Children to learn economics

School 4BC Summer Drive: Federal Minister for Education Peter Garrett has called for students as young as year 5 and 6 to learn economics, despite seemingly widespread issues with basic math and spelling. Sue-Belinda Meehan joins Mark Braybrook.

Alzheimers cure closer

Alzheimer's disease 4BC Summer Drive: Researchers at the University of Queensland's Brain Institute are a step closer to developing an online test to identify patients at risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Inside an arsonists head

Arson 4BC Summer Drive: Despite being aware of the potential devastation, what is the psychological motivation for arsonists? Dr Rebekah Doley joins Mark Braybrook to explain the psychology of arsonists and why most have no remorse.

29 years of shrimp throwing

Paul Hogan 4BC Summer Drive: It has been 29 years since Paul Hogan's 1984 'throw a shrimp on the barbie' tourism campaign and this year, Hogan is to be honoured as an Australian icon at the G'Day USA 10th Anniversary.

Wedding party swept away

Surf 4BC Summer Drive: Four members of a wedding party have been rescued from surf on the Sunshine Coast just hours before the ceremony. After enjoying a morning swim on Marcoola Beach, the groom and some groomsmen were dragged out to sea.

Police cuts: not to officers

Ian Stewart 4BC Summer Drive: Union members are up in arms after Police Com. Ian Stewart announced up to 300 police jobs would be axed in Queensland. Stewart assures Mark Braybrook these cuts are to senior management staff, not uniformed officers.

Good manners

phone-stack 4BC Summer Drive: Mobile phone addiction has led to the invention of the phone stacking game. In the stacking game, friends dining at a restaurant put their mobile phones at the centre of the table and the first to answer their phone, pays.

Magic Millions tips

Magic Millions 4BC Summer Drive: What do you look for when buying a horse at the Magic Millions? With hundreds of horses on sale and millions of dollars at stake, how do you assess every horse and spend someone else's money wisely?

Master-planned success

North Lakes 4BC Summer Drive: A recent trend in the Brisbane housing market has seen master planned communities become the cash cows of the property market, with the North Lakes housing community alone selling over $170m worth of property in 2012.

Dating online the norm

Online Dating 4BC Summer Drive: Dating websites offering matchmaking services are experiencing a boom and it turns out that January is their busiest month. More and more people are turning to the Internet to find romance.

Schools for sale?

John_Paul Langbroek 4BC Summer Drive: Reports that some primary schools could be sold off to help the state government pay down Queensland's debt have been answered by Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek.

Fast-food wages threatened

McDonalds 4BC Summer Drive: The union movement is keeping a close eye on potential moves by fast food companies to change weekend penalty rate arrangements for their employees. The S.D.A.E. is opposed to any changes to wages agreements in place.

Redlands on Stradbroke bridge

Stradbroke Island 4BC Summer Drive: The release of state documents from 1982 has revealed the then government's willingness to investigate the possibility of building a bridge linking Cleveland with Stradbroke Island.

Lifeline's Christmas

Lifeline 4BC Summer Drive: John Mendel from Lifeline talks about the services they provide over Christmas. Lifeline gets up to 1600 calls from people in need every day and Christmas is no different. Contact Lifeline for help on 13 11 14.

Boxing Day economy sails

Boxing Day Sales 4BC Summer Drive: Trevor Evans from the Retailers Association of Queensland joins Mark Braybrook on the impact of Boxing Day sales on the Queensland economy. As spending increases in the retail outlets, the whole economy benefits.

PETA: prosecute cattleman

Cattle 4BC Summer Drive: Animal rights group PETA has suggested cattlemen in Queensland's Gulf Country should be prosecuted if their cattle die of thirst or starvation. PETA Qld spokesperson Claire Fryer joins Mark Braybrook on 4BC Summer Drive to explain their position.

Turnbull: don't believe the hype

turnbull 4BC Summer Drive: Malcolm Turnbull has suggested the media's coverage of Australian politics is more hype than substance. Mr Turnbull has addressed the Woodford Folk Festival saying the media "dumbs down" issues.

