Vote to drive?

drive 4BC Drive: Should you lose your license for non-motoring related fines? Brisbane man, Scott Conradi faces losing his license after failing to vote in the 2006 election. Scott joins 4BC Drive, followed by RACQ Head of Technical & Safety Policy Steve Spalding who weighs in on the debate.

Energy drink and drive

Red Bull 4BC Drive: Dr Alex Douglas, Member for Gaven, is concerned about an advertisement fro Red Bull advising to use their energy drink in order to keep themselves awake on long car journeys. 4BC Drive looks into this, receiving some medical information from Dr Douglas.

Tony Abbott with 4BC Drive

Gary and Tony 4BC Drive: Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, steps into the 4BC Drive studio to respond to the Prime Minister's announcement of a ballot call in the coming week. Listeners are also offered the opportunity to call in and pose their questions.

The silent war

depression 4BC Drive: Although the memory of the Queensland floods is a year away, the effects of the disaster is still being felt, and by none more so than farmers. 4BC Drive follows up the latest news with Stuart Armitage, Darling Downs Cotton Growers’ Association President.

Food security compromised

xenophon 4BC Drive: Food security refers to the availability of food and one's access to it. Foreign investor's could compromise this security due to them buying into Australian Agricultural Industries. Independant Senator for South Australia, Nick Xenophon, talks to 4BC Drive.

Disgraceful acts of giving

charity_bins 4BC Drive: Charity is happy if people give generously, but they can be taken advantage of, when the public starts dumping rubbish in St Vinnie's bins, including foodstuffs, grass clipping and dead animals. 4BC Drive talks to Peter Maher, CEO of St Vincent De Paul Society.


Neo-Nazi 4BC Drive: As Neo-Nazi music festival, ‘Hammered’ gets set to hit Brisbane later this year, Independent Member for Burnett Rob Messenger, joins John Scott on 4BC Drive to find out how such an event is able to go ahead.

Whaling activists

activists 4BC Drive: Greg Hunt, Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage thinks the Government should be doing more to help the three detained Aussie whaling activists. He joined 4BC Drive to discuss how they can be helped.

Personal Data protection

secure 4BC Drive: As personal information becomes more and more accessible, Dr Roger Clarke, Chairman of the Australian Privacy Foundation joined 4BC Drive to discuss how we can protect our personal data and what to do if our privacy is breached.

Dole Reassessment

more money 4BC Drive: The Australian Council of Social Services has called for a reassessment of the dole, pushing for a $50 per week hike in payments.. Acting Chief Executive, Tessa Boyd-Caine, joined 4BC Drive to explain why they want more than the current allowance.

Are you over-prescribed?

PIlls 4BC Drive: A huge increase in the use of prescription drugs has raised concerns, as there is a risk of mixing the wrong drugs resulting in dangerous side effects. CEO of the National Prescribing Service, Dr Lynne Weekes, joins 4BC Drive to discuss these trends.

Aus Aid in Jakarta

Indonesian education 4BC Drive: Jaqui Delacey, Minister Councillor for Aus Aid Jakarta, joins 4BC Drive to keep us up to date on the rehabilitation efforts of the Indonesian education system in the years following the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004.

Sugar tax

sugar 4BC Drive: The US is calling for a tax on an adictive substance known as sugar! David Gillespie, author of book ‘Sweet Poison’ and promoter of the drawbacks of sugar joins Gary Hardgrave in the 4BC Drive studio to look at the effects of bringing in such a tax.

Swastika flying

Swastika 4BC Drive: Host of the Drive Show, Gary Hardgrave, chatted with a defiant flag-maker who refuses to remove Nazi flags flying outside his home despite angry members of the Melbourne Jewish community demanding the flags be removed.

Landlords breaking rules

Students 4BC Drive: Alan Druery is the Spokesman for the Neighbourhood Action Groups (NAG) of Sunnybank, Robertson & Macgregor. Talking to 4BC Drive, Druery highlights the problem of students who are at the mercy of unscrupulous landlords.

