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Analysis: Russia attacks Ukraine

Posted by: Candice Marshall | Candice Marshall 25 July, 2014 - 7:19 AM
4BC Breakfast: Hostilities escalate on the Russian/  eastern Ukraine border.

4BC Breakfast: Reports filtered in throughout this morning of Russian artillery fire into eastern Ukraine.

The Russian military’s latest attacks are being described as a clear escalation of hostilities in the region, with Russia estimated to now have approximately 12 000 troops on the Ukraine border. 

This information has been released from the United States Department of Defence. 

Foreign affairs commentator, Dr Keith Suter, told Ian and Loretta these attacks are a significant development in the ongoing conflict.

It means that Russia is clearly more involved in the conflict in eastern Ukraine than it has been willing to admit.” 

“Possibly, we’re looking at the death of Ukraine because it is going to be very difficult to try to maintain this entire country.

Dr Suter also said this latest information confirms The Pentagon’s interest in the conflict. 

“Don’t forget a thousand people have been killed in that area since April and so the Americans are flying over and monitoring it with all their intelligence satellites.”

LISTEN: Listen to Dr Keith Suter’s full analysis.

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The Beatles' secret hinterland trip

Posted by: Candice Marshall | Candice Marshall 11 June, 2014 - 10:15 AM
4BC Breakfast:  The Beatles secretly retreated to Mount Tamborine.

4BC Breakfast: Today 50 years ago, the Beatles touched down in Australia for a national tour.  

After whipping up a frenzy across the country, the band’s last stop was Brisbane, performing two final concerts at Festival Hall on June 30 at 6pm and 8pm that night.

Beatles enthusiast Jeff Black told Ian and Loretta the 1964 tour was an important turning point in Australia’s youth culture and kicked off his passion for collecting Beatles memorabilia.

The big jump

Beatles enthusiast and memorabilia collector Jeff Black

Jeff said The Beatles also took some time away from the fan circus in Brisbane, secretly retreating to Mount Tamborine. 

“It was secret right up until the following day when The Courier Mail, with a couple of paragraphs, reported it.”

Jeff said stories of the  Mount Tamborine visit have rarely been told.

“There are some things around [the visit]  that make for very interesting reading,  it’s almost like a cold case.”

Apparently the members of the band drove to Waterford then borrowed two MGBs from locals. 

“Two members of the Brisbane community loaned them their MGBs… and just waited and waited for them to come back.”

Jeff is such a big fan, he has researched every moment of The Beatles's trip up the mountain.  

He recalls “they’re going through the old highway, they turned off to Mount Tamborine, they went for a walk around the scenic reserve and Curtis waterfalls. They then went back and had lunch, after lunch was over, at the Eagle Heights Hotel… they had soup, mixed grill, ice-cream and full salad - payed for by Paul with English money.”  

Jeff is also the curator of the Beatles exhibition at Toowoomba’s Cobb+Co. Museum. Check the website for details. 


Listen to Jeff’s full conversation with Ian and Loretta

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Pauline Hanson feels for Ricky Muir

Posted by: Candice Marshall | Candice Marshall 10 June, 2014 - 8:38 AM
4BC Breakfast: Ricky Muir during his embarrassing television interview.

4BC Breakfast: Pauline Hanson sympathises with Ricky Muir.

The former high-profile politician has some advice for Independent Senator Ricky Muir, who stumbled through an embarrassing TV interview on Sunday night.
Ricky Muir has since been advised not to undertake any more media interviews for the time being.

Ms Hanson told Ian and Loretta he should never have agreed to the interview in the first place.


Whoever advised him to do that interview did the wrong thing. You don't do interviews like that, and it shouldn't be taped, because they cut and slice it and put across what they want to.

Ms Hanson said she can see parallels between her situation when she was in politics, and with Ricky Muir’s situation now.

“If anyone in this country has ever been in that position I’d say that I have - I wasn’t in a position to hold balance of power or anything like that at all - but the fact is that I was seized upon by the media and from then on it was just continually trying to pull me down, have a go at me.”

Click here to watch Ricky Muir’s interview on Channel 7's ‘Sunday Night’ program.


Listen to Pauline Hanson's full conversation with Ian and Loretta.

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Young teen faces jail

Posted by: Candice Marshall | Candice Marshall 26 May, 2014 - 12:01 PM
Justice thumb

4BC Breakfast: A 14-year-old ‘bully’ has been committed to stand trial for grievous bodily harm after alleged claims he crash-tackled a fellow student as they walked to class in May last year.

Education Queensland and the accused’s parents also have been hit with lawsuits over the high school incident.Criminal Lawyer Bill Potts discussed the issue with Ian and Loretta. 

“These are serious criminal matters and it must be terrifying for everybody involved,” Mr Potts said. 

As for the lawsuits, Mr Potts doesn’t agree the parents of the accused should be charged.

“I don’t like that idea, unless the parents have encouraged the child to do this type of thing, or there has been some grouse failure in parenting.

“However the school of course has an obligation to provide a safe place for people to be educated... we send our kids off to school to learn, to have a good time, and not to end up with a broken leg and a shattered jaw.”

What we're seeing is something that frightens everybody... If kids are doing these types of things invariably something is wrong.


As for the lawsuits involved, Mr Potts said Australians are becoming more ‘litigation aware’.

“Unfortunately in America I suspect litigation is a sport and a hobby... But in this particular case I suspect the parents [of the victim] want some form of compensation for his medical injuries and the ongoing expense.

“I worry, however, that we’re seeing more violence, more litigation, and I suspect less responsibility.”

LISTEN:Criminal Lawyer Bill Potts

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Returned soldiers: We'll help

Posted by: Gordon Campbell | Gordon Campbell 25 April, 2014 - 9:21 AM
Mates 4 Mates

4BC Breakfast: One of the hardest things for returning soldier is being able to readjust to normal life. This is where Mates 4 Mates comes in.

Michael Quinn is the CEO of Mates 4 Mates, and he tells Ian and Loretta why this charity exists.

"Mates 4 Mates came together because we realised that there were so many young men and women that need support in times of need, and have given so much to their country through service, and they deserve and are requiring services like physical and psychological rehabilitation," said Michael.

"We offer a range of services including Adventure challenges which stretches them both physically and psychologically and that really aids in their rehabilitation."

Brave Mates meet HRH Prince Harry

Mates 4 Mates offers a unique rehabilitation program.

Ian Skippen pointed out the fundraising arm of the charity, and highlighted an upcoming big bike ride.

"There's a ride called 'Ride West' that leaves Brisbane and heads all the way out to Longreach, raising money, not only for Mates 4 Mates but also the Royal Flying Doctor's Service, so two wonderful charities that deserves the community's support."

Mates 4 Mates on a trip to the Kokoda Trail

"The money raised by activities like 'Ride West' and many others, goes directly to supporting the veterans, the wounded, injured and ill, current and ex-serving defence force personnel and their families in times of need through physical and psychological rehabilitation programs."

Loretta highlighted the website - which you can visit at mates4mates.org - and some of the sections on the site: Brave Mates and Great Mates.

Michael explained, "The Great Mates are those people that support us, so there's a number of high profile Australians that put up their hand to show their support for Mates 4 Mates."

With names like Hugh Jackman, Darren Lockyer and John Eels, they have some great support behind them.

Chris McHugh talks about Mates 4 Mates

Hugh Jackman highlights the work of Mates 4 Mates

LISTEN: Michael Quinn, CEO of Mates 4 Mates explains the philosophy behind the program

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