Sued for ugly baby

Ugly Baby 4BC Afternoons: Dr Karen Brooks discusses with Moyd and Loretta, the ugly side of a self-obsessed society given a Chinese man sued his wife for giving birth to an ugly baby.

Ramona Koval in studio

Ramona Koval 4BC Afternoons: Ramona Koval joins Moyd and Loretta in studio with her memoir as the daughter of Yiddish-speaking survivors of the Holocaust who encouraged reading that changed her life.

Thirteen smart ideas

Remote controlled deadlock 4BC Afternoons: Imagine smart wallpaper or clothes with anti-body odour technology? Sue Carney tells Moyd and Loretta about thirteen of the world’s smartest ideas. Listen now and join the conversation.

Prostate cancer stories

Allan Pease 4BC Afternoons: Dr Anthony Lowe tells Moyd and Loretta about a new site for Australians with prostate cancer to share their story and Allan Pease, body language expert shares his.

Racing, down memory lane

579627527 4BC Afternoons: With one week until the Melbourne Cup, Moyd and Loretta’s ‘Trip Down Memory Lane’ with Donna Lynch features our racing history and racing guru, Bart Sinclair joins in to share his memories.

Love found after sixty years

7734f29dc 4BC Afternoons: In 1944, Thomas Beck, escaped a Nazi internment camp in Budapest, leaving behind sweetheart Edith Greiman. Sixty years later, he found her again and they are in love and living together in Melbourne.

Mothers-in-law get bad press

3502 4BC Afternoons: Since the beginning of time, mothers-in-law have endured bad press. Readers Digest's Louise Waterson investigates why and shares her theories with Moyd and Loretta.

Australian flees Sandy

685759191 4BC Afternoons: Brisbane man, Allan Hughes, was forced to flee super storm, Sandy, flying out of New York last night and landing in Brisbane this morning. Hughes tells Moyd and Loretta his story.

Kamahl's Heart and Soul

Kamahl 4BC Afternoons: Singing legend, Kamahl joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about his new album, Heart and Soul.

Steampunk explained

Steampunk 4BC Afternoons: Artist, Kate O'Brien explains Steampunk Art to Moyd and Loretta. It mixes past technology with the modern world, and adds a bit of science fiction!

Billionaire, bankrupt no more

money 4BC Afternoons: An ex-millionaire bought his way out of bankruptcy for only $7500. How does this happen? Ivor Worrell, a Partner at Worrell Solvency, forensic accountants discusses the latest bankruptcy laws with Moyd and Loretta.

Rachael Leahcar on tour

Rachael Leahcar 4BC Afternoons: Rachael Leahcar, who Delta mentored on The Voice, is now a special guest on Delta’s tour and Rachael joins Moyd and Loretta to talk about her plans.

Di Morrissey: Golden Land

Di Morrissey 4BC Afternoons: Di Morrissey joins Moyd and Loretta in studio to discuss her new book, The Golden Land, which Di travelled to Burma to write.

José Carbó in studio

Jose 4BC Afternoons: Debonair and multi-talented Argentinian baritone, José Carbó, is appearing in Opera Qld’s production of Carmen and joins Moyd and Loretta in studio.

iPad Mini released

ipad 4BC Afternoons: With the new iPad Mini soon to be released, Moyd and Loretta talk to the gadget guy, Peter Blasina, about what it offers and whether we are all keeping up.

Found: the real James Bond

Sidney Reilly 4BC Afternoons: Brad Argent from Ancestry.com tells Moyd and Loretta he has found the real Bond, James Bond and you might be related to him. Listen now and join the conversation.

Brisbane film festival

Brisbane International Film Festival. Director, Richard Moore 4BC Afternoons: A documentary about a female jogger attacked in Central Park and a look at the life of Roman Polanski are two of the docos at this year’s Brisbane International Film Festival. Director, Richard Moore joins Moyd and Loretta.

The Tap Dogs

The Tap Dogs in the 4BC studio 4BC Afternoons: The Tap Dogs are back after touring 37 countries and tap their way into studio with Moyd and Loretta on 4BC Afternoons. Listen now and join the conversation.

