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New Years tech resolutions

Posted by: Joshua Withers | 2 January, 2013 - 2:00 PM

4BC Summer Afternoons: Start your new year on the right technological foot by following Fairfax technology expert Joshua Withers' top 10 technological New Years resolutions.

Withers joins Sally Chester-Law on Summer Afternoons.

Top 10 tech resolutions

  1. Digitise your photos. There's really no need to keep shoeboxes filled with photos anymore. Clean out your closet and transfer your images to digital files. You can store your photos online or even print them out in a photo album, which at least keeps them neater looking.
  2. Clean your keyboard. You’ve been eating and living over it for a year now. Tip it upside down and tap it lightly, you’ll see the yuck come out. Clean it or buy a new one for $20 or so.
  3. Go through all your emails. This is a difficult one for many people. After signing up for sale alerts and being included in dozens of reply-all emails, perhaps your inbox seems unmanageable. Make a promise to yourself to take some time out each day to delete old emails. Get your inbox to zero, empty your deleted items and unsubscribe from all those newsletters you delete anyway
  4. Unfollow … or follow … people on Twitter. The optimal number of people to follow is between 300 to 500. I follow around 1000 people, but 800 or so of them are news agencies and journalists.
  5. Set privacy filters on your social networks. We've read dozens of stories about privacy changes happening at your most used social networks. Take some times to make sure the information you're publishing to the Interwebs is stuff you want people to see.
  6. Delete some of your Facebook friends. Every year we accept random Facebook friend requests and then there are people you don’t stay in contact with any more. Delete them all with no mercy!
  7. Clean up your digital trail. Remember that blog you started, wrote a few posts for, and then never logged in again? Make sure if an employer Googles you, all content is appropriate and relevant. Deactivate any old accounts you no longer use, although keep in mind that information may not be gone forever.
  8. Delete apps you're not using. Go through your phone and delete any apps you haven't used in a couple months, so they're not taking up space on your device. Same goes for files on your computer -- delete what you don't need.
  9. Go paperless. This is the year! If you have a laptop, tablet and/or mobile device, you're well equipped to pay your bills and access important documents from anywhere. Scan old papers and convert your paper files into digital files for safe storage -- or at least, as a backup
  10. Get outside. As much as we love our gadgets, getting fresh air and human interaction should be a high priority. Don't stay glued to your laptop or tablet all the time.

And for 10.1, it's more of a 'watch this space': Watch and see what happens to TV technology. My prediction is that 2013 is the year of TV technology and in 12 months Intel, Apple, Google, LG, Song and Samsung will have completely turned the TV space upside down.

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  • Aren't we allowed to be human anymore with all this smarten up left,right,left,right quick march,sunday with the church of the holy bike,organic green washing,etc,etc
    Are we humans or clinical objects for the tech savy to play snakes and ladders with in respect of our own lives and choices (good or bad).Oh what's that..the sky is falling.I had better e-mail henny penny eh!

    this does not compute luke skywalker Monday 7 January, 2013 - 5:36 PM

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