Become a spy

spy 4BC Afternoons: Have you always wanted to be a spy? Journalist Chris Pain and potential spy has taken the bizarre step of becoming an actual spy, believe it. Pain joins 4BC Afternoons host Moyd and Loretta.

Moyd & Loretta Cruise

europe 4BC Afternoons: As heard on 4BC Afternoons with Moyd K and Loretta Ryan, if you would like to know more about the cruise this year, listen to Moyd and Loretta with Julie Roger From Globus Travel. Listen now.

Working from home

work from home 4BC Afternoons: 68% of Australian small businesses are home based, and, unfortunately, not a lot of them get much recognition. Moyd and Loretta on 4BC Afternoons bring together two at-home workers, Kelly Burstow, with her business 'Be a fun mum', and Peter Dowse, a web designer.

Kay Schubach

Kay Schubach 4BC Afternoons: Kay Schubach has been through a nightmare, and she has decided to release a book about it. Kay tells 4BC Afternoons about her violent relationship with Sydney socialite and love rat, Simon Lowe (now in jail) and her book about her experience.

Debunking myths

Alternative medicine 4BC Afternoons: Moyd & Loretta caught up with Loretta Marron, Inaugural CEO, Friends of Science in Medicine, to look at the science behind alternative medicines and her crusade to debunk the common myths.

Problem pokie scheme

2 4BC Afternoons: Will the suggested $1 pokies scheme help problem gamblers? Moyd and Loretta talked with Gabriella Byrne, former gambling addict and founder of the Free Yourself Program about this hybrid scheme.

Backyard pirate ship

2 4BC Afternoons: Graeme Wylie built a Portuguese-inspired ship in his backyard and then sailed into Geelong harbour. Moyd and Loretta caught up with him on his return to shore.

Slim's big legacy

slim 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta talked with Joy McKean, widow and manager of Slim Dusty for over 50 years about the heritage listing of Slim’s home.

Civilised separation?

22 4BC Afternoons: Can you have a civilised separation? Moyd and Loretta talked with “Little Book of Etiquette” editor, Patsy Rowe, about the etiquette of separation.

Toyota axes 350 jobs

toyota 4BC Afternoons: With Toyota axing 350 Australian workers, Moyd and Loretta talked with Ian Jones, National Secretary of the AMWU and Motoring Editor, Russell White, about the future of the industry.

Brothel inspector

2 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta talked with Warren Mallard about a Brothel Inspector job that’s attracting hundreds of applicants from around Australia. Listen now.

The big freeze

The big freeze 4BC Afternoons: The big freeze is on in Europe and Moyd and Loretta spoke with Ivars Svanfelds, a resident living in Riga, in the heart of Europe, about the big chill.

Wedding history

wedding 4BC Afternoons: We took a walk down memory lane and down the aisle with Donna Lynch as Moyd and Loretta looked at the history of weddings and how the humble wedding has changed.

Australian gun laws

2 4BC Afternoons: With another school shooting in the USA, Moyd and Loretta talked with Professor Charles Watson about Australian gun laws and if they are protecting our children. Listen live and have your say.

A Girl's Guide to Homelessness

Brianna Karp 4BC Afternoons: Many experiences can change our lives, and being homeless is certainly one of them. A young marketing lady, Brianna Karp, found herself living in a car park after the recession hit. She tells 4BC Afternoons about her new book which details her tumultuous life.

Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson 4BC Afternoons: You may know him from his archaeological series or his portrayal of Baldrick in Blackadder - either way, his unmistakeable enthusiasm is infectious. Moyd & Loretta talked with Tony Robinson who is in town to shoot his latest doco.

Survived the flood

Edward Spark 4BC Afternoons: Edward Spark is a resident of Toowoomba, who experienced the full force of the floods last year, and was rescued after clinging to a tree for dear life. Moyd and Loretta look back at the day with Edward, and reflect on what could have been.

What a smart trolley!

Smart Trolley 4BC Afternoons: Do you get lost in the supermarket? Do you like the idea of shopping with a smart trolley? Moyd & Loretta talk with Nathan Dunn, General Manager of VIP Retail, who is the man rolling out the latest shopping trolley technology in Australia.

Marijuana vs tobacco

marijuana vs tobacco 4BC Afternoons: Some reports from America may be alleging that marijuana is less damaging than cigarettes to the lungs. Moyd & Loretta spoke to Professor Ian Olver, Cancer Council Australia’s CEO, about this strange new research.

Brian Cadd

Brian Cadd 4BC Afternoons: Australian musician, Brian Cadd, was instrumental in providing the music for the soundtrack of cult film, "Morning of the Earth". Cadd joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about his Brisbane performance in which this music will have a release from the film.

