Snakes out and about

Snake 4BC Summer Afternoons: Brisbane’s warm weather is forcing snakes and other animals closer into our neighbourhoods as they look for food and water. Snake catcher Geoff Jacobs joins John Scott with backyard snake advice.

How to: stay cool

Hot 4BC Summer Afternoons: Acting Police and Community Safety Minister Steve Dickson on how to stay cool and be prepared for the heat. Mr Dickson also talks about the need to stay healthy if the mercury rises.

Social defamation media

Facebook 4BC Summer Afternoons: Anyone can post anything they want on blogs and social media websites today and there are few, if any, checks and balances. In essence there is no accountability, although the day may be coming when someone gets sued.

Is it time for a flag-change?

4BC Mornings: Do you buy Australian? 4BC Summer Afternoons: As Australia Day draws near again so too the debate heats up on whether we need to change our flag. Ausflag thinks we do, but the Australian Monarchist League says we don't.

Waiting to wed

Married 4BC Drive: New research shows that Generation Y is putting off getting married until later in life. A study carried out by McCrindle Research has found that people in that generation want to travel and get their careers started instead.

Daniel Craig interview

Daniel Craig 4BC Summer Afternoons: Fresh from the set of the latest Bond film, Daniel Craig joins Jamie McDonald on Summer Afternoons. Listen now and join the conversation.

New Years tech resolutions

QLOCKTWO BY BIEGERT & FUNK 4BC Summer Afternoons: Start your new year on the right technological foot by following Fairfax technology expert Joshua Withers' top 10 technological New Years resolutions. Listen now and join the conversation.

Apps for Christmas gadgets

4BC Drive: Gadgets 4BC Summer Afternoons: Tech expert, Joshua Withers' favourite apps for your new Christmas gadget gifts and also how you can get through to a human quickly by avoiding automated telephone systems for your bank or telecommunication provider.

Delta Goodrem's Christmas

Delta Goodrem 4BC Afternoons: Delta Goodrem joins Moyd and Loretta for her first Christmas album and collaboration titled, Christmas which has a smokey southern bluegrass feel.

Doctor who downunder

Doctor Who 4BC Afternoons: Two Doctor Who stars have joined the fight to have the 50th Anniversary episode filmed in Australia. Moyd and Loretta are joined by the man spearheading this campaign, MP George Christensen.

Mentally preparing for disaster

Flood Report 4BC Afternoons: We’re being urged to not just prepare our homes for summer disasters, but to mentally prepare as well. Professor Kevin Ronan has more information with Moyd and Loretta.

2012: the year that was

Moyd and Loretta 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta pay tribute to the year that was on 4BC Afternoons. Listen now and join the conversation.

Sleep pills: no benefits?

Sleeping 4BC Afternoons: Millions of prescriptions for sleeping pills are written every year but a new study shows they may not actually have any benefit. Dr Carole Hungerford joins Moyd and Loretta on the short-term treatment.

Mayan calendar explained

Mayan pyramid 4BC Afternoons: With all the talk about the end of the world, Moyd and Loretta ask Astro David Reneke about the history of the Mayan calendar. What is it and who were the Maya people?

From prostitute to author

nikki-thomas 4BC Afternoons: Nikki Stern was a university graduated with the world at her feet when she met the wrong man, and spiralled into a world of drugs and prostitution. Nikki joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about her life.

Goanna's Shane Howard

Goanna 4BC Afternoons: The Woodford Folk Festival is back and Shane Howard from the band, Goanna, tells Moyd and Loretta what to expect from his band and the Festival.

Origin revealed: Keep Calm

Keep Calm Carry On 4BC Afternoons: Keep Calm and Carry On! You may have seen the merchandise featuring this message, but it was actually war propaganda rediscovered in the basement of an office in 2000. Historian Mat McLachlan tells Moyd and Loretta more.

End of the world gadgets

AR-Drone 4BC Afternoons: Tech guy, Joshua Withers joins Moyd and Loretta with gadgets to stockpile to prepare for the end of the world and news on the Instagram privacy invasion.

An adoption story

Adoption - Madonna 4BC Afternoons: Tina Traster and her husband adopted their child, Julia from a Siberian orphanage, but something wasn’t right. Tina tells Moyd and Loretta her story.

Sorry for the apologies

Sorry 4BC Afternoons: Does an apology cut it? Dr Christine Cole joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss the impact of an apology in light of the recent political apologies.