ALP should borrow from LNP

Peter Beattie 4BC Summer Drive: Griffith University political scientist and journalism lecturer Dr Paul Williams joined 4BC Summer Drive Show with Mark Braybrook on an idea put forward by former Premier, Peter Beattie, suggesting the Queensland ALP should borrow strategies from the LNP.

Escape the heat in a movie

The Hobbit 4BC Summer Drive: Movie attendance had been soft in Brisbane in 2012 until the release of the latest James Bond movie Skyfall, Les Miserables and The Hobbit, which have given the local industry a major boost. Listen and comment now.

Wyatt Roy on surplus

Wyatt Roy 4BC Drive: Eighteen months ago, 21 year old member for Longman Wyatt Roy posed the point to Treasurer Wayne Swan in Parliament Question Time that he had never seen a Labor surplus in his lifetime.

2012 in review: politics

Politics 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave looks back at the year which was in both State and Federal politics, from the battle for the Prime Ministership between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard to one of the biggest landslides in state election history.

2012 in review: events

Queen 4BC Drive: The Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubillee, London hosted the 30th Olympiad, Queensland won its 7th consecutive State of Origin series and Barack Obama was re-elected President.

2012 in review: personalities

Buzz Aldrin 4BC Drive: In the last 12 months Gary has been able to speak to some extraordinary people, none more extraordinary than legendary astronaut, Buzz Aldrin and QANTAS hero pilot Richard de Crespigny relives his tense moments.

Customs: Eight arrested

Customs 4BC Drive: Eight people, including customs and quarantine officials, have now been arrested as officials escalate a two-year corruption investigation in drug ring putting major question marks over our border security.

Red Cross' Christmas

IntSolomons1 4BC Drive: This Christmas, let's remember those Aussies who won't be at home for Christmas, the Red Cross Aid volunteers who are working in third world countries. Tim McInerny is a Red Cross Aid working in the Solomons.

Lord Mayor: City Hall restored

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk 4BC Drive: Lord Mayor Graham Quirk joins Gary Hardgrave for the last time in 2012, to talk everything Brisbane, from the restoration of City Hall to public transport hours over Christmas and New Years.

We wish you an 'appy Christmas

Top 10 Christmas Smartphone Apps 4BC Drive: 4BC Tech guru Josh Withers joins Gary Hardgrave with the funniest, craziest and kookiest mobile phone apps for Christmas, including a Santa Tracker that monitors the world's airspace for Santa's sleigh.

All Saints: 20 OP1s

All Saints 4BC Drive: A Gold Coast private school has set a new record for the most amount of OP1 students in one year, with 20 students earning the highest results possible, accounting for 5% of the state's total OP1 students.

Energy laws: stifling

Origin Energy 4BC News: Queensland's biggest energy provider has sent a warning to consumers and the Newman government after a court threw out its challenge to the state's electricity prize freeze.

App: Paul Keating insults

Paul Keating iPhone insults app 4BC Drive: Dan Nolan, inventor of the Paul Keating Insult App joins Gary Hardgrave on his latest invention, an iPhone app that helps you tweet insults made famous by Australia's 24th Prime Minister. Listen now and join the conversation.

Unattended aged care

aged care 4BC Drive: A recent audit has revealed that a Gold Coast nursing home has been left unattended for 10.5 hours a day from 8pm-6:30am- but is the issue of understaffed aged care facilities widespread throughout South East Queensland?

Your "Ruddy" future

Kevin Rudd t-shirt 4BC Drive: It's day one of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's Christmas holidays and Kevin Rudd has taken to national television to announce the winner of his campaign t-shirt competition. Shane Marchewka from Melbourne designed the shirt.

Toy gun buy-back

Toy gun 4BC Drive: Two Adelaide mothers have come under fire for planning a Facebook event that encourages parents to "buy back" their kids' toy guns for $5 a toy, following the tragic elementary school massacre in Connecticut over the weekend.

