Aspirin better than Tamiflu

aspirin 4BC Drive: Recent research has shown tamiflu may be no better than taking aspirin. Professor Chris Del Mar joined Gary to explain this research, especially after the stockpile of Tamiflu was gathered. Listen now.

More support for police

police 4BC Drive: A man who bragged about bashing a police officer has avoided serving any jail time. Ian Leavers, President of the Queensland Police Union asks why the police service hasn’t made an appeal, urging for more support for our men and women in blue.

Latest health crisis

health 4BC Drive: Queensland Health whistle-blower, Jo Barber joins Gary Hardgrave in studio to lift the lid on the state’s latest health crisis, as an overseas trained doctor is flown out of the country with a pocket full of cash after causing significant patient harm. Independent Member for Burnett, Rob Messenger joins Jo to express his concern.

Where is Hajnal Black?

hajnal 4BC Drive: As the search for missing Logan City Councillor Hajnal Black continues, more questions seem to be surfacing… We talk to legal experts Guy Gibbons and Terry O’Gorman to discuss the legal ramifications of her disappearance and if a change of Government on Saturday would have any impact on court proceedings.

Look Good, Feel Better

cancer 4BC Drive: During cancer treatment, many patients lose their confidence as their physical appearance is affected by chemotherapy. Look Good, Feel Better provides a free service to patients, with free products and guidance in everything, hoping looking better on the outside will improve their confidence and well-being.

Effects of cheap milk

milk 4BC Drive: Industry sources say permeate is increasingly used to reduce the cost of milk per litre, but just how much is being used? Chief Executive of A2 Milk, Peter Nathan discusses the pressure on the industry to produce healthy milk at a competitive price.

Buzz Aldrin

buzz 4BC Drive: Former NASA Astronaut and second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin shares his memories of the historic Apollo 11 mission, as well as his time as an American fighter pilot. Listen now.

A Day to Remember

anzac 4BC Drive: Aussie Author Jackie French is back with a new children’s book that explores the history of Anzac Day and the significance it holds for modern Australians. A Day to Remember: The Story of Anzac Day, includes illustrations by internationally acclaimed artists Mark Wilson and is the perfect book for young people who would like to understand the traditions associated with ANZAC.

Insiders to blow the whistle

dental health 4BC Drive: Former Queensland Medical Board investigator Jo Barber is urging more insiders to blow the whistle, claiming that doctors accused of serious crimes against patients are being protected by Queensland Health. Next week, Barber and former independent Rob Messenger will meet with the Crime and Misconduct Commission to discuss claims of malpractice.

Event caution

police on beach 4BC Drive: Christopher Branson, Saxon Bird’s family lawyer, is calling for surf officials to face criminal charges after the tragic drowning of Sunshine Coast teen, Matthew Barclay. He tells 4BC Drive that officials need to take more caution when continuing these events and hopes they aren’t swayed by commercial influences.