Hoppy's with Donna and Chris

Afternoons at Hoppy's 4BC Afternoons: Donna and Chris find themselves hard at work at Hoppy's Hand Car Wash helping out after yesterday's big Origin bash. Take a look through the photo gallery to see Donna hard at work, and Chris....well.....supervising her work!

Parents cover up

Learner driver 4BC Afternoons: Are parents taking the rap for their P-plate kids? Moyd and Loretta talk with Bridie Scott-Parker from the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety about this disturbing new trend. Have your say on the blog.

Mary Poppins flys in

Mary Poppins 4BC Afternoons: The highly successful and multi-award winning stage musical, Mary Poppins, comes to QPAC, Brisbane, so Moyd and Loretta caught up with the talented and charming Verity Hunt-Ballard who brings the main character of Mary to life.

Men to Avoid, Men to Enjoy

date 4BC Afternoons: With internet dating well-and-truly established, Moyd and Loretta spoke with Dr Buzz McCarthy about her new book, “Internet Dating: Men to Avoid, Men to Enjoy”

Lasting regrets

regrets 4BC Afternoons: Are you living the life you wanted to lead? Moyd & Loretta talked with author and former palliative carer, Bronnie Ware, who shares with listeners the top five regrets people have towards the end of their lives. Do you have any?

Queensland health, terminal

Queensland health, terminal 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta crossed live to 4BC’s Natalie Bochenski as the news broke that Premier Anna Bligh declared Queensland Health beyond repair and announced its abolishment.

Zelie Bullen

War Horse 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta were lucky enough to see a preview showing of Steven Spielberg's new film, 'Warhorse'. A Gold Coast lady, Zelie Bullen had the privilege of training the horses that starred in the film, and 4BC Afternoons look into her experience.

Angelo Puglisi

Angelo Puglisi 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta spoke with Angelo Puglisi, the owner of Balladean Estates Winery about the terrible fire they experienced in the early hours of Friday morning. Listen now and comment on the blog.

Hetty Johnston with 4BC

Hetty Johnston with 4BC 4BC Afternoons: With the Gold Coast abduction declared a hoax, Moyd and Loretta spoke with Hetty Johntson from Bravehearts, to understand what inspires this type of behaviour in a young girl. Listen now.

Organ donation

yes 4BC Afternoons: With families overruling their loved ones' dying wishes on organ donation, Moyd & Loretta discuss the impacts of this with a donor’s mother and a recipient.

How to help?

g2 4BC Afternoons: Do you know how to help a friend suffering from depression? As we head into the ‘silly’ season, Dr Nicole Highet of Beyond Blue, provides some tips to equip you to support friends and loved ones.

David Campbell

David Campbell 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta caught up with singer, David Campbell, who is in town to promote his new 80s covers album “Let’s Go”. The son of well-loved rocker, Jimmy Barnes, David’s new venture combines his love of the eighties with a little jazz twist.

Sallyanne Atkinson

Sallyanne Atkinson 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta welcomed former Lord Mayor and Brisbane ambassador, Sallyanne Atkinson, to the 4BC Afternoons studio. The lunchtime conversation covered her work, life and her belief in the importance of staying active.

A Brisbane parade?

snoopy 4BC Afternoons: Does Brisbane need a parade? After all the excitement of the Macy Day Thanksgiving Parade in the USA last weekend, Moyd & Loretta discuss with John Aitken, CEO of Brisbane Marketing, if it is time that Brisbane had a parade again. Bring back Warana!

No violence against women

White Ribbon Day 4BC Afternoons: Today is White Ribbon day where men and women “wear and swear” for International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Kevin Mayer grew up in a family where his father was violent towards his mother, and he talks to 4BC Afternoons.

Jacki MacDonald

Jacki MacDonald 4BC Afternoons: From outback Blackall in the 'middle of nowhere' to Australian hearts, Jacki MacDonald has come a long way in her career. Moyd and Loretta talked with Brisbane’s favourite daughter, about life outside of television, and the highlights of her great career.

World Wrestling Extreme Live

Luke Gallows 4BC Afternoons: Luke “Festus” Gallows joins Moyd and Loretta live in the studio to talk about the World Wrestling Extreme Live events currently touring around Australia. Luke is taking part in these events and has two events in Brisbane tonight.

