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Toy gun buy-back

Posted by: Staff writers | 18 December, 2012 - 5:27 PM
Toy gun

4BC Drive: Two Adelaide mothers have come under fire for planning a Facebook event that encourages parents to "buy back" their kids' toy guns for $5 a toy, following the tragic elementary school massacre in Connecticut over the weekend.

The concept has been flooded with abusive comments on social media.

One of the mothers involved, Catherine Blanch joins Gary Hardgrave to explain the reasoning behind the concept and stresses that she doesn't mind other people allowing their kids to use toy guns, she would just prefer hers not to.

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  • Do not make it so hard Craig, it is not a game teach them factually and repition of lesson in best but let them be kids first.

    mick Thursday 20 December, 2012 - 11:25 PM
  • I'd much rather see parents teaching their kids safety and responsibility. Issue them a toy gun licence and take it away from them if they point their gun at anyone else. Much like a NZ teacher did many years ago.

    Craig Thursday 20 December, 2012 - 12:02 PM
  • Excuse me Terry! Both of these over protective mothers. had children that were on the spectrum, these kids find it hard to socialise and quite often are teased at school. These poor mums have no choice but to homeschool these kids, because of the continual bullying they face in the educational system, and due to a failing mental health system in both countries!

    Josie Wednesday 19 December, 2012 - 11:46 PM
  • refering to 'become ALL you can be.....weds 19-12-2012..10.10am,
    what an excellent comment.this is such a sick and blatant truth,usually diluted with 'are your children getting fruit'? as in england with the'5 a day'.all the fruit in the world wont cover the wide scale lack of health care dished out.we were very fortunate to get the NHS but for how long will it go on under this 'poor hating' government in the uk? its bad enough how the financial side of living is a nightmare for even working people of low paid jobs but there is a dark wicked undercurrent that i sense and it is more than paranoia, its having no way to fight back 'helpless' against bastard bullies who even steel our children.

    terrywalsh Wednesday 19 December, 2012 - 11:34 AM
  • Part 1

    Symbolism gone crazy explains it all and Gary Hardgrave outlined it perfectly. She said it is her choice so be it, keep it to yourself and leave the kids and the rest of us alone, you have had your 5 minutes of fame. One absolute fact about this United States school atrocity it took 10 miuntes for the police to get there and all the victims were already dead as was the shooter before thier arrival. It is only young people who are doing this type of crime and it is time to deal with the real issues in America and it can only be done by Americans. People here are only about being symbolic, sure we had a gun buy back after the Port Arthur tragedy but has it worked, we all thought we were all warm fuzzy and safe but that is a delusion. Now it is only the criminals who have the guns and it does not seem too hard for them to get them. The police who also have them but remember Penelope Pratt who was murdered in Melbourne 2010, the fact is the police are never there when needed the rest of us are just victims on the hoof waiting for the crime to happen to us.

    mick Wednesday 19 December, 2012 - 10:31 AM
  • Part 2

    As an example just look at Western Sydney and this is not an isolated case in Australia. The continued feminisation of our boys only adds to the problem, teach them about guns teach them commonsense and real values only then they will understand, how about being a real mum like they used to be and in a lot of cases today how about being a real dad. First these new age parents need to develop these attributes themselves. Another common fact that Australia has with Sandy Hook is that Adam Lanza and Australia's Martin Bryant had in common is that they both had controlling and doting mothers with disengaged fathers, and they were both being home schooled by thier mothers ie withdrawn from socialisation and overprotected. Yes Catherine Blanch guns are an issue, we here in Australia need to teach our kids properly with both parents involved and not leave them ignorant as you are choosing to do wrapping them in cotton wool which is not the solution or even part of the solution.

    mick Wednesday 19 December, 2012 - 10:31 AM

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