Adult ADHD

Jocelyn Brewer 4BC Afternoons: At 34 years-of-age, Jocelyn Brewer decided her inability to concentrate was different to everyone else. Jocelyn tells Moyd and Loretta how she was diagnosed with adult ADHD.

Fortitude Valley's history

Fortitude Valley 4BC Afternoons: Our ‘Trip Down Memory Lane’ with Donna Lynch features the history of Fortitude Valley — and artist and author of “Two to the Valley” and the “Faces of Chinatown”, David Hinchliffe joins Moyd, Loretta and Donna to share memories.

Rob Drewe, Montebello

Rob Drewe 4BC Afternoons: Author, Rob Drewe, joins Moyd and Loretta in studio to discuss his memories of the three atom bombs detonated off the west coast of Australia in his childhood, as featured in part two of his memoir, “Montebello”.

Eradicating ageism

Elderly 4BC Afternoons: How do we train our society not to be ageist? Journalist, Kylie Lang joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss her Sunday Mail article about the folly of how we treat the elderly.

Learning about medication

Medicine 4BC Afternoons: Do you know that you shouldn’t exercise or take baths on some medication and that you should stick to the script? Dr Lisa Nissen from the University of Queensland tells Moyd and Loretta why.

New album: Sharkmouth

Russell Morris 4BC Afternoons: Russell Morris tells Moyd and Loretta about his new album, Sharkmouth — each song tells the story of an Australian gangster.

Advice for daughters

Daughters Advice 4BC Afternoons: Barbara Toner tells Moyd and Loretta what advice she wants her daughters to know, whether they want it or not! Listen now and join the conversation.

Deranged marriage

Deranged Marriage 4BC Afternoons: Sushi Das joins Loretta to share her memoir, Deranged Marriage – about growing up with strict Indian parents who tried to arrange her marriage. Listen and join the conversation now.

Rat-bait crime corner

585654594-lead 4BC Afternoons: Crime Corner is back with the story of Caroline Grills who in the 1950s, tried to poison family members with rat-bait laced goodies! Author Wendy Lewis joins Loretta Ryan to tell the story.

Avoiding food poisoning

Food poisoning 4BC Afternoons: Moyd is off with suspected food poisoning! We’ve all experienced it, but how common is it? Julianna Madden, from the Food Safety Institute Council tells Loretta how it happens and how to avoid it.

Karin Schaupp in studio

Karin Schaupp with Moyd and Loretta 4BC Afternoons: Classical guitarist Karin Schaupp joins Moyd and Loretta in studio to talk about her new album, Songs of the Southern Skies”, a collaboration with Katie Noonan.

1864's Duff children

Duff children 4BC Afternoons:In 1864, three young children went missing in the bush and were found alive nine days after. Their tale influenced some of our major art and literature. Dr Stephanie Owen Reeder joins Moyd and Loretta to the incredible story of the Duff children.

Milpera Princiapl retires

Milperra 4BC Afternoons: Retiring Principal, Adele Rice, has touched the lives of generations of new Australians. Rice is soon to retire as Principal of Milpera State School and tells Moyd and Loretta the highlights of her career.

Bring back conscription?

End of an era ... conscription in Germany is over. 4BC Afternoons: In light of the recent spate of crime, is it time to bring back conscription and hard labour? Terry O’Gorman, Vice President, Qld Council for Civil Liberties and John ‘Bluey’ Gorman, former top cop join Moyd and Loretta to discuss.

Moyd and Loretta in Croatia

Moyd-and-Loretta-in-Croatia 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta call in from Zagreb, Croatia to tell Sally and Murray about their ‘excellent adventures’ in Europe.

Cheering success

Maddie-Gardner 4BC Afternoons: With thousands of cheerleaders in Brisbane this weekend for The World Cup Finals, Sally and Murray caught up with World Champion cheerleader and US TV star Maddie Gardner.

