Payroll documents released

Filing 4BC Drive: State Health Minister Lawrence Springborg speaks to Gary Hardgrave after it was announced in State Parliament that the Opposition will release much sought-after legal documents relating to the bungled health payroll system.

1 in 5 children can't swim

Swimming 4BC Drive: 20% of children in Australian can't swim a lap of a pool. Michael Darben, Executive Director of Royal Life Saving Queensland emphasises the importance of compulsory swimming lessons in Australian schools.

Qld Police: new leadership

Ian Stewart 4BC Drive: Senior Sergeant Shane Maxwell is Vice President of the Qld Police Union. He catches up with Gary Hardgrave to discuss the union's concerns over incoming Police Commissioner Ian Stewart, naming him "Hurricane Stewart".

Frankenstorm by climate change?

Frankenstorm 4BC Drive: Professor Matthew England, Chair of the Science Advisory Panel of the Australian Climate Commission joins Gary Hardgrave with the view that climate change contributed to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

Shonky Award winners announced

Shonkys 4BC Drive: Consumer group CHOICE has announced their annual Shonky Award winners (losers). the products and services that don't live up to the promises in their advertising. CHOICE spokesperson Ingrid Just joins Gary Hardgrave.

Brisbane's rising YouTube star

Adrian Van Oyen 4BC Drive: Adrian Van Oyen is an aspiring Brisbane comedian whose latest YouTube clip has had over one hundred and eleven thousand hits in under six days. Van Oyen shares his special brand of humour with Gary Hardgrave on 4BC Drive.

Wallace Bishop: Fourth Gen

Wallace Bishop 4BC Drive: Stuart Bishop, CEO of Wallace Group joins Gary Hardgrave in studio to share the story of one of Australia's most iconic jewellers, Wallace Bishop and their secrets to success over four generations.

Remarkable: Adem Crosby

Adem Crosby 4BC Drive: Adem Crosby was two days away from turning seventeen when he was diagnosed with Leukeamia. After battling the cancer for almost two years, he has now been told he has just weeks to live. Listen now and join the conversation.

More Asian lanugage education

LOTE 4BC Drive: Today the Federal Government released the Asian Century White Paper that recommends every Australian state teach at least one Asian language in schools. Moreton Bay College Principal Jennifer Haynes fully supports the idea.

More speed cameras

Speed Cameras 4BC Drive: The Newman Government has announced it will add extra speed cameras across Queensland, which may need to be operated by civilians. Paul Turner from the RACQ has slammed the announcement, labelling it a shameless grab for cash .

Caltabiano could face charges

Michael Caltabiano 4BC Drive: Former Liberal Party powerbroker and current Transport and Main Roads director-general Michael Caltabiano has been referred to Parliament's ethics committee and could face criminal charges. Scott Emerson joins Gary Hardgrave to comment on the issue.

More aged care closures

Aged Care 4BC Drive: Chair of the Metro South Hospital and Health Board Terry White speaks to Gary Hardgrave shortly after it was announced that Wynnum Hospital and Moreton Bay Nursing Care Unit will be closed after being deemed unfixable.

NBN comes to Brisbane

NBNco 4BC Drive: The first National Broadband Network cable has been laid in Brisbane, giving some residents hope of faster internet speeds. Workers rolled out the cable along existing underground pathways in two streets in the northern suburbs.

Scary movie syndrome

Paranormal Activity 4BC Drive: A group of small children were terrified when they went to the cinema thinking they were seeing Madagascar 3, when Paranormal Activity was accidently played instead. Child Psychologist Dr John Irvine speaks to Gary Hardgrave.

Queensland's bushfire season

Qld Bushfire Season 4BC Drive: This week, Queensland has been battling over fifty bushfires. Jenny Pullen is a survivor of the Black Saturday bushfires. She joins Gary Hardgrave reflecting on her own experience.