Gatecrashing out of control

party 4BC Drive: Teenagers and crime are out of control in south-east Queensland keeping understaffed police busy as up to 400 teens crash a party. Founder of the Matthew Stanley Foundation, Paul Stanley joins 4BC Drive host Gary Hardgrave to talk about party gate crashing.

Sack the commissioner

petrol 4BC Drive: Independent senator Nick Xenophon is calling for Australia's petrol commissioner to be sacked following a report that says motorists are being gouged by supermarkets and fuel companies. Xenophon speaks to the 4BC Drive show about why the petrol commissioner experiment has failed

The end of Ford?

Ford Falcon 4BC Drive: Speculation over the future of the Aussie Ford Falcon continues to grow, revealing the company's strategy for the future as an importer. Toby Hagan, editor of drive.com.au. joins 4BC Drive to discuss the future of this legendary Australian brand.

DNA testing

DNA strand 4BC Drive: Would you like to know if you are genetically predisposed to particular illnesses, in the chance that you could prevent them? It might not be as far off as you think. Author Elizabeth Finkel joins 4BC Drive with the key to determining your genetic future….

Insulation explanation

Greg Hunt 4BC Drive: Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment & Heritage, Greg Hunt, is calling for the Gillard government to release the full report of their home insulation scheme. Hunt gives 4BC Drive his opinion on why the project failed.

Li Cunxin

Li Cunxin 4BC Drive: The man behind the international best seller book Mao’s Last Dancer, Li Cunxin, is the new Artistic Director for the Queensland Ballet. Cinxin tells 4BC Drive his incredible story of success from poverty stricken China to the international stage.

How to: Digital TV

tv 4BC Drive: Why is it that, sometimes, we have problems with the reception on our digital televisions? Does it depend on the weather? What about the type of television we’re using? Peter Blasina the Gadget Guy joins Gary Hardgrave.

Peter Slipper Exclusive

Peter Slipper 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave has the pleasure of talking exclusively to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Peter Slipper. The relatively new Speaker talked to 4BC Drive about the move to the new role and his efforts to reform the Parliament operations, especially getting questions answered during Question Time.

Remove "homosexual panic"

Father Paul Kelly 4BC Drive: After his Church was the scene of a violent crime, Maryborough Catholic Priest, Father Paul Kelly is setting up an online petition to remove ‘homosexual panic’ as a defence to murder. Father Kelly tells 4BC Drive that so far, the petition has garnered 7000 signatures.

Bob Katter's boys

Margaret Waterman 4BC Drive: Accusations are being thrown at Bob Katter and the Australian Party claiming that he is leading a 'boy's club' . Margaret Waterman, Katter’s Australian Party Candidate for Mt Coot-tha, talks to 4BC Drive to refute these claims.

Indonesia rising

indonesia 4BC Drive: Australia gives foreign aid where it can afford to, to help those in need. Gary Hardgrave is confused as to why Indonesia is still receiving funds from AusAid when they are spending a lot on their military stocks. 4BC Drive talks to Andy Semple, Assistant Managing Editor, Menzies House.

Holden secure

Holden 4BC Drive: Holden may be on their way to secure their workers a long-term future in Australia by striking a new wage deal guaranteeing most of its 4000 workers a pay rise. 4BC Drive asks Tim Wilson, Director of Free Trade Unit, if it will cost the taxpayers.

The Flower Project

Shannon Yeardley 4BC Drive: Buy a bouquet of flowers from The Flower Project & you will be donating them to a worthy member of the community. 4BC Drive talks to the founder of this ‘feel-good’ initiative, Brisbane psychologist Shannon Yeardley.

Reinventing the book

Books 4BC Drive: Owning a bookstore is a lesson in patience, as reinventing yourself is necessary to keep things fresh and you head above the rest. John Scott tlkas to Suzy Wilson, the owner of Riverbend Books and Teahouse, about the chalenges she's faced.