'Dear Me'

Dear Me 4BC Afternoons: Are you wise enough to look back and give yourself some good advice and maybe heeding it? Moyd and Loretta talked with Joseph Galliano, Editor of 'Dear Me', a book featuring celebrity letters to their “sixteen-year-old-self”.

To combat toads

Tarantula 4BC Afternoons: It has been suggested that to fix the spread of cane toads in Queensland, we have to bring in the tarantulas! Getting more than they bargained for, Moyd & Loretta talked with Dr Robert Raven, spider expert at the Qld Museum, about this hairy idea.

Less competition

Little Nippers 4BC Afternoons: Is competition good for us or bad for us? Nipper groups down south are making activities less competitive and more inclusive. Moyd and Loretta talked with Margaret Sims, Professor of Early Childhood, about the effects of competition.

Iva Davies

Iva Davies 4BC Afternoons: Moyd & Loretta talked with Australian musician with Iva Davies, also known for being the frontman of Icehouse. Davies is in the USA where he is representing Australia at G’Day LA and singing his classic song “Great Southern Land”.

Separate beds?

beds 4BC Afternoons: Separate beds? Moyd and Loretta talked with columnist Jennifer Adams about her article ““Sleeping apart – not falling apart: A practical guide for happy couples who want to sleep separately.”

Grandma's identity stolen

bag snatcher 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta spoke with Helen King, a Cairns grandmother, who was arrested after having her purse and identity stolen. Also giving advice is Howard Postner, Assistant Director of Criminal Law Services at Legal Aid.

Stephan Elliot

Stephan Elliot 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta had the pleasure of catching up with Stephan Elliot, director of ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’, to talk about his new wedding film ‘A Few Best Men’, which will hit cinemas soon.

Broken heart

Broken heart 4BC Afternoons: Is it possible to die from a broken heart? Joining Moyd and Loretta for a Good Health segment is 4BC regular, Dr Ross Walker. The doctor provides listeners with a definitive answer which gives food for thought.

Normie Rowe in the studio

Normie Rowe 4BC Afternoons: Australian music legend, Normie Rowe, joined Moyd and Loretta in the 4BC Afternoon's studio to discuss his pop career, time spent in war service, his various stage acting roles and what he is currently working on.

Until love do us part

love 4BC Afternoons: Have you kept mementos from past relationships? Moyd and Loretta talked with columnist Natalia Jastrzab from Mamamia about her article on the topic and the reaction it has received.

Queen Mary 2

drink 4BC Afternoons: With two tickets up for grabs to see the Queen Mary 2 when she sails into Brisbane, Moyd and Loretta spoke with Warwick Foote, Honorary Curator at the Qld Maritime Museum about the QM1 and with David Jones, about the QM2.

Terri Irwin

Terri Irwin 4BC Afternoons: Terry Irwin, famous for her wildlife crusades, owner manager of Australia Zoo, widow of Steve Irwin and mother to Bindi and Bob, joined Moyd and Loretta for a colourful chat about her life and work at the zoo and elsewhere.

No more puppy farms!

puppy_farm 4BC Afternoons: Stamp out the puppy farms once and for all! This is the firm message as Moyd and Loretta talk with Mark Townend, CEO, RSPCA and Linda Richards, President of Best Friends Rescue about raising support to change legislation.

The missing Beaumonts

The Beaumont Children 4BC Afternoons: On this day, the 46th anniversary of the abduction of the Beaumont children, Moyd and Loretta talked with the author of the book “Searching for the Beaumonts”, Alan J. Whiticker, about the claims by a US man that he is Grant Beaumont.

Decriminalisation of drugs

Richard Branson 4BC Afternoons: Should drugs be decriminalised? Sir Richard Branson thinks so and Ex-Factor winner Altiyan Childs has admitted he’ll do drugs again. Moyd and Loretta discussed the issue with Dr Dennis Young, Executive Director of Drug Arm Australasia.

Jim Keays

Jim Keays 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta talked with the former lead singer of the Master’s Apprentices, Jim Keays, about his musical career and his upcoming Brisbane performances with Darryl Cotton and Russell Morris.

High security

security officer 4BC Afternoons: What does it take to protect our Prime Minister and what kind of person would take up that position? In light of the Australia Day protests, Moyd and Loretta spoke with Hans van Beuge, experienced security consultant.

Jane Kennedy

kennedy 4BC Afternoons: Actor, comedian and producer, Jane Kennedy joined Moyd and Loretta live in studio for her first interview to talk about the new Working Dog Film she has cast “Any Questions for Ben”.

Australia’s Ghost Whisperer

222 4BC Afternoons: Are you ready for a frightening excursion into the unknown? Moyd and Loretta spoke with psychic Caterina Ligato about her new book “Australia’s Ghost Whisperer”.

