Hamburg Ballet

ballet-thumb 4BC Afternoons: The Hamburg Ballet is enjoying their first trip to Australia and one-of-our-own, Sydney-born ballerina, Priscilla Tselikova, has been with the Hamburg Ballet since 2009.

Gretel Kileen's passion

gretel-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Gretel Killeen has been on our screens for many years as the host of Big Brother and the Logies. Gretel joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss the power of the media and her new passion, the “Power of Voice”.

Crime Corner

murder-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Journalist, Michael Duffy, spoke with Moyd and Loretta in Crime Corner, about the real-life inside-story of Australia’s biggest murder investigation for police informant and criminal, Terry Falconer.

Sharon Strzelecki

kim-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Sharon Strzelecki, netball lover and second-best friend of Kim, of Kath and Kim fame, joins Moyd and Loretta in studio to talk about her role in the film Kath and Kimderella.

Blue moon this Friday

August 2012 is a month with two full moons, that means it’s a Blue Moon month 4BC Afternoons: August 2012 is a month with two full moons. And, by popular acclaim, that means it’s a Blue Moon month – but is it really blue? Mark Rigby, Curator of the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium tells Loretta Ryan what to expect.

Fashion week

It's 2012 Fashion Week 4BC Afternoons: With Fashion Week upon us, Loretta Ryan looks at fashion through the generations. She is joined by Samantha Ashton of Ash to Gold label; Pia Du Pradal who has dressed our glamorous Governor-General, Quentin Bryce and others.

Touring Italy

Italy 4BC Afternoons: Restaurateurs, Dan Clark and Manny Sakellarakis have just returned from Italy and join Loretta Ryan in studio to share stories of the wine regions, food and the Sicilian mafia!

Ken Fletcher now parked

Ken Fletcher has had a park named in his honour 4BC Afternoons: Do you remember Tennis great, Ken Fletcher? He’s just had a park named in his honour and long-time friend Hugh Lunn, joins Loretta Ryan to share his memories. Hugh pushed for Ken’s induction into the Aust. Hall of Fame.

Trip Down Memory Lane

chugg-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Moyd, Loretta and Donny Lynch caught up with Band promoter, Michael Chugg, on their ‘Trip Down Memory Lane’. Michael bought many of the big acts to town; and, shares some of his insider stories.

Fuzzy Memory

memory-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Having a fuzzy memory can’t just be pinned on ageing alone, but you may be surprised at what can affect your ability to remember. Moyd and Loretta talk with Good Health magazine's Health journalist to find out more.

OxyContin banned in Canada

OxyContin 4BC Afternoons: A painkiller widely prescribed in Australia has been banned in Canada. Professor Michael Farrell tells Moyd and Loretta why he is concerned that OxyContin, nicknamed "hillbilly heroin" is being overprescribed.

Brian Moller

thumb 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta talk with Brian Moller, an Australian nurse, who has been coordinating a makeshift hospital in Syria for the last few months for Médecins Sans Frontières.

Junior editor at Hanging Rock

Picnic at Hanging Rock 4BC Afternoons: Author, Joan Lindsay wrote of a group of schoolgirls and a teacher who went missing after a picnic at Hanging Rock in 1900 and Sandra Forbes was the junior editor on the book back then in the 60s.

Weigh fat kids at school?

Should our kids be weighed at school to tackle obesity? 4BC Drive: As the obesity epidemic becomes an increasingly discussed issue, calls have been made to weigh and measure students at school. But is the health and well-being of Australian schools really the responsibility of our schools?

Jess Watson movie coming

A Jess Watson mnovie is on the cards 4BC Afternoons: Young sailor, Jessica Watson, is about to have a film made about her adventures called ‘True Spirit’. Moyd and Loretta caught up with Jessica about what it is like to be the subject of a film and ask who will play her.

Euthanasia decision

Brain 4BC Afternoons: South Australian mother, Joanne Dunn, yesterday made the heartbreaking decision to ask doctors to stop feeding her 37-year-old son, Mark, who has been in a vegetative state since 2006 after a car crash.