2012: Best political quotes

Premier Campbell Newman 4BC Afternoons: Daniel Hurst, brisbanetimes.com.au state political reporter, shares with Moyd and Loretta the best political quotes of the year. “Back on track” was used 784 times!

Christmas camping

Camping 4BC Afternoons: Some campers are paying top price for sites, similar to hotel rates, while others return to the same site every year. Moyd and Loretta talk with Majella Marsden about her experience.

Average Christmas spend: $511

Mastercard 4BC Afternoons: Queenslanders spend about $511 on Christmas each year. Moyd and Loretta talk with Michelle Hutchinson from Ratecity for tips on managing credit card spending and to Diane Sanders whose family is giving recycled gifts.

Santa is retiring

Santa 4BC Afternoons: On ‘Trip Down Memory Lane’ with Donna Lynch, Moyd, Loretta and Donna talk with retiring Santa’s helper, Keith Baker, who after 50 years in the role is handing over the reins to his son, Nigel.

Moreton Bay colony to England

Letter from Moreton Colony to England 4BC Afternoons: A historically precious letter believed to be the first ever posted from the Moreton Bay colony to England has been found and the finder, Thomas Bradley, tells Moyd and Loretta what it says.

Talking to children: massacre

Child 4BC Afternoons: With the Newtown's young school massacre unfolding around us, psychologist Judith Locke suggests to Moyd and Loretta what to tell the children in such an event and how to manage their questions.

Road crash investigator

Craig Hodge 4BC Afternoons: Craig Hodge spent eight years as a crash investigator witnessing more than three hundred and fifty accidents. Craig discusses his new book, Road Kill, with Moyd and Loretta to remind us to slow down.

Christmas pay entitlements

Working Christmas 4BC Afternoons: If you are working over the holiday period or employing staff, then make sure you pay the right rates and entitlements. Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Bill Shorten, joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss.

Crime corner: Old Bill murder

Old Bill 4BC Afternoons: Crime Corner is back and Moyd and Loretta talk to Author, Evan McHugh, about the mysterious murder of “Old Bill” Groves at Boorara Station in 1940. Listen now and join the conversation.

Christmas weather forecast

Christmas beach 4BC Afternoons: What will the weather be like for Christmas? Moyd and Loretta catch up with Meteorologist, Rob Sharpe, from the Weatherzone to find out what Christmas Day will be like around the country.

Should supermarkets sell alcohol?

Alcohol in supermarket 4BC Afternoons: Should shoppers be able to buy alcohol with their groceries? United Retail Federation General Manger, Bruce Mills tells Moyd and Loretta he wants Qld to fall into line with other States.

Would you vote for Wikileaks?

Assange 4BC Afternoons: Would you vote for the Wikileaks party? Fairfax Journalist, Phillip Dorling, joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss what we could expect from this party.

One day late: bad credit

Bad credit rating 4BC Afternoons: If you are just one day late paying a bill you could find yourself on a blacklist due to laws passed in Parliament this week. Moyd and Loretta found out more from Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, and the CEO of MyCRA.

How to make snow

Mirusia Louwerse and Luke Kennedy 4BC Afternoons: Mirusia Louwerse and Ten Tenor, Luke Kennedy join Moyd and Loretta in studio to talk about their new production, How to Make Snow. And Luke performs live. Listen now and join the conversation.

Holocaust in NSW education

Holocaust 4BC Afternoons: Holocaust studies will be compulsory in NSW classrooms next year and Moyd and Loretta ask Louise Secker, President of the History Teachers Assoc of Australia, what are the implications of what is taught?

Ghosts in Logan

Ghosts of Logan 4BC Afternoons: Resa Zekants has been hunting for ghosts in Logan City and has turned up a few. She tells Moyd and Loretta about her own spooky encounter. Listen now and join the conversation.

Talking success: Neil Jenman

Neil Jenman 4BC Afternoons: Success takes character, according to businessman, Neil Jenman tells Moyd and Loretta about the role of luck and failure in business. Listen now and join the conversation.

Bad time: Aussie in London

UK-Flag 4BC Afternoons: According to Australian Tanya Bulmer who is in Surrey, it is not a good time to be an Aussie in the UK. Tanya talks with Moyd and Loretta about the ill-fated hoax fallout. Listen now and join the conversation.

Adventurous indoors type

Mark Adams 4BC Afternoons: Deskbound editor, Mark Adams, was not an outdoor type and had never slept in a tent, before he decided to retrace the steps of explorer Hiram Bingham to Machu Picchu. Moyd and Loretta ask Mark, why?