Melinda Schneider

Melinda Schneider 4BC Afternoons: Melinda Schneider is one of the leading lights of the new breed of Australian Country Artists. Back in Brisbane with her own stage show, Doris Day: So much more than the girl next door, she joins Moyd and Loretta live in the studio.

Judith Lucy

judith 4BC Afternoons: Judith Lucy, comedian and author, joins Moyd and Loretta for a chat about life and Yoga. Lucy is hosting the premiere screenings of YogaWoman, a movie about how Yoga has transformed the lives of over 50 women around the world.

Breaking opera perceptions

Opera Australia 4BC Afternoons: For the first time in 24 years, Australia’s national opera company, Opera Australia, will present a main stage season in Brisbane. Artistic Director, Lyndon Terracini joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about how he plans to change the perception of Opera.

Johnathan King

Great Battles 4BC Afternoons: Today we mark the end of World War I and remember all the Australians who sacrificed their lives. Helping us understand the impications of war is author, Dr Jonathan King, who joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about his new book Great Battles In Australian History.

Brett Lee's life

Brett Lee 4BC Afternoons: Brett Lee, champion fast bowler, father, musician and all round good guy joins Moyd and Loretta live in the studio for an up close and personal chat about his new book “My Life: Brett Lee”. You can meet Brett tomorrow at Indooroopilly Dymocks.

Camp Quality

Camp Quality 4BC Afternoons: Camp Quality provides support to children and their families who are dealing with cancer. Moyd and Loretta speak to Penny Sorbello from Camp Quality and also to Kim Speare, whose son Colby is currently going through treatment for Leukemia.

John Cox

Babe 4BC Afternoons: John Cox has more than 35 years experience in the visual effects industry and is the director of Australia’s leading creature effects company. John joins Moyd and Loretta live in the studio for an extended lunch time chat about his amazing career.

John Birmingham

jb2 4BC Afternoons: Brisbane author and blogger John Birmingham joins Moyd and Loretta live in the studio to discuss the final book in his After America trilogy “Angels of Vengeance” and to talk about the art of writing a book – the John Birmingham way.

Fred Brophy

Fred Brophy 4BC Afternoons: Fred Brophy, the world’s last tent boxing showman, joins Moyd and Loretta for lunch this week. Come on a wild and rollicking ride as he recounts stories about his amazing life in the bush and travelling around with the Fight Tents.

Di Morrissey

Di Morrissey 4BC Afternoons: Highly successful Australian author, Di Morrissey, celebrates 20 years in publishing with her 20th book, "The Opal Desert". Morrissey joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about her new book and her amazing writing career.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates 4BC Afternoons: Brisbane radio icon Bill Gates joins Moyd and Loretta live in the studio to reminisce about his amazing career. Bill was responsible for naming the Bee Gees and has met some amazing stars over his long career. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Sarah Calderwood

Sarah Calderwood 4BC Afternoons: Sara Calderwood and her two guitarists Paul and Mirco join Moyd and Loretta live in the studio to talk about Sarah’s new album released today. They also play, live in the studio with no backing track, the first song off the album “Step it out Mary”.

Danny McMaster

Danny McMaster 4BC Afternoons: Super impressionist, and hailed as one of the finest in the business today, Danny McMaster joins Moyd and Loretta for lunch in the studio today. Danny brought along a myriad of guests, ranging from Jerry Lewis to Julia Gillard. Listen for laughs.

Paul de Gelder

r 4BC Afternoons: Paul de Gelder’s life reads like a Boys Own Adventure. From rebel, drug dealer and strip club worker to adventurer, soldier, fitness enthusiast, Navy diver, motivational speaker and mentor to kids across Australia. Paul joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about how he survived a life changing shark attack in 2009.

Sassy Survivors

Sassy Survivor 4BC Afternoons: Deb Eccleston was diagnosed with breast cancer at 33 and was surprised at the lack of support for younger cancer sufferers on the Gold Coast. As a result Deb set up Sassy Survivors which now provides much needed support for women on the Gold Coast.

Premature babies

premature baby 4BC Afternoons: Premature babies have a huge fight on their hands from the word go and despite their rocky start they grow up to be amazing people. Moyd and Loretta talk to Lana Hirschowitz, whose own baby was born 10 weeks premature.

Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly 4BC Afternoons: Best selling Australian author, Matthew Reilly, joins Moyd and Loretta in the studio to talk about his latest novel, 'Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves'. Listener's call in to pose some questions to the writer who shares his life stories.

