Mrs Brady

brady-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Actress Florence Henderson, better known as ‘Mrs Brady’ talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about her part in ‘The Brady Bunch’ and her continuing career. Listen now and comment.

Menopause the musical

musical-thumb 4BC Afternoons: The stars of Menopause the Musical, Francesca Arena and Paula Williams, joins Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons in-studio, talking about the stage show, and perform two songs from the show live. Listen now and have your say.

Crime Corner

crime-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Criminal researcher Steve Behnke, talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about a horrifying crime that occurred in Gatton on Boxing Day 26th December 1898. Listen now and comment.

World Drug Report

drugs-thumb 4BC Afternoons: A 2012 United Nations World Drug Report claims that Aussies and Kiwis are the biggest recreational drug users in the world! Executive Director of Drug Arm, Dr Dennis Young talks to Moyd and Loretta about the accuracy of this research.

First-class bidding

First-class Bidding 4BC Afternoons: Brett Proud from GuestLogix talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about the innovation that passengers will be able to bid to upgrade to first class after boarding a plane.

Court trials

court-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Criminal lawyer Chris Nyst talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about why trials in the court system can be so long and lengthy. Listen now and comment.

Demand for trades

apprentice-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Queensland Electrical Trade Union apprentice coordinator Scott Riechman, talks to Moysd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about the demand for tradespeople and lack of apprentices. Listen now and comment.

Carbon Hotline

carbon-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Rob Sims, Chairman of the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about the new Carbon Tax Hotline. Listen now and comment.

The Voice a gimmick

The-Voice-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Former Australian Idol judge Mark Holden has slammed The Voice as being nothing more than a gimmick. Holden talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about the Voice in the lead up to tonight’s finale. Listen now and comment.

Victorian quake

melbourne-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Victorian Seismology Research Centre’s Adam Pascale and Owner of Criterion Hotel Dallas Patterson talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about the 5.3-Magnitude earthquake that struck 10km southwest of Moe at 9pm last evening. Listen now and comment.

Dirty pretty songs

4BC The Lounge: Virginia Hey 4BC Afternoons: Entertainer Virginia Gay talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about her new musical ‘Dirty Pretty Songs’ at the Judith Wright Centre, and some of her favourite dirty and pretty songs.

Digital takes over

CDs-thumb 4BC Afternoons: With more then 15 millions songs, Aria award winner and Telstra ambassador Clare Bowditch talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about their new music streaming service MOG. Listen now and comment

Beccy Cole

beccy-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Seven time Golden Guitar award winner Beccy Cole, joins Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons in studio to talk about her upcoming tour and performs Let The Waitress Sing. Listen now and comment.

Endangered orangutans

orang-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia President, Tony Gilding talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about the release of two endangered orangutans into a protected Indonesian reserve. Listen now and comment.

Onset of dementia

helena-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Medical doctor and Author of ‘In Search of My Father’, Dr Helena Popovic talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about Dementia and some tips on how to slow down the onset. Listen now and comment.

Scam city

email-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Director of the Centre for Internet Safety at the University of Canberra Alastair MacGibbon, talks to Moyd and Loretta about email scammers. What scams have you seen? Listen now and comment.

Kokoda trek for our soldiers

moylo-thumb 4BC Afternoons: RSL Queensland Chairman Terry Meehan and Lance corporal Owen Perry came into the studio and talked to Moyd and Loretta about the importance of the Kokoda trek.

Jury Duty

4BC Afternoons: Jury Duty 4BC Afternoons: Have you ever been called for jury duty? Terry O'Gorman partner of Robertson O'Gorman Solicitors talks to Moyd and Loretta about the process involved when called upon to serve.

Spray tans may cause cancer

tan-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Recent research from the US this week has revealed spray tans may cause lung cancer, Associate Professor Greg Goodman from the Dermatology Institute of Victoria doesn't believe this to be true, he told Moyd and Loretta why. Listen and comment now.

Sausage dog unharmed

dachshund-thumb 4BC Afternoons: A Sausage dog which was inside its owners' car when it was stolen from a crash scene on the Gold Coast has been found unharmed. Deirdre Payne talks to Moyd and Loretta about the ordeal.

DNA evidence

DNA-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Dr Linzi Wilson-Wilde, General Manager of the National Institute of Forensic Science talks to Moyd and Loretta about DNA evidence and why it is so vital for solving cases. Listen now and comment.

The Disappearance Project

project-thumb 4BC Afternoons: With over 35,000 people going missing every year in Australia, a new theatre production “The Disappearance Project” coming to Brisbane next week, looks at the lives left behind. Moyd and Loretta talk to performer and co-director, Yana Taylor. Listen now and comment.

Caveman diet

diet-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Could you eat and exercise like a caveman? Moyd and Loretta talk to Health Coach, Travis Jones, who believes we should return to the hunter-gatherer life our ancestors lived some 40,000 years ago. Listen now and comment.

Organ donations

donate-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Dr Jonathan Gillis talks to Moyd and Loretta about the age limits on organ donations. Former NRL player, Joe Thomas joins the conversation to tell of his 73 year-old mother’s organ donations. Are you an organ donor? Have your say.

Val Lehman on Afternoons

Val Lehman 4bc Afternoons: Former prisoner star, Val Lehman, joined Moyd and Loretta to talk about her iconic role and her new ‘Prisoner’ event, called The Governor, the Screw and the Top Dog, featuring three of the original Prisoner cast members.

