Dr Hungerford on fluoride

Fluoride 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary and Dr Carole Hungerford talk about the implications of fluoride in our water system. Do you think we need fluoride in our water? Listen now and join the conversation.

Cyber bullies punished

Cyber Bully 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary talks to the Principal of Southport High School, Steve McLuckie, after he suspended students for posting abusive messages on a school Facebook page. Do you think he is leading the way for punishing cyber bullies?

Insurance: Price over policies

4BC Afternoons: Rising home insurance premiums 4BC Mornings: Insurance premiums are set to increase in Brisbane. Greg Cary speaks with a local insurance broker, Keith Nowlan, about the price hikes expected. Listen now and join the conversation.

Speed camera locations

Speed Camera 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary discusses the locations of speed camera’s with Paul Turner from the RACQ. Cary asks if it is it fair to reveal the locations and are some of them in unfair places? Listen now and join the conversation.

Insurance premiums increasing

David Stark 4BC Mornings: After the disasters of last summer in Queensland, Brisbane insurance premiums have risen dramatically. David Stark from The Flooded Business and Homes Association joins Greg Cary.

RSPCA offers $5000 reward

Alpaca 4BC Mornings: For the first time ever the RSCPA has offered a reward for information that would lead to the capture of abusers of animals. Greg Cary talks with Michael Beattie from the RSPCA.

Premier undersells potential

Campbell Newman 4BC Mornings: Premier Campbell Newman has defended his Government's decision to allow uranium mining, and says it will not lead to a nuclear power industry. The LNP announced earlier this week, that the decades old ban on uranium mining will be lifted.

Police commissioner bows out

Bob Atkinson 4BC Mornings: As former Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson retires after 44-years in the force, having led 12 of those years, through a challenging time of rapid growth for the state, under a troubled state government as top cop.

Aged care closures misinterpreted

aged 4BC Mornings: Aged care closure notices has caused chaos, Greg Cary speaks with Chief Executive from Metro North Health Prof McNeil who says there's been a misinterpretation and apart from Brighton Health Campus, no other homes are closing.

Thomson: cancel baby bonus

Baby 4BC Mornings: The $5000 baby bonus will be slashed to $3000 for second and subsequent children, hitting 87,000 families a year, as the Government tries to deliver a Budget surplus next year.

Can your kids swim?

swim 4BC Mornings: A staggering 600,000 young adults aged 15 to 24 are now at extreme risk of drowning. CEO of Royal Life Saving Society Australia, Rob Bradley tells Greg Cary Australia is clearly creating an entire generation of children who just do not know how to swim.

Modern families: Granny nannies

grandma 4BC Mornings: According to a report released today by the Council on the Ageing, informal childcare by grandparents is saving parents almost $90 million a year (New South Wales, not including Australia as a whole figures).

Rags to riches story

BRW Young Rich List 4BC Mornings: Zac Swindells the Managaing Director and owner of ONEseniors (who is listed in BRW's young rich list) who is committed to making sure that everyone, regardless of age or income has access to technology.

Big, juicy, expensive win

United Nations 4BC Mornings: The Australian government this morning triumphed in its bid for a seat on the UN Security Council. Doctor Keith Suter joins Chris Adams, filling in for Greg Cary, to discuss the "big, juicy" and expensive win.

Atherton school: No child left behind

Atherton State High School 4BC Mornings: No child is left behind in the small town of Atherton in north Queensland. All the students who attend Atherton State High are given a signed commitment by the school guaranteeing that on graduation they will go to university.

Qantas won't prepay for Airport

Qantas 4BC Mornings: Qantas boss Alan Joyce has made it clear the airline will not be paying years in advance for Brisbane Airport's new runway.

T2 lanes will be scrapped

t2 4BC Mornings: Despised T2 lanes of Pacific Motorway to be scrapped, RACQ Senior Traffic Engineer Greg Miszkowycz tells Greg Cary he welcomes this move and would like to see this move introduced throughout Brisbane. Listen now.

Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine 4BC Mornings: Good health Doctor Dr Carole Hungerford tells Greg Cary why she believes in alternative medicine, how much sleep and sun you need. Listen now and have your say.