Jim Stynes' journey

Jim Stynes memoir released 4BC Afternoons: Sam Stynes, wife of Brownlow medallist, Irishman and great character, Jim Stynes, talks to Moyd and Loretta on the release of his memoir “My Journey”. Stynes shares the moment that she found the lump that took them to the doctors.

Mother poker shark

Poker mum 4BC Afternoons: Psychologist and divorced mother, Julie Braithwaite went from being a bored divorced mother in a conservative Sydney suburb, to, being a poker shark! She found herself playing 184 poker tournaments in 3 months.

Norman May

norman 4BC Afternoons: Veteran sports reporter, Norman May, joined Moyd and Loretta in a ‘Trip Down Memory Lane’ to remember some amazing Olympic moments and memories. Do you have a Norman memory? Listen now.

Amazing life of Peter Chadwick

elle-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Peter Chadwick has led a glamorous life after he founded Chadwick Models in 1976, with names on his books such as Elle Macpherson and Cameron Diaz

Stars of Comicus Erectus

comicus-thumb 4BC Afternoons: The stars of Comicus Erectus—Italian for 'stand up comedy'— join Moyd and Loretta in studio ahead of their sold-out show tonight at the Greek Club.

Wallace Bishop's birthday

Wallace Bishop 4BC Afternoons: Our ‘Trip Down Memory Lane’ with Donna Lynch remembers what our city was once like and Donna, Moyd and Loretta caught up with Wallace Bishop, the legendary jeweller, who happens to be celebrating his birthday today.

Do you have a favourite child?

Favourite child 4BC Afternoons: Judith Locke, Clinical Psychologist, joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss if it is possible to have a child that you don’t like and do all parents have a favourite child?

20,000 security cameras too many?

security-thumb 4BC Afternoons: There are 20,000 cameras in Qld to monitor people in public places and in most Australian cities, the average citizen is likely to be captured on film about 15 times a day.

Brain hacker Keith Barry

keith-thumb 4BC Afternoons: The world’s leading mentalist, brain hacker and hypnotist, Keith Barry, joins Moyd and Loretta in studio as part of his debut Australian tour

Elvis is in the building

elvis-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Elvis is in the building … well Elvis impersonator, Anthony Petrucci, joins Moyd and Loretta to mark the 35th anniversary of Elvis’s death.

Do you 'Like' RBTs?

Sharing RBT locations on Facebook, right or wrong? 4BC Afternoons: A Facebook page is advising locations of RBTs and it has 17,000 likes. Terry O’Gorman, Vice President of the Qld Council for Civil Liberties joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss if people have a right to know?

Crime Corner

ted-thumb 4BC Afternoons: In Crime Corner, Ted Duhs, author of “Crucial Errors in Murder Investigations” joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss evidence in the case of David Eastman who has served 17 years for the murder of an AFP Assistant Commissioner

Aussie rock reunites

jim-thumb 4BC Afternoons: 17 legends of Australian rock reunite for the A Long Way to the Top 10th Anniversary Concert and Moyd and Loretta catch up with one of the legends, Jim Keays of the Masters’ Apprentices.

John Schumann

john-thumb 4BC Afternoons: John Schumann, the writer of the Vietnam Vets anthem “I was only 19” joins Moyd and Loretta to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan and we hear John’s Long Tan tribute version of Kah Sahn.

Albums on display

vinyl-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Do you remember your favourite record cover? Over 150 album covers are going on display at the Long Play: The Glory Days of the 12” Cover exhibition and Moyd and Loretta caught up with the curator, Trevor Moore.

Fine Cotton

finecotton-thumb 4BC Afternoons: On a Saturday race day in August 1984, one of the biggest scandals in racing happened right here in Brisbane. Fine Cotton, a thoroughbred gelding, was at the centre of a substitution scam, at Eagle Farm Racecourse.

Antarctic Thirst

thumb 4BC Afternoons: Thriller writer, Louise Larkin travelled to the Antarctica to research her latest book, Thirst. She tells Moyd and Loretta of her adventures and some amazing facts gathered during her research.

