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Bishop checks PM Gillard

Posted by: 4bc.com.au | 30 November, 2012 - 11:22 AM
Julie Bishop

Deputy Opposition leader Julie Bishop says Prime Minister Julia Gillard still needs to "prove her innocence" over her alleged involvement in the establishment of a legal entity set up by two union officials 20 years ago.

Ms Bishop spent the final week of the parliamentary year quizzing Ms Gillard over the advice she gave former Australian Workers' Union figures Ralph Blewitt and Bruce Wilson, who set up the AWU Workplace Reform Association in 1992.

Ms Gillard has denied any wrongdoing and has challenged the opposition to come up with evidence she acted illegally or inappropriately.

On Macquarie Radio on Friday, Ms Bishop repeated opposition calls for a judicial inquiry, saying Ms Gillard needed to "prove her innocence".

"Presumably part of the deal to leave Slater & Gordon was to hand over her practising certificate and never practise law again," Ms Bishop said.

Ms Gillard voluntarily left Slater & Gordon after questions arose over setting up the association.

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  • I'm with Colene this pm is a crook through and through Rotten to the core !!
    Her friends Thompson.Wilson,Blewitt..etc etc... she seems to be very friendly with the crooks takes onme to know one I suppose. I am looking forward to seeing her eat grass, maybe bob lord would like another bucket to cry in at that point, he can then put his sand bucket aside for a change and take a look at the real world. Where he obviously does not pay tax.

    Jackie Thursday 6 December, 2012 - 3:19 PM
  • Oh dear Gayle.
    How big are your electricity bills?
    Living in that never ending darkness just because a certain political party is in government must mean you need strong lights just to see your way to the Right Wing Loopeys tea parties.
    You have my deepest sympathies.
    If you need a good bedtime story you should seek out CRY Freedom, Colene or Mick. They make up fairy tales just like you.

    Bob Lord Thursday 6 December, 2012 - 1:24 PM
  • Fact: full time employment down, company profits down, investments in mining down, housing approvals down, interest rates down, GDP down, if you stop reading comics, take your head out of the sand, add Sovereign debt up and continuing to rise, social security payments on the rise, Look at the financial history of Greece, spending money that they did not have put them in this position, Public sector wages soared ( sound familiar )while tax income dropped, when our budget comes down next year and ratings agencies see the financials we might still be able to borrow and keep our AAA ratings because we have not yet defaulted on any loans, but we will be paying a higher rate of interest, Swan might once again cook the books but smarter minds than his can see through it, of course he could do a Keating and we can have the recession we had to have again.
    You might think that austerity measures are not called for unfortunately it appears to be beyond your capabilities to understand how financial markets work, listening to Swan bang on about how good he is will not educate you, try listening to Merkel and visiting the EU web site you might learn something.
    Add to that the fact that our PM might be a brilliant negotiator but she also has a record of reneging on deals after she had gotten what she wants ie the mining tax, carbon tax, immigration laws and there are problems ahead, no I will not be happy if we go the way of Greece you idiot unlike you I have much much more to lose so do not expect me to applaud the Labor clowns that are sending us down the gurgler.
    Now you go back to your comics and sand pit.

    Gayle Thursday 6 December, 2012 - 10:28 AM
  • Oh Gayle it's just not fair is it? Her superior negotiating skills win over the independents and she wins power and now the PM just won't lie down and hand back government will she.
    Bad luck on that economy statement with Australia still having 3 TripleAAA ratings. I know you will be pleased when we actually do start to go backward like the LNP inspired economics in Queensland but you still have to cope with the fact that Australia is in great economic condition. Hard isn't it? Why don't you just make up stuff and talk down the economy.
    Seems that the independents and Greens are very pleased with what has been achieved re their agreements and otherwise in Parliament, otherwise there would be continual outright revolt.
    You may like to chat to CanLie about how he molds various political views together. There's about 6 political parties in Queensland these days isn't there. A new party a day.
    I know you would be pleased if Australia went so far backwards that we really did become like Greece. Luckily you will soon experience this with CanLie heading Queensland in that direction now with his austerity measures, jobs and services cuts and no investments. No doubt that pleases you immensely.
    Now you enjoy your day you hear.

    Bob Lord Thursday 6 December, 2012 - 7:08 AM

    Peeling back the putrid layers..

    Julia Gillard employs no fewer than 1,600 media advisers. (Spin doctors). The cost? $150,000,000 pa.

    There are more, but Ministers like Albanese wont disclose details.

    It appears much more of our taxes needs to be spent on spin doctors if our chief spinster Gillards involvement in massive union corruption is to remain undetected.

    I would like to take you on a little trip to the WA Goldfields... to Kalgoorlies twin city, Boulder.

    WA newspaper archives show Bruce Wilson travelled to Boulder/Kalgoorlie in 1992 to attempt to allay union members concerns about his (Wilsons) decision to transfer the management of large sums of union members money to a new AWU account in Northbridge, Perth.

    The money resided at the time in a separate account called, The Goldfields Fatal Accident and Death Fund.

    This money, donated from union members themselves, was to financially assist bereaved families of deceased union members.

    Wilson wanted management the account shifted to the AWUs head office in Perth. Wilson was the then WA boss of the AWU. He and Ralph Blewitt were to be sole signatories on the account and union members were justifiably apprehensive.

    They were wary of Wilsons alleged fraudulent activities and demanded a meeting. It was set down for 8pm in the Boulder Town Hall.
    Wilson knew he would never convince members of the legitimacy of the proposed move himself. So he introduced to the stage a person of high legal authority to assure union members there was no need for concern.

    The person he introduced was Julia Gillard. Members were unaware Gillard was his lover. She was presented as an important Industrial Lawyer from Victoria and an official representative of the Labor stalwart law firm, Slater & Gordon.

    Colene Thursday 6 December, 2012 - 4:16 AM
  • Miss Gillard addressed union members at length explaining why the money should be moved and that there was nothing to worry about.

    She insisted the members were in the good hands of Slater & Gordon and their best interests would at all times be protected.

    Gillard must have done an excellent job because the account containing approximately $1 million was shifted to a private Northbridge, Perth account. The address for all correspondence was nominated as Northbridge Post Office, Box 253.

    Three years later, police were asked by incoming AWU State Secretary, Tim Daly, to investigate one amount of $145,000 withdrawn from The Goldfields Fatal Accident and Death Fund to buy two holiday units in Kalbarri.
    [I should say at this point that Ralph Blewitt never questioned what Wilson wanted. He simply signed whatever he was asked to.

    He was to sign fraudulent documents Gillard had drawn up for Wilson in the name of Workplace Reform Association Inc.

    Blewitt was also totally unaware of a mortgage, arranged in his name by Slater & Gordon, over another house Wilson bought from stolen AWU funds in Kerr Street, Fitzroy. Wilson, according to police files, used a stamp of Blewitts signature whenever he needed it.

    Despite the WA Major Fraud Squads Detective David McAlpines keenness to lay charges, it didnt happen. The Kalbarri holiday units, were subsequently sold.

    Again the laundered money vanished.

    It was only the tip of a very large iceberg.

    Wilson was also negotiating a Workplace Reform Agreement with Thiess at their Dawesville (Mandurah) site. He had invoiced Thiess himself for 220 hours worked per month, every month, at a rate of $36.00 per hour. But did not on any occasion even visit the site.

    Colene Thursday 6 December, 2012 - 4:14 AM

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