Kristjan Terauds

4BC Afternoons: In 2009, a Toowoomba teenager, Kristjan Terauds, died due to complications from illicit drug use. April's Fool, has been written by David Burton using the words of Kristjan's friends and family interviewed over many months. Moyd and Loretta caught up with David.

Abolish state government

australia 4BC Afternoons: Dr Mark Drummond is the Conveyer of Beyond Federation, and he would like to see the State level of government abolished. Dr Drummond discusses how this might work moving forward with Moyd and Loretta on 4BC Afternoons.

Ray Burton

Ray Burton 4BC Afternoons: It's International Woman's Day, and Moyd and Loretta decided to settle the debate on whether or not a man was involved with writing the song of a generation 'I am Woman'. 4BC Afternoons welcomed musician, Ray Burton.

Needing a butler

butler 4BC Afternoons: Buckingham Palace is on the lookout for a new butler - do you think you're up to the job? 4BC Afternoons contacted Jospehine Ives, the founder of Magnums Butler School in Queensland to find out more about the position on offer.

Fatherless society?

feet 4BC Afternoons: How can we prevent a fatherless society? Moyd and Donna raised the topic with QUT psychologist, Judith Locke and Warwick Marsh, Chief Executive Officer of Dads4Kid.

Keith Potger

Keith Potger 4BC Afternoons: Keith Potger, the original member of The Seekers, joined Moyd and Loretta in studio to talk about his career and his performance in Brisbane tonight at Broncos Leagues Club.

Sunday drives

sunday drive 4BC Afternoons: Donna Lynch joined Moyd and Loretta for a trip down memory lane and a look at the family holiday. Frances Whiting and William McInnes also shared their childhood holiday memories.

Autism aids

autism 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta talked with AEIOU (autism) Chairman, Dr James Moreton, about the challenge issued to the Newman Government to develop employment support services for young people with autism.

Women are losing out

women talking 4BC Afternoons: Social commentator, Bettina Arndt gave Moyd and Loretta the men’s perspective on why successful women are losing out in the dating stakes.

Sicily, It’s Not Quite Tuscany

shamus 4BC Afternoons: Author, Shamus Sillar joins us to talk about his new book “Sicily, It’s Not Quite Tuscany” about a sea-change that didn’t quite go to plan. Listen now and have your say.

Forced adoptions

Baby 4BC Afternoons: Between the1950s to1970s about 150,000 Australian unwed mothers had their babies taken against their will by churches and adoption agencies. This week a report was tabled in the upper house and Moyd and Loretta spoke with Senator Rachel Siewert who chaired the Senate inquiry.

Film memorabilia collector

Nicholas Inglis 4BC Afternoons: By day he’s a mild-mannered lawyer, but at home, Nicholas Inglis stores a magnificent film memorabilia collector. Moyd and Loretta talked with him about his incredible collection including costumes worn by Grace Kelly, Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor.

Costa Concordia survivor

Costa Concordia 4BC Afternoons: The cruise of a lifetime provided to be a nightmare for Costa Concordia survivor, Michelle Barraclough, her partner and daughter. Moyd and Loretta spoke with Michelle who is home in Melbourne now, about her recovery and compensation claim.

Bullying from ‘R’ to PG

R 4BC Afternoons: Reminding us that one person can make a difference, a young American school student, Katy Butler, has begun a campaign to change the rating of a film called “Bully” about Bullying from ‘R’ to PG to save lives. Katy talks with Moyd and Loretta.

My time in Auschwitz

Halina Wagowska 4BC Afternoons: Holocaust survivor, Halina Wagowska joined Moyd and Loretta to talk about her time in the Auschwitz and Stuthoff prison camps and her story captured in her harrowing new book ‘The Testimony’. Listen now.

Women's choice

IWD 4BC Afternoons: Family, career, travel, love … to mark International Women’s Day, 4BC Afternoon's have brought together a panel, including a woman of the 60s, 80s and now who talk about being a woman and their choices in life.

Life without Patrick

The Swayzes 4BC Afternoons: Patrick Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi joined Moyd and Loretta to talk about her book “Worth fighting for” which chronicles her life with and without Patrick. Listen now to this extended interview.

"Fuel of the past"

Obama 4BC Afternoons: President Obama has made an urgent appeal for the USA to wean itself from oil, calling it a fuel of the past. Dr Michael McKinley, Australian National University, believes we have met the half way point of world oil supplies and he discusses this with Moyd and Loretta.