Carol's home-grown cold cure

Nothing to sneeze at - try Dr Carol's home-grown cold cure 4BC Mornings: 4BC Morning resident doctor Dr Carol Hungerford gives her famous flu tip out again.

Driving Miss Daisy Down Under

Hollywood Royalty and Tony Winners James Earl Jones and Angela Lansbury Will Bring Driving Miss Daisy to Brisbane 4BC Breakfast: Brisbane will host the premiere of Driving Miss Daisy, starring Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones. The man bringing it to the city is producer John Frost. Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast caught up with him.

Celebration of our sandwich

Aussie icon Vegemite has now been inducted to the Sandwich Hall of Fame 4BC Breakfast: The humble Vegemite sandwich now has Hall of Fame status, at least according to the Sandwich Association. Grahame McCormack from the Association tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast why it deserves the recognition.

Red-light cameras snapping cyclists

4BC Big Backyard: Inaccuracy of speed cameras 4BC Breakfast: Red light cameras are increasingly snapping cyclists... as they ignore the stop signals. However cyclists say they can have good reason for not stopping, as Ben Wilson from Bicycle Queensland tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Ekka opens today

Ekka is Queensland's largest annual event 4BC Breakfast: The Ekka opens its gates today, with a new CEO at the helm of the RNA. Brendan Christou spells out what’s new, to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Don’t you hate losing a bet?

Sports Minister Kate Lundy has lost her medal bet with UK Counterpart 4BC Breakfast: Federal Sports Minister Kate Lundy will be wearing a Team GB shirt, after losing a medal bet with her UK Counterpart. Lundy tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast how it came about.

Inflation outlook optimistic

Inflation is under control despite introduction of the Carbon Tax 4BC Breakfast: Despite the introduction of the carbon tax, inflation seems to be under control – at the moment. Michael Pascoe from Fairfax BusinessDay explains why, to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Carbon tax impact

The effects of the Carbon Tax are explained 4BC Breakfast: It seems schools and shops are now beginning to feel the effects of the carbon tax. Supermarkets could be up for $15,000 if they need to re-gas fridge systems. David Goodwin of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry explains the effects to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

South Pole survival

James Castrission and Justin Jones pictured at Hercules Inlet just after they completed their first unsupported return trek to the South Pole 4BC Drive: 4BC has been following the journey of Aussie adventurers Cas & Jonesy, two young mates who set a world first 2.270km journey to the South Pole and back, battling frost bite, hunger and the wildest of weather. They share their incredible story of survival.

King of Queen Street Mall

Balloon artist Wayne Bloomfield is a permanent fixture in the Queen Street Mall 4BC Breakfast: The Queen Street Mall is marking its 30th anniversary, with a special concert featuring Richard Clapton. Balloon artist Wayne Bloomfield is a fixture in the mall, and loves performing there. He explains why, to Peter & Mary from 4BC Breaky.

Sally Pearson Gold Coast joy

Sally Gold 4BC Breakfast: Sally Pearson’s gold in the 100 hurdles has the Gold Coast jumping for joy. Will the local star get a parade when she returns home? Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate talks to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Paul Sings: All-Star to sweet songs

Paul McDermott Sings! Songs from the sideshow, daas, mosh, gud, galas, gnw & beyond 4BC Breakfast: You might know Paul McDermott from his comedy routines on TV – but he’s also made a career out of singing. In fact, he’s about to perform a show “Paul Sings” at the Tivoli, and he explains his dual passions to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Bunker down for doomsday

Solar flares will be among events faced by the global community according to Doomsday group 4BC Breakfast: A group is building a bunker near Tenterfield in northern New South Wales, because they think Doomsday is on the way. It costs $5,000 a person to gain access. Simon is the man who’s building it on his land, and he spoke to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Queenslander Tate brings home gold

Australia's Tate Smith, Dave Smith, Murray Stewart and Jacob Clear get mobbed by their families after winning gold 4BC Breakfast: Australia cheered our men’s K4 team, as they took gold. Among the winners is Queenslander Tate Smith, who’s a member of Northcliffe Surf Lifesaving Club. Proud President David Shield talks to Peter and May from 4BC Breakfast.