Professor Ian Plimer

Climate change 4BC Mornings: Climate Change Skeptic: Geologist and scientist Professor Ian Plimer joins Greg Cary live in studio to explain why he doesn't believe in climate change. Listen now and have your say.

"Tony Abbott... is not a sexist"

abbott 4BC Mornings: The gloves have come off in parliament for Prime Minister Julia Gillard, however Former Hawke and Keating Minister Con Sciacca tells Greg Cary that the Prime Minister Julia Gillard needs to back off, and personally doesn’t believe leader of the opposition Tony Abbott is a sexist.

Hamster wheel crossing

Hamster Wheel 4BC Weekend Mornings: Chris Todd is crossing the Irish Sea in a Hamster wheel and he joins Ian Maurice on Weekend Mornings. Listen now and comment.

Youngest traveller

Lee Abbamonte - The Youngest Man to travel to ever country in the world 4BC Weekend Mornings: Lee Abbamonte is the youngest man to travel to every country in the world and soon to be the youngest man to travel to every locality in the world.

Inner city, no-car zones

traffic 4BC Mornings: Inner city is  turning into no-car zones as the great divide grows. So what's the solution; a congestion tax? Greg Cary speaks with demographer Bernard Salt on what can be done to ease the congestion.

FIFO neglects locals

Mining workers accommodation compared to Nazi Germany concentration camps 4BC Mornings: Inland towns are being neglected by the big boom as Fly-in-fly-out workers prevent infrastructure in mining towns. Mount Isa Mayor and Former ALP Minister Tony McGrady tells Greg Cary more needs to be done to grow regional towns.

Cucumber from a carrot?

carrot 4BC Mornings: Eat your greens. Can’t tell a cucumber from a carrot? Don’t worry; more Australian kids can’t either according to the latest research. Celebrity chef Pete Evans speaks with Greg Cary.

Alzheimer's research slows

old 4BC Mornings: Some of Australia's leading experts on Alzheimer's disease say an alarming number of drug companies are abandoning research into treatments for dementia. Dr Bryce Vissel from Sydney's Garvan Institute of Medical Research joins the show.

League fighting ends dream

halfback 4BC Mornings: Trying to stop brawl ends a footy dream for young halfback David Leapai and other promising players. Greg Cary asks Raiders' veteran development officer Brian Edwards about how David and other players are feeling and Terry O'Gorman joins the conversation.

Dr Carole Hungerford

salt 4BC Mornings: Mornings resident good Health Dr Carole Hungerford talks to Greg Cary on the latest research on the overconsumption of salt and how eating tomatoes can lower the risk of stroke.

Baby love

Baby 4BC Weekend Mornings: Robin Barker, author of the new book, Baby Love, tells Ian Maurice that grandparents need to take a look at the balance in their lives and not fall victim to being a ‘slave’ to their children or grandchildren.

Nasty, nasty politics

gillard 4BC Mornings: Queensland MP Peter Slipper last night quit as Speaker, so what's the fallout from this? Former Keating Minister Dr Garry Johns tells Greg Cary Peter Slipper should resign all together, and how he has never seen politics so nasty and reveals why the far left hate Tony Abbott.

Lynch mob mentality

jones 4BC Mornings: Former PM Kevin Rudd says broadcaster Alan Jones suffers from delusions of grandeur. Greg Cary says while the broadcaster Alan Jones comments were inappropriate, he claims the lynch mob mentality response is just as bad.

Shoot the bats?

bat 2 4BC Mornings: Farmers are going batty over bats, should they be allowed to shoot them? Greg Cary looks at both sides of the debate and speaks with Bundaberg fruit grower Derek Foley and Conservationist Dr Carole Booth.

Vintage aircraft

plane 4BC Mornings: The art and danger of flight. With six missing in the vintage plane over the Sunshine Coast, Greg Cary asks Veteran Pilot Lesley Crowther Scott how difficult flying can be in vintage aircraft. Do you agree?

John Knox, with Greg Cary

des 4BC Mornings: Veteran Brisbane Broadcaster John Knox, who knows pilot of the missing plane, Des Porter well and often flew with him speaks with Greg Cary as he asks if this plane were to crash would it be survivable?