No revenue from mining tax

No revenue from mining tax 4BC Drive: Courier Mail business commentator Terry McRann joins Gary Hardgrave after recent reports indicated the Federal Government’s mining tax is yet to raise any revenue. Will this make it even harder for Wayne Swan to achieve a budgt

Brisbane projectionist retires

cinema 4BC Drive: Frank Gibson has just retired after 53 years as a Brisbane movie projectionist. He shares memories of his favourite and least favourite movies and the time he put the wrong reel in, giving cinema goers a 40 minute version of "The Alimo”.

Qld crime rate up 6%

police 4BC Drive: Incoming Police Commissioner Ian Stewart joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss recent figures that show crime in Queensland is at the highest rate in over a decade.

Police raid Craig Thomson

thomson 4BC Drive: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has urged independent federal MP Craig Thomson to co-operate fully with police after a raid on his NSW home. Mr Abbott also praised police for their work in the case.

Airport makes pick up changes

Airport CEO sets the record straight 4BC Drive: After public backlash over the dysfunctional Brisbane Airport pick up zone, CEO of Brisbane Airport Corporation Julieane Alroe joins Gary Hardgrave to give a black and white explanation of the new system announced today.

Qld health stripped of $342m

Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek 4BC Drive: State Health Minister Lawrence Springborg has accused the Federal Government of stripping $342 million of Commonwealth support from Queensland Health, contributing to a string of State health budget cuts.

Your super in their budget

Money 4BC Drive: Monday’s MYEFO revealed that more than half of the Federal Govt’s $1.1b budget surplus will be funded by lost superannuation funds. ASFA CEO Pauline Vamos joins Gary Hardgrave, urging Aussies to check for forgotten super funds.

Ipswich Rd: Rollover corner

truck 4BC Drive: Peter Garske, CEO of the Queensland Trucking Association speaks to Gary Hardgrave after a truck driver drove into an Annerley home after losing control on a notorious stretch of road known as “rollover corner”.

Catch up with Ken Sparkes

Ken Sparkes 4BC Drive: Best known as the voice of Channel 9 and Ten, Ken Sparkes joins Gary Hardgrave to reflect on his career in radio and television and his new television show, Jukebox Saturday Night reliving the classic hits of the 70s , 80s and 90s.

Uranium mining to resume

Uranium 4BC Drive: Campbell Newman has announced an end to a 30 year ban on uranium mining in Queensland, appointing a small committee to oversee its resumption. Natural Resource Minister Andrew Cripps explains the benefits of the decision.

$1b surplus promised

Wayne Swan 4BC Drive: The 2012-13 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook has seen Treasurer Wayne Swan’s promise of a $1.5b surplus by next year’s budget reduced to $1b. Cuts to private health and the baby bonus will help deliver this result.

The week that was

Misogyny 4BC Drive: The 4BC Drive week that was in Brisbane. Listen now and join the conversation on reviewing the Queensland water restrictions, the 35,000 missing Australians and we ask, are Australian University students overqualified?

Aged care's future in Qld

aged 4BC Drive: The axing of the Eventide nursing home has sparked fears of widespread closures of aged care facilities across Queensland. Aged care provider Jim Toohey joins Gary Hardgrave in studio to discuss the future of our nursing homes.

More scandal for UQ

UQ 4BC Drive: UQ Vice Chancellor Peter Hoj joins Gary Hardgrave to address fresh latest allegations that hundreds of members of the public who let UQ dentistry students practice on them were sent for expensive X-rays at tainted businesses.

Shed happens

shedhappens 4BC Drive: Ian ‘Watto’ Watson is the founder of Shed Happens, a group that encourages men to get together and encourage each other, sharing their problems and offering support to each other in tough times.

Electricity payment pains

electricity 4BC Drive: A draft productivity report is recommending the introduction of cost-based electricity pricing to make prices fairer. Inquiry Commissioner Philip Weickhardt joins Gary Hardgrave with the details.

Brisbane Airport's woes

Brisbane Airport 4BC Drive: Brisbane Airport Corporation Spokesperson Leonie Vandeven joins Gary Hardgrave to explain what the future holds for Brisbane airport after publically admitting the current pick up system has been a financial failure.

Misogyny: redefined

Misogyny 4BC Drive: Editor of the Macquarie Dictionary Susan Butler speaks to Gary Hardgrave after it was announced that the definition of “misogyny” had been updated following recent debate in Parliament and the public forum alike.