Naughty Korea lashes MX

North Korea:  We're not naughty, you are! 4BC Breakfast: A Brisbane newspaper is at the centre of an international incident. MX has angered North Korea, for labelling it “Naughty Korea” in its London medal tally. Editor Emma Chalmers tells Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast it was just a bit of fun.

Brisbane's best booked solid

More than 5700 geo-scientists from 112 countries will converge on Brisbane for the 34th International Geological Congress 4BC Mornings: 34th International Geological Congress is on this week with almost all of Brisbane city’s hotels booked out. Secretary General of the Congress Dr Ian Lambert tells Greg Cary what the congress is all about.

Facebook party stabbing

A girl was allegedly stabbed at a Stafford St Facebook party 4BC Breakfast: A party in Stafford got out of hand over the weekend, when the invite went public on Facebook. Hundreds turned up, and a girl was allegedly stabbed in a nearby street after the party broke up. Peter and Mary spoke to neighbour Graham Evans.

Prostitute wins right to work from motel

Sex and the city 4BC Mornings: A fly-in fly-out prostitute has won the right to work from a central Queensland motel, even though the owners want her kicked out, Retired Solicitor and research officer for the Australian family association Tempe Harvey tells Greg Cary this is not on.

Geoff Gallop: politics, society and self

Politics, Society, Self, focuses on matters of the self in society: of contemporary politics, pragmatics, fundamentalism, fairness, and the meaning and importance of well-being for public policy and the person 4BC Mornings: Former Western Australian Premier, now Australian Politics Academic at Sydney University Geoff Gallop joins Greg Cary on his latest book, ‘politics, society and self’.

Is the exclusive 'white picnic' fair?

Diner en Blanc brings together almost 8,000 people all dressed in white for a 4BC Mornings: The Queensland government has given $5000 to an exclusive ‘white picnic’ event while they continue to cull funding for programs and cut jobs, Greg Cary weighs in on this and asks is this fair?

Fair Go for our veterans

Our veterans deserve the highest priority 4BC Mornings: Former Air Vice Marshal Peter Criss, AM, AFC speaks with Greg Cary as the ADSO Fair Go Campaign launches Operation AWARE today focusing not only on the military superannuation injustice but also on the shortfall in promised disability pension payments for those affected veterans.

Should older drivers sit another test?

Should older drivers be encouraged to self-regulate their own driving? 4BC Mornings: New research has found more deaths could be avoided if roads were made safer for older drivers. Dr Mark King, from the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety-Queensland speaks with Greg Cary.

LNP holds posh picnic as cuts deepen

The LNP's posh picnic goes ahead alongise Notre Dame in Paris despite job cut backs 4BC Breakfast: The state government has been cutting back, yet will be holding an exclusive “pop up picnic” at Diner en Blanc in Paris. Steven Wardill from the Courier-Mail explains what it’s all about, to Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast.

Reason for the sneeze

Ah-choo! New research claims to have found out why we sneeze. 4BC BREAKFAST: Ah-choo! Ever wondered why you sneeze? Well wonder no more. It seems new research has found the answer. Peter and Mary spoke to GP Ginni Mansberg about the new research.

Bikie clubhouse sprayed with bullets

Police have blocked off part of a road surrounding the crime scene. Photo: 4BC’s Amelia Birnie 4BC News: A Brisbane business, believed to be a bikie clubhouse, has been sprayed with bullets. Police said shots were fired at the business in Ellen Street in Albion about 3am. It is believed the business is a Rebels bikie gang clubhouse.

Top 5 Aussie Jobs facing extinction

With a simple show of hands, it was official - these workers voted to accept the company's job-loss deal 4BC Drive: It has been predicted that in the next 5 years, many Australian jobs will disappear as a result of technical advances and offshoring of jobs. Greg Pankhurst from Balance Recruitment joins Gary Hardgrave with the top 5 jobs most at risk of extinction.

Are our states to blame for high energy prices?