The Beatles with an orchestra

Classical Mystery Tour 4BC Afternoons: If you would love to hear the Beatles perform with an orchestra, then the next best thing is here. Jim Owen as John Lennon from The Classical Mystery Tour joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about the show.

Accommodating over fifty fives

Bedroom 4BC Afternoons: A report on the accommodation needs for over 55s says forget the Peter Pan neighbourhoods, throw the young in with the old. Phil Smith, Urban Designer and Architect from Deicke Richards joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss.

Sports Flashback: Fanigo

4BC Afternoons: Rick Mitchell joins Kim Mothershaw with his “Sports Flashback” and this week, he discusses racing legend, Fangio.

Decriminalize marijuana?

Marijuana plant 4BC Afternoons: With Washington State and Colorado voting for recreational marijuana use, should we do the same? Drug and Alcohol expert, Luke O’Connor discusses with Moyd and Loretta.

Anniversary of Pearl Harbour

Pearl Harbour 4BC Afternoons: Historian, Mat McLachlan joins Moyd and Loretta to reflects on the recent anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbour. If it had not happen, would we be a Japanese territory now?

Finding work at a mature age

Hacy Tobias 4BC Afternoons: Hacy Tobias had a great career until she was called in to see the boss and the next minute, she’s leaving with her handbag. Hacy tells Moyd and Loretta about her new book and her struggle to find work as a mature-aged person.

Bob Downe, prince of polyester

Bob Downe 4BC Afternoons: Australia’s clown prince of polyester, Bob Downe, is back with a new show at the Powerhouse and Kim Mothershaw found out what audiences could expect this time.

Cruising: how does Brisbane fare?

Celebrity_Solstice 4BC Afternoons: The Celebrity Solstice cruise ship is in port in Brisbane and if customer feedback plays a part in the decision of where cruise lines dock, Kim Mothershaw asks Brett Jardineof th International Cruise Council, how we fare.

Crime Corner: unsolved murder

Crime Corner 4BC Afternoons: Crime Corner looks at the unsolved murder of baby Deidre Kennedy. Raymond John Carroll was found guilty by a jury, but the conviction was quashed. Author and journalist, Debi Marshall joins Kim Mothershaw on the case.

Auckland storm and tornado

auckland-tornado 4BC Afternoons: Three people have been killed and at least seven injured after a tornado hit Auckland, New Zealand's largest city.

Too old to backpack?

Backpackers 4BC Afternoons: Are you ever too old to be a backpacker? Moyd and Loretta spoke with 95-year-old Keith Wright and mature travel blogger, Lis Sowerbutts who say "get to it."

How QIMR expands

QIMR 4BC Afternoons: An American philanthropist has given $59 million to the QIMR since the late 1990s. But how did this billionaire based in the US, discover the Institute in Brisbane?

Manners on buses

Redcliffe Bus 4BC Afternoons: Redcliffe is the launching ground for a new ‘manners on the buses’ campaign this week. Moyd and Loretta hear more from Martin Hall from Hornibrook Buslines.

Just a man: Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence. 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta talk with Michael Hutchence’s sister, Tina, about the biopic, Just A Man: The Real Michael Hutchence.

Adult star to football, what to declare?

kortney_olson 4BC Afternoons: In light of the Titans’ porn scandal, Moyd and Loretta discuss with Dr Karen Brooks, what should you declare about your past life when you go for a job? Listen now and join the conversation.

A technological Christmas

Microsoft Surface 4BC Afternoons: The 4BC tech guy, Josh Withers, tells Moyd and Loretta that there are three Christmas gifts he'd like under the Christmas tree this year, and shares his favourite online shopping websites. Listen now and join the conversation.

Fairfax glass negative collection

Negative 4BC Afternoons: Fairfax Media has donated a collection of about 13,000 photographic glass plate negatives to the National Library of Australia. View the incredible gallery here.

Australia's women convicts

Woman convict 4BC Afternoons: The logbook from The Lady Julianna which brought the first women convicts to Australia is up for auction. Evan McHugh tells Moyd and Loretta about their crimes.

Brisbane draft city plan

Backyard 4BC Afternoons: Has the big backyard gone forever? In light of the release of the Brisbane Draft City Plan, Moyd and Loretta discuss the Brisbane Draft City Plan with Cr Milton Dick.

Eureka Stockade

Eureka flag 4BC Afternoons: A ferocious battle left 22 miners dead and became known as the Eureka Stockade. But did it become a minefield of myths? Moyd and Loretta discuss with historian and author Gregory Blake.