Small business

Small business 4BC Drive: The past year has been tough for small business, and hopefully things will pick up over 2012. John Scott talks with Peter Strong, executive director of the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia, about the moves they're making.

Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II 4BC Drive: It's the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II which marks the 60th anniversary of her ascension to the thrones of seven countries. John Scott talks with Professor David Flint, National Convenor, Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy.

Asylum seeker history

boatpeople 4BC Drive: The first Asylum seeker boats have been intercepted for 2012 by the Australian Navy. Dr Hal G.P. Colebatch, author, wrote an opinion piece in The Australian in which he says we cannot compare today's asylum seekers from those in the past.

The best job just got better

Ben Southall 4BC Drive: Ben Southall, the winner of the "best job in the world" as the Tourism Queensland Ambassador has some even better news for listeners. Southall tells John Scott that he is recently engaged, after meeting his wife-to-be on Daydream Island.

Elvis Big Birthday Bash

Dean Vegas 4BC Drive: Elvis' Big Birthday Bash is taking place on the beach at Surfer's Paradise. Joining John Scott is Dean Vegas, the Gold Coast's premiere Elvis impersonator, to discuss the events and competitions that will be taking place in the name of 'The King'.

Hot Cross buns

Hot cross buns 4BC Drive: Catholic priest Father Tony Kennedy has a bee in his bonnet, or rather, a cross on his bun. The parish priest from Tasmania tells John Scott that he wants the cross removed from the aforementioned bun as the religious significance is now lost.

RSPCA unpaid penalties

dogs 4BC Drive: The RSPCA is under duress, holding out for $430K of unpaid penalties. With many of those facing these penalties having very little income, Mark Townend, CEO of RSPCA Queensland, tells John Scott, it is very difficult to recover the money.

Need to change the Barrier Reef

Gladstone Harbour 4BC Drive: A recent push to have the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area Boundary changed has been rejected by the QUeensland Government. To explain the reasons behind this, John Scott talks to Leo Zussino, Gladstone Ports Corporation chief executive.

Social Inclusion Portfolio scrapped

Mark Butler 4BC Drive: Imagine a Minister not knowing what his own portfolio is! This is what happened to Mark Butler, Minister for Social Inclusion, and now the portfolio has been scrapped. John Scott tries to shed some light on this murky policy with Mitch Fifield, Shadow Minister for Disabilities.

Facebook tensions

4BC Mornings: Facebook parties shutdown 4BC Drive: Social networking sites, such as Facebook, are coming under fire from Aboriginal elders, blaming them for creating feuds between clans. John Scott talks to Palm Island Mayor, Alfred Lacey, about wanting to ban the use of such sites in order to calm tensions.

Vegemite highlight

Vegemite 4BC Drive: Darren O'Brien, Managing Director of Kraft Foods explains to John Scott, that for the period around Australia Day, that Vegemite will change it's name to..."Australia'. As well as the name change, many Australian icons will feature on the labels.

A return to Work Choices?

Jeff Lawrence 4BC Drive: Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Jeff Lawrence, spoke to John Scott with claims the Liberals and bosses want to return to Work Choices. Responding to these claims is Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Eric Abetz.

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Oranges 4BC Drive: In the wake of a chemical residue scare in the US, Citrus Australia has called for the Australian Government to increase testing procedures on imported citrus juice. Gary chats to Judith Damiani from Citrus Australia to look at the risks.

Active rorting?

Medicare 4BC Drive: In light of the Joel Barlow scandal, Gary Hardgrave talks to Dr Tony Webber, former Director of the Professional Services Review, about the inadequate safeguards against Medicare ‘rorts’ which are costing Australians up to $3 billion a year.

Join the Bligh team

bligh 4BC Drive: Do you have what it takes? Who wants to be a Labor MP? News State Political Editor, Steve Wardell joins Gary to discuss the recent run of Labor resignations.

Lesbian vampire killer released

4BC Drive: This week, ‘lesbian vampire killer’ Tracey Wigginton was released on parole 20 years after her conviction. The arresting officer, Nick Samios, joined John Scott to reflect on his experience working on the case, as the community raises concerns.

