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Cyclists: turban or helmet

Posted by: Staff writers | 21 February, 2013 - 8:55 AM

4BC Drive: A turban wearing cyclist is currently facing court for riding his bike without a helmet.

23 year old Sikh, Jasdeep Atwal, has been cycling on Brisbane streets for over a decade but has only recently been singled out by council for riding helmetless, due to his religious beliefs.

Putting religious beliefs aside, should we be allowed (after a certain age) to choose whether we wear a helmet or not?

Founder of Helmet Freedom Dave Kinkead joins Gary Hardgrave to argue why helmets aren't necessarily the answer to road safety.

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  • The helmet laws are function of the secular humanism mindset that believes life came from and survived due to a series of accidents. Further they serve to promote the secular mindset and distract people from taking responsibility for their own choices and looking for the purpose in all events that occur in their life. Australia has is a signatory to international laws that protect freedom of religion yet all the states in Australia simply state that their plenary powers are absolute and not restricted by international law or natural human rights. Sadly Australia is one of the very few countries in the western world that does not act to protect the natural rights such as freedom of religion. And, even though the states blatantly act against international law so as to persecute the religious individuals that live here, the individual wears the consequences if he dares ignores the laws written by well meaning but ignorant MPs even if he is causing no harm to anyone else. We need a Bill of Rights written into our constitution to protect the people from overreaching government interference. We've had left the government free to rule over those it is meant to serve for too long and we have lost our rights to self determination in the process.

    Rick East Saturday 2 March, 2013 - 1:36 PM
  • It is shame on the the idividual who is trying for on the sikh his own way of life,If their is war in the world Sikhs were needed to win.Then Sikh fight the battle with turban .But rite bike he has been doing for 25 years is absolute lunatic to force a Sikh to wear a helmet.. Sikh will give his life but not principle. Sikh is the only person who lives in a perfection of God had created a man.

    Dave Mann Monday 25 February, 2013 - 3:55 AM

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