Shark worries

shark 4BC Afternoons: With sharks sighted close to shore, Moyd and Loretta ask Paul Burt, shark expert, should we be worried or does Steven Spielberg have a lot to answer for?

Baseballer, Lou Gehrig

baseball 4BC Afternoons: In "Sports Flashback", Rick Mitchell tells Moyd and Loretta about baseballer, Lou Gehrig, who held a 56-year record for most consecutive games and died young.

10 Things we regret

depression 4BC Afternoons: A UK Study has discovered the ten things we regret most in our lives and Professor Wendy Li tells Moyd and Loretta what they are and how to avoid them.

Asimova's three laws

robot 4BC Afternoons: Could robots threaten our own existence? Pete Blasina, the Gadget Guy tells Moyd and Loretta about the robot moral code and Asimov's three laws of robotics.

Crime Corner: Deathbed confession

bed 4BC Afternoons: Crime Corner is back with the story of a deathbed confession that was too late to save the reputation of a radio star. Moyd and Loretta spoke with crime writer, Anthony Dowsley, to hear the story.

Seachange suicide

sea 4BC Afternoons: Why are seachange suicide rates at an all-time high? Moyd and Loretta asked Dr Deborah Wilmoth, Director of Bond University Psychology Clinic about the startling increase in suicides in Queensland

It's never too late to build

gym 4BC Afternoons: Forget the Bingo! Baby Boomers are getting buff. Bernie Russo tells Moyd and Loretta why he started body building.

Puzzle master

puzzle 4BC Afternoons: Geoffrey Rush described puzzle master, David Astle, as the "Sergeant Pepper of cryptic crosswords" and Moyd and Loretta catch up with David about writing puzzles for a living.

Super to pay your bills

older driver 4BC Afternoons: The sick are falling back on their super to pay off medical bills and Moyd and Loretta talk with breast cancer patient, Leonie Havnen, who experienced this first-hand and, Carol Bennett, about this growing trend.

Dain Heer, Being you

aaa 4BC Afternoons: Dain Heer grew up as white kid in the ghettos in America and suffered tremendous abuse. He tells Moyd and Loretta how he turned his life around.

Seniors facing ageism

ageism 4BC Afternoons:Seniors are facing ageism when applying for jobs and Moyd and Loretta caught up with Ken Meredith about his experience and Michael O’Neill, from National seniors Australia.

Brynne Edelsten and Josh Horner

bryne 4BC Afternoons: Josh Horner from a Chorus Line joins Moyd and Loretta in studio with a surprise phone-in guest, Brynne Edelsten. Listen and comment now.

Unboxing the jellyfish

jelly fish 4BC Afternoons: A James Cook University student, Stephanie Chaousis, has made an incredible discovery about the box jellyfish venom. Stephanie, knew she wanted to be a scientist since she was five, tells Moyd and Loretta about her discovery.


baby 4BC Afternoons: Homebirths have increased overseas and Moyd and Loretta ask Hannah Dahlen, Associate Professor of Midwifery at the University of Western Sydney, should the birth of a child go back to the days of the midwife delivering at home.

South Pacific

an2 4BC Afternoons: Gyton Grantley (star of Underbelly) and singer, Christine Anu join Moyd and Loretta in studio, ahead of their roles in South Pacific. Listen now and have your say.

Ita Buttrose, gender stigma

ita 4BC Afternoons: Ita Buttrose joins Moyd and Loretta to debate, in light of David Campese's comment, are there are roles left that are gender specific?

Wynnum Hospital

hospital 4BC Afternoons:Several white knight investors may attempt to save the Wynnum Hospital but Metro South Health tell Moyd and Loretta it is not that simple.

Call for Brisbane residents to unite

nweb 4BC Afternoons: Jodie Hampson tells Moyd and Loretta about her project calling for Brisbane residents to unite with an online collaborative community that brings neighbourhood together to share trade skills and belongings.

Black power Olympics salute

Black power Olympics salute 4BC Afternoons: Rick Mitchell joins Moyd and Loretta with his “Sports Flashback” and he remembers the 1968 Olympics Black Power salute and the role of Australian silver medallist, Peter Norman in the salute.

Crime corner: arm in the shark

shark-arm 4BC Afternoons: Crime Corner is back and Alan J. Whiticker, author of “Twelve Crimes that Shocked the Nation” joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about the 4.3 metre tiger shark in the Coogee Aquarium that disgorged a human arm.