Melanoma advice

Skin Cancer 4BC Afternoons: Professor Bryan Burmeister on melanoma joins Sally and Murray discussing melanoma with advice on what to look for and how often you should have a check-up.

David Nilsson

dave 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Peter Psaltis talk with baseballer, David Nilsson who has been named "The greatest catcher in Milwaukee Brewers History”.

Sue Hodge in studio

Lipstick Dreams 4BC Afternoons: The effervescent Sue Hodge, loved as Mimi Labong in Allo Allo!, is back in Lipstick Dreams and joins Moyd and Loretta in studio. Listen now and join the conversation.

Overall position

4BC Good Relations : Bad Op Don't Panic 4BC Afternoons: You are not your OP. With year 12 students about to enter final exams, Susanna Freymark, education writer and author, reminds Sally and Murray that many of us got by without topping the class.

Life after Potter

Casual Vacancy 4BC Afternoons: 4BC Afternoon’s Sally Chester-Law & Murray Shoring spoke with Jennifer Byrne, the only Australian journalist to interview JK Rowling on the eve of the release of the author’s first ever adult novel, The Casual Vacancy.

Gangland Queensland

Gangland-Queensland-Book 4BC Afternoons: In Crime Corner, co-author of the book Gangland Queensland, Susanna Lobez, joins Sally and Murray to talk about the exploits of mobsters, club owners, crooked police and bikies over the last century.

Arthur Allan Thomas

murder 4BC Afternoons: In 1970, Arthur Allan Thomas was convicted of the double murder of a farming couple in NZ. But he was wrongly convicted. Now, journalist and author, Ian Wishart believes a police officer committed the murder and he joins Moyd in Crime Corner.

Country doctor memories

Family doctor 4BC Afternoons: Donna Lynch joins Moyd and Loretta for her trip down memory lane to remember the family doctor. Joining them is former country doctor, Dr Bill Glasson, to share his memories.

Men getting a raw deal

Married 4BC Afternoons: Some men feel they are getting a raw deal on marriage. Bettina Arndt has been inundated with letters from men complaining about being in second place. Arndt asks, is marriage a dud deal for men? Moyd and Loretta find out!

UFO caught on iPhone

UFO 4BC Afternoons: Are we alone? Brett Vollus from Collaroy in NSW claims he saw two UFOs this morning and captured them on his iPhone. Moyd and Loretta spoke with Vollus on his encounter with the third kind.

Ostrich pillow

Ostrich Pillow 4BC Afternoons: Fancy a nap anytime anywhere? Sally and Murray speak with Ali Ganjavian, the inventor of The Ostrich pillow. Will it be the new must have item like a snuggie?

Armstrong, too good to be true

armstrong 4BC Afternoons: It's not so much that the Lance Armstrong story was too good to be true. Now it might just be too good to let go. Even after investigators unveiled a scathing report portraying him as an unrepentant drug cheat, Armstrong continues to confound his public with rivalling images.

Breaking the sound barrier

Felix Baumgartner 4BC Afternoons: In 1947 Charles "Chuck" Yeager was the first pilot to travel faster than sound and became the subject of a Tom Wolf book and later a film called “The Right Stuff”.

Brisbane's public spaces

Brisbane 4BC Afternoons: What is happening with our public spaces? An online survey found that people overwhelming want grass returned to King George Square and now we have a $1 million elephant artwork at GOMA.

1 in 8 Australians in poverty

poverty 4BC Afternoons: One in eight Australians live in poverty according to a report by the Australian Council of Social Service. An estimated 2,265,000 Australians live below the internationally accepted poverty line.

Channel Nine's debt cleared

How did Channel 9 clear its debt? 4BC Afternoons: Struggling Australian media empire Nine Entertainment has fallen into the hands of US hedge funds as part of a last-ditch deal over its Aus$3.3 billion (US$3.4 billion) debt. Steve Allen, media analyst joins Moyd and Loretta to shed some light on it.

Family business advantages

Married-to-the-business 4BC Afternoons: The author of the new book “Married to the Business: Honey I love you but our business sucks”, Dr Greg Chapman, says husband and wife businesses have a great advantage. Listen now and have your say.

