Is chivalry dead?

chiv 4BC Breakfast: Is chivalry dead? 4BC Breakfast’s Roving Reporter Katherine Hornbuckle has been asking whether gallantry survives, and whether women want chivalrous men. Hornbuckle reveals her findings, to Peter and Mary.

Cheap deal for donkeys

donkey 4BC Breakfast: A Boonah woman is leading a campaign to get a better deal - for donkeys. Heike Mach-Behle from Destiny Boonah Eco Cottages joins Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Child: death adder bite

Snake 4BC Breakfast: A Cairns 6-year-old is recovering, after she was bitten on the toe by a death adder snake. Alesha Mills’ Mum Rebecca tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about how scary it was for the family.

Sunburnt Calf: Hurricane Sandy

sand 4BC Breakfast: New York is bunkering down, ahead of Hurricane Sandy’s fury. Matilda Boland works in an Aussie-themed New York restaurant “The Sunburnt Calf”.

Oz Lotto $70 million

lotto 4BC Breakfast: We’ve been trying our Lotto luck, ahead of tonight’s Oz Lotto $70 million jackpot. Roving reporter Katherine Hornbuckle joins Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast, from among the crowds at a city newsagency.

Little Pattie

little pattie 4BC Breakfast: Aussie music legend Little Pattie is bringing a new show to Brisbane. “The Class of ‘69” showcases the women who were in music in the late 60s, including her! Little Pattie joins 4BC Breakfast.

Home invaders

plane 4BC Breakfast: Elderly Brisbane homeowners have faced Intruders, in separate incidents over the weekend. In one attack, a woman was slashed across the face. Lawyer Cameron Browne of Potts joins 4BC Breakfast.

Men are broke

bett 4BC Breakfast: There’s a financial mismatch in the mature singles scene – the men are often broke! Sex therapist Bettina Arndt explores the issue, with Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Aussie sumo

sumo 4BC Breakfast: Have you heard about the Aussie sumo? A mild-mannered finance advisor is about to represent Australia in sumo wrestling championships in Hong Kong. John Traill joins Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

What's hot? Looking good

Leg waxing 4BC Breakfast: It’s hot to look good. Waxing and tanning are the nation’s fastest-growing businesses, according to a survey from BRW. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast hear from BRW Editor Kate Mills.

Where do you leave your keys?

Car keys 4BC Breakfast: Police have told residents to hide their car keys at home, to make life harder for car thieves who break in to the home first. Peter and Mary talk to roving reporter Elise Worthington about where we leave our car keys.

"Mood" music

Marvin Gaye 4BC Breakfast: A new study has found the music that gets you “in the mood”. Marvin Gaye gets a look-in, but so does the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast speak to music researcher, Assoc Prof Sarah Wilson.

Tennis club break-in

Miami Tennis Club 4BC Breakfast: Businesses are fighting back, after a rise in the state’s crime rate. Among them is the Miami Tennis Club, which was recently hit by break-ins on a weekly basis. Club Treasurer Helen Hurley tells Peter and Mary how they responded.

Wrong: "i before e"

ibeforee 4BC Breakfast: Remember the “i before e except after c” rule? Apparently it doesn’t stand up, in real life. Language expert Prof Roly Sussex from the University of Queensland has the details for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

London cabs are falling down

CAB 4BC Breakfast: London’s black cabs are on borrowed time, due to a company collapse. UK Correspondent Enda Brady tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast why they’re leaving the roads.

Campbell sells uranium

mining 4BC Breakfast: There’s been a change of heart from the state government, over uranium mining. However it has come out of the blue, as Channel 7 political reporter Patrick Condren explains to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

WWII Japanese invasion myth?

A prominent Australian historian has hosed down the importance of the Kokoda track battle during WWII. 4BC Breakfast: A war historian has stirred up controversy, questioning the military achievements of Australia since Gallipoli. Professor David Horner says it’s a myth the Japanese were set to invade Australia. Listen now and join the conversation.