Death by headphone

Ear buds 4BC Drive: A rise in headphone related street deaths has the Chair of the Pedestrian Council of Australia, Harold Scrubie, calling for the public to exercise caution when walking on footpaths. Scubie joins Gary Hardgrave to highlight this issue.

Probiotic first

Probiotic drinks 4BC Drive: Do you ike the sound of Omega 3 Milk products without the fishy taste? Progel Chief Executive, Cameron Turner, tells Gary Hardgrave about the world’s first non-fermented multi strain probiotic drink products, set for release in March.

NBN blowout

Malcolm Turnbull 4BC Drive: In addition to a growing list of NBN budget blowouts, it has now been reported that 1/10 NBN Co workers have been issued American Express corporate credit cards. Shadow Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull, gives his comment.

Too posh to push

Too posh to push 4BC Drive: Rocketing rates of caesarean section deliveries are being driven by doctors – contrary to popular belief that a growing number of mothers are “too posh to push”. Gary talks to Queensland Centre for Mothers and Babies, as they revisit the debate on what’s best for childbirth.

ReachTEL Poll results

bligh 4BC Drive: The latest poll results in Premier Anna Bligh’s electorate of South Brisbane, ReachTEL conducted a five,question survey of 339 residents of the Queensland State electorate of South Brisbane on the night of 23rd January 2012.

3-speed economy

mining 4BC Drive: Commsec Chief Economist, Craig James believes the Western Australian mining boom, as well as a ‘post-fund spending spree’ in Queensland are the leading contributors to a 3-speed economy in Australia.

Mick Gooda

Mick Gooda 4BC Drive: Mick Gooda, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, talked to Gary Hardgrave condemning the disgraceful behaviour of members from the Aboriginal tent embassy at the Australian Day Citizenship ceremony.

Are you sick, really?

sickie 4BC Drive: Research has found almost a third of businesses believe non-genuine sick days are on the rise, with Australian employees taking 9.4 days' sick leave a year on average. Gary Hardgrave talked to absenteeism expert Paul Dundon, of Direct Health Solutions.

An extra hour in your day

thumbs 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave talked with Tim Olds, from the University of South Australia's School of Health Sciences, who is overseeing a study on how people would use extra time if the day were longer and how they would spend their day if it lasted just 23 hours.

Banning suntans

man tan 4BC Drive: Jay Allen is an anti-solarium campaigner and a melanoma survivor. Allen talks to Gary Hardgrave about the NSW government's decision to ban commercial tanning beds and asks the question - should Queensland also follow suit?

Name pronounciation effect

Hard names 4BC Drive: It appears that if you are the owner of a hard to pronounce name, people could perceive you differently than if your name was short and snappy. Gary Hardgrave spoke with lead author, Dr Simon Laham, from Melbourne University's School of Psychological Sciences.

Colin Hay

Colin Hay 4BC Drive: Colin Hay returns to Australia at Brisbane Powerhouse on 12th February as part of his Gathering Mercury Tour. Gary Hardgrave talked to the frontman and principle songwriter for eighties hit machine 'Men at Work', who were responsible for one of the most identifiable sounds in pop music.

Kate Jones catching

Anna and Kate 4BC Drive: Following on for a number of poll results conducted by ReachTEL tracking pre-electiondata, Gary Hardgrave once again caught up with Janes Stewart, Operations Manager, to look at the latest ReachTel poll for the seat of Ashgrove which shows an upward trend for Kate Jones.

RNA venture

Johnathan Tunny 4BC Drive: Projected to attract more than 220 events and 30,000 visitors annually, the RNA’s $59 million Royal International Convention Centre has been officially unveiled by the Premier. Jonathan Tunny, RNA Chief Executive, talks to Gary Hardgrave.

Kim Barker

Kim Barker 4BC Drive: Kim Barker is not your typical foreign correspondent being candid, self-deprecating and funny. Barker tells Gary Hardgrave about her book 'The Taliban Shuffle', in which she recounts her incredible life of an American woman in a war zone.