Troy Casser-Daly in studio

Troy Casser-Daly 4BC Afternoons: Troy Cassar-Daley joins Moyd and Loretta in studio to discuss his new show, “A Big Country” with the Qld Pops Orchestra and to sing up a storm.

Jackie Collins' Power Trip

4BC Afternoons: Jackie Collins’ new book 4BC Afternoons: Jackie Collins’ new book, The Power Trip, features some of Hollywood’s headliners and Jackie joins Moyd and Loretta to kiss and tell.

Retired at 60, divorced by 62

retirement-thumb 4BC Afternoons: It is not uncommon to be retired at 60 and divorced by 62! Sandra Kimball, relationship counsellor, tells Moyd and Loretta why this happens and how to avoid it. Listen now and have your say.

Charlotte Dawson kisses, tells

Charlotte Dawson and Jo Thornley 4BC Afternoons: New Zealand born Australian television personality, Charlotte Dawson, speaks with Moyd and Loretta about her life and new memoir, Air Kiss and Tell co-authored with Jo Thornely.

Curious collecting

Queensland Museum 4BC Afternoons: Calling collectors of curiosities, the Queensland Museum wants to hear from you. Tracy Ryan, Senior Curator tells Moyd and Loretta what collections the museum has, and what they are looking for from the public.

Sleeping conference in NT

Sleeping 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta caught up with Dr Maree Barnes at the ‘Sleep DownUnder’ Conference in Darwin where some of the world's biggest insomnia and sleep issues will be tackled.

Hacking hotel doors

Door 4BC Afternoons: Moyd and Loretta ask Peter Blasina if hotel rooms are safe after a hacker claimed he could open a hotel door in a few seconds. Listen now and have your say.

In Falling Snow

In Falling Snow 4BC Afternoons: Mary-Rose MacColl tells Moyd and Loretta the true story about a run-down Abbey in France that was converted to an operating hospital in WW1; which is the subject of her new book “In Falling Snow”.

Cricket story

bradman 4BC Afternoons: The war was over, but not on the cricket field and a clash of wills and loyalty between Keith Miller and Don Bradman created an intriguing story when the Aussies took on the Poms.

Psychic whispers

Allison DuBois 4BC Afternoons: World-renowned psychic, Allison DuBois tells Moyd and Loretta what the dead whisper in her ear. Listen now and have your say.

Fat Swan

Fat Swan 4BC Afternoons: You might remember some of the great dance movies and stage shows like Cabaret, Black Swan and Flashdance. Well Helpman Awards nominee, Trevor Ashley brings his new show to the stage, Fat Swan.

Joy Chambers Grundy

Joy Chambers Grundy 4BC Afternoons: Author, Joy Chambers Grundy joins Moyd and Loretta in studio to talk about her new book, The Great Deception, and her life married to media mogul, Reg Grundy. Listen now and comment.

Tax questions answered

tax 4BC Afternoons: Yasser El-Ansary, General Manager of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, joins Moyd and Loretta to answer listeners’ tax questions.

$1 blocks of land

Richmond, Qld 4BC Afternoons: The Mayor of Richmond, John Wharton, tells Moyd and Loretta why Richmond is selling land for $1 and Real Estate Expert, Kevin Turner discusses if it is worth it. Listen now and have your say.

The Changi Camera

The Changi Camera 4BC Afternoons: Twenty-eight years ago a book of photos from Changi was released featuring the photographs of Prisoner-of-War, George Aspinall. It has been re-released for a new generation and author, Tim Bowden joins Moyd and Loretta.

Crime Corner

Lambs to the Slaughter 4BC Afternoons: Is Derek Percy Australia’s most prolific child serial killer? Journalist and author, Debi Marshall writes about Derek in her book “Lambs to the Slaughter” and joins Moyd and Loretta in Crime Corner. Listen no and have your say.

European Brisbane

Brisbane's Queen Street mall 4BC Afternoons: European cities are open with big public spaces and no traffic. Should we do the same? Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss our city mall along with what tours are available for visitors.