Cost of living doubled

Cost of living 4BC Breakfast: A decade-long study of the cost of living has shown things like power and water have more than doubled in that time. So what’s behind it? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast hear from Channel 9 finance guru, Ross Greenwood.

Australia wins UN seat

Australia on UN Security Council (Thumbnail) 4BC Breakfast: Australia has won its bid for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council. Foreign Minister Bob Carr attended a meeting in New York overnight for a secret ballot of the UN's 193 members.

Loud Shirt Day

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki joins Peter and Mary for Loud Shirt Day 4BC Breakfast: It’s Loud Shirt Day, and one of the loudest fashion fans around is Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. The author of “20 Shades of Grey Matter” tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about why he loves loud shirts.

Remember The Goodies?

goodies 4BC Breakfast: Remember The Goodies? One of the trio, Graeme Garden, is returning to our TV screens in a new Ch7 show “The Unbelievable Truth”. Garden tells Peter and Mary about his comedy past, and his role in the show.

A wallaby in the UK?

4BC Mornings Wallabies invade 4BC Breakfast: A Wallaby in the UK? A wallaby has been spied on a street in Britain – and it’s not the first time! Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast get UK correspondent Enda Brady to explain.

Amazing rescue, Glenn Ey

yacht 4BC Breakfast: Gold Coast yachtie Glenn Ey is back on dry land after an amazing rescue off NSW. His yacht was damaged during a storm, leaving him drifting for days, before passenger planes were sent to look for him. Glenn joins 4BC Breakfast.

Airport short-term parking

brisbane airport 4BC Breakfast: Brisbane Airport is promising to review its short-term parking arrangements, after a backlash from customers. It’s presently a long walk from the terminal to the pick-up zone. Leonie Vandeven joins Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast. Listen now.

Mexican Shawshank

shawshank 4BC Breakfast: Inmates at a Mexican prison have used a tunnel to make a daring escape. So how did they do it? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast ask the Police Chief in Eagle Pass, Texas, Tony Castaneda. Listen and comment now.

Tough love, worth it?

tough 4BC Breakfast: There are doubts over the benefits of boot camps for young offenders, according to a long-term study. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast ask teen psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg for his opinion. Listen and comment now.

Mike O’Connor

mike oconner 4BC Breakfast Longtime Courier-Mail journalist and columnist Mike O’Connor is preparing to leave the paper. But what about his regular columns? Mike spells out his future to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast. Post Mike a message here. Listen and comment now.

Cancer not a death sentence

cancer 4BC Breakfast: There‘s been a 40 per-cent increase in cancer survival rates, according to a new report from the Institute of Health and Welfare. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast get the details from Dr Bill Glasson, Chair of Cancer Australia.

Kangaroo origin celebration

kanagaroo 4BC Breakfast: Blues Tommy Raudonikis has blasted Queensland’s Kangaroo players, for singing the State of Origin victory song. Tommy tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast why it’s so wrong.

Talent rich, cash poor

talent 4BC Breakfast: Channel 9 could have to make some tough decisions about its on-air talent, if it goes into receivership. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talk to media expert Steve Allen from Fusion Strategy.

Channel Nine’s debt crisis

nine 4BC Breakfast: Talks continue today to solve Channel Nine’s debt crisis. So is there any chance our screens could go blank? The network’s finance guru Ross Greenwood talks to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Family escapes house fire

house fire 4BC Breakfast: A toddler has been rushed to hospital suffering smoke inhalation after a fire broke out at a Logan City home this morning. Eight people were inside the property when the blaze broke out just before 1.30AM but managed to escape.

Susie O’Neill, Hall of Fame

Susie O'Neill 4BC Breakfast: Susie O’Neill has been named a legend, at the Sporting Hall of Fame dinner overnight. O’Neill just the 10th female to receive the honour. Susie talks to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast. Leave your congratulations here.