Lift the ban

brough 4BC Mornings: The Queensland government is pressing ahead with its plan to give Aboriginal communities the option to relax alcohol management plans. Mal Brough, Former indigenous affairs minister tells Greg Cary. Listen now and have your say.

Study: Margarine and breast cancer

butter 4BC Mornings: A review of recent trials published in May this year concluded that the dominant fats in margarine increase our risk of developing breast cancer. Sugar Warrior David Gillespie and 4BC resident doctor Dr Carole Hungerford joins Greg Cary.

Policing high schools

Students 4BC Mornings: Fifteen schools that together had more than 4400 suspensions and almost 100 expulsions in one year have been hand-picked to have a police officer based within school grounds from next year as part of an LNP election promise.

Gun teaching

Gun 4BC Mornings: State school students as young as 12 have their sights trained on high school shooting classes after a "curriculum" review by Education Queensland. Ian Levers, of the Qld Police Union, says guns have no place in our schools.

Police remembrance day

Police Remembrance Day 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary speaks with John “Bluey’ O’Gorman about the National Police Remembrance Day on Saturday. Bluey is a former police officer attending the Police march in the city today.

Four sisters update

Italian sisters 4BC Mornings: Katrina Oner talks to Greg about the ongoing international custody dispute. Katrina says the mother of the four sisters has decided not to accompany her daughters if they were sent to live with their father.

Transplant games

Transplant Games 4BC Mornings: Greg talks to Chris Thomas and Matty Hempstalk about The Australian Transplant Games which kick off this Sunday. Chris and Matty talk about the importance of organ and tissue donations.

Exit wounds

Exit Wounds: One Australian’s War on Terror 4BC Mornings: Retired Major General, John Cantwell, speaks with Greg about his new book, “Exit Wounds: One Australian’s War on Terror”. “Exit Wounds” is an account of John’s tour of the War on Terror.

Abbott on dairy and military

Tony Abbott 4BC Mornings: Tony Abbott tells Greg Cary his party’s view on the state of the dairy industry, the decrease in military spending and his pledge for a fair indexation of military pensions.

Flood report backs engineers

Wivenhoe 4BC Mornings: National Chief Correspondent for The Australian, Hedley Thomas talks with Greg Cary in response to the US government report backing the four engineers involved in last year Floods.

Willie Carne on football violence

Willie Carne 4BC Weekend Mornings: Ian Maurice speaks with former Origin great, Willie Carne, about the concerns he has for former football players and the damage they receive from head knocks and injuries. Listen now and have your say.

Dairy industry spills the milk

Dairy industry 4BC Mornings: What’s happening in the dairy industry? While the Queensland Dairy Organisation Conference is being held today and tomorrow, Greg Cary speaks with dairy farmer Matthew Trace doing it tough out at Kenilworth Branch near Gympie.

Dr Carole

Dr Carole Hungerford 4BC Mornings: 4BC Good health Doctor Carole Hungerford joins Greg Cary to speak on all things health including sleep apnea, mouth ulcers and how to cure hot feet syndrome.

Preventing diabetes

Business_CSL 4BC Mornings: CSL Limited has developed a new drug candidate that is able to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes and reverse its progression in animal model of the disease. Senior VP of Research at CSL Dr Andrew Nash joins Greg Cary.

Nurses' jobs safe

Health Minister Springborg in studio with Greg Cary 4BC Mornings: Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg joins Greg Cary live in studio talking dairy, the sacking script distributed yesterday, the pay roll bungle and whether nurse’s jobs are safe in Queensland Health.

Dairy farmers under pressure

Dairy Cow 4BC Mornings: The Qld Diary Organisation Conference was held yesterday and wraps up today at Gatton at UQ Research Facility.

Leigh Matthews on the finals

leigh-thumb 4BC Mornings: With less than a week to go until football finals, Leigh Matthews joins Greg Cary on who might take out the top honours in the sporting world. Listen now and have your say.

