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Flood electricians offered redundancies

Posted by: Staff writers | 31 January, 2013 - 9:50 AM

4BC News: Electricians working to return electricity to flooded Queensland towns have been offered voluntary redundancies in the midst of the disaster, a union says.

Electrical Trade Union state organiser Trevor Gauld says state-owned energy power company Ergon Energy asked Maryborough-based maintenance staff on Wednesday morning to put their hands up to leave.

He said about 50 workers were taken off flood restoration work in the region to attend a briefing about redundancies and were asked to nominate within a week.

Mr Gauld said Ergon was trying to axe 61 positions.

"It's a fair kick in the guts for a community that's still trying to deal with their flood restorations," Mr Gauld told AAP.

"Right in the middle of a flood restoration, they're looking for redundancies from the front line."

Comment is being sought from Ergon Energy.

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  • Barry I will ask that you honor me with same, and not use my name with your nonsense.

    James W Monday 4 February, 2013 - 12:35 PM
  • Aw no James W we have been sprung!
    What an astute observer is the Mackenzie lady.

    Bob Lord Monday 4 February, 2013 - 10:57 AM
  • Bob Lord, James w (Getup Employees)Do not use my name Barry Mackenzie with your Labour SPIN . Labour is a corrupt union OHS con and will be kicked so hard sept 14 and i hope the funding for GETUP is cut and ypu will have to get a REAL job/

    Barry Mackenzie Monday 4 February, 2013 - 9:43 AM
  • Thanks BELLA
    The thread is about redundancies happening today and my comment was "it is CanLie's government that is offering these redundancies.
    The problem with CanLie's staff sackings is that they revolve purely around the bucks.
    It is immaterial whether staff are fully employed and providing helpful services to the public, departments are given a budget and the staff are gone regardless."

    Bob Lord Saturday 2 February, 2013 - 9:22 AM
  • I was being cryptic Bob, incorporation of a public utility is SOLD OFF to me because that is the first step.

    The first move is the conversation of a Government Department into a Corporation.

    Then it is bled dry through extraordinary / special dividend payments to prop up Government coffers.

    The result is the same!

    It is even better when the entity gets to the point of being listed on the stock exchange and the Government retains a controlling share, the added bonus is when a whole lot of public servants become the executive during the metamorphosis.

    The Government can say that it is a Corporation and being run autonomously so therefore its management decisions are at arms length.

    Hell, it is better than forming committees and commissions of inquiry to make decisions for which the Government is not directly responsible; after all it was a committee / commission recommendation!

    The Government set the parameters and appoint the members of such commissions, but NO they are not responsible for the outcomes or the recommendations.

    BELLA Saturday 2 February, 2013 - 1:28 AM
    Take the time to read the Topic's words. You may find these "state-owned energy power company Ergon Energy".

    To help you out, it is CanLie's government that is offering these redundancies.
    The problem with CanLie's staff sackings is that they revolve purely around the bucks.
    It is immaterial whether staff are fully employed and providing helpful services to the public, departments are given a budget and the staff are gone regardless.

    Bob Lord Friday 1 February, 2013 - 7:56 AM

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