Delayed energy bills

unhappy 4BC Drive: After a huge response following a dirty laundry regarding Origin Energy bill restructuring, 4BC’s own John Scott, owner of a milk bar in Ashgrove, joins Gary Hardgrave to share his own experience.

RNC report

Clint Eastwood at the RNC 2012 4BC Drive: Santo Santoro speaks to Gary Hardgrave with a first-hand account of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Many big names, including Clint Eastwood addressed the crowd, declaring their support for Romney.

Dental scheme announced

teeth-thumb 4BC Drive: The Federal Government has today announced a $4 billion dollar dental scheme for low income earners, as well as families with small children. Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss the scheme.

Scam hits small business

Advertising Scam hits Brisbane small businesses 4BC Drive: Small local businesses are being targeted in a wide spread advertising scam, whereby unapproved advertisements are printed on behalf of a business. Lorna Bukkland-Vitetta is a small business owner who has been hit by the scam.

Cost of the mining boom

The Dark Side of Australia’s Resource Rush 4BC Drive: With talk that the country’s mining boom is coming to an end, Gary Hardgrave catches up with Paul Cleary, author of Mine Fields: The Dark Side of Australia’s Resource Rush to discuss the true cost of our mineral addiction.

Pokies-town, Logan

Logan named Queensland’s pokie capital 4BC Drive: Mayor of Logan, Pam Parker, speaks to Gary Hardgrave following claims that Logan spent the most money on poker machines of any other Queensland town. She would like to see a review of the amount of gaming machines installed.

Gun laws

Revision of State gun laws sparks debate 4BC Drive: The Queensland Police Union are concerned that a revision of Queensland gun laws will lead to more fatal shootings, similar to the Robina Shopping Centre shooting earlier in the year. Listen now and have your say.

Run! Bigfish run!

run-bigfish-run 4BC Drive: Bowen Hills based advertising agency Big Fish are in serious training for this year’s Bridge to Brisbane. They’ve set up a treadmill in their office where every staff member is at the mercy of their donors!

Harry Potter banned

potter-thumb 4BC Drive: Medowie Christian School has banned Harry Potter books from their library, with students unable to dress up as witches and warlocks during Book Week. Bobby Antonic is a concerned parent who believes this is censorship.

Pickering accused of stalking

Larry Pickering Julia Gillard 4BC Drive: Political cartoonist Larry Pickering has been accused of ‘stalking’ the Prime Minister, after publishing damning reports on her involvement in the AWU scandal. Listen now and have your say.

Level crossing fines

Level crossing 4BC Drive: Shocking reports of close calls at railway level crossings indicate that pedestrians and drivers are continuing to dice with death across the Southeast. Listen now and have your say.

Kids in the car

Kids in the car 4BC Drive: What is a ‘reasonable’ amount of time to leave your kids in a car? Slater & Gordon’s Paul Byrne joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss the issue of leaving your child in a car. He asks what a ‘reasonable’ time limit is.

Naughty number plates

plate-thumb 4BC Drive: Comedian and author Steve Bedwell shares some of Australia’s rudest and most raunchy licence plates that never made it to the road in his new book Naughty Number Plates.

Prime Minister Gillard takes heat

gillard-thumb 4BC Drive: PM Gillard maintains innocence in union slush fund. The PM took part in a heated conversation on television with political journalist Paul Kelly, accusing him of asking probing questions regarding her AWU involvement.

Nick D’Arcy knocked out

darcy 4BC Drive: 2UE Drive’s Paul Murray joins Gary Hardgrave after publicly declaring that he wishes the absolute worst for Nick D’Arcy in the pool. Although some people may think this is “unaustralian” & that D’Arcy has served his time. Do you agree?

UnAustralian of the Year

leak-thumb 4BC Drive: Renowned Political Cartoonist for The Australian Bill Leak talks to Gary Hardgrave to discuss his new book, UnAustralian of the Year, a collection of Leak’s best editorial cartoons since 2007. Listen and comment now.

Increasing delays

springborg-thumb 4BC Drive: Increasing delays in Queensland hospitals were almost matter of life and death for one Brisbane woman who was sent to three different hospitals in the space of six hours. State Health Minister Lawrence Springborg talks to Gary Hardgrave about the incident.