Four sisters to Italy

The mother of four sisters, ordered to return to Italy to live with their father 4BC Afternoons: The case of the four Italian girls, that was first heard on Moyd and Loretta’s program, continues, and Annette Lakey from Hall Payne Lawyers joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss how the views of the four sisters were factored in.

POW documentary

Memorial ... diggers recognise the 2345 Australian soldiers who died as POW's of the Japanese. 4BC Afternoons: Documentary maker, Pattie Wright spent considerable time with former Prisoner-of-war, Ray Parkin, and travelled to the POW camps in Japan as well as the Thai-Burma Railway.


Narelle Stratford 4BC Afternoons: Sally & Murray dip their toes into the subconscious and chat with our resident Psychologist, Narelle Stratford, about Aquaphobia (also known as Hydrophobia).

Corporate physcopaths

Corporate Psychopath 4BC Afternoons: Sally and Murray talk with Peter Zarris, CEO of Public Leadership and Organisational Psychologist on dealing with the ‘Corporate Psychopath’ in your work place on how to identify and deal with these people.

Winston Churchill fellow

youth 4BC Afternoons: Murray & Sally Dr Jeff Kemp, President of the Asteros Association about his work with at risk youths on the Gold Coast & on his winning of the Winston Churchill Fellowship which will see him travelling to New York.

Dentists revealed

Dentist 4BC Afternoons: Get the inside scoop on the Dental industry as Sally & Murray interview author Tom Parker about his latest book Open Wide: What The Dentist Won’t Tell You.

Defying doctors

Nathan Handley 4BC Afternoons: Sally and Murray are joined by Nathan Handley, a young man who was left with quadriplegia following a BMX accident at the age of 17. Nathan is now defying the doctor’s diagnosis to walk again.

Denise Scott: The Tour

Denise Scott's new book 4BC Afternoons: Sally and Murray have a chat with the hilarious Denise Scott, author, actress & comedian about her latest book The Tour. Part biography, part road trip, the book covers her angst and anxiety on tour.

Panoramas of old Australia

Capturing Time: Panoramas of Old Australia 4BC Afternoons: Edwin Barnard tells Sally & Murray about his new book Capturing Time: Panoramas of Old Australia – which brings together painted panoramas of Australia at the dawn of Australia at the dawn of European colonisation.

Kate Gibbs' cookbook

After Toast 4BC Afternoons: Kate Gibbs, granddaughter of Margaret Fulton speaks to Sally and Murray about her new cook book for novice and aspiring cooks, "After Toast." Listen now and have your say.

Peter Brock book

Peter Brock 4BC Afternoons: Bev Brock, Peter Brock’s partner of 28 years, has compiled the definitive Peter Brock memorial book and joins Moyd and Loretta to discuss Peter and Bathurst ahead of this weekend’s event.

Hannah's foundation

Hannah Plint 4BC Afternoons: Sally and Murray talk to Katherine Plint, Executive Officer of Hannah’s Foundation, and Mother of Hannah Plint on the eve of the 5th anniversary of her daughter’s death by drowning.

Fallout from Fukushima

Fukushima 4BC Afternoons: Former diplomat, Richard Broinowski, author of Fallout from Fukushima tells Sally & Murray the story of Japan’s worst nuclear disaster, and the attempts to suppress, downplay, and obscure its consequences.

Damien Echols

Damien Echols, Member of the ‘West Memphis Three’ 4BC Afternoons: Hear Murray & Sally’s incredible interview with Damien Echols, Member of the ‘West Memphis Three’, as he tells his remarkable story of spending almost 18 years on death row.

The cochlear story

The Cochlear Story 4BC Afternoons: Dr. Veronica Bonadrew, author of The Cochlear Story: Sounds of Success joins Sally and Murray for one of the great Australian and against-the-odds stories of all time, an invention that has affected millions worldwide.

Desex Brisbane cats

cat 4BC Afternoons: The RSPCA's Mark Townend, CEO, would like to see Brisbane City Council follow in the footsteps of Logan City Council and have cat owners mandatorily desex their pets. Listen now and have your say.