Power prices are troubling homes and governments 4BC Drive: CEO of Go Switch, Ben Freund joins Gary Hardgrave in response to the PM’s claim that each state is responsible for rising energy prices, despite the fact the Federal Government introduced the carbon tax a month ago. State Energy Minister Mark McArdle discusses.

Carbon tax price hike

Electricity bills are real shockers 4BC Mornings: Carbon tax price hike jolts Anglican Church Grammar School electricity bills – but what about us? Peter Phillips, Electricity broker and Owner of Mantel Solutions speaks with Chris Adams (filling in for Greg Cary) on what we can do to dodge large bills.

The Heiner Affair

Heiner Affair aka shreddergate still in the news after 18 years 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talks on the potential block buster that may reopen the alleged cover up of the dark past in Queensland history. Those interested in obtaining a copy of the document Attachment Two Exhibit Five, an audit of the Heiner Affair written by the QC Rofe, can do by clicking here.

Oddest Olympic events ever!

Son Yeon-Jae of South Korea performs her rhythmic gymnastics routine 4BC Mornings: Ribbon dancing, synchronised diving, curling? These Olympic events push the definition of “sport” nearly to its breaking point but aren’t even close to the oddest in the Games’ 116-year history. Editor of Gizmodo Australia Luke Hopewell speaks with Chris Adams.

Battle for Bolt heats up

Jamaica's Usain Bolt wins the gold medal in 2012 Men's 200m Olympic finals final from lane 7. <em>Photo: Steve Christo.</em> 4BC Drive: Its Cairns vs Gold Coast in the battle for Usain Bolt. Cairns MP Gavin King is in a war of words with Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate. They join Gary Hardgrave separately to plead their cases.

World should prepare for major earthquake event

World should prepare for major earthquake event 4BC Drive: BBC Presenter and renowned geologist, Professor Iain Stewart, joins Gary Hardgrave with a startling prediction that the world will see a catastrophic earthquake in a major cities built near major earthquake faults. He believes it's only a matter of time.

Mars Probe: Mission Accomplished

One of the first images from NASA of the Curiosity rover is pictured of its wheel after it successfully landed on Mars.  Photo: REUTERS/Courtesy NASA TV/Handout 4BC Drive: CSIRO Operations Scientist John Sarkissian joins Gary Hardgrave after the announcement of NASA’s Mini Cooper-sized rover touched down on the Red Planet in a manoeuvre dubbed “mission impossible” and compared to a golfing hole-in-one.

Crime corner Whiskey au Go Go

The aftermath of the Whiskey au Go Go fire in Brisbane in 1973 4BC Afternoons: John ‘Bluey’ O’Gorman joined Moyd and Loretta in Crime Corner to talk about one of his most notable cases, the Whiskey au Go Go firebombing in Fortitude Valley and the effect on the victims of crime.

Own a home in the UK for $1.50

World's cheapest house?  Yours for just $1.50. 4BC Afternoons: For $1.50 Australian, you can own your own home in England. The catch is that it is in a crime-ridden area and you must agree to live there for five years and renovate it. Moyd and Loretta asked urban development expert, Professor Chris Eves from QUT, can a community be reborn?

Footballer escapes jail after behind the play assault

Scott Gary Hines from Australian rules club Sandgate who broke an opposition player's jaw during a suburban match has narrowly escaped jail 4BC Afternoons: When does an offence on the sporting field become assault and who determines this? David Field, Associate Professor of Law at Bond University, spoke with Moyd and Loretta about this increasing litigious area.

Inspiring Digger's POW story revealed

Australian prisoners of war in Changi Jail, Singapore 4BC Afternoons: When Billy Young and his fellow Diggers emerged from their Singapore prison cells in 1945, they stood on Changi beach all night long just watching the stars and the sea. Now aged 86, Billy has his story captured by biographer, Anthony Hill. Billy and Anthony join Moyd and Loretta to share the story.

Bring Bolt to the Beach

Olympic 100 metre sensation Usain Bolt 4BC Afternoons: Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has launched a social media campaign to bring Olympic 100 metre sensation Usain Bolt to the Gold Coast. He tells Moyd and Loretta about their endeavours to get ‘likes’ on Facebook for the campaign.