Million dollar elephant

elephant art 4BC Drive: State Arts Minister Rod Bates is questioning the instalment of a $1m elephant sculpture outside Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art in South Brisbane. The sculpture was commissioned by the previous State Government.

Gen Y panel: Sexism in politics

Generation Y panel 4BC Drive: 4BC Drive’s Generation Y youth panel is in studio again, tackling the big issues of the week including sexism in politics, the possibility of a ‘name and shame’ sex offender website in Queensland and the future of Australian food securtiy.

Howard reflects on Bali

John Howard 4BC Drive: On the eve of the tenth anniversary of the Bali bombings, Former Prime Minister in office at the time, John Howard, joins Gary Hardgrave to reflect on where he was when he first heard the news.

Logan mayor takes your calls

Mayor Pam Parker 4BC Drive: Mayor of Logan City in the hot seat this week, with big plans for the future of Logan City, including the development of 14 mini-hubs for locals to work, eat, play & shop, decentralising the city and reducing carbon footprints.

Lift water restrictions

water-thumb 4BC Drive: Queensland Water and Energy Minister Mark McArdle has denied plans to ease water restrictions, despite earlier claiming current restrictions were “under review”. Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Tim Mulherin, joins Gary Hardgrave.

Standardised teaching

teacher 4BC Drive: Associate Professor Heather Fehring joins Gary Hardgrave in what becomes a heated discussion on the viability of the NAPLAN education system. They discuss why high achieving teachers aren’t paid more.

Overqualified uni graduates

graduate 4BC Drive: Nicole Wakefield, Human Capital Partner at Deloitte joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss the increase in university graduates unable to find real world jobs. Job seekers say they aren’t being considered for high end jobs.

Australia for sale

Ausbuy 4BC Drive: Ausbuy CEO Lynn Wilkinson joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss the possible sale of one of Australia’s largest fruit and vegetable wholesalers set to be bought by a China based company.

Hicks seeks damages

David Hicks. 4BC Drive: Visiting Fellow at the QUT Law School Alister McAdam joins Gary Hardgrave after it was revealed that David Hicks would be seeking damages against the Australian Government after the charge he was convicted was ruled invalid.

Paralysing flu

Flu 4BC Drive: Shara Helmstedt is an active mother of three from Toowoomba who suffered nerve damage from influenza B, leaving her temporarily paralysed and hospitalised.

Flyover: cancelled in last minute

Pilot Des Porter and his vintage aircraft 4BC Drive: The memorial flyover scheduled for tomorrow to commemorate the lives of Des Porter and Co on board the light plane that crashed on the Sunshine Coast last week has been cancelled by air traffic control.

Sandrine Jourdan missing

Sandrine Jourdan 4BC Drive: While the country was talking about Allison Baden-Clay and Jill Meagher, Sunshine Coast mother of three Sandrine Jourdan has gone missing, yet few people have seen or heard anything about her.

Family of eight update

Woman and seven children escape fire 4BC Drive: Riverview mother of seven, Robyn, joined Gary Hardgrave just hours after her home was destroyed by fire in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale joins Gary with the latest on the council’s search.

Close call: QANTAS

Qantas 4BC Drive: Two QANTAS planes came dangerously close to collision last week when they flew just 250m away from each other, sparking an investigation into air traffic control working that day.

Indooroopilly's gold

gold 4BC Drive: Brisbane prospector Cory Dale believes a fortune of gold is buried deep below the Walter Taylor Bridge in Indooroopilly. He joins Gary Hardgrave to explain the logistical difficulties of extracting the gold.

One way sexism

Shadow Minister for Industry Sophie Mirabella 4BC Drive: Shadow Minister for Industry Sophie Mirabella joins Gary Hardgrave to criticize the Government’s “convenient sexism” and the double standard of condemning Tony Abbott for alleged misogynistic behaviour.

Doctors must report unfit to drive

older driver 4BC Mornings: Doctors must report any patient assessed as unfit to drive to a state government register under a legislative change proposed by the state’s peak motoring body as part of a licensing review. Motoring Expert Russell White tells Greg Cary his thoughts on the paper.