Bryce Courtenay dead at 79

Bryce Courtenay 4BC Afternoons: Beloved Australian author Bryce Courtenay has died at his Canberra home on Thursday night, surrounded by his family and pets, aged 79.

Theatre festival: Last Supper

ross 4BC Afternoons: The World Theatre Festival is coming our way featuring some amazing theatre productions including the Last Supper where guests are served 13 meals requested by prisoners on death row, Moyd and Loretta hear more from Andrew Ross.

David Atkins new role

atkins 4BC Afternoons: Before Tap Dogs and The Boy from Oz, Hot Shoe Shuffle paved the way and David Atkins is back in a new role and production debuting in Brisbane. Atkins tells Moyd and Loretta about the new role.

Kennedy conspiracies

President Kennedy 4BC Afternoons: Today marks anniversary of the 1963 assassination in Dallas of President John F. Kennedy, aged 46. Associate Professor, Brendan O’Connor, joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss the conspiracy theories around his death.

Water costs: unfair?

4bc breakfast 4BC Afternoons: Brisbane residents are being slugged a high price for water as providers rake in huge profits — Natalie Wain, a fighter for fairer water prices joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss. Listen now and join the conversation.

Growing old authentically

old-young-transformation 4BC Afternoons: When author, Daniel Klein, was told he’d need thousands of dollars of dental work, he decided in his 70s to remain authentic and grow old contentedly. Klein tells Moyd and Loretta how that’s going.

Darren Percival rocks the studio

Percival 4BC Afternoons: You loved him on The Voice, now Darren Percival joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss his new album ‘A Tribute to Ray Charles’ and he performs live in studio. Watch the performance, listen to the interview and join the conversation now.

How to: track your iPhone

find-my-iphone 4BC Afternoons: Your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or MacBook contains the technology for you to track it if it's stolen. Find out how with 4BC Technology Guy, Josh Withers, plus he takes your tech support calls. Listen now and join the conversation.

Derryn Hinch's new book

Derryn Hinch 4BC Afternoons: Australian media's human headline, Derryn Hinch, joins Moyd and Loretta on his new book, A Human Deadline. Listen now and join the conversation.

David Hobson: Bang Bang

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta caught up with tenor, David Hobson about his new album and his role in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the stage show, in 2013. Listen now and join the conversation.

Dear NSW, keep on trying

Queensland Origin 4BC Afternoons: NSW has stolen a State of Origin home game from Queensland next year so Moyd and Loretta took it straight to Sydney and told the Two Murrays what we think about stealing one of our games.

Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Lisa McCune

Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Lisa McCune 4BC Afternoons: Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Lisa McCune are in Brisbane for the stage musical, South Pacific, and join Moyd and Loretta in studio. Listen now and join the conversation.

The local village

OxfordSt 4BC Afternoons: Does the local village still have a purpose? Social analyst David Chalke joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss along with Rosalie Small Business Owner, Vanessa Bennett. Listen now and join the conversation.

The Beatles live project

beatles 4BC Afternoons: You might be able to contribute to Beatles history! Matthew White of the Beatles Live Project tells Moyd and Loretta how you can be involved in the exciting undertaking. Listen now and join the conversation.

Five thousand kilometer journey

Croker Island exodus 4BC Afternoons: Writer and director, Steven McGregor, tells Moyd and Loretta of an incredible 5000 kilometer journey taken by a group of children to escape Japanese bombing. Listen now and join the conversation.

Tony Park in studio

Tony Park 4BC Afternoons: Author, Tony Park, spends six months of every year in Africa where he writes his novels, while camping in national parks. Park joins Moyd and Loretta in studio, where it's much safer, to discuss his new book, Dark Heart.

Sporting flashback: Bert Cameron

Bert Cameron 4BC Afternoons: In Rick Mitchell’s sporting flashback, Mitchell tells Moyd and Loretta about 400m sprinter, Bert Cameron, who was unable to run in the Los Angeles Games, but what happened to Bert is stamped on the minds of all who saw the race.

The curse of the lotto

Lotto kidnapping 4BC Afternoons: Crime Corner is back and author of “The Lottery Kidnapping”, Amanda Howard, joins Moyd and Loretta to remember in 1960, when good fortune turned to horror, with the kidnapping and murder of Graeme Thorne.

Gaza: beginners' guide

Gaza 4BC Afternoons: Adel Abdel-Ghafar from the Centre for Arab and Islamic studies provides a beginners’ guide to Gaza tension in the Middle East. Abdel-Ghafar tells Moyd and Loretta how it started, what is happening, why, and can it be fixed?