From Riches to Rags

tent-thumb 4BC Drive: Former financial planner Brendan Lauritz was a multimillionaire living the dream on the Gold Coast until he lost it all through bad investments. He is now living in a tent on a beach but is determined to claw his way back to happiness. Listen and comment now.

Union scandal to be revealed

<strong>4BC News:</strong> Embattled MP Craig Thomson has spoken out. 4BC Drive: Political Commentator Glenn Milne joins Gary Hardgrave after it was revealed that ex-union official Ralph Blewitt is willing to provide details of a financial scandal involving the actions of union members, including Julia Gillard’s ex-partner Bruce Wilson.

South Pole survival

James Castrission and Justin Jones pictured at Hercules Inlet just after they completed their first unsupported return trek to the South Pole 4BC Drive: 4BC has been following the journey of Aussie adventurers Cas & Jonesy, two young mates who set a world first 2.270km journey to the South Pole and back, battling frost bite, hunger and the wildest of weather. They share their incredible story of survival.

Your call is important to us

qantas 4BC Drive: A Qantas passenger has been kept waiting on hold for 15 hours to confirm his flight home to America- a call that took longer than his actual trip home would have. Call centre expert Craig Neil joins Gary Hardgrave to explain how and how often, this kind of thing can happen.

Top 5 Aussie Jobs facing extinction

With a simple show of hands, it was official - these workers voted to accept the company's job-loss deal 4BC Drive: It has been predicted that in the next 5 years, many Australian jobs will disappear as a result of technical advances and offshoring of jobs. Greg Pankhurst from Balance Recruitment joins Gary Hardgrave with the top 5 jobs most at risk of extinction.

Are our states to blame for high energy prices?

Power prices are troubling homes and governments 4BC Drive: CEO of Go Switch, Ben Freund joins Gary Hardgrave in response to the PM’s claim that each state is responsible for rising energy prices, despite the fact the Federal Government introduced the carbon tax a month ago. State Energy Minister Mark McArdle discusses.

Bill Shorten eats humble pie

4BC Mornings Bill Shorten 4BC Drive: Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Bill Shorten has allegedly yelled an obscenity at a Melbourne sales assistant after she told him a pie he wanted was out of stock. Listen and comment now.

Battle for Bolt heats up

Jamaica's Usain Bolt wins the gold medal in 2012 Men's 200m Olympic finals final from lane 7. <em>Photo: Steve Christo.</em> 4BC Drive: Its Cairns vs Gold Coast in the battle for Usain Bolt. Cairns MP Gavin King is in a war of words with Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate. They join Gary Hardgrave separately to plead their cases.

World should prepare for major earthquake event

World should prepare for major earthquake event 4BC Drive: BBC Presenter and renowned geologist, Professor Iain Stewart, joins Gary Hardgrave with a startling prediction that the world will see a catastrophic earthquake in a major cities built near major earthquake faults. He believes it's only a matter of time.

Mars Probe: Mission Accomplished

One of the first images from NASA of the Curiosity rover is pictured of its wheel after it successfully landed on Mars.  Photo: REUTERS/Courtesy NASA TV/Handout 4BC Drive: CSIRO Operations Scientist John Sarkissian joins Gary Hardgrave after the announcement of NASA’s Mini Cooper-sized rover touched down on the Red Planet in a manoeuvre dubbed “mission impossible” and compared to a golfing hole-in-one.

$2000 fine follow-up

council-thumb 4BC Drive: Follow up: Brisbane tradesman fined $2000 for working on public holiday, Gary Hardgrave speaks to State Minister for Environment & Heritage, Andrew Powell.

Darrell Lea in Voluntary Administration

Darrell Lea, voluntary administration 4BC Drive: Darrell Lea has announced it will be going into voluntary administration after 85 years in business, affecting up to 700 jobs around the country. QUT Business School’s Dr Gary Mortimer talks to Gary Hardgrave about what went wrong with Darrell Lea.

Benefits of the Carbon Tax

penny-thumb 4BC Drive: Minister for Finance and Deregulation Penny Wong, talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about the benefits of the Carbon Tax and where the money will be spent. Listen now and comment.

Parking in Brisbane

carpark-thumb 4BC Drive: Brisbane is the most expensive place in the country to park for one hour. RACQ Executive Manager of Public Policy Michael Roth, talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about the results of the report. Listen now and comment.

