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Axe hangs over Bruce Flegg

Posted by: Staff writers | 13 November, 2012 - 5:05 PM

4BC Drive: Yesterday, State Minister for Housing and Public Works Bruce Flegg sacked his senior media advisor, Graeme Hallett, his second senior staffer within a week.

Hallett now claims Flegg is unfit to be a Minister, he joins Gary Hardgrave with more.

News Update

Flegg survives 'unfit for office' claims

Internal conflicts within the Queensland Liberal National Party (LNP) have led to a mutiny against Housing Minister Bruce Flegg, with his former media adviser going public with claims he is unfit for office.

But the minister has survived.

A day after being sacked by Dr Flegg, Graeme Hallett revealed documents on Tuesday which he claims show the minister failed to disclose over 30 dealings his office had with his son Jonathon Flegg, a lobbyist for communications business advisory firm Rowland.

Mr Hallett said the lobbyist register, which Dr Flegg tabled in parliament last month, listed only two points of contact and was "grossly inaccurate and misleading".

Mr Hallett said he and the government's media chief Lee Anderson also lied to the media a fortnight ago, when they said that Dr Flegg had banned all contact with his lobbyist son.

Mr Anderson denied the claim.

Other allegations included that Dr Flegg did not note on the lobbyist register that LNP federal candidate Mal Brough had lobbied the government on October 12 on behalf of a property developer hoping to win a contract to build homes in indigenous communities.

Dr Flegg had also allegedly worked at his medical practice on several occasions but logged in his diary that he was working in his electorate.

But Dr Flegg said Mr Hallett had not produced a shred of credible evidence and challenged him to take the allegations to the proper authorities.

"The fact that he went to a media conference, not to the CMC (Crime and Misconduct Commission), not to the integrity commissioner, not to the speaker of the parliament, not to the Queensland police, shows quite clearly that this is a vengeful, bitter ex-staffer who wanted to take revenge and harm his former employer," he told parliament.

Dr Flegg said the majority of the emails from his son were personal but conceded that "a number may have been communications that ought to have been recorded on the lobbyist register".

Jonathon Flegg's employer, lobbying firm Rowland, revealed on Tuesday it had suspended him and launched an inquiry.

Dr Flegg also sacked his chief of staff, Fraser Stephen, last Thursday.

He said both Mr Stephen and Mr Hallett were dismissed because they did not follow the correct procedures to authorise a Right To Information (RTI) request after it was discovered a political staffer had approved a request, which should have been authorised independently.

Premier Campbell Newman said not all contact between the father and son had to be registered.

"If the minister's son is ringing up to say, 'What time are you home tonight, Dad?' or 'Would you like to get a pizza?' ... then guess what? That doesn't have to be recorded," he told parliament.

Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk has called on Mr Newman to ask for Dr Flegg's resignation or sack him.

"Once again we have the daily soap opera of the LNP," she told reporters.

"It's a pack of cards that just keeps falling apart. Day by day we are seeing this circus that is the Newman government."

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  • cry freedom which one was recently that was caught down in Tasmania trying to have a go a young girl by put as a prostitute by her mother, was it Terry Martin?. Good job on this information Cry freedom for this shows labor and thier absolute lack of morals and thier hate squad morons for what they really are, and these are the only the ones they have caught. What about Obeid the federal Labor senator who recently resigned to let Carr in, his family are up to corruption according to the NSW ICAC ruling on him and his antics this why he resign for he and his family have ripped the state of NSW off for some $100 mil worth of graft in the issuing of CSG mining licences according to this enquiry. Labor is a mudguard shiney on top and shit underneath, 4 premiers and the current PM could not wheel this so called honourable member in on thier watch because they choose not to do anything as usual for they are most likely all into it. Cry a Royal Commission into labor is well and truly justified.

    Mick Wednesday 14 November, 2012 - 2:57 PM
  • Mick, one word Flegg, and i cannot stand it any longer..it is thEIr not as you have frustrated all with your constant misspelling.

    roger Wednesday 14 November, 2012 - 11:05 AM
  • Here , Here Mick.
    A government that would prefer to lie and decieve than be accountable.

    Rich Wednesday 14 November, 2012 - 10:59 AM
  • @Bob, A royal Commission into the LNP?
    That would be a waste of money.
    The people of Queensland voted for change, any change. They would have voted for a head on a stick, to get rid of Anna. As for you others, all of those people you mentioned, were charged were they not, so also Royal Commission,,,please. The people of Queensland will have a chance to punish the LNP at the next State ellection if they are unhappy with them. As will they at the next Fed. So jeeze guys relax.

    Barry Mackenzie Wednesday 14 November, 2012 - 10:38 AM
  • At least Newman and the coalition get rid of the bad eggs unlike labor who reward them and keep them and support them. Bob the idiot since when did labor do anything of real value for the aged, what this is now the fixing up the last 20 or so years of labor mismangement deception and lack of care for anyone. There was a time Bob when labor at federal level cried and bemoaned foul with correct references to the nazi party of the Labor MPs for thier actions which were really justified and still are, unlike your references just out of hate and the fact that you cannot accept the absolute decimation and obliteration of the filth you supported by the majority of Queensland.

    mick Wednesday 14 November, 2012 - 10:02 AM
  • Bob Lord if you believe the NLP (I think you meant LNP) needs a Royal Commission, the ALP needs to have their party status revoked until a Royal Commission is held on the behaviour of the elected ALP members on the basis of a possible paedophile network with inside the ALP.
    Milton Orkopoulos, 30 offences including involvement in child prostitution, sexual assault and supplying illegal drugs. On 25 August 2009 the NSW Court rejected his appeal against his conviction but reduced his maximum sentence to 13 years and eight months (instead of the 13 years and 11 months sentence by the trial court) with a non-parole period of nine years
    Terry Martin, a member of the ALP was expelled from the parliamentary Labor party after crossing the floor. He then sat as an independent, produced child pornography and had sexual penetration of a child under the age of 17, receives a suspended sentence.
    Keith Wright, child sex offences and rape, 8 years (non-parole period 4 years), paroled after 5½ years.
    Bill Darcy in 2000 he was convicted of a number of sexual offences against children from his days as a sole teacher at country primary schools. He was released in 2007.
    Bernard Finnigan, has been a member of the South Australian Legislative Council since 2006. He was elected as a member of the ALP, but resigned and was suspended from the party in 2011 after being charged with child pornography offences.
    Bob Collins, he died by suicide with multiple charges of child sex abuse pending in both the Northern Territory and ACT. In the Australia Day Honours of 2004, Collins was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia.

    CRY FREEDOM Wednesday 14 November, 2012 - 9:31 AM

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