Bruce Highway: $800M boost

Bruce Highway 4BC Drive: An infamous stretch of the Bruce Highway will receive an $800m boost, with an extra 13km of highway to be built to improve safety and travel times for the 20,000 drivers who use the road every day.

Asylum seekers: $375M redirected

Asylum seekers 4BC Drive: The Federal Government has announced it will be redirecting $375m worth of foreign aid money towards asylum seekers, angering many in the community who feel it is a way of "robbing Peter to pay Paul".

Translink extends to the bay

South Moreton Island Ferry 4BC Drive: Redland City Council has made a landmark agreement with Translink to make public transport far more affordable for Southern Moreton Bay Islanders who use water taxis, buses and trains.

No blood from Hardgrave

Mobile blood bank 4BC Drive: This time of year, the Australian Red Cross is appealing for blood donations more than ever, with over 27,000 donations needed each week. Gary Hardgrave was ready to donate on air but found out he couldn't. Find out why.

Compensation for sex injury

Bra on unmade bed 4BC Drive: After a 5 year legal battle, a female public servant has won compensation for a sex injury sustained on a work trip. The court said the injury was "no different to one sustained during a game of cards".

Questioning Jesus' sexuality

Buddy Christ 4BC Drive: An Anglican church in Auckland has caused uproar after posting a Christmas billboard that questions Jesus' sexuality. St Matthew-in-the-City's Church is familiar with controversy, openly supporting gay marriage earlier this year.

Tim Fischer: time for Obama to lead

Tim Fischer 4BC Drive: Former Deputy Prime Minister to John Howard, Tim Fischer, joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss the tragic Connecticut school shooting and how many are using the Howard Government's banning of guns in 1996 as an example.

Thanks, but no tanks

Water tank 4BC Drive: The Newman state government has dropped the mandate for water tanks and energy saving measures on new homes built in Queensland, with Housing Minister Tim Mander arguing the move will save around $5000 for new home buyers.

Mark Dreyfus QC on Brough

Mark Dreyfus 4BC Drive: Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called on opposition leader Tony Abbott to "come clean" about the Peter Slipper saga and the involvement of former liberal MP Mal Brough in the James Ashby sexual harassment case.

Metcash competes with Costco

Metcash 4BC Drive: Australian company Metcash is going head to head with U.S retail giant Costco by opening a discount warehouse in Brisbane's Eagle Farm. Divisional Manager, Neil Simpson, joins Gary Hardgrave ahead of the grand opening.

Bayar family disgust: Police

Crash - friends 4BC Drive: Belinda Bayar is the sister of Thomas Bayar, the sole survivor of a horrific road accident on the Pacific Highway, Coomera that took the lives of 5 teens earlier over the weekend.

Well protected burger chain

Burger Urge 4BC Drive: A Brisbane burger chain has divided the public with their latest marketing campaign, sending out condom packets to customers bearing the slogan "get intimate with our new premium beef".

Taxing Tinkler

Nathan Tinkler 4BC Drive: The tax office has moved on Nathan Tinkler's Hunter Sports Group, Newcastle Knights Pty Ltd and Newcastle Jets Pty Ltd and is seeking to have them wound up over $2.7m worth of unpaid debts.

The ethics of a front page

Courier Mail 4BC Drive: The Courier Mail has printed a photo of a prominent female athlete on their front cover who was unknowingly snapped talking on her mobile phone while driving. Criminal lawyer Terry O'Gorman joins Gary Hardgrave.

Cigarettes wrapped up

Packaging laws 4BC Drive: Anthony Do Rozario is the General Manager of Box Wraps, the new company based at Yatala that sells colourful stickers for plain cigarette packaging at $8.75 for a pack of 6.

North Korea launches rocket

North Korea launches rocket 4BC Drive: Foreign Affairs expert Keith Suter joins Gary Hardgrave following the news that North Korea has launched a long range rocket almost a year to day since the death of Kim Jong-Il.

Manchester fans: united outrage

Manchester United game sold out 4BC Drive: 100,000 Manchester United fans flocked online at 9am Wednesday morning to get their hands on tickets to their friendly match against an all-star A League team in Sydney in 2013- with only 15,000 tickets available.