Arranged marriages

marr 4BC Afternoons: As Insight (SBS One) tackles the topic of arranged marriages and how Australian laws might clash with cultural traditions, Moyd and Loretta caught up with the program’s guest, Tasneem Chopra, who thinks legislating against it is not the best way to tackle the problem.

One year on

japan 4BC Afternoons: One year on from the Japanese Tsunami with over 15,000 dead and 3,000 still missing, Moyd and Loretta caught up with Amelia Adams, a Ch 9 journalist, who was flown into Japan within 24-hours of the disaster.

Michael Crawford

crawford 4BC Afternoons: Michael Crawford is visiting Australia and Moyd and Loretta caught up with him to talk about his new CD ‘The Story of My Life – The Ultimate Collection’ and going from Frank Spencer to the Phantom of the Opera.

1934 Pyjama Girl

2 4BC Afternoons: A young playwright, Emma Gibson, has re-opened the 1934 Pyjama Girl mystery and is researching it to create a stage documentary. She told Moyd and Loretta she wants help from the public.

Father Bob's, Archibald Prize

father 4BC Afternoons: The Archibald Prize has its first ever street art finalist. Father Bob’s stencil portrait has made the finals of the Archibald Prize. Moyd and Loretta caught up with the artist Luke Cornish and Father Bob.

Against all odds

brothers 4BC Afternoons: Against overwhelming odds, two young boys are setting out to single-handedly save the Orangutans. Moyd and Loretta were luck to catch up with the brothers, Daniel and William, to talk about their efforts.

Denied super

super 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta talked to John, a listener, who feels discriminated against because he is still working, but at 70 he has been told he now cannot contribute to his superannuation. Paul Rickard, Director of the Switzer Super Report confirmed his story.

John Rowles

John Rowles 4BC Afternoons: Renowned New Zealand singing legend, John Rowles joined Moyd and Loretta in studio to talk about his ‘final bow’ tour which begins this month and will take in over 40 shows by the end of the year.

Tangled up with Kick Gurry

Kick Gurry 4BC Afternoons: Kick Gurry, heart-throb (according to Loretta) and star of ‘Tangle’ joined Moyd and Loretta in studio to talk about the launch of the third series of the Australian drama which will be released on the Showcase channel.

Welcome to the Outback

ob 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta caught up with author, Sue Williams, who set about travelling the length of Australia to find the true Aussie outback meaning and captured it in her book “Welcome to the Outback”.

Weight matters

Amy Smith 4BC Afternoons: A petition with 1100 signatures has been organised to seek the removal of Jenny Craig CEO, Amy Smith, as a speaker at a Melbourne Girls’ School Conference. Moyd and Loretta spoke with petition organiser, Lydia Turner and Dr Rick Kausman.

La Nina officially over!

Weather 4BC Afternoons: La Nina has noe officially ended, so Moyd and Loretta caught up with Dick Whittaker, Chief Meteorologist at the Weather Channel, to find out what this means, and what's coming next.

Louie Shelton

lousie 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta welcomed Louie Shelton into the studio to talk about his amazing career including signature guitar riffs and solos on more hit records than any other session guitarist in history.

Dementia on rise

deimentia 4BC Afternoons: With dementia dramatically on the rise in Brisbane, Moyd and Loretta spoke with Ozcare Dementia Senior Service Co-ordinator, Karen Constant about why this is the case and what we can do to prevent it.

Brand loyalty move

coles and Woolies 4BC Afternoons: Have you noticed that some of your favourite brands are no longer on the shelf at Coles or Woolworths? Moyd and Loretta caught up with Choice Spokesperson, Ingrid Just to find out what's happening.

The Young Endeavour

boat 4BC Afternoons: The Young Endeavour docked this morning and Moyd and Loretta caught up with 16-year-old Mitch Peterson who was still onboard for the adventure and his Mum, Janelle, who sent her son to sea.

Beatles 2.0

sean 4BC Afternoons: The sons of the Beatles are hinting that there might be a second generation Beatles band — Beatles: The Next Generation. Moyd and Loretta caught up with music historian, Glenn A. Baker, about generational talent.

