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Why Chris Davis flipped to ALP

Posted by: Candice Marshall | Candice Marshall 28 July, 2014 - 7:42 AM

4BC Breakfast: Queensland's Former assistant health minister Dr Chris Davis has applied to join the Labor party, just two days after resigning from the LNP.

Dr Davis told 4BC's Ian and Loretta he made his decision after “listening to the electorate”.

“We saw the electorate last weekend in Stafford send out an amazing message… there has never been such a massive swing at a by-election, “he said.

The concerns of Queenslanders are absolutely paramount in my mind and I absolutely identify with them… so I ’ve got behind a party that I believe will best serve Queenslanders.

In defending how he could change political alliances and values so quickly, Dr Davis responded “What we have now, in my opinion, is a very different LNP to the one we had in 2012.”

Dr Davis must now wait to see if his application to join the LNP is successful, but regardless of the outcome, he says will be voting Labor from now on.


LISTEN:Dr Chris Davis' full conversation with Ian and Loretta.

On a mobile? Download here.


AG considers club drug tests

Posted by: Jaime Wells | Jaime Wells 30 January, 2014 - 1:21 PM
Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie

4BC Mornings: There has been 116 investigations into serving alcohol to drug people, but only two have been successfully prosecuted. Are the current laws too difficult to enforce? Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie joins Patrick Condren to respond to this statistic and floats the idea of drug testing in clubs.

Qld Hotelliers Association CEO Justin O'Connor also joins Patrick and says the law is too subjective, asking for pub workers to assess levels of intoxication based on speech and movements.

Listen in and have your say.

Union calls for cop safety laws

Posted by: Jaime Wells | Jaime Wells 17 January, 2014 - 12:17 PM
Ian Leavers

4BC Mornings: Qld Police Union President Ian Leavers tells Patrick Condren he is calling for new laws to protect officers against bikies gathering surveillance. These calls follow the arrest of three alleged Rebel bikie members, where laminated photos identifying two police officers (one male, one female) were found in the club house.

Leavers tells Condren there are two many ways gang members can access personal information about law enforcement officers, and would like the State Government to act now.

Listen in and have your say. 

Spin Cycle- Week 1

Posted by: Jaime Wells | Jaime Wells 16 January, 2014 - 1:05 PM
Spin Cycle

4BC Mornings: Each week, Patrick Condren will be sifting through the spin with marketing and advertising gurus Simon Dell from Two Cents Marketing Group in Fortitude Valley and Dr Edwina Luck from QUT's Advertising School.

This week, Spin Cycle features the Australian Open. With extreme heat plaguing Melbourne, a number of players have questioned tournament organisers for allowing play to continue in 42 degree heat. So what would happen to the Australian Open brand if tragedy were to occur?

Bernard Tomic continues to polarise the Australian public. How would you rebrand his image?

And Apple are on the eve of opening their 3rd Brisbane store. Should we expect queues down the street or has Apple lost it's crunch?

Listen in and have your say.


Robert John Fardon on "tight leash"

Posted by: Staff Writers | Staff Writers 16 January, 2014 - 12:22 PM
4BC Mornings Robert John Fardon

4BC Mornings: Patrick Condren joins Carol Ronken from Bravehearts, Annastacia Palaszczuk, State Opposition leader and David Crisafulli, Acting Attorney General to discuss whether serial sex offenders should be given their freedom.