Drugs in sport

doping-thumb 4BC Drive: President of the World Anti-Doping Agency John Fahey, talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about a controversial topic of ‘Should we allow drugs in sports’. Listen now and comment.

40th Anniversary of Watergate

nixon-thumb 4BC Drive: 'Watergate: the hidden history' reexamines the historical record, providing insight into Nixon’s motivation for Watergate with information that has only been available in recent years. Author Lamar Waldron talks to Gary Hardgrave.

Promising signs for HIV cure

dr1-thumb 4BC Drive: Head of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine Professor Allan Trounson, is currently trialling a stem-cell cure for HIV. Trounson talks to Gary Hardgrave about the trial so far on one patient with positive results. Listen and comment now.

Health payroll system

springborg-thumb 4BC Drive: State Health Minister Lawrence Springborg talks to Gary Hardgrave just hours after it was revealed that the former State Government was planning to use the failed health payroll system across all Government Departments.

Name youth offenders

rep 4BC Drive: As the LNP pushes to name youth offenders, teens run wild and vandalise a Strathpine property multiple times. Should youth offenders be named? Gary Hardgrave talks with A Current Affair, reporter Chris Allen about the crime.

Call for Bruce Flegg's sacking

legg-thumb 4BC Drive: Opposition Leader Annastasia Palaszcuk talks to Gary Hardgrave to call for Minister Bruce Flegg to be sacked after allowing LNP political operatives open access to commercially sensitive financial details of publishing company, Go Print.

Misreported 'White Trash'

gillard 4BC Drive: Jordan Nash was so badly bullied as a child he had to leave school in year seven. His mother, Jennifer talks to Gary Hardgrave the day after the she ‘heckled’ the Prime Minister at a community cabinet. Listen and comment now.

Premier with Hardgrave

newman 4BC Drive: Premier Campbell Newman joins Gary Hardgrave following the Council of Australian Government’s meeting. Newman is adamant he will not be making a financial commitment to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Listen now.

Hardest workers in the state

ambo 4BC Drive: Despite almost 3000 public servant job cuts across the state over the last few months, Queensland paramedics are dissatisfied with a 2.2% wage increase offered by the Newman Government. Union Voice Gary Bullock talks to Gary Hardgrave.

Gangs of women fighting

women 4BC Drive: Following an attack on a fourteen year old girl in Chermside by a gang of four women, it seems violence by women is becoming increasingly common, as more and more youtube videos of girls fighting are popping up on the internet.

"Hottest asylum seeker?"

Australia’s hottest asylum seeker 4BC Drive: Australian trash magazine, Zoo Weekly is searching for Australia’s hottest asylum seeker, with the opportunity for a free photoshoot, ‘Are you a refugee not even the immigration minister could refuse,” is the question the magazine adds. Gary Hardgrave talks with Matthew Knott, from crikey.com.au and shadow immigration minister, Scott Morrison about the request. Poor taste? Have your say.

Mary Valley land

Seeney 4BC Drive: Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney joined Drive host Gary Hardgrave after it was announced that Mary Valley land is to be resold to farmers in a bid to re-establish the Queensland community. Listen and comment now.

Mining boom coming to end?

mine-thumb 4BC Drive: Australia's mining boom will slow more sharply than expected and could be over within two years due to easing demand from China and falling prices, according to a leading economic forecaster. Gary Hardgrave talks to chief economist Craig James.

Worst ever air disaster avoided

air 4BC Drive: Richard de Crespigny was the Captain of QANTAS Airbus Flight QF32, the routine flight to Singapore where a sudden explosion shattered Engine 2 just four minutes into the journey. De Crespigny joins Gary Hardgrave with the story of how one of the world’s worst air disasters was avoided.

"We're in shock," Newman

newman 4BC News: Queensland Premier Campbell Newman will have a medical check-up after a car he was travelling in was involved in a nasty crash. Mr Newman was travelling to a Local Government Association of Queensland.

Why fly when you can golf drive

golf 4BC Breakfast: Soon you could head to Brisbane Airport, not to travel, but to practice your golf swing. Louise Vanderven from the Airport had more for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast. Listen and comment now.

A passionate life

ita-thumb 4BC Drive: Australian journalist and businesswoman Ita Buttrose talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about the relase of the updated version of Autobiography 'A Passionate life'. Listen and comment now.