Robin Parkin

Robin Parkin 4BC Breakfast: Back in the 1980's, Robin Parkin was well-known to Queenslanders as one of Channel 9’s most popular newsreaders. Moyd and Loretta caught up with Robin to talk about her news days and her current adventures.

Conserve our future

minor 4BC Afternoons: Following a United Nations report that world resources will run out, Professor Ian Lowe, President of the Australian Conservation Foundation talked with Moyd and Loretta about what we need to do to conserve our future.

Sea World sells seafood

seafood 4BC Afternoons: Zoe Hermans from the Gold Coast is campaigning to stop Sea World selling seafood, especially flake, at its restaurants and kiosks. Moyd and Loretta talked with Zoe about her campaign.

Cry Me a River

t 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta talked with the very talented, Rhonda Burchmore, on the eve of her new show in Brisbane, ‘Cry Me a River: the Story of Julie London’. Watch the video now.

Smacking laws

Smacking 4BC Afternoons: Should smacking children be made illegal? Moyd and Loretta spoke with Dr Gervase Chaney from Perth, who is campaigning for it to be banned, as other countries also consider adopting much tougher laws on the subject.

Electorate generations

state election 4BC Afternoons: What is important to Gen Y, Gen X and the Baby Boomers at the next election? Moyd and Loretta invited Nicole, a Gen Y from Auchenflower, John, a Gen X from Taringa and Ruth, a Baby Boomer from Clayfield, into studio to debate.

The Body Language of Love

love 4BC Afternoons: Just in time for Valentine’s Day next week, Allan Pease joined Moyd and Loretta to talk about his new book, The Body Language of Love, and his tips on dating and relationships.

System flood relief

floods 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta broke the exclusive news that AAMI, a major insurance company, has upgraded its systems to offer existing and new customers flood insurance. Great news for many Brisbane residents.

The Millionaire Maker

money 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta caught up with ‘The Millionaire Maker’, Dr Phil's money expert, Loral Langemeier to get a few tips and tricks. Loral is in Brisbane to give a free finance seminar.


Mastocytosis 4BC Afternoons: Mastocytosis is a extremely rare disease that is slipping through the cracks, as symptoms are hard to identify. David Mayne is a sufferer and the Chairman of the Australasian Mastocytosis Society, and he joins 4BC Afternoons to explain the disease.

Too explicit

Mia Freedman 4BC Afternoons: When did sexualisation become mainstream? Mia Freedman joined Moyd and Loretta to discuss her article in The Sunday Mail’s ‘U’ Magazine about being inundated with sexualised images even in family friendly places.

Large cash sum stolen

robber 4BC Afternoons: It seems that nothing much is safe these days, and none know this more than Deagon resident, Lorraine Bagnell. Moyd and Loretta talk to this older lady after she discovered $300,000 was stolen from her home earlier this week.

David Reneke

David Reneke 4BC Afternoons: David Reneke, 4BC's resident UFO guru, has passed a lot of information onto our listeners regarding everything to do with space. Moyd and Loretta invite Reneke back by popular demand to talk a bit more about his 10 years as a UFO researcher.

Danger in Laos

Laos 4BC Afternoons: We’ve all done it; gone overseas for that adventure of a lifetime; but with three young Australian tourist deaths in Laos this past month, Moyd and Loretta spoke about the dangers with Paula Ganly of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Jaz from Skeleton Travel.

Gabe Watson to face US trial

scuba 4BC Mornings: Was he really a bad diver? Senior Reporter with the Courier Mail Tuck Thompson speaks with Greg Cary about the latest developments, including jury selection, in the Gabe Watson case.

History of Brisbane eats

eats 4BC Afternoons: Donna Lynch joined Moyd and Loretta for a trip down memory lane and a look at Brisbane Restaurants from the past, including a chat with Michael Gambaro who has been part of Caxton Street since the 1950s.

Troy Casser-Daley

tcd 4BC Afternoons: Troy Casser-Daley joined Moyd and Loretta to talk about his new CD ‘Home’ which will be released in March and he performed one of the tracks live in studio.

'The Booby Trap'

provocative 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta talked with 4BC's resident Sex Therapist, Bettina Arndt, about her article the “Booby Trap” that suggests men are living in ''a state of confusion'', baffled by the way some women dress and the messages that they interpret.

Torn between two candidates

Kate Jones 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta asked the questions ‘are Ashgrove voters torn by loyalty or the bigger picture?’ They talked with QUT’s politics and gender expert, Dr Mary Crawford to find out what sways people.

Bombing of Darwin

Bombing of Darwin 4BC Afternoons: Were any of your relatives in World War II? Then perhaps they might remember the subject of the next discussion. War historian Mat McLachlan joined Moyd and Loretta to talk about the 70th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin.