Fish oil could save billions

oil 4BC Drive: Giving Fish Oil to heart patients could save the economy up to $4.2b and the Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia would like to see it exempt from GST. Justin Howden from the CHCA joins Gary Hardgrave.

Calls for Island bridge

2 4BC Drive: Russell Island Bridge lobbyist Joyce Web continues her support for a much needed bridge for residents in need of easy access. State Member, Peter Dowling says a bridge is not on their agenda, however the Council has other ideas.

Mining Special

Mining workers accommodation compared to Nazi Germany concentration camps 4BC Drive: Continuing on from yesterday's look at the difficulties of the mining sector, Gary Hardgrave talks to Rod Camm, CEO of Skills Qld, and Michael Roche, Queensland Resources Council about the trouble in getting a job, even with the skills.

Saucy Dick Smith

Dick Smith 4BC Drive: Now that the doors of the Heinz tomato sauce factory in Northern Victoria have closed for the last time, entrepreneur Dick Smith is cooking up another plan. John caught up with the Aussie icon to find out more about his plans to produce a locally made tomato sauce.

Absurd subsidies

Jeff Kennett 4BC Drive: Former Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett, has labelled Labor’s latest grants to the struggling motor industry “absurd”. Kennett tells John Scott he feels that if Australians aren’t buying the product, than it’s not the role of the government to offer subsidies.

The battle continues

Brisbane flood 4BC Drive: People are trying to let the memories of last year's flooding fade, but unfortunately there are still those who are battling against the odds. Jim Toohey, former boss of Tricare and flood victim, tells Gary Hardgrave his story, and how he is still unable to get back onto his feet.

Assange takes fight to the top

Christine Assange 4BC Drive: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange took his fight against extradition to Sweden over rape allegations to Britain's top court. Gary Hardgrave looks at the issue, and talks to Assange's mother, Christine, who tells Gary what goes through her mind.

Leadership challenge en route

2 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave editorial, Labor frontbenchers secretly claim Labor MPs are nervous as senior government ministers rallied for the third day around Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, as leadership challenge talks still point to Kevin Rudd.

Ipswich looking for compensation

Pisasale 4BC Drive: Ipswich mayor, Paul Pisasale, said yesterday the council would seek financial compensation for damage caused by floodwater if Wivenhoe Dam's managers are proven negligent during the 2011 flood. Gary Hardgrave talked to Cr Pisasale.

How low can we go?

lead 4BC Drive: A vast majority of economists say the Reserve Bank will cut interest rates tomorrow by 25 basis points, its third cut in as many RBA board meetings. But regardless of the decision, Gary Hardgrave speaks with leading financial commentator Peter Switzer on the benefits of fixed loans in this economic climate.

"A Piece of my Mind"

Prof Gordon Parker 4BC Drive: Professor Gordon Parker AO, founding Director of the Black Dog Institute, is one of Australia’s foremost clinical psychiatrists and known for his provocative views. Parker joins Gary Hardgrave to look at his autobiography - "A Piece of my Mind".


Ballot box 4BC Drive: About 1.6M people who are eligible to vote but have not enrolled may soon find themselves signed up due to a bill being intorduced that will enable the AEC to use 'trusted records' to enrol people. Gary Hardgrave smells a rat, and talks to Bronwyn Bishop, Shadow Special Minister of State.

Caravan of Courage

David Hall 4BC Drive: Meet the travelling plumber who gave it all away to set out on a ‘Caravan of Courage’, offering free advice to small Aussie businesses to help them in this tough financial climate. Before he reaches Brisbane, he caught up with Gary Hardgrave to share his story of generosity.

Not looking after troops

diggers 4BC Drive: As politicians grant themselves another pay rise, retirees receiving military superannuation pensions are struggling. Former Joining John Scott, Royal Australian Air Force Officer, Peter Criss asks the question: “Why aren’t we looking after our troops?”