Last meal

Titanic 4BC Afternoons: It was the last meal that many first class passengers on the Titanic enjoyed, but Brent Farrell, chef-owner of Brent’s The Dining Experience, is giving diners the chance to try. Moyd and Loretta spoke with Brent about the Edwardian degustation menu.

Nature or nurture?

hooning 4BC Afternoons: In light of the recent crime wave, wild car chase and aggressive acts by stars, Moyd and Loretta asked the question, is it nature or nurture? Dr Deborah Wilmouth, Director of Bond University’s Psychology Clinic shed some light on the topic.

5 Stages of Health

health 4BC Afternoons: Dr Ross Walker, Moyd and Loretta’s regular cardiologist, joined them to talk about his new book the “5 Stages of Health” which debunks the myths and hype of modern health.

Trapped in a gold mine

bw 4BC Afternoons: Beaconsfield Mine Survivor, Todd Russell was trapped in a gold mine in 2006 with Brant Webb and Larry Knight. Moyd and Loretta spoke with Todd about his thoughts on a new series depicting what they went through to survive and the anguish of their families.

Holocaust exhibit

2 4BC Afternoons: Dr Susanne Urban from the International Tracing Service, Germany, is in Sydney to donate wallets and personal effects from the Holocaust to the Sydney Jewish Museum. Moyd and Loretta talked with Dr Urban.

Susie O’Neil

susie 4BC Afternoons: With only 100 days until the Olympics, Moyd and Loretta caught up with former Olympian, Susie O’Neil, to discuss her work with Foxtel at the London Olympics. Listen and comment now.

Skype implications

skype 4BC Afternoons: With the release of the first volume of a report on Aust Defence Force abuse which was commissioned after the "Skype scandal", Moyd and Loretta spoke with Brian Briggs from Slater & Gordon to understand the implications.

Machine Gun Preacher

sam 4BC Afternoons: After beating a drug addiction and a life of violent crime, Sam Childers travelled to Africa where he built the largest orphanage in Sudan. Sam’s life was captured in a movie, Childers joins Moyd and Loretta.

Missing fragments

t 4BC Afternoons: A visit by a British Egyptologist to the Qld Museum upturned missing fragments dating back to 1420 BC. Moyd and Loretta spoke with CEO, Dr Ian Galloway about the find from the ‘Book of the Dead’.

Romeo and Juliet

romeo 4BC Afternoons: It’s a timeless story and the QTC’s production of Romeo and Juliet sizzles. Moyd and Loretta talk with the lead actors, Thomas Larkin and Melanie Zanetti, and tried a bit of Shakespeare of their own!

Disney buys auctioned life story

ih 4BC Afternoons: Ian Usher put his whole life on eBay in 2008 after his marriage broke down, he sold his life on eBay. Now Disney has bought his story for a new film. Moyd and Loretta caught up with Ian about his decision and his new life.

"Am I Black Enough For You?

Dr Anita Heiss 4BC Afternoons:Dr Anita Heiss joined Moyd and Loretta in studio to discuss her powerful memoir: ‘Am I Black Enough for You?’ Her book is the journey of one Aboriginal woman working to break down stereotypes and build bridges between black and white Australia.

Catch up with the Sun

horse 4BC Afternoons: Heidi Douglas had a dream to ride a horse around Australia before she turned 40 and she did! Moyd and Loretta caught up with Heidi to hear about her ride and her book “Catch up with the Sun”.

'The Demolition Man'

Umar Patek 4BC Afternoons: The trial for the man they call “the Demolition Man” of the 2002 Bali bombing is underway and Moyd and Loretta talked with Bali bombing survivor, Peter Hughes, who returned to Jakarta to testify and AAP’s South-East Asian Correspondent, Karlis Salna reporting from the trial.

"O.J, Innocent, I Can Prove It"

oj 4BC Afternoons: Did you think O.J. Simpson was guilty of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson and her lover, Ronald Goldman? Private eye, William Dear, doesn't think he’s guilty and told Moyd and Loretta who he thinks did it as outlined in his new book “O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It”.

A nice way to be fired?

sa 4BC Afternoons: Toyota workers and their union are seeing red over the way the company sacked 350 employees. Moyd and Loretta talked with Dave Smith, Aust Manufacturing Workers Union who has been actively involved and LHH DBM downsizing expert, Helen Burton, about if there is a good way to downsize and let people know that they are fired.