Message to the Minister

State Education Minister John Paul Langbroek 4BC Drive: State Education Minister John Paul Langbroek speaks to Gary Hardgrave in studio and takes listener calls on Queensland education & traineeships in our workplaces. Listen now and have your say.

Jon Stevens in the chatroom

Jon Stevens 4BC Drive: Jon Stevens, lead singer of Noiseworks and now featuring in the 10th Anniversary Tour Long Way To The Top, joins Walter on the couch for a more personal chat. Listen now and have your say.

Dob in taxi drivers

taxi 4BC Drive: Queenslanders are being urged to dob in taxi drivers who refuse to take them on short trips. The Taxi Council Queensland has launched a crackdown on the practice and say repeat offenders may be booted out of the industry.

Businesswoman of the year

therese 4BC Drive: Wife of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein is a successful businesswoman in her own right, having just been named the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year. She speaks to Gary Hardgrave about her business secrets.

Sue Boyce resigns

Liberal Senator Sue Boyce 4BC Drive: Queensland Senator Sue Boyce joins Gary Hardgrave in studio as Boyce announces her plan to retire from politics in 2014. Boyce is also concerned about the lack of women within the party and hopes a woman will replace her.

Banks to scan retinas

Retina 4BC Drive: In an effort to beat rival banks in the realm of technology, ANZ has floated the concept of retina scanning automatic teller machines as well as electronic fingerprints. Futurist Ross Dawson joins Gary Hardgrave about the high tech plans.

A sad goodbye

A memorial to Jill Meagher at the site where her body was found in Gisborne South. (Photo: Justin McManus) 4BC Drive: A private service was held this morning for murdered Melbourne woman Jill Meagher, with family and friends releasing doves in her memory. 3AW Reporter Phoebe O’Sullivan spoke to Gary Hardgrave about the days proceedings.

HSU boss: 20 charges

Michael Williamson. 4BC Drive: Acting President of the Health Services Union Chris Brown speaks to Gary Hardgrave following news that former HSU boss Michael Williamson is facing 20 criminal charges. Listen now and have your say.

QANTAS pays back $34m

Qantas 4BC Drive: Iconic Australian airline QANTAS have been ordered by the High Court to pay back $34m in GST they kept from passengers who failed to show up for their flights. Listen now and have your say.

Murderer on free ride

Wacol man 4BC Drive: A 29 year old Wacol man convicted of murdering his brother has been found south of Melbourne after escaping a mental health facility last week. What hasn’t been reported is that Grant may have had access to disability pension.

Week that was

Wavebreak Island 4BC Drive: The week that was on 4BC Drive for the week ending September 28 including the grandson of Vegemite's founder. The controversial Wavebreak Island development and more.

Lord Mayor takes your call

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk 4BC Drive: Lord Mayor Graham Quirk joins Gary Hardgrave in studio to touch on the local issues of the week and also takes listener calls. Listen now and have your say.

The King votes for Meninga

wally lewis 4BC Drive: Rugby League legend Wally Lewis admits to Gary Hardgrave that he was not invited to vote on the appointment of 8th immortal Andrew Johns. Wally says if he was given the choice, his vote probably would have gone to Mal Meninga.

Toxic teachers

teacher-thumb 4BC Drive: There are growing concerns that our school teachers are passing on bad habits to school students, because they themselves weren’t very good at school. This follows calls to review the OP score needed to get into university.

Celebrity housing estate

Maddison Estate 4BC Drive: A Kelly Slater wave pool, Natalie Cook beach volleyball centre and Samantha Riley swim school will all be part of a new $1b housing estate on the Gold Coast. The estate is still 2 years off but is an exciting new development for SEQ.

Union boss arrested

union 4BC Drive: Former Health Services Union (HSU) national president Michael Williamson has arrived at Sydney's Maroubra Police Station. He is expected to be charged later in the day over his involvement in the HSU scandal. The HSU scandal has embroiled suspended Labor MP Craig Thomson, a former national secretary of the union and made matters difficult for the federal government.

