Kelly Slater joins 4BC Afternoons

slater Reigning 10-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater joins 4BC Afternoons with Moyd and Loretta in the weekly Wray Organics segment talking about water purification and fluoride in the states water. Slater goes on to talk about his life a little outside of surfing and discusses what its like to be Kelly Slater in public. Listen now.

Don Tolman

dolss Known as the Whole Food Medicine Cowboy, American Don Tolman has spent the past two decades travelling the globe, letting nothing stand in the way of his search for ancient wisdoms. Tolman joins 4BC Afternoons with Moyd and Loretta. Listen now.

Dr Zhivago

warlow Video: One of the most breath taking love stories ever told, Dr Zhivago the musical is coming to QPAC in March. The 1965 movie was listed as the eighth highest grossing film of all time. The musical stars Anthony Warlow and Lucy Maunder they talk to Moyd and Loretta on Afternoons

Beat the Bronco

Darren Lockyer League icon Darren Lockyer speaks to 4BC Afternoons with Moyd Kay and Loretta Ryan about insight into the first round of the 2011 NRL season and how he prepares for games throughout the season. 4BC Listener Craig from Shailer Park takes on Lockyer with footy tips for the first round of the NRL as well. Listen and see if you agree!

Hinch - Human Headlines

hinch Australian Broadcaster and Journalist Derryn Hinch celebrated 50 years working in Australian media in 2011. Hinch has also just released his third book, Human Headlines - My 50 Years in the media. 4BC Afternoons with Moyd and Loretta catch up for a chat about some of his biggest interviews. Listen to this great interview and more interesting stories of one of Australia’s most iconic media identities.

Good ideas

films Ever had an idea you thought would make a great movie? Richard Walters, the Chairman of UCLA’s Graduate Screenwriting Programme is in Brisbane this weekend holding a seminar. His students have given us Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, Munich and War of The Worlds and he’s not a bad storyteller himself. Listen now to Moyd and Loretta on Afternoons as he shares some tips and tricks of the trade.

Animal Transport

Dog on Bus Should dogs and cats be allowed on public transport in Brisbane? Dogs NSW is calling for consistency across all forms of public transport whether they are family pets or dedicated assistance dogs. Dog’s NSW veterinary advisor and spokesman Dr Peter Higgins speaks to Moyd and Loretta on 4BC Afternoons and says there shouldn’t be an issue as long as the dogs are suitably restrained.

Life without limbs

nick 4BC Afternoons: Have you ever had a bad day? Felt like nothing is going right? Listen to this inspirational interview with Nick Vujicic, who is a 29 year-old man born without arms and legs. Nick has two degrees, established two successful organisations (Life without Limbs and Attitude without Altitude), tours the world and inspire millions, he speaks to Moyd & Loretta about his new book.

Dr John Demartini

dj 4BC Afternoons Moyd & Loretta speaks with Dr John Demartini a world leading expert on human behaviour and personal development who has a different perspective on the bullying issue. Dr Demartini is in Brisbane holding seminars on how to manage emotions and resolve feelings of shame, guilt, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, intimidation, grief and loss that may be holding you back from being inspired by your life.

Great down under

gbs South East Queensland is about to take a starring role on British Televsion. UK film company Century Films has sent a camera crew over to capture the life of British Ex Pat Michael Ward as part of a series about British nationals living in Australia. Mr Wards owns and runs the Tamborine Mountain Distillery and this in one colourful character who can’t wait to showcase his new home. He chats to Moyd and Loretta.

Dig a tune?

army If you happen to know an Australian or New Zealand serviceman who can carry a tune? A UK production company, Chegwin Patrick Productions is looking for two Australians and one Kiwi to form a group they’ll call ‘The Diggers’. The concept’s been inspired by the success of ‘The Soldiers’, the UK group that have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for UK Military charities. Moyd and Loretta speak to Nick Patrick and find out what our soldiers will need to make the cut.

Koala Whisperer?

koala Koala Whisperer? Dr Michael Taylor is a medical intuitive which basically means he can talk to animals. One Koala was lucky enough to meet him at Australia Zoo recently…He shares his animal tales with Moyd and Loretta

Wallace Wants a Wife

wedding The tiny town of Wallace near Ballarat has a big problem, a severe lack of women! To combat this problem The Wallace Hotel publicans Craig and Andrea Wilson, have spent a year planning an event to attract ladies to the town. Much to the excitement of the town’s single blokes, the first ever Wallace Wants a Wife event kicks off this Saturday. Moyd and Loretta chat to Craig about the response so far.

Craig Lowndes

lowndes You’ve probably never wondered why V8 Supercar Legend Craig Lowndes named his daughter Chilli, but Afternoon’s Moyd and Loretta were a tad curious….. Lowndes chatted about letting Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson drive his Commodore, the 2011 V8 Supercar season and of course, his daughter’s name.

Maria Venuti

women Performer, Singer, actor and entertainer – Maria Venuti is a bona fide Australian showbiz icon. She’s sung for Australian troops in the Sinai desert, had Rolf Harris turn her chest into a canvas and had a ‘bosom off’ with Jeannie Little. Maria recounts all these stories and more in her book A Whole Load of Front and shares some of them here with Moyd and Loretta.