Age discrimination

Elderly Worker 4BC Mornings: Age discrimination exists in the job market but it is possible to take age out of the employment equation? It's all about convincing employers of the distinct advantages offered by mature age employees, says Heidi Holmes.

Heart disease

Heart 4BC Mornings: How healthy is your heart? Leading Brisbane Cardiologist Dr Dauber talks to Greg Cary on the leading killers in Australia, heart disease and heart attack. Listen now and have your say.

Uranium on agenda

Uranium 4BC Mornings: The State Government has moved uranium mining off the backburner after calling for the public debate on the controversial issue. Tony McGrady, Mount Isa Mayor and Former ALP Minister tells Greg Cary why we should open this debate.

Premier Newman in-studio

newman 4BC Mornings: Premier Campbell Newman joins Ian Maurice in-studio talking about new plans for the Brisbane CBD, proposing a new casino as a new hub attracting vibrant activity. Listen now and have your say.

Mrs. Jesus Christ

jesus 4BC Mornings: A Harvard University professor has unveiled a fourth century fragment of papyrus that she says is the only existing ancient text that quotes Jesus explicitly referring to having a wife. Karen King, an expert in the history of Christianity, says.

Dr Carol Hungerford

Sleeping 4BC Mornings: 4BC resident Good Health Doctor Carole Hungerford speaks with Greg Cary on the causes of chronic fatigue, how much water we need per day and what to do if your partner snores.

Leigh Matthews with Cary

leigh-thumb 4BC Mornings: AFL great and 4BC Mornings regular Leigh Matthews joins Greg Cary in-studio with an interesting point of view on the recent Kerry Packer TV series, Howzat! Have you seen it? Listen now and have your say.

The good doctor

Bacteria 4BC Mornings: Resident 4BC Mornings Doctor and author of Good Health in the 21st Century Dr Carol Hungerford joins Greg Cary to talk on the correlation between Autism and gut Microflora and answers listeners calls.

CSIRO on Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong was always humble about his role in history 4BC Mornings: Greg cary speaks to Glen Nagle of CSIRO NASA Deep Space Network Australia about the remarkable achievements of first man on the moon Neil Armstrong after his passing

Too young to drive?

road 4BC Mornings: Director of the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety (CARRS), Dr Barry Watson, talks to Greg this morning about P-plater restrictions. Cary asks Dr Watson whether or not it is safe for Queensland P-platers to be behind the wheel before the age of 18.

Aspirin a day

aspirin 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary speaks with Dr Carole Hungerford, author of ‘Good Health in the 21st Century’, every Wednesday. This week they investigate whether an aspirin a day can fight depression in the elderly and Dr Carole also suggests strategies for preventative health.

Crocodile man Mick Pitman

mick 4BC Mornings: Crocodile Man Mick Pitman, renowned Crocodile Expert for 30 years tells Chris Adams the Queensland Environment Minister Andrew Powell is creating a dangerous situation in setting up swimming zones in crocodile habitat.

Population: how to grow

crowd 4BC Mornings: Greg Cary moderates the debate between Mark O’Connor author of several books on population and co-author of ‘Why versus Why - Dr Oliver Hartwich,’. They have conflicting views. Listen and decide who you agree with?

Teacher bullying out of control

school 4BC Mornings: Brisbane teacher says students who bully teachers is not uncommon and has many friends from university who no longer teach for this reason. Student said to her, 'if you don't f***ing get out of my way, I will get my machete and kill you'.

School discipline

school 4BC Mornings: Author of 'Educating your child: it’s not rocket science' Kevin Donnelly speaks with Greg Cary about the spate of bad behaviour in schools and asks whose responsibility are behaviour issues at school? Parents or schools?

Premier Newman with Cary

newman 4BC Mornings: Premier Newman joins Greg Cary in-studio talking about the effect of public service job cuts, claiming the public sector is finally coming into line with the same job security the majority of Queenslanders have.

De-amalgamate the Sunshine Coast

Noosa 4BC Mornings: NOOSA residents were advised yesterday to think very carefully about the potential costs of de-amalgamation. Greg Cary talks to the experts on what the de-amalgamation of councils will mean for the Sunshine Coast.