Corinne Grant's 'stuff'

Corinne Grant 4BC Afternoons: Comedian and author Lessons in Letting Go, Confessions of a Hoarder, Corinne Grant joins Sally and Murray to talk about the important or lack of importance of 'stuff' and why she is giving all hers away.

How to not get divorced

Joanne-Fedler-and-Graeme-Friedman 4BC Afternoons: Australians are more in love now than before, with the highest rate of marriages in 20 years and almost 60% of people in a de facto relationship or marriage. So how do we keep ourselves from increasing the divorce rate?

Dr Ross Walker

Fish oil 4BC Afternoons: Dr Ross Walker joins Sally and Murray to refute the claim that fish oil is not good for you and discusses if Vitamin C helps reduce the risk of Alzheimers.

Drownings not decreasing

National Drowning Report 4BC Afternoons: With the latest National Drowning Report released today, the Royal Life Saving Society says current systems to reduce drowning are simply failing us. Rob Bradley, CEO, joins Sally and Murray to discuss.

Tony Cavanaugh

The Sullivans 4BC Afternoons: The Sullivans began production on this day in in 1976 for a 13-week series that ended up running for seven years. Tony Cavanaugh was the former writer and editor for the series and for many other Australian productions.

TAFE cuts

TAFE 4BC Afternoons: What is the future of Queensland TAFEs? Sally and Murray spoke to QTU president, Kevin Bates, about his concerns that budget cuts and recommendations will mean TAFE Qld will have to do more with less.

Suellen Cusack

Suellen Cusack 4BC Afternoons: Suellen Cusack joins Sally and Murray to sing up a storm with a number from her new show “My Secret Love”, which features some of the great songs from stage and screen musicals.

Betty Shanks 60yrs

Betty Shanks 4BC Afternoons: To mark the 60th anniversary of the death of Betty Shanks, one of the original reporters on the scene, Ken Blanch and crime buff, Jack Sim, join Sally and Murray in studio to discuss this enduring mystery.

Brian Cadd

Brian Cadd 4BC Afternoons:Who doesn’t know “A Little Ray of Sunshine”? Musician, songwriter and producer, Brian Cadd, who will be performing in “The Long Way to the Top” concert in Brisbane next month, joins Sally and Murray in studio.

Flame virus

Flame Malware 4BC Afternoons: The latest virus is the Flame virus. Know what that is? Neither do we … but Peter Blasina, the Gadget Guy, answers Sally and Murray’s questions. Listen now and have your say.

Author Peter Watt

Author Peter Watt 4BC Afternoons: Author Peter Watt joins Sally and Murray to discuss his latest book and his colourful past as a soldier, prawn trawler deckhand, private investigator and advisor to the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

West End high rise

12 storey developments in the West End 4BC Afternoons: Brisbane City Council is moving to amend a Neighbourhood Plan to allow 12 storey developments in the West End. Councillor Helen Abrahams met with concerned residents this afternoon, and speaks with Sally and Murray.

47 years of Get Smart

Get Smart 4BC Afternoons: Do you remember the cone of silence? Or that nifty shoe phone? On this day in 1965, a quirky spy show, “Get Smart” was launched and RMIT University's, Dr Vincent O'Donnell, recalls the impact of this program on popular culture with Sally and Murray.

Miss Antartica

Felicity Aston 4BC Afternoons: Hauling two sledges, Felicity Aston this year became the first woman to complete a crossing of Antarctica alone, skiing and trekking 1744km in 59 days. Felicity joins Sally and Murray in studio to tell her story.

Dementia, we need education

Dr Helena Popovic 4BC Afternoons: Ahead of Dementia week, Dr Helena Popovic joins Sally and Murray, in studio with a message that we need more education, not more medication.

Muslims mothers end violence

Silma Ihram 4BC Afternoons: A Muslim woman is calling on mothers to help end violence and ask their communities to ''cool off''. Sally and Murray talk with Silma Ihram, project manager and former president of the Australian Muslim Women's Association about her plea.