Old sayings

old sayings 4BC Afternoons: Donna Lynch joined Moyd and Loretta for her trip down memory lane as we look at old sayings from the past and those still existing. Bruce Moore, author of "Speaking our Languages: The Story of Australian English" also gave his opinion.

Heatwave killer

heatwave 4BC Afternoons: Brisbane is the capital city most at risk of heatwave deaths in the future, according to a new report. Moyd and Loretta talked with Roger Beale AO, Principal, PriceWaterhouseCoopers about his suggestion that Australia needs a heatwave plan.

Hoarding epidemic

Hoarding 4BC Afternoons: With the Hoarding Squalor Conference underway, Moyd and Loretta talked with Psychologist, Professor John Snowdon, about why people hoard and lawyer, Associative Professor, Michele Slatter, about what legal rights hoarders have to hoard.

Looking at Christchurch

Dr David Malouff 4BC Afternoons: This time last year, The Urological Society of Australia and NZ’s conference was being held in Christchurch when the earthquake struck. Ex-President of the Urological Society, Dr David Malouff, shares his first-hand experience with Moyd and Loretta.

Deb Cox brings mystery

Deb Cox 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta caught up with Deb Cox, head-writer and producer of the new Australian detective series set in the 1920s, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Cox was also well known for being a scriptwriter for the Aussie show, 'Seachange'

"Breaker" Morant

morant 4BC Afternoons: Lawyer, Jim Unkles, who is campaigning for "Breaker" Morant, to posthumously receive justice, talked with Moyd and Loretta about his three year campaign to overturn the convictions.

Inside a toxic cult

madmen 4BC Afternoons: A young Sydney woman had a frightening experience with an infamous cult, now, she’s captured that experience in her fictionalised new novel. Moyd and Loretta spoke with Maggie Groff, author of ‘Mad Men, Bad Girls and the Guerilla Knitters Institute’

Moyd - blast from the past!

Moyd Kay 4BC Afternoons: As heard on the show, Loretta has been talking about an old photo. Look at this fellow in the picture - do any 4BC listeners remember his style? Click on the link to get a slightly closer look at his coat!!

Flying Doctors

The Flying Doctors 4BC Afternoons: The operating costs for the Flying Doctors might be more than $30M per year, but Rick Morton who shared his brother’s story of how the Royal Flying Doctors came to his rescue, can testify that it's money well spent. Moyd and Loretta also talked to Roger Parker who is riding over 3000 km for the organisation.

Gillian Cosgriff

Gillian Cosgriff 4BC Afternoons: She’s gorgeous, funny and has her own show at the Powerhouse called “Waitressing and Other Things I do Well” - Gillian Cosgriff joined Moyd and Loretta live in studio to explain what led her to write the show.

Toilet Graffiti

toilet_graffiti 4BC Afternoons: Sometimes we get stuck in a toilet cubicle, only to be endlessly amused by the writing on the wall. Well, La Trobe University Academic, Dr Jan Schapper is doing this as part of her job, and she told Moyd and Loretta how the wall writing can reflect our culture and practices.

Beyond the 'Big 4'

John Symonds 4BC Afternoons: We’ve heard a lot about the ‘Big 4’ – the powerful banks that dictate our interest rates, but why can’t we borrow from overseas banks? Moyd and Loretta asked Aussie Home Loans Executive Director, John Symond, this very question.


weight 4BC Afternoons: Diets are big business, but does the one-size-fits-all plan have a fundamental flaw? Moyd and Loretta talked with Nikki Wallman, Editor of Australian Health Food Guide, about the potential barriers to weight loss for all ages!

Baby Azaria's inquest

zaria 4BC Afternoons: On the anniversary of the findings in 1981 by the coroner, Denis Barritt, that a dingo took baby Azaria, and with the opening of the inquest this Friday, Moyd and Loretta talked with 4BC’s own Chris Adams, and journalist for Today Tonight in 1981, Michael Beattie about the case.

Mary Kiani

Mary Kiani 4BC Afternoons:Moyd and Loretta welcomed Scottish singer, Mary Kiani. Originally singer for Scots band 'The Time Frequency', she flies solo now, ahving been a session singer with Donny Osmond. Kiani sang some bars from her new album ‘Little Things Mean a Lot’.

Pat Farmer triumphs

Pat Farmer 4BC Afternoons: 4BC have been following the journey of Pat Farmer, who has ran more than 20,000 kilometres from the North Pole to the South Pole. Farmer tells Moyd and Loretta that now he's back, all he wants is to hug his kids and have a meat pie.

Take a Chance on Me

abba 4BC Afternoons: 35-years-ago today, ABBA made their first and only appearance in Australia. The media and the public went crazy and their film, Abba: the Movie was shot during the experience.