Teen "sexting"

Sexting 4BC Drive: Following reports of children as young as 12 “sexting” (taking sexually explicit photos of themselves and sending them to friends), Senior Sergeant Stephen Loth spoke to Gary Hardgrave to warn young people of the issue.

Horror highway

Bruce Highway needs more funding 4BC Drive: Premier Campbell Newman has attacked the Federal Government for not putting more funds towards maintaining the Bruce Highway. This comes after a horror crash killed five people over the long weekend.

Empty apology from Jones

Alan Jones 4BC Drive: Was Alan Jones' 45 minute apology empty? Contributing Editor of The Australian, Peter van Onselen joins Mark Braybrook to give his thoughts on Alan Jones’ comments suggesting Julia Gillard’s "father died of shame."

Wasted lives?

Major General John Cantwell 4BC Drive: Has the loss of 38 Aussie troops been in vain? Major General John Cantwell has claimed that the loss of 38 Aussie troops has been wasted and that nothing in Afghanistan has improved since we have been over there.

Justice by social media

Jill Meagher 4BC Drive: The case of missing Melbourne woman Jill Meagher has arguably been the most discussed case on social media this country has ever seen. Listen now and have your say.

No bills: Origin

electricity 4BC Drive: 4BC Drive has received dozens of calls from disgruntled Origin Energy customers- some of whom haven’t received a bill since January of this year. So far, Origin has offered few answers as to why these delays are taking place.

Virus: Ransom

4BC Health and Wellbeing: Novel Coronavirus 4BC Drive: Detective Superintendent Brian Hay speaks to Gary Hardgrave live in studio to warn small businesses around South East Queensland of the Ransom virus that is seizing personal information from both the business and their customers.

Lady Flo backs Palmer

Lady Flo 4BC Drive: Earlier today Lady Flo Bjelke-Peterson released a statement in support of mining magnate Clive Palmer and his role in the LNP. She joins Gary Hardgrave to explain why she is behind Palmer.

Rudd's seat challenged

Bill-Glasson 4BC Drive: Former Australian Medical Association Chief, Dr Bill Glasson, has been selected by the LNP to challenge Kevin Rudd for his Griffith seat in the next election. He joins Gary Hardgrave to discuss why he made the decision.

Stop "victim blaming"

Jill Meagher 4BC Drive: Freelance writer Clementine Ford has called for an end to social media conspiracies following the disappearance of Melbourne woman, Jill Meagher, and urges people to stop speculating and let the police do their job.

Energy prices skyrocket

electricity 4BC Drive: State Energy Minister Mark McArdle joins Gary Hardgrave to explain why energy prices are continually rising. The Minister says it is due to the State Government failing to invest in crucial energy infrastructure.

Has Labor lost it's soul

Julia Gillard 4BC Drive: Former Labor Minister Lindsay Tanner catches up with Gary Hardgrave after declaring that Labor had lost its purpose and that removing Kevin Rudd was a big mistake.

Bonuses for sackings

John Battams 4BC Drive: Queensland Council of Unions President John Battams joins Gary Hardgrave after a State Government document was reportedly released offering bonuses to public service chiefs for sacking more staff.

Lord Mayor on Riverfire

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk 4BC Drive: Lord Mayor Graham Quirk joins Gary Hardgrave in studio to touch on Brisbane's issues of the day.

New banknotes

New banknotes 4BC Drive: Australia's banknotes are set for a high-tech upgrade but the Queen's place on the $5 bill is safe. In an effort to keep fraudsters on the back foot, the RBA is working to incorporate new technologies into the banknotes.

Queensland at risk

Professor Tim Flannery 4BC Drive: Environmentalist and former Austrealian of the Year, Professor Tim Flannery, joins Gary Hardgrave in studio to discuss the latest report from the Climate Commission.

Wavebreak Island broken

Wavebreak Island 4BC Drive: Ric Grosvenor, CEO of Sembawang the Singaporean developers that pulled out of the $4.9b Wavebreak Island project on the Gold Coast joins Gary Hardgrave with a scathing attack on the Premier. Listen now & have your say.