Slipper portrait

Peter Slipper 4BC Breakfast: Former speaker Peter Slipper could be hanging around a lot more in Parliament House. Slipper set to have a portrait painted, costing taxpayers over $30,000. Fairfax reporter Francis Keany has the details for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Chanel starring Brad Pitt

brad pitt 4BC Breakfast: The new Chanel ad starring Brad Pitt is either brilliantly simple.. or simply awful. It’s cost them a lot to make, so how does it stack up against other advertising icons? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talk to Gruen ad guru Jane Caro.

'Shit, I've been shot!'

sugar 4BC Breakfast: Police are still searching for a bandit who robbed a Gailes pharmacy yesterday, and shot a man who tried to stop him. The victim’s undergone surgery for a leg injury. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast speak to the victim.

Parasitic disease “toxoplasmosis”

worms 4BC Breakfast: New claims about the parasitic disease “toxoplasmosis” have been aired on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night. It’s claimed schizophrenia and even road rage are linked to the infection, Dr Ginni Mansberg joins Breakfast.

Suburb "car density"

cars 4BC Breakfast: There’s a growing divide in Australia – over cars. Some suburbs stand out for their “car density” – how many vehicles the locals own. Demographer Bernard Salt explains the phenomenon to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Bali: 10 years on

gillard 4BC Breakfast: Security is tight in Bali, ahead of Julia Gillard’s arrival for a ceremony marking 10 years. However Indonesian authorities have reportedly downgraded their alert from a “specific” threat. Peter and Mary talk with Expert Dr Keith Suter.

Matt Preston with Breakfast

preston 4BC Breakfast: Masterchef judge Matt Preston is going from reality TV, to a small screen comedy. Preston acting in the new ABC series of “Lowdown”. Preston tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about whether they let him wear his cravat.

Christmas, already?

xmas 4BC Breakfast: It’s only October, but already Brisbane residents are putting up their Christmas lights. Among them is Everton Hills resident Tim Brinums, who’s hoping to set a record! Brinums explains the attempt to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Count Basie Orchestra

band 4BC Breakfast: The legendary Count Basie Orchestra performs in Brisbane tomorrow at QPAC. It’ll be under the direction of drummer Dennis Mackrel, who was hired by the late Count himself. Mackrel tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Britain’s Naked Rambler

naked 4BC Breakfast: Britain’s Naked Rambler is back on the streets, and still refusing to wear clothes – except for a good pair of boots. UK Correspondent Enda Brady talks to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about the Naked Rambler.

"Long, indulgent and overdue"

slipper 4BC Breakfast: The Australian says Peter Slipper's resignation speech as Speaker of the House of Representatives last night was long, indulgent and overdue.

Status Quo

status quo 4BC Breakfast: Go the Quo, in 2013! Legendary British rockers Status Quo are heading to Brisbane in March. Wild man of the group Rick Parfitt speaks to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Clayfield murder neighbour

murder 4BC Breakfast: 32-year-old cake decorator Elissa Burnett was shot dead, after she turned up at the home of her former boyfriend Lachlan O’Rourke. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast hear an account from a neighbour, Marlene.

Glenn Frey with Breakfast

glenn ray 4BC Breakfast: It's been almost 20 years since Glenn Frey released his last solo album, Strange Weather. Glenn Frey, the multi-talented mastermind behind the Eagles and gifted solo artist in his own right, joins Peter Dick and Mary Collier.

The Julian Assange Story

assange 4BC Breakfast: Aussie actor Rachel Griffiths plays Julian Assange’s Mum in the Channel 10 special “Underground: The Julian Assange Story”. Griffiths talks to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about playing the role.

Quirkies: Walter Taylor Bridge

bridge 4BC Breakfast: Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spent Thursday morning on the balcony of the Walter Taylor Bridge, to kick off their “quirkies” series of broadcasts. The grandson of Walter Taylor tells them about how the bridge came to be.

Robert Irwin

bob irwin 4BC Breakfast: Like father, like son, Eight-year-old Robert fed freshwater crocs publicly for the first time at Australia Zoo in Queensland today. Robert, who is becoming more like his dad every day, joins Peter Dick and Mary Collier from 4BC Breakfast.