Work at the mines

crane 4BC Afternoons: Mining jobs are a plenty and the Australian Mines and Metals Association are running 5 Expos across the state to provide information to those interested in mining jobs. Minna Knight, Media Director from the AMMA joins Moyd and Loretta to provide some further information and details about a new jobs site.

Amazing Dog Stories

terrier 4BC Afternoons: Vickie Davy one of the founding directors of PetRescue talks to Moyd and Loretta about Pet Rescue’s Amazing Dog Stories, a new book. She talks about some of the lovely stories in the book and how these dogs can also change the lives of their owners.

Martin Lass

Martin Lass 4BC Afternoons: Martin Lass, the man who changed violin playing from nerdy to sexy, joins Moyd and Loretta live in the studio to talk about his career, his new album and his appearances here in Brisbane and Noosa. Listeners are also treated to live music!

Managing teenagers

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg 4BC Afternoons: How do parents manage the online time and activities of their teenagers? Moyd and Loretta talk to Dr Michael Carr Gregg, one of Australia's highest profile adolescent psychologists for his insight into this new challenge facing many parents.

Gok Wan

Gok Wan 4BC Afternoons: British fashion icon, Gok Wan, is in Australia running free makeover shows at various Westfield shopping centres. Wan joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about body shape and to give listeners some advice on how to dress for their shape.

Self Transformation

Sally Symonds 4BC Afternoons: Sally Symonds has totally transformed her own, losing more than half her body weight. Sally now helps individuals and corporations re-invent themselves and change their own lives for the better. Sally joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about her story.

Kaz Cooke

Kaz Cooke 4BC Afternoons: Kaz Cooke is an Australian author, cartoonist and radio broadcaster. Her latest book, Women’s Stuff is an invaluable resource for women of all ages. Kaz joins Moyd and Loretta live in the studio for a fun chat about “Women’s Stuff”.

Dob in cons

Suspicious 4BC Afternoons: Have you been ripped off by a conman or scam? A lot of people have, in fact, enough for there to be a special hotline set up. 4BC Afternoons talks to Anthony Roberts, NSW Fair Trading Minister about what to look out for.

Text neck

text 4BC Afternoons: A new warning has come out suggesting the hunching involved in looking down at phones or pc's for extended periods leads to a painful condition in neck and shoulders called text neck. Chiropractor Dr Aiden McGuigan speaks to Moyd and Loretta.


sun 4BC Afternoons: Two newly discovered genetic markers could indicate those who are more susceptible to developing Melanoma. This is great news for Melanoma sufferer Anne Stanton who has lived with this disease for over 20 years. Listen in for more.

Chicago Soul Collective

funk 4BC Afternoons: One World One People Tour starting Australia October 2011. Supported by Kate & Max. Chicago Soul Collective is Chicago Jazz Soul Blues and Funk legends. Watch the interview now.

Sue Hodge

sue 4BC Afternoons: Sue Hodge, former star of Allo Allo and protégé of David Croft, is directing the Twelfth Night Theatre’s upcoming production of ‘A Chorus Line’, opening Wednesday October 5. She joins Moyd and Loretta to share her personal experiences.

Naturally monogamous?

life 4BC Afternoons: Is monogamous natural? Dr Christopher Ryan, co-author of New York Times Bestseller ‘Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality’ argues that monogamy is like vegetarianism- it can be put into practice, but it isn’t natural.

Osteoporosis on the increase

Osteoporosis 4BC Afternoons: Mother of two, Linzi Smith, was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 39 after she coughed and fractured her back. Moyd and Loretta talked to Linzi and Assoc. Professor Julie Pasco about the increasing prevalence of this disease.

Mobile muster

Layne Beachley 4BC Afternoons: Have you got a few old mobile phones lying around at home? Don't know what to do with them? Layne Beachley, former professional surfer, talks to Moyd and Loretta about how we can recycle all this technology in the latest 'Mobile Muster'.

Interest rate speculation

John Symond 4BC Afternoons: Westpac have recently dropped some of their fixed rate loans, and the Australian public look on to see who might follow suit, and what might happen to the variable rates. John Symond, founder of Aussie Home Loans, joins Moyd and Loretta.

Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro 4BC Afternoons: The 4BC Afternoon studio is graced by the presence of legendary rock 'n' roll in the form of Suzi Quatro. Currently touring Australia, Quatro talks about her latest album, "In The Spotlight", and also answers some listener's questions.

Young Talent Time is back!

Rob Mills 4BC Afternoons: Children around the country will have a chance to showcase their acts, as 'Young Talent Time' is emerging from it's lengthy hiatus. Moyd and Loretta talk to the new host, previous Australian Idol winner, Rob Mills about audtions being held now.


Lincoln Lewis 4BC Afternoons: Former Home & Away star and son of Wally, Lincoln Lewis, joined Ian Maurice as spokesperson for the IPAF (Internet Piracy Awareness Foundation) to talk about how internet piracy is affecting the entertainment industry.

Richard Wilkins

wilkens 4BC Afternoons: Ian Maurice is joined by old friend Richard Wilkins to share some of his favourite celebrity stories, all in his new book ‘Black Ties, Red Carpets, Green Rooms’.

Aspergers advice

John Robison 4BC Afternoons: Born before the Aspergers diagnosis existed, John Elder Robison struggled for years without answers to his inexplicable behaviour. He joined Ian in studio to chat about his new book ‘Be Different’, which offers practical advice to sufferers.

Cook's vest

vest 4BC Afternoons: One of Captain Cook’s remaining vests is set to be auctioned off in New Zealand on September 8th. Oceanic expert, Arthur Palmer, discusses with 4BC Afternoons the controversy surrounding the auction and the fact that the antique might remain in New Zealand.

Happy campers

Happy campers 4BC Afternoons: Recent UK studies have shown that campers are happier, less stressed and have closer family relationships. Ben Yates, CEO of the Caravan, tells 4BC Afternoons what makes this activity so well loved. Listen now.

Your own worst enemy

anxious 4BC Afternoons: Do you find it hard to stand up and present in front of a crowd? Do you feel unable to make small talk? Psychologist, Anthony Gunn, has written a new book about self confidence and how you can regain some control over your nervous anxiety and he talks to 4BC Afternoons.

Hale and Pace

hale pace 4BC Afternoons: After 30 years making the world laugh, the most successful UK comedy duo since 'Morecambe and Wise' has decided to say farewell. Hale and Pace join 4BC Afternoons with Moyd K and Loretta Ryan talking about the duo's career.

2011 Seniors Symposium

Suspicious 4BC Afternoons: The State Crime Operations Command Fraud and Corporate Crime Group are hosting the 2011 Seniors Symposium in Brisbane. Detective Sergeant Ham speaks to Moyd and Loretta about Jessica’s Story, a fraud case from the UK and other scams he has dealt with.

Debra Byrne

mary 4BC Afternoons: Australian Entertainer Debra Byrne will be coming to Brisbane next year for her role as The Bird Woman in Mary Poppins. Debra joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about her role in Mary Poppins.


Bravery 4BC Afternoons: Walkley Award winning journalist and author Mark Whittaker speaks to Moyd and Loretta about his new book Brave, an amazing account of the many acts of bravery by Australian men and women, and how the effects of their actions can change their lives years afterwards.

Jon English rocks

Jon English 4BC Afternoons: Legendary musician, Jon English, popped into the 4BC Afternoons studio to tell listeners about his new show, aptly titled 'The Rock Show'. Playing at QPAC, it is a tribute to the great music of the sixties and seventies.

A Night with Joan

joan 4BC Afternoons: Joan Collins is coming to Australia in a tour that promises to be simply fabulous! Sharing the wit and anecdotes of a life spent in the spotlight, “A Night with Joan” is set to be an unforgettable night. Loretta speaks one on one with Joan about her upcoming tour and her amazing life.

Simple Tips to switch

tip 4BC Afternoons: Home Money Expert Greg Smith speaks to Moyd and Loretta about the new “Tick and Flick” for customers wanting to change banks to be introduced next year. Greg also gives 4BC listeners his 5 Simple Tips to switch and save which can be implemented straight away to save money.

Four generations, one roof

generations 4BC Afternoons: A growing number of Queensland households have 3 and sometimes 4 generations under the one roof. According to Sydney based Social Researcher Mark McCrindle, by 2020 we will flashback a century and there will be a return to multi generational households like the Waltons. Mark speaks to Moyd and Loretta today about his research.