Bureaucats take gap year

Paul O'Connor 4BC Drive: A new report reveals Comcare compensation for costs Australians $316m a year- a third of which is attributed to “mental stress” leave. This means public servants are allowed more time to recover than victims of car accidents.

Rental tenancy changes

Rental tenacy rules to change 4BC Drive: There has been increasing calls for a review of rental property standards in Queensland following the tragic death of seven week old Isabella Diefenbach, who was killed after her father fell through the floorboards of a property.

AFP now tweeting

Twitter 4BC Drive: In a landmark ruling against cyber-bullying in Australia, Twitter have now agreed to deal directly with the Australian Federal Police who are investigating threats and abuse on its site.

Lord Mayor for a 6 star city

4BC Mornings Graham Quirk 4BC Drive: Lord Mayor Graham Quirk joins Gary Hardgrave in studio to touch on the new countdown pedestrian crossings, revitalising the CBD and Brisbane's aspirations a be a six star city the issues of the week and also takes your calls.

17 to young to be in prison?

4BC Mornings Robert John Fardon 4BC Drive: A report has revealed that Queensland is currently holding 35 young people in adult jails, defying United Nation conventions that protect those 17 and under from serving time in adult prisons. Listen now and have your say.

Solar rip-off

solar-thumb 4BC Drive: The Queensland Competition Authority is proposing a gross feed-in tariff scheme which would see households with solar panels sell all of their energy to the grid and then buy back what they need at a more expensive retail rate.

Smartphone app bills

iphone-thumb 4BC Drive: Anne Buchner is the mother of 9 year old Sylvie who downloaded $600 worth of smart phone apps in the space of three days- much to the shock of her parents when they received the bill. Listen now and have your say.

Princess' topless photos

Would the Women's Weekly publish Kate's photos? 4BC Drive: Helen McCabe, editor of the Australian Women’s Weekly, tells Gary Hardgrave that the publication of Kate Middleton’s topless pictures could result in a boycott by readers of the iconic magazine. Listen now and have your say.

New airport pick-up area

Brisbane Airport 4BC Drive: On the eve of it's opening, Leonie Vandeven, media manager for the Brisbane Airport Corporation joins Gary Hardgrave for the new public pick-up area to open at Brisbane Domestic Airport. Listen now and have your say.

Junior rugby league brawls

Greater Brisbane Junior Rugby League 4BC Drive: Shane McNally, Greater Brisbane Rugby League Operations Manager joins Gary Hardgrave on the weekend brawls at junior rugby league games and the lessons caught and taught in junior sport. Listen now and have your say.

Deport Islamic protestors

Cory Bernardi 4BC Drive: Federal Opposition Senator Cory Bernardi tells Gary Hardgrave that foreign troublemakers involved in the Islamic protests in Sydney on the weekend should be deported. Listen now and have your say.

Islamic council disappointed

Haset Sali 4BC Drive: Haset Sali, founding President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, joins Gary Hardgrave on the riots and how disappointed he is with the general behaviour of the protestors. Listen now and have your say.

The week that was #27

defenceesky-thumb 4BC Drive: Looking back on the week that was the 27th week of 2012 in politics, pop culture and the news by Gary Hardgrave. Listen now and have your say.

Local government reform

locgovt-thumb 4BC Drive: Queensland’s Local Government Minister David Crisafulli joins Gary Hardgrave on Drive commenting on the biggest reform of Local Government in a generation. Listen now and have your say.

Level crossing problems

crash-thumb 4BC Drive: Branch Organiser of the Rail, Tram and Bus Union Shayne Kumerfeld speaks to Gary Hardgrave on the truck and train crash at Banyo and the effects it will have on Queensland train drivers.

Opposition budget reply

Opposition replies to State budget 4BC Drive: State Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk joins Mark Braybrook (filling in for Gary Hardgrave) after she delivered her reply to the Newman Government’s 2012-13 budget.

Single soldiers to celebrate Christmas

Free return travel for single troops 4BC Drive: The Government has overturned the controversial motion to cut Christmas leave travel for single troops. Shadow Minister for Defence Science, Technology & Personnel Stuart Robert has been leading the charge in challenging this motion.