Mullet discrimination

mullett 4BC Breakfast: A Queensland man has been refused admission to a South Australian hotel, because of his mullet. But where did this “business at the front, party at the back” hairstyle come from? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast ask hairdresser John Schipka from Rouge Salon.

John Laws is "perfectly correct"

laws 4BC Breakfast: Alan Jones says fellow broadcaster John Laws is "perfectly correct" in his criticism of him. Laws told ABC TV on Tuesday that Jones's comments were "exceedingly cruel and exceedingly hasty".

Cloud cover delays search

maps 4BC Breakfast: Cloud cover has delayed the full scale search for six people who were on board a vintage plan that went missing in southeastern Queensland. The pilot, Des Porter, was one of six people on board the 1930s de Havilland DH84.

Toads, go West

toad 4BC Breakfast: Cane toads are continuing their march across Australia, with fears they could be in Broome Western Australia before too long. Toad expert Prof Rick Shine from Sydney University, explains why they’re so resilient. Listen now.

PM refuses to take Jones call

alan jones 4BC Breakfast: Despite an apology, broadcaster Alan Jones is still facing criticism for his comments about the PM’s father. Julia Gillard has refused to take his call. Michael Pachi in the Fairfax Canberra Bureau joins 4BC Breakfast. Listen now.

March for Jill Meagher

jm 4BC Breakfast: 30,000 Victorians have marched to honour Jill Meagher, after she was allegedly raped and murdered while walking home last week. 3AW reporter Michelle Zydower was there, and she joins Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Collector auctions

matchbox 4BC Breakfast: Sunshine Coast resident Kathy Marshall can’t help but collect things – and now she’s auctioning it all off. Marshall highlights the more unusual items, for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Five people dead, fatal crash

police_tape 4BC Breakfast: Police have identified five people, killed in a fatal crash near Childers late on Sunday. Channel 9’s Allison Ariotti visited the accident scene. Ariotti has the details for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Riverfire Super Hornets

Super Hornet 4BC Breakfast: Super Hornets will feature in tomorrow night’s Riverfire fireworks spectacular. But can they replace the much-loved F111s?

World's loudest bark

4BC The Lounge: Every Man and His Dog 4BC Breakfast: Brisbane is going barking mad tomorrow, with an attempt at the world’s loudest dog bark in the Roma Street Parklands. There’ll be dozens of dogs and their owners there – but how will they get the pets to perform on cue?

Meagher suspect charged

Police find body of missing Jill Meagher (Thumbnail) 4BC Breakfast: A man has been charged over the murder of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher. Meantime police have discovered her body off a dirt road. For the latest, Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast are joined by 3AW reporter Gail Watson.

Class action on 2011 floods

Flood Report 4BC Breakfast: The state government says it’ll use a new report on the 2011 floods as a guide for handling future events. But does the report change residents’ plans for a class action?

Woz to become Australian

Steve Wozniak 4BC Breakfast: Apple co-founder and longtime iPhone enthusiast Steve Wozniak told Peter and Mary that he is becoming an Australian citizen. He surprised iPhone fans by joining the queue outside the Chermside Apple store for the iPhone 5

Australian on trial in UK

Trenton Oldfield 4BC Breakfast: An Australian man’s on trial in the UK, charged with disrupting a prestigious rowing race on the Thames. Enda Brady has the details for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast. Listen now and have your say.

Mobiles cause crashes

Using your mobile phone whilst driving 4BC Breakfast: Figures show mobile phone use is responsible for a third of fatal car crashes in Queensland. So how can we remove the distractions, for drivers? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast ask Russell White from driversafety.com.au

Prima ballerina

Darcey Bussell 4BC Breakfast: Prima ballerina Darcey Bussell is back in Australia, just as she launches a book on her remarkable life. She tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about her many roles over the years.

Narangba action

Nerangba explosion 4BC Breakfast: An explsion at a Narangba industrial estate has prompted fresh calls for noxious industry to be moved away from the area. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast talk to Fran Jell from the Narangba Action Group.

