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Circus animals un-banned

Posted by: Staff writers | 10 January, 2013 - 10:58 AM
Circus Animals

4BC Summer Breakfast: Gold Coast City Council will possibly overturn the ban on circus animals. Councillor Dawn Crichlow joins Kim and Damian from 4BC Breakfast to discuss.

Should animals be in the circus? Listen and comment now.

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    robert perry Wednesday 23 January, 2013 - 11:23 AM
  • Your first caller, is spending far too much time listening to PETA! The animals of circuses today are trained using reward, not abuse!

    Justin Monday 21 January, 2013 - 4:11 PM
  • To the people against animals in circuses, have you ever bothered to actually find out for yourself how animals are cared for and trained in Australian circuses? Or have you simply based your opinion on propaganda supplied by animals rights extremists who believe no animal should be in captivity.
    Many countries around the world unfortunately have a very poor record of animal care in all areas such as farming and pets, not purely circuses.
    Animals in circuses in this country have the protection of strict legislation to ensure they are trained appropriately, transported humanely and provided with suitable physical and mental stimulation.
    Circuses have a vested interest to ensure their animals are in top condition, after all their livelihood depends on it.

    Rob Saturday 12 January, 2013 - 10:11 PM
  • Gee! this seems to be an old issue. I have noticed that only the ANTI"S make the comments or jump up and down. Sadly, they seems to be the most ignorant about animals.

    I have a Question --- Why do we have more than animal in these acts? .... Answer --- Not all animals can be encouraged to do all the tricks, Hence - more than one animal in the act.

    REALITY -- Animals are not TRAINED -- they are watched to see their behaviour traits and then encouraged to do these behavorial traits when we want them to do it. They will not always do it on cue though.

    We as humans put our own spin on what they are doing. A lion does not see 2 pedestals, a Hoop, a Whip, a Cage, an Audience --- It see's where it is standing and where it wants to go and it goes for it's own reason.

    Admittedly the trainer has in the past given some encouragement for it to want to go where it wants to go --- But rest assured if it does not want to go no much how you whip it, electric prod it, jab it, it will not go.

    Clyde Beattie (look it up who is was) said "A man can get any animal to do what he wants with the right understanding between the Man and the Animal - That Understanding comes from trust".

    Neville Jones Saturday 12 January, 2013 - 11:33 AM
  • Please get your facts right before you comment. Animals in circus are better cared for than most wild animals and due predominately to circus animals trainers being animals experts they are provided for better than many pets. Unless you know and understand animal behaviour and know the psychological effects on animals, don't pass judgement! Animal activists such as those involved with "Coast to Coast Animal Friends" can dress it up in all the well meaning 'we love animals' clothes that they want, but they are no more than social terrorists out to destroy the working relationships that animal owners have with animals without having a true understanding of animals or their perception of life... animals want to feel safe, well fed and have a herd or pack leader, which is the life of circus animals, but these animal activists seem to think that animals perceive life with a human mind and see 'captivity' or 'domesticity' as the equivalent of 'human slavery' - idiots. Dangerous idiots. The last Moscow Circus that showed in Australia with bears was in 1978 AND the bears did not climb poles?! Elephant testicles by the way do not protrude from the animals body, they are internal. Understand the topic before you slander the many people and circuses who adore their animals and who often put the needs of their animals well above their own!

    Belle Saturday 12 January, 2013 - 11:21 AM
  • Will the proposed ban make people care for animals more? Whether it be in their homes, at the racetrack, on the farm, in the wild, on their plates or in countries where animals are treated deplorably. I think not - it will merely make them less seen and forgotten. The act of caring for animals, whether they be in the entertainment venue, the racetrack, home or the farm requires diligence of standards and regulations to ensure that cruelty does not occur, along with proper policing and harsh penalties for those who do not comply. Bans achieve nothing for educating people about how valuable animals are in all walks of life. Animals enrich our lives every single day because of their active involvement in our world. I implore you to think carefully about this issues and ignore the politics and media manipulation.

    Amber Perry Saturday 12 January, 2013 - 11:12 AM

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