Nice Girl

Kelli Lane On December 14, 2010 Keli Lane, a former water polo champion, was found guilty of murdering her two day-old baby, Tegan. Rachael Jane Chin, author, has just released a book covering the case, called 'Nice Girl'. Moyd and Loretta talk to Rachel about her book. Listen now.

Prince William to visit Ipswich

Prince William Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale is all excited about his city’s Royal visitor. His Royal Highness Prince William will attend a sausage sizzle in his honor this Sunday and stay for around an hour to meet residents affected by the January floods. Paul chats to Moyd and Loretta about finding just the right sausage for the royal’s visit.

Quake facts

quake Friday’s Earthquake in Miyagi Prefecture Japan raised some big questions in the Afternoon office today. Have you ever wondered what happens to the earth when there’s a massive quake, or whether a really large earthquake will cause a domino effect – resulting in earthquakes in other parts of the world? Moyd and Loretta put these questions to Gary Gibson, the Senior Seismologist Environmental Systems and services based in Melbourne.


bird Here’s a company with a twist..Paul Mander is a falconer who’s been training birds since the age of three. Ten years ago he formed his company Broadwings on the Gold Coast where he uses his birds for a range of services- including weddings, advertisements and Cockatoo control on resorts such as Hamilton Island! Paul chats to Moyd and Loretta about his unique business and his feathered friends.

Beat the Bronco - Round 2

Josh Hoffman Moyd and Loretta’s Beat the Bronco Round Two! This week we have listener Rob from Murrumba Downs V Bronco Josh Hoffman. Will Josh fair better in the tipping stakes than his Skipper Darren Lockyer or will a 4BC listener once again triumph? Listen now to find out who is tipping who!

Layne Beachley

beachley Layne Beachley became a surfing pro at 16. In 1993 and 1996 she faced the debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and still in 1998 won the first of six consecutive World Surfing Titles (seven in total). Today Beachley speaks with Moyd and Loretta about her role as a judge in the Instyle and Audi Women with Style Awards and her current environmental work and the Aim for the Stars Foundation, which provides support for women who need help to achieve their dreams.

Signal distress

morcombe The inquest into Daniel Morcomb’s disappearance continues on Monday, with so many questions still to be answered. This week Bruce and Denise Morcombe have been trialling universal arm gestures to signal distress hoping it will be of use to Children who find themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Moyd and Loretta talk to Denise Morcombe and Bravehearts’ Founder Hetty Johnson about their thoughts on the best way for children to avoid potentially threatening situations.

Prize job

Boob job A Gold Coast Nightclub has caused a stir due to a competition they are running over the next few weeks. Marni Ryan, the owner of the Sin City Nightclub, talks to Moyd and Loretta about the fact they are promoting a $10,000 prize, and the suggestion is to use the money for a 'boob job'. Dr Yvonne Miller also gives her opionion on this type of promotion.

Earth Hour

Earth Hour Earth Hour is approaching, and tomorrow evening people around the world will have the chance to take part. Marni Ryan, National Project Manager for the WWF Earth Hour talks to 4BC Afternoons, about the meaning behind this international movement.

Rebecca Sparrow

fairfax Regular contributor to the Sunday Mail, Rebecca Sparrow is a local author, her book The Girl Most Likely grabbed Brisbane’s attention when it came out in 2003. Based in Brisbane, Rebecca says the book is deeply autobiographical and there’s been talk over the past seven years about it being made into a movie but now it seems things are finally happening. The only problem is that it might not be shot in Brisbane something Rebecca and many others feel very strongly about. Sparrow chats to Moyd and Loretta about her plan to convince the producer to film it locally.

Farmer wants a boxer

Sarah Godfrey If you’ve been watching Farmer Wants a Wife on Ch 7 then you may be familiar with the gorgeous Sarah Godfrey. This 24 year old model from the Gold coast may have missed out on Farmer Kieran but she’s set her sight on a bigger goal. She’s currently training for her first boxing match on the 21st of May she’ll be fighting another Gold Coast girl all in the name of charity. She talks training tactics with Moyd and Loretta.

Post natal depression

rowe The birth of a child comes with a host of wonderful emotions and challenges. TV Presenter Jessica Rowe suffered post natal depression after the birth of her first child Allegra. Jessica speaks to Moyd and Loretta about her latest book ‘Love Wisdom Motherhood’ and honest conversations amongst mothers.

Boulder cash

boulder 4BC Afternoons: A humungous boulder that crashed through a Christchurch home last Tuesday is now up for auction. ‘Rocky’ became dislodged during the earthquake last week and demolished Phil Johnson’s wall. Rocky is now listed on the NZ site ‘Trade Me’ it’s price is up to just over $1500 New Zealand dollars. Trade Me spokesman Paul Ford says the rock has provided some light relief for New Zealanders after heartbreaking week. Listen now.

Lockyer and Bennett with 4BC

lockyer As Darren Lockyer has announced that the 2011 season will be his final year in the National Rugby League. Master coach and long-time mentor of Lockyer, Wayne Bennett joins 4BC Breakfast talking about the many career highlights of Lockyer and mentions some future plans for the play maker. Lockyer will leave the game holding nearly every record of note. Click heading to hear more and also an exclusive Darren Lockyer interview.