Refugees poorly accommodated

Brisbane refugee 4BC Drive: Stuart Crow is a local business owner in Milton who came to work this week to find 30-40 refugees camped on his premises with little to no warning. Crow is told they have been placed there by the Multiucultural Development Association.

Voluntary school fees: rort

<p> 4BC Drive: Mother of three Rose Mottola feels the school she is sending her children to is discriminating against her because she can't afford to pay a 'voluntary fee' for extra resources and excursions.

Australian Defence data stolen

Data 4BC Drive: It took just three minutes for a lone hacker to steal the personal details of thousands of Australian military staff in an attack he conducted "for fun". It is one of the worst known cyber attacks on a government organisation.

Council takes over Southbank

Southbank 4BC Drive: Lord Mayor Graham Quirk speaks to Gary Hardgrave after the State Government handed control of Southbank back to Brisbane City Council. Lord Mayor Quirk says this won't come at a cost to ratepayers.

Longer trading hours for SEQ?

Retail 4BC Drive: Some larger retailers around South East Queensland are again pushing to axe trading hour restrictions, with a particular focus on extending Saturday trading hours across the region.

Apple Maps lost in Brisbane

Mildura Maps 4BC Drive: Victoria Police say a glitch in Apple's new iPhone mapping system is putting lives at risk by sending motorists into isolated parkland.

Supertramp's Roger Hodgson

Roger-Hodgson-and-Band 4BC Drive: Founding member and voice of legendary British rock band Supertramp Roger Hodgson joins Gary Hardgrave for an in depth interview on the band's worldwide success thanks to a string of hits.

Stolen pups in dogfights

Staffie 4BC Drive: Brisbane families are having their pets stolen from their backyards and set against each other in illegal dogfight with staffordshire bull terriers the prime targets.

Daniel Morcombe rests in peace

morcombe 4BC Drive: Thousands of people - most of them who never met Daniel - attended the funeral to honour the former Siena Catholic College student in the grounds where he once played.

Roger Glover of Deep Purple

Deep Purple 4BC Drive: Founding member of Deep Purple and the man behind one of the world's most famous riffs, Roger Glover joins Gary Hardgrave for an indepth interview on their career spanning 40 years and the story of their biggest hit.

GP's covering cancer costs

GPs 4BC Drive: Gold Coast General Practioner, Dr Sonu Haikerwal claims many GPs are paying private medical bills for patients they believe may have cancer, so they don't have to suffer on hospital waiting lists.

Coffin loo pronounced dead

Coffin toilet 4BC Drive: Pat Renolds, President of the Millaa Millaa Chamber of Commerce catches up with Gary Hardgrave after it was announced that the community's iconic coffin shaped toilet would be getting the boot.

Julia Gillard: zombie fighter

Apocalypse Gillard 4BC Drive: Prime Minister Julia Gillard has recorded a video for national broadcaster, Triple J, as part of their "end of the world" celebrations. Gillard is relieved that she won't have to do Q&A again.

Work in Antarctica

antarctic-icew 4BC Drive: Looking for a job and want to get out of the heat? The Australian Antarctic Division want you! They're on the look out for everything from plumbers to doctors who can come and work in Antarctica for six months in 2013.

Interviewing the Morcombes

0612_daniel 4BC Drive: On the eve of Daniel Morcombe's funeral, A Current Affair Host Tracy Grimshaw sat down with Bruce and Denise to talk about the nine year journey that has lead to them finally being able to lay their boy to rest.

Dinosaurs: not good for golf

Clive dinosaur 4BC Drive: The Australian PGA is looking for a new home as a result of a deteriorating relation with Clive Palmer's Hyatt Coolum Resort. SCRC Councillor Russell Green believes the life-size dinosaurs wouldn't help.

50 years of The Seekers

The Seekers 4BC Drive: Legendary Australian band The Seekers, are celebrating their 50th anniversary in the music industry. Judith Durham and Athol Guy join Gary Hardgrave to share some of their career highlights.