Are you healthy?

paleo 4BC Afternoons: Do you think you are healthy? There are some key numbers we all should know about our health to help keep us fit and well, these include our waist measurement, heart rate and blood pressure. Dietician Zoe Wilson speaks to Moyd and Loretta about these numbers and gives us some tips so we can all stay healthy.

Jackie Warner, Super egg

jackie 4BC Afternoons: Jackie Warner, Celebrity Fitness Pioneer and author joins Moyd and Loretta in the studio to talk about super foods which are key to losing weight and how to kick start your metabolism. Warner believes that eggs play an important role in weight management.

Hearing Awareness Week

Hearing Awareness Week 4BC Afternoons: This week is Hearing Awareness Week and many Australians are suffering in silence. Jeffrey Moon was one of these Australians until he had a Cochlear implant when he was 42 years old. Since then his life has changed in so many ways. Jeffrey joins Moyd and Loretta in the studio.

Jack Vidgen with Afternoons

jack Video - 4BC Afternoons: Following on from the Seven Network announcing 14 Year old Jack Vidgen the winner of 2011 Australia’s Got Talent, Sony Music Australia is excited to announce the signing of Jack Vidgen. Jack joins 4BC Afternoons.

Dr Ross Walker

depression 4BC Afternoons: A regular on the show, Dr Ross Walker speaks to Moyd and Loretta about a range of topics, including a breakthrough in the cure for Leukaemia, the link between depression and strokes in females and the higher risk of heart attack for women who smoke. Listen now.

Joy of Caring for Mum

Mum 4BC Afternoons: The Joy of Caring for Mum by Constance Nichols – read by Moyd and Loretta. A touching article about one woman who has moved back home to look after her aging mother.

Too much salt?

salt 4BC Afternoons: The average Australian consumes around eight or nine times more sodium (salt) than they need for good health. Today Moyd and Loretta speak to Nutritionist Karen Inge about the problems of salt.

Leftover Makeovers

onion 4BC Afternoons: Sally Wise, mother of 5, has always been looking for ways to stretch the family food budget. Sally joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about how we can reduce the food waste from our kitchens and make the most of the leftovers we have.

Telephone scammers

phone 4BC Afternoons: Telephone scammers are on the increase with a number of scams currently doing the rounds. Bob Melling from the Office of Fair Trading speaks to Moyd and Loretta about the various scams.

Hugh Cornish

hugh 4BC Afternoons: Hugh Cornish was the first face on Queensland Television on Channel 9 in 1959. Hugh had an amazing career at Channel 9 including the General Manager Role and he speaks to Moyd and Loretta today to reminisce about his career on Channel 9 Brisbane’s 52nd Birthday.

The Block

kat 4BC Afternoons: Channel 9’s The Block has been a ratings juggernaut and last night was the judging of the final room, the outdoor area. Moyd and Loretta are joined today by Katrina Chambers, one half of the mum’s team on the Block. Katrina talks about the amazing time.

Elvis mad!

Chris Staros 4BC Afternoons: Chris Staros from the US has been an Elvis Fan for the last 46 years. Every year leading up to the anniversary of the death of Elvis on 16th August 1977 there is a week long Elvis Festival in Memphis Tennessee. Chris speaks to Moyd and Loretta about this year’s festival which culminated in a candlelight vigil last night.

Jackie French - "Flood"

Jackie French 4BC Afternoons: “Flood” is a beautiful picture book, written by Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Whatley about the Queensland Floods and the resilience of Australians. Told from the perspective of a blue cattle dog, it helps parents talk about the subject to their kids. Moyd and Loretta speak to Jackie French today about why she wrote the book.

A Brixton perspective

Brixton 4BC Afternoons: Almost two thousand extra police officers are out on the streets in an attempt to stop a third night of rioting in London. Hackney, Birmingham, Liverpool, Brixton and Croydon are affected. 4BC Afternoons talked to Brixton resident, Adam Da Rouge, about the current situation.

Behaviour exam

Teenage Violence 4BC Afternoons: What is causing teenagers and adolescents to run riot over the past few nights in London? Moyd and Loretta are joined by Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist, to discuss some of the possible reasons behind this behaviour.

Nick Earls

Nick Earles 4BC Afternoons: Brisbane author of fourteen books, Nick Earls, joins Moyd and Loretta live in the studio to talk about his brief medical career, his long and exciting writing career and his new book, "The Fix", which has just been released. Listen now.