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PM deals with Woodridge violence

Posted by: Staff writers | 16 January, 2013 - 10:33 AM

4BC News: Prime Minister Julia Gillard has flagged a new national approach to deal with violence in suburban Australia.

Ms Gillard told a cybersafety launch in Sydney on Wednesday she was concerned about two violent incidents in recent days including a confrontation in Woodridge, south of Brisbane, and a fatal shooting in Sydney's southwest.

She said people who lived in suburban parts of the country deserved to live in an environment where they felt safe and secure.

"Whilst these questions are always principally for state governments and for our police authorities they do concern me," Ms Gillard said.

While state police were doing an "incredibly tough job in very difficult circumstances" the federal government also had a role to play.

"At this time all levels of government need to be doing everything that can be done to address this violence," Ms Gillard said.

She has asked Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare to prepare for cabinet some options to address the violence and to explore the limits of the federal government's legal and constitutional responsibilities.

"We will be working through that because I am very concerned about the circumstances for communities in Sydney's west and more broadly."

Law and order was also an issue at the 2010 federal election.

During that campaign Labor launched a policy of new controls on dangerous weapons such as knuckledusters, electronic shock devices and flick knives.

The coalition promised a national database of violent gangs to track the activities of such groups around the country.

At that time, a series of knife attacks and gangland wars were in the headlines.

The prime minister's office had no further detail about the proposed strategy.

Comment was being sought from Mr Clare.

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  • Here Here Mick someone that sees the common sense. She's responsible for more than broken promises...we will be on our way to ruin if she continues pretending to be the prime minister !!

    Jackie Wednesday 16 January, 2013 - 2:07 PM
  • Can smell more civil liberties and freedom of speach are under further attack. She is Australia's greatest shame, and now she is going to use her father's Welsh communist teachings and values to further ruin the country in trying to get re elected. The states do not need her advice on this matter, all they have to do is to have the police instead of poncing around, apply the laws if this had of been white Australians they would have been already in the slammer. Use the laws already in place Newman and concentrate on fixing the state of Qld following the abusive dose labor state management. It is the abject failure in border control under Gillard Labor Government that has caused these issues to start with. Want to fix it stop them coming in through NZ, and send the ones already here on the dole back to NZ after all they are NZ citizens. So Gillard don't tell us what you already haven't done in the past 3 years, we are all well aware that and based on past actions you break election promises anyway. Remember you said "Law and order was also an issue at the 2010 federal election" this is another one you have broken Juliar, this ain't the manipulated poles this is reality bring on the election now. PS Carbon Tax and mining tax are not off the agenda, only in your mind it is Juliar.

    mick Wednesday 16 January, 2013 - 12:51 PM
  • There were 2 yella dictators sitting on the wall. And if 1 yella dictator should accidently fall there would be 1 yella dictator sitting on the wall. They have already eliminated the plebs and the comfortable from the equation. Now they are well under way to eliminate the moderately wealthy. Then they will eliminate the wealthy then the mega wealthy then the journalists then the governments then the lesser bankers and then organised crime. What possible criteria can you use to logically suggest any different. Elizabeth and Evelyn and their families before them have not even slightly deviated from their course for centuries. You have waited too long. All journalists in every nation can currently be replaced by a handful of people located in one office under the NM Rothschild bank. The economies of every nation can be completely controlled by a handful of people and a few key strokes in the same location. Governments across the world now have negligible power to control their and our destiny. You wouldnt put a nuclear weapon in the hands of Hitler because you know he would have used it. Yet nobody dares to publically acknowledge that Hitler was at the very least empowered by bankers or that Elizabeth and Evelyn were and still are by far the largest beneficiaries of WW2. We are one people with a common enemy. The longer we wait the weaker our side becomes until we no longer have the ability to mount an effective defence. You are deluding yourself if you think you will be exempt regardless of your wealth power or influence.

    2 Yella Dictators Wednesday 16 January, 2013 - 12:13 PM
  • Both political parties have to make a stand on this.We have had rules for them and rules for us for Years !!
    Nothing changes but we add to the mulitculturalism daily, so much so that all the minorities that move here or just LOB here get their RIGHTS at the expense of our right to have peace and a fair go ?? They get on our welfare system and rort it as much as they can...My daughter works in one of these departments and the stuff these boat/kiwis/others get is an outrage to those that have lived here all their lives. How is that helping them to socially interact when they are given pride of place. This is why they laugh in our face and abuse our Police officers They Have No Respect for our ways. I say start deporting and cutting the benefits that will open their eyes. STOP THE BENEFITS!!! Ask a few government workers at centrelink how much money gets doled out to these free loaders.
    Put them to work out in the outback, they can tend the ground and grow their own food in the lucky country.If they want to stay they should be made to work Simple !! Now i will wait for the do gooders to start bleating ......

    Jackie Wednesday 16 January, 2013 - 11:49 AM
  • This wil be funny.
    Another pollie that doesn't get out in the real world that thinks they have a solution.
    Putting more police there won't help.
    The cops are bound by the laws of political correctness.
    The offenders are the untouchables and they no it.
    I saw a pacific islander being woken up because he was asleep in the middle of the road.
    When police tried to take him to safety, he started chanting "Polic Brutallity" at the top of his voice.
    What chance do they have while these people are given special protectin

    Rich Wednesday 16 January, 2013 - 11:05 AM

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