Marriage papers filed 29 years late

Maria and Harry Gruber have been married for 29 years, or so they thought... 4BC Afternoons: Maria and Harry Gruber have been married for 29 years, or they thought they were married, until they found out the priest failed to lodge the paperwork. Now it could cost $60,000 to sort it out! Maria tells Moyd and Loretta her story.

Public servant stigma

Is there is a stigma about hiring public servants? 4BC Afternoons: Will preconceptions about public servants hinder their employment chances in the private sector? Moyd and Loretta asked Roisin Duffy, Director, Blue Sky Careers discusses if there is a stigma about hiring public servants and do they have flexi-time outlooks?

A trip down Ekka's memory lane

Sample bags have come a long way since the First Exhibition Show in 1876 4BC Afternoons: Did you know the first Ekka sample bag gave away a lump of coal and the Ekka has only been cancelled twice in its history? Donna Lynch joined Moyd and Loretta for “A Trip Down Memory Lane” with Ekka boxing showman, Fred Brophy.

A better pill to swallow

How much extra you're paying for a brand name 4BC Afternoons: Switching to generic-brand drug alternatives could save you considerable money. But how much can we save and are they the same? Dr Brendan Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, from Medicines Australia joins Moyd and Loretta to answer these questions.

The double life of a murderer

Anne Perry is a bestselling novelist - and a convicted killer 4BC Afternoons: "Heavenly Creatures” was the true story of a 1950s matricide committed in New Zealand by two teenage girls. Best-selling British crime author, Anne Perry, was publicly outed as Juliet Hulme, one of the murderers. Moyd and Loretta discuss with Biographer, Dr Joanne Drayton.

50th anniversary of Marilyn's death

Desired but depressed ... Monroe was a troubled star with a huge screen presence 4BC Afternoons: On the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death, Moyd and Loretta talk with author, Tony Jerris, about his new book which explores Marilyn’s friendship with her first fan club president at 20th Century Fox.

Denis Tanner with Afternoons

tanner 4BC Afternoons: Denis Tanner was a member of the Victoria Police in 1984, when his sister-in-law was shot dead. Later he would be suspected of two murders, but there has been no evidence and he has never had a day in court. In Crime Corner Moyd and Loretta talked with Denis and former detective Ron Irwin who believes Denis Tanner was wrongly accused.

Contempt of court

justice-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Criminal Lawyer Bill Potts talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons to explain why a person’s criminal record is kept from the jury until after the sentencing, and how the justice system works.

70 years on

annefrank-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Communications consultant from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam Annemarie Bekker talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about the impact Anne Frank’s diary has had in today’s society.

The Mikado

moylo-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Director Stuart Maunder, talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about some of the best musical theatre and operas over the past 30 years, and the comic opera ‘The Mikado’. Listen now and comment.

Inquest into Isles case

isles-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Son of Senior Sergeant Mick Isles, Steven Isles, talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about the inquest into his father’s disappearance and death. Isles believes it was ‘foul play’ at the hands of other police.

Olympics with Laurie Lawrence

laurie-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Australian Olympic team head-cheerleader, Laurie Lawrence talks to Moyd and Loretta from 4BC Afternoons about a new App which will wake you up so you don’t miss any Australian events during the London Olympics. Have your say.

Amelia Earhart

earhart-thumb 4BC Afternoons: On this day in 1937, US Aviator, Amelia Earhart disappeared in the Central Pacific. International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery Richard Gillespie talks to Moyd and Loretta about a mission to resolve the mystery surrounding the disappearance. Listen now and comment.

Dynamic Duos

duos-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Author, Ken Piesse talks to Moyd and Loretta about some of cricket’s most successful and exciting partnerships as captured in his latest book, Dynamic Duos. Our own sporting guru, Peter Psaltis joined in with his great partnership list.

Colette Mann

colette-thumb 4BC Afternoons: Star of stage and screen, Colette Mann joined Moyd and Loretta in studio to talk about her new production Head Full of Love. Colette is well-known from her roles including: Doreen Anderson in Prisoner and Sheila in Neighbours.