Goodna back on track

goodna 4BC Afternoons: Goodna Services League needs people to work as they open their doors in just under a month after the devastating QLD Floods. David Christie, President of the Goodna Services League talks to Afternoons

Mens Health Week

shed-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Gary Green from Australian Men’s Shed Association talked to Moyd and Loretta to tell all blokes to get a check up!

Jack the Ripper

Depression 4BC Afternoons: Jack the Ripper expert, Dr Geoff Crawford, joined Moyd and Loretta in the Crime Corner to discuss if Jack was really a Jill. Listen now.

The value of a working dog

Kelpie 4BC Afternoons: A new record was set over the weekend for the most expensive kelpie to be sold at auction. Paul MacPhail, trainer and owner of a kelpie stud south of Melbourne has sold a few of his kelpies to the tune of $5000.

Billy Connolly

billy 4BC Afternoons: Funny man Billy Connolly is in Australia for the premiere of the new animated film from Disney Pixar - BRAVE. Billy voices one of the lead characters in the film and joined Moyd and Loretta. Listen now and have your say.

Dancing with the Devil

dancing-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Former Catholic Priest and retired judge Christopher Geraghty, talks to Moyd and Loretta about his years in the church and life after as captured in his book “Dancing with the Devil”. Listen now and comment.

Changed cinematography

afternoon 4BC Afternoons: Dr Jim Frazier developed a lens that changed cinematography, made Spielberg’s dinosaurs seem real in Jurassic Park, brought James Cameron’s Titanic to life and has won an Oscar and an Emmy. Kim Mothershaw caught up with Dr Jim Frazier.

Buy a zoo

zoo 4BC Afternoons: Benjamin Mee, the real life person represented in the movie, We Bought a Zoo, caught up with Moyd and Loretta to talk about his experience of buying a zoo and how it changed his life and that of his children.

Body corporates

body corp 4BC Afternoons: Are Body Corporates bullies or a necessary evil? Moyd and Loretta talked with Body Corporate Solicitor, Juliette Nairn from OMB Solicitors, about tenants’ rights and when they should tow the line?

Forensic testing

crime 4BC Afternoons: While police wait for forensic testing on the Baden-Clay case, Moyd and Loretta asked Dr Linzi Wilson-Wilde why forensic testing takes so long to get back and what exactly are they doing during the tests?

The Rinehart story

Rinehart 4BC Afternoons: The lives of the rich and famous have always fascinated people and Moyd and Loretta talks with investigative journalist and author, Debi Marshall, who chronicles the lives of Australia’s most well-known family, the Rinehart/Hancock clan.

Bee Gee statue

2 4BC Afternoons: Bee Gees' cousin Hazel Gibb talked to Moyd and Loretta today on how the family is coping since the passing of Robin and what she thinks on our campaign to erect a statue of the boys in Redcliffe.

Who are the Freemasons?

freemasons 4BC Afternoons: Who are the Freemasons and what do they do? Freemason Deputy Secretary Graham Schulz came into the studio to uncover all those myths about the “original men’s club” and also gave Loretta the secret handshake.

Kids at restaurants?

2 4BC Afternoons: Should small children have a place at restaurants? John Birmingham, author and Brisbane Times columnist dropped into the studio to talk more with Kim Mothershaw and Loretta Ryan on whether kids should stay at home.

Boys will be boys

nick darcy 4BC Afternoons: Swimming legend Dawn Fraser joined Moyd and Loretta to give her opinion on Olympic team mates Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk holding guns in a recent trip to the US.

Warlow in NYC

elvis 4BC Afternoons: Australia’s leading musical theatre performer Anthony Warlow has been cast in the role of Daddy Warbucks in the new revival of ANNIE on Broadway NYC. Moyd and Loretta congratulated Anthony before he jets off to the big apple!

Relevance of an OP score

school 4BC Afternoons: The relevance of an OP score, does it matter? Paul Williams, Senior lecturer of political science and journalism from Griffith University told Moyd and Loretta your OP score isn’t the be and end all of life after school.

Share, to save money

Earth Hour 4BC Afternoons: The Theory of Collaborative Consumption, it’s good for the planet and your wallet but what is exactly does this theory mean? Lauren Anderson, Community director from collaborativeconsumption.com.au.

Beat the bank

credit 4BC Afternoons: More than 17 per cent of Aussies don’t use basic financial products such as car insurance or credit cards. Corinne Proske, Head of Community Finance & Development at National Australia Bank told Moyd and Loretta why people are reluctant to use banks.

Painkillers Protect Against Skin Cancer

33 4BC Afternoons: A ground breaking study has found that pain killers are linked to reducing the risk of skin cancer, this research was conducted in Denmark so what hope does this mean for us here. Terry Slevin joined Moyd and Loretta.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

queen 4BC Afternoons: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – do we care? Many Australians got up early to watch the celebrations of the Queen’s diamond jubilee, but many didn’t either – is it time to cut the Monarch cord?

Giving away your money

money 4BC Afternoons: A slip of the finger – one digit out – and the money could end up in a completely different bank account. So what are your rights in this situation? Effie Zahos, Money Editor of Money Magazine joined Moyd and Loretta to talk about user errors.

Man Flu real, says journalist

fear 4BC Afternoons: With flu season nearly upon us new survey results released today suggests that the mysterious ailment that appears to strike with unusual ferocity, known commonly as ‘Man Flu’ – could be real. Georgia Rickart, Health expert and journalist told Moyd and Loretta it does exist!