Job loss depression

Depression 4BC Mornings: Depression or anxiety. CEO Beyond Blue Kate Carnell tells Chris Adams about the online booklet available for those experiencing anxiety or depression, www.beyondblue.org.au or call 1300 224 636 for a hard copy.

So whats best, organic?

fruit 4BC Mornings: Weekly regular Dr Carole Hungerford speaks to Greg Cary about the controversial claims made on the Breakfast program this week of the merits of organic food. Listen and comment now.

Diabetes, diet and Alzheimers

Sugar 4BC Mornings: Dr Carole Hungerford and Author of Sweet Poison David Gillespie joins Greg Cary to discuss the link between diabetes, diet and Alzheimers. Do you suffer from this condition? Listen now and have your say.

CBA storms victims

bank 4BC Mornings: The Commonwealth Bank has sued Storm Financial victims ahead of the highly anticipated court battle starting next week. Financial commentator and author of Surviving the Storm Jodie Nolan tells Greg Cary about her own story and how she can relate to the victims.

Springborg with Cary

Springborg 4BC Mornings: Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg has blamed some of the 2754 health job cuts due to the inherited payroll bungle, Greg Cary asks Springborg whether workers should suffer because of the previous government’s fault?

Richard Holloway

hallaway 4BC Mornings:Acclaimed writer and outspoken former bishop Richard Holloway joins Greg Cary ahead of this weekend’s Brisbane Writers Festival speaking about his new book Leaving Alexandria, A memoir of Faith and Doubt. Listen now.

National Stroke Week

stroke awareness 4BC Mornings: It's National Stroke Week, one in six Australians will have a stroke in their lifetime. Wesley Hospital's clinical nurse manager for the acute stroke unit Diana Fichera tells Greg Cary and listeners the warnings signs of stroke.

Stroke awareness

dan 4BC Mornings: Stroke survivor Dan Englund joined Greg Cary as he arrived in Brisbane this morning after running from his home town of Emerald to raise awareness of stroke and to launch Stroke Week next Monday at The Wesley Hospital.

Striking the right balance

striking 4BC Mornings: Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls speaks with Greg Cary to preview the budget prior to this afternoons announcement. Nicholls says it’s about striking the right balance, reducing state debt, working towards regaining the AAA rating and reinvesting in the state.

Graham Stafford with Cary

stafford 4BC Mornings: Graham Stafford says he's stunned by revelations he's the only "person of interest" in the murder of Brisbane schoolgirl Leanne Holland. Mr Stafford spent 15 years in prison after being found guilty of the 11-year-old's 1991 murder.

Dr Carole on tinnitus

Dr Carole Hungerford 4BC Mornings: Our resident doctor Dr Carole Hungerford joins Greg Cary to speak on tinnitus and all things health!

Next step after redundancy

How can you reinvent yourself in the Queensland job market 4BC Mornings: Yesterday we saw thousands of public servants march in protest against 14,000 job cuts in the Queensland budget. So what's next for those made redundant?

Super-trawler outrage

Super-trawler operator outraged over Government decision 4BC Mornings: Director of Seafish, and operator of the super-trawler, Gerry Geen tells Greg Cary the government's decision to ban it’s super-trawler operations in Australian waters is outrageous and sends a bad message to investors.

Accidental falls lead admissions

hospital 4BC Mornings: A recent report on hospital stays has found accidental falls are the leading cause of injuries which lead to hospital admissions. The Institute's Professor James Harrison tells Greg Cary. Listen and comment now.

The new Australia

riots 4BC Mornings: The Prime Minister and NSW Premier have condemned yesterday's violent Islamic protest that has horrified the nation, saying it represented 'the unacceptable face of multiculturalism' and was not 'the Australian way'.

Sir Cliff Richard

cliff 4BC Mornings: Sir Cliff Richard turns 72 next month, looks at least 20 years younger, and has accomplished so much that to list every achievement would take up most of this page. Sir Richards joins Greg Cary talking about the upcoming tour.

Poster Mother hands her self in

poster 4BC Mornings: Coalition MP George Christensen has suggested that the small child who held up a sign which read "behead all those who insult the prophet" during weekend protests should be put in the care of "better people".