Customer service woes

Harvey Norman 4BC Breakfast: A customer survey by Choice has put Harvey Norman stores at the bottom of the list. Bunnings got top spot, in the shadow shopper study. Retailer Gerry Harvey responds to the research, with Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Kamahl to Obama

Kamahl 4BC Breakfast: The legendary Kamahl will soon have a fan in US President Barack Obama. Kamahl’s recital of the famous Gettysburg Address will soon be sent to the President. He explains to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast how it came about.

Radio plays

Bill Gates 4BC Breakfast: Remember how popular radio plays once were? They still survive today, but the ABC is reportedly cutting its plays, to save money. Brisbane radio legend Bill Gates reminds Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about the greats.

Vale Andy Williams

'Moon River' singer Andy Williams dies (Thumbnail) 4BC Breakfast: Crooner Andy Williams has passed away, aged 84. He was performing right up until he announced he was battling cancer late last year.

Wharf development

Howard Smith wharves 4BC Breakfast: There’s a fresh plan to develop Brisbane’s Howard Smith wharves, despite the previous government ruling out construction due to flood risk. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk tells Peter and Mary about the proposed makeover.

NRL's week of hype

Melbourne Storm 4BC News: Just another game. Not just another week. Melbourne know all about NRL grand finals, going into their fifth in the past seven seasons. For the Storm, it means going to Sydney earlier than normal before a Sunday game.

Moon River crooner dies

'Moon River' singer Andy Williams dies (Thumbnail) 4BC Breakfast: Crooner Andy Williams has passed away, aged 84. He was performing right up until he announced he was battling bladder cancer late last year.

Thommo's memorabilia

Jeff 'Thommo' Thomson 4BC Breakfast: Cricket great Jeff Thomson is selling off memorabilia, to pay off his knee replacement surgery. It now looks like the entire collection will be sold to a Sunshine Coast collector. Listen now and have your say.

Bee Gees statue

Robin Gibbs 4BC Breakfast: Moreton Bay Council is finalising plans for a statue at Redcliffe, honouring the Bee Gees in their boyhood home. Mayor Allan Sutherland tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast, about how the tribute is coming along.

Steve Wozniak at Chermside

Steve Wozniak 4BC Breakfast: Apple co-founder and longtime iPhone enthusiast Steve Wozniak surprised iPhone fans by joining the queue outside the Chermside Apple store this morning. Wozniak joins the 4BC Breakfast show. Listen now.

Barry Gibb Sunday Night

Robin Gibb 4BC Breakfast: Barry Gibb is only just coming to terms with the loss of his brothers. That’s revealed in a Sunday Night interview with the star. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast catch up with the reporter who spoke to Barry, Rahni Sadler.

Power bands: just a scam?

powerbands 4BC Breakfast: Did you ever have a copper bracelet, or a “power band”? It seems the latest fad is amber necklaces, to help settle babies. Health authorities don’t agree they work, Peter and Mary talk with amber necklace seller Tanya Gosney.

Pre-pay petrol

petrol 4BC Breakfast: A rise in “drive-offs” at service stations has prompted calls for pre-pay petrol pumps. The RACQ’s Paul Turner tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast whether the move could work. Do you agree?

Train messages via radio

railway 4BC Breakfast: Drivers approaching railway crossings will be warned about oncoming trains via messages broadcast over their car radios under a Queensland trial. The state government has shortlisted three organisations to take on the $1 million Technology Trial.

Unhappy with Newman

newman 4BC Breakfast: The Queensland premier's political fortunes continue to slide in the wake of his government's cost-cutting budget, a new poll shows. A ReachTel poll of 1140 voters has found more people are unhappy with Campbell Newman's performance as premier.

The Harlem Tenor

harlem 4BC Breakfast: Noah Stewart is known as The Harlem Tenor, and he’s winning fans with his debut opera album, ahead of a visit to Australia. Stewart tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast about growing up in a musical household.