Mirusia Louwerse 4BC Afternoons: After living in Europe for five years, and travelling the world as Andre Rieu’s soprano, Mirusia is coming home to embark on her own tour in July with special guest, Sam Moran. Moyd and Loretta caught up with them in studio.

Mozart the weapon of choice

A collection of Mozart's finest works has been chosen by City Hall as the deterent to rid Brisbane's King George Square viewing deck of congregating teenagers 4BC Breakfast: Brisbane City Council is upping the culture at King George Square, by playing classical music through speakers. It’s designed to stop young people and the homeless from loitering there. Cr Krista Adams tells Peter and Mary why they choose Mozart.

Bankrupt Nick D'Arcy now on Euro holiday?

Nick D'Arcy was given dispensation to compete at the Olympics 4BC Mornings: There have been reports of Bad Boy Nick D’Arcy holidaying in Europe after he competed at the Olympics despite declaring himself bankrupt. Simon Cowley’s lawyer Sam Macedone speaks with Greg Cary about how this can happen.

Decision to be made

Four Sunshine Coast sisters are caught up in an international custody battle between their Australian mother and Italian father 4BC Mornings: The High Court will be asked today to make a critical ruling in the international custody battle over four young girls, whose father wants them to return to Italy. Family Law specialist Katrina Oner speaks with Greg Cary on what could be a landmark case.

Premier explains sale of parks

Premier Cambell Newman spoke about the sale of Cannon Hill caravan park On 4BC Mornings: Premier Campbell Newman joined Greg Cary to explain the sale of three government-owned commercial caravan parks as part of the government's widespread slashes.

Meares beats arch-rival for gold

Anna merarte 4BC Breakfast: There were many Aussies up in the wee hours of the morning to watch Anna Meares win gold at the London Olympics. One very proud supporter is Kenrick Tucker Senior Anna’s former coach from Rockhampton, her joins Peter & Mary.

London 2012 Medal Tally

London 2012 LIVE UPDATES: DAY 15 RECAP: Aussies add more Silverware. It's been another night of minor medals for Australia, with our athletes taking two silver and two bronze medals. Meanwhile, Usain Bolt won his 3rd gold medal of the games.

Sale plans for Cannon Hill

State government plans to sell off a Cannon Hill caravan park 4BC BREAKFAST: The State government plans to sell off a Cannon Hill caravan park, which has residents worried sick .Peter and Mary from 4BC Breakfast spoke to Housing Minister Bruce Flegg and local resident Esther Mellow.

Motel prostitute case paves way for sex workers

This case has since made international headlines and paves the way for other sex workers 4BC Mornings: This case has since made international headlines and paves the way for other sex workers and brings into question the rights a business owner has while highlighting contradictions found in the current state laws.

You are gold!

Sally Pearson from Australia wins OIympic Gold in the 100m hurdles. <em>Photo: Iain McGregor</em> INTERVIEW: Golden girl Sally Pearson has the women's 100 metres hurdles in a dramatic finish. Sally speaks with the press as she secures gold, "tonight was my night".

Aussie Gold in Men's canoeing!

Australia's Murray Stewart (Photo by Jason South) LONDON GOLD: Australia's men's K4 1000m crew won gold in canoe sprint competition at the London Olympics on Thursday. Australia led all the way to beat home Hungary, who took silver, with the Czech Republic in third place.

100 Plus Club

4BC Weekend Nights: Director Mandy Lake talks to John Scott from 4BC Weekend Nights about the TV series 100 Plus Club following three central characters as they pursue their goals over the course of a year. Listen now and comment.

Protecting animals

4BC Weekend Mornings: Conservationist Dr. Stuart Pimms talks to Sally Chester-Law from 4BC Weekend Mornings about protecting animals and their environments, animals we have lost and ones we are close to losing.

Close clubs earlier

4BC Breakfast: Discussion has started again on Brisbane nightclubs closing earlier to curb alcohol related violence and crime, 4BC Breakfast with Peter Dick and Mary Collier talks with AG Jarrod Bleijie MP. Listen now.