Dodgy Doctors

doctor-thumb 4BC Drive: Following the story of Queensland Health whistle-blower Jo Barber. Daughter of an alleged victim of the ‘dodgy doctor’, Marilyn Dalmos talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive and claims the dodgy doctor let people die, just to show they could.

Vegas on the Gold Coast

vegas-thumb 4BC Drive: Mayor calls for Gold Coast to become sister cities with Las Vegas. Journalist for Brisbane Times Marissa Calligeros, talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about the Gold Coast. Listen now and comment.

Morcombe program on hold

Daniel Morcombe 4BC Drive: The Queensland State Government has put on hold funding for the Morcombe Child Safety Program. Mother of Daniel Morcombe Danise Morcombe, talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive about the Governments decision. Listen now and comment.

LNP conference in Brisbane

campbell newman 4BC Drive: 4BC Reporter Jamie McKinnell talks to Gary Hardgrave from the LNP conference in Brisbane following Tony Abbott’s key note address. Abbott spoke about the importance of the LNP’s win in Queensland in March’s State Election.

Morcombe’s remains

morcombe 4BC Drive: Morcombe family lawyer Peter Boyce talks to Gary Hardgrave from 4BC Drive as the family of murdered teen Daniel Morcombe await the release of his remains in order to finally put him to rest. Listen now and comment.

Mystery Road

murphy-thumb 4BC Drive: Michelle Murphy, Production Assistant for the movie Mystery Road talks to Gary Hardgrave to share her experiences with Jonathan Stenberg, the man alleged to have decapitated his neighbour.

Driving in school curriculum

driving-thumb 4BC Mornings: Should kids learn how to drive as a part of their school curriculum? Motoring expert Russell White talks to Greg Cary from 4BC Mornings to discuss the importance of introducing driving learning to help save young lives. Have your say.

Artie Beetson statue

beetson-thumb 4BC Drive: Sports Minister Steve Dickson unveiled the Artie Beetson memorial at Suncorp Stadium. Dickson talks to Gary Hardgrave about a personal moment for the minister who was coached by the rugby league legend as a child.

Brisbane Airport delays

airport-thumb 4BC Drive: Delays at Brisbane Airport are becoming more common because the two runways can no longer operate at the same time at night. CEO of Aviation/Aerospace Australia Jim Carden talks to Gary Hardgrave to discuss the possibility of expanding.

North Queensland

Katter-thumb 4BC Drive: Bob Katter has called for North Queensland to become its own state. Director of Pinnacle Tourism Ron Livingstone, talks to Gary Hardgrave claiming North Queensland’s economy could not sustain independence. Have your say.

The 'God' particle

higgs 4BC Drive: Professor Anthony Thomas talks to Gary Hardgrave to explain the significance of the confirmation of the “God” particle and why it brings us one step closer to understanding the fundamental particle of all things. Listen now and comment.

Rugby Quay closure

quar-thumb 4BC Drive: Just prior to going into liquidation, popular Eagle Street venue Rugby Quay were taking deposits as large as $2000 from individuals and organisations. Brisbane Times journalist Georgia Waters talks to Gary Hardgrave about the inconvenience.

Labor vs Greens

Julia Gillard 4BC Drive: Major cracks are beginning to appear in the relationship between the Government and the Greens, adding further pressure to the Gillard government. Political commentator Graham Richardson talks to Gary Hardgrave about the possibility of an early election.

Abuse in defence force

defence-thumb 4BC Drive: A listener known as “Jim” who formerly worked for the Australian Defence, talks to Gary Hardgrave to blow the lid on further allegations of sexual abuse in the defence force. This follows a report by defence Minister Stephen Smith.

Sexual abuse in the defence force

hidden-thumb 4BC Drive: Following our story on sexual abuse in the Australian Defence Force, a courageous listener has come in studio to speak to Gary Hardgrave about his experience as the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a family friend who was in the defence force.

Ray 'Rabs' Warren

warren-thumb 4BC Drive: Sports Commentator Ray Warren talks to Gary Hardgrave ahead of his call of the State of Origin decider. Gary asks Warren to share his favourite origin moments, the best players he’s ever seen and the best commentator he’s worked with.