League brawls at final

league 4BC Breakfast: The QRL will investigate weekend violence at junior rugby league games, involving players and parents. Junior League CEO Shane McNally has the latest on the investigation, for Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Cowboys coach previews Manly

Neil Henry 4BC Breakfast: The North Queensland Cowboys have advanced to the NRL semi-finals following a convincing 33-16 victory over the Broncos in Townsville. Cowboys coach Neil Henry joins Sports Today to dissect the win.

Free gold bar

Gold Bar 4BC Breakfast: A NSW woman, who found a gold bar on a beach and handed it into police, is now allowed to keep it! After a few weeks of searching for the owner, police have awarded the $18,000 bar to her.

4 day work week

Four-day working week 4BC Breakfast: Companies in the US and France have instituted four-day working weeks – but could it work in Australia too? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast ask Richard Denniss from The Australia Institute.

RFS hit hard by budget

Rural Fire Service 4BC Breakfast: The Rural Fire Service says the state budget has hit its ranks hard, with training staff to be laid off next year. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast are joined by Justin Choveaux of the Rural Fire Service Association.

State budget affects nurses

The Nurses Union is trying to determine the budget's effect on staffing 4BC Breakfast: The Nurses Union is still trying to determine the effect on staffing from the state budget. Secretary Beth Mohle tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast how nurses are coping with job losses.

Avoid allergies

Pet owners are being urged to be extra vigilant and protect their pets against tick bites this summer. 4BC Breakfast: How you live can help you avoid allergies. New research shows having siblings or a dog can help kids stay free of them. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast speak to GP Ginni Mansberg.

50% of workers steal

More than half of workers have stolen from their work, according to a new study. 4BC Breakfast: More than half of workers have stolen from their work, according to a new study. And sometimes, a small theft can lead to bigger things! Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast get the stats from Andrew Marty of SACS H-R.

The living fake dead

morgan freeman 4BC Breakfast: Did you hear about the death of Morgan Freeman, last weekend? If you did, it was false. Rumours are spreading quickly through social media, as QUT pop culture expert Susan Hetherington tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

So whats best, organic?

fruit 4BC Mornings: Weekly regular Dr Carole Hungerford speaks to Greg Cary about the controversial claims made on the Breakfast program this week of the merits of organic food. Listen and comment now.

Emporium, Australia's best

emporium 4BC Breakfast: Brisbane’s Emporium has won Best Boutique Hotel in Australia, for the fourth time! So what’s the secret to picking up repeat awards? Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast ask Emporium’s General Manager, Peter Savoff.

Michael Clarke Duncan, dead

green mile 4BC News: Michael Clarke Duncan, the hulking, prolific character actor whose dozens of films included an Oscar-nominated performance as a death row inmate in The Green Mile and otherhits as Armageddon, Planet of the Apes and Kung Fu Panda, is dead at age 54.

What's best, organic or non-organic?

fruit 4BC Breakfast: A new US study claims organic food is not much better for you than the regular produce. But are there other advantages, for organic? Dr Ginni Mansberg talks to Mark and Victoria from 4BC Breakfast.

The Brisbane Festival

brisbane festival 4BC Breakfast: The Brisbane Festival begins on Saturday, with the famous light show back again. Technical Director Jono Perry tells Mark and Sally from 4BC Breakfast about what’s in store..

Loyalty cards, worth it?

loyalty 4BC Breakfast: Loyalty cards from shops crowd our purses and wallets, but are they any good? Mark and Victoria from 4BC Breakfast ask Ingrid Just from Choice about the benefits. Do you agree? Listen and comment now.

Aussie icons sold off

bligh 4BC Breakfast: Iconic Aussie magazines like the Women’s Weekly and TV Week are going into foreign hands. A German publisher will own the titles, as well as the Logies. Ch9’s Finance guru Ross Greenwood explains the buyout.

Gerard sells behind bars

Baden-Clay Gallery 4BC Breakfast: Even though he’s in a prison cell at the moment, Gerard Baden-Clay has managed to sell an investment property he owned with murdered wife Allison and other family members. News LTD reporter Alison Sandy explains the move.