Qld health job cut details

springborg-thumb 4BC Drive: Following up on yesterday's discussion on Qld Health job cuts, State Health Minister Lawrence Springborg speaks to Gary Hardgrave to clear up confusion over what positions are being cut.

Dogs driving cars

dog 4BC Breakfast: "Rough" time on the roads? Let a dog do the driving. In New Zealand, dogs are being taught to drive - and they do amazingly well, even using the gearstick! Chris Kalin from the Auckland SPCA explains why.

St Thomas More mourns

schoolies 4BC Drive: Sunnybank teen, Harrison Kadell, has died while on a Schoolies trip in Fiji, drowning in a resort pool while allegedly attempting a "breathing game". Principal of St Thomas More College, Peter Elmore, joins Gary Hardgrave.

Qld health: you're fired

610279627 4BC Drive: United Voice spokesperson, Sharon Caddie, joins Gary Hardgrave to comment on the latest round of Queensland Health job cuts, affecting hundreds of permanent, full time, front line staff just weeks out from Christmas.

Insecure workforce

Positions Vacant 4BC Drive: Australia's workforce is filled with more casual workers than ever before. Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens Party Adam Bandt has proposed a bill that would tackle insecure working conditions.

Defence flies Sri Lankans home

111955656 4BC Drive: Shadow Defence Spokesperson Stuart Robert is angered by the Federal Government who are using money from the national defence budget to fly Sri Lankan asylum seekers back home.

Ponting: No fairytale finish

Ricky Ponting's final innings 4BC Sports Today: If Ricky Ponting had any lingering doubts about whether he chose the right time to retire, his two innings in Perth would have put them well and truly to bed. As much as Ponting wanted a fairytale finish.

Australian company out-sauces

Rosella 4BC Drive: Rosella is the latest home grown product to go into receivership. Ausbuy CEO Lynne Wilkinson joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss the ups and downs of one of the countries most enduring brands.

Facial surgeon wants a day off

Fighting 4BC Drive: Renowned Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr Anthony Lyntham says his diary is packed on Mondays and Tuesdays with reconstructive facial surgery appointments as a result of alcohol related violence after each weekend.

Gen Y Panel: Merry Christmas

Generation Y panel 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave's Gen Y Panel meets again in studio for the final time in 2012 to discuss everything from Schoolies, Christmas greetings and their assessment of the performance of our leaders- both State and Federal.

Racial tension in Logan

Logan teen Jordan Matehaere Tukaki 4BC Drive: Racial tension has been blamed for the hit and run death of Logan teen Jordan Matehaere Tukaki on Saturday night. Federal Member for Woodridge, Desley Scott, joins Gary Hardgrave.

Campese questions female voice

campo 4BC Drive: Wallabies legend David Campese has been slammed by current and former players for questioning whether a female newspaper journalist should write about rugby, referring to Fairfax journalist Georgina Robinson.

Mark Visser with Hardgrave

mark visser 4BC Drive: Big wave surfer, Mark Visser joins Gary Hardgrave taking time of out, explaining how he spends most his time tracking down some of the biggest waves on the planet, utilising innovative technology, and creating new styles of surfing.

Funding to see the light

Eye-thumb 4BC Drive: Scientists are facing a $2m shortfall in funding for the world first bionic eye project. Professor Anthony Burkitt, Director of Bionic Vision Australia explains to Gary Hardgrave how the eye will work and what is needed to get it over the line.

Chefs cooking over parking

parking meter 4BC Drive: Brisbane restaurateurs are up in arms after Brisbane City Council last week announced metered parking across the CBD, South Bank and Fortitude Valley. Gary Hardgrave talks with local business owners about the permits.

Premier says sorry

Premier Cambell Newman spoke about the sale of Cannon Hill caravan park 4BC Drive: The Premier has apologised to the victims of forced adoptions. Premier Newman told parliament and a packed public gallery he is sorry for the lifelong pain and suffering caused by the forced removal of babies from their mothers.

Ban schoolies balconies

balcony 4BC Drive: Following endless debate about balcony safety at annual schoolies week, Greg Kafritsas, Manager of the Beachcomber Resort at Surfers Paradise has decided to lock balconies during next years celebrations. Listen now.

Australian defence abuse

army 4BC Drive: A leading military compensation lawyer has welcomed the Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith’s announcement of comprehensive measures to deal with allegations of sexual and other abuse.

Dear Prime Minister: explain

Senator Brandis 4BC Drive: Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she is the target of a smear campaign that boils down to nothing and has challenged her opponents to present any evidence of wrongdoing over events that took place 20 years ago.

The Red Frog Crew responds

Red Frogs Andy 4BC Drive: The saving grace of Schoolies, the Red Frog Crew, respond to the overnight tragedy on the Gold Coast. Founder, Andy Gourley, joins Gary Hardgrave and tells him what the Red Frog Crew is doing on the ground in Surfers Paradise.

Lord Mayor in studio

4BC Mornings Graham Quirk 4BC Drive: Lord Mayor Graham Quirk joins Gary Hardgrave in studio to discuss the week's biggest issues facing Brisbane. The Lord Mayor also takes your calls. Listen now and join the conversation.

Pay rise ballot: insensitive

Ballot 4BC Drive: Some public servants who lost their jobs have received ballot papers to vote on a pay rise for those employees who retained their job. President of the Together Union Alex Scott joins Gary Hardgrave, slamming the error.

Surplus may cost lives

686163059 4BC Drive: Chemotheraphy patients are the latest to fall victim to budget cuts, as the Federal Government attempts to save $40m. Shadow Minister Peter Dutton says that Swan's surplus should not come at the price of people's lives.

Racist Australia revealed

bus-rant 4BC Drive: Mike Nayna is the comedian who was on a Melbourne public bus and filmed racists abusing a French girl who was singing on the bus. Nayna joins Gary Hardgrave after posting the video of the abuse on Youtube.

Tyson: massive scam

Mike Tyson 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave follows up with Myles, a 4BC listener who attended the Mike Tyson Cocktail Party at the Convention Centre. Having paid over $300 a ticket, Myles calls the event a "massive scam."

Chicken manure useful

Chicken - Toilet 4BC Drive: David Bray, Development Manager for Cleveland Power joins Gary Hardgrave after it was announced that Redland City will start using chicken manure to deliver clean energy to the community.

Female Mo'bro

Losa Morrison 4BC Drive: Losa Morrison is one of the few women across the country participating in Movember, bravely growing facial hair to help support her father who suffers from mental illness.

Red Frogs found at Schoolies

Schoolies 2012 4BC Drive: Gary Hardgrave hit the streets of Surfer's Paradise with Red Frogs founder, Andy Gourley, following around Red Frog volunteers who have helped keep schoolies safe for the past fifteen years.

Macleay Is. mystery continues

Macleay Island 4BC Drive: Acting Detective Superintendent Geoff Sheldon speaks to Gary Hardgrave with the latest on the murder of Macleay Island grandmother Liselotte Watson, as locals are left to wonder if the killer is from their tightknit community.

Bob Carr: Schoolies travel warning

Bob Carr 4BC Drive: Foreign Minister Bob Carr joins Gary Hardgrave as more and more school leavers opt to travel overseas for their end of year celebrations. Minister Carr stresses the importance of being aware of foreign laws.

Week that was for Nov 16

Prime Minister Julia Gillard described child sex abuse as ‘vile and evil.’ 4BC Drive: The week that was as heard on 4BC Drive with Gary Hardgrave. The United Nations' desire to control cyber space, Bruce Flegg resigns and the Prime Minister calls a Royal Commission. Listen now and join the conversation on Drive.

Schools ban ball games

Ball games at school 4BC Drive: Several Primary Schools in Northern Sydney have banned ball games and running in the playground as a result of overcrowding. Steph Croft says the overcrowding